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  1. I actually quite like Faiet 212 as well - tends a little towards the 'throw rumours at wall and hope some stick' but generally positive and the comments section is not too full of mouth breathers. Re. the lawsuit... If this is a tort (which from memory it is) he would have to show loss. What loss is he claiming?
  2. The Rumour Thread

    Just saw on Facebook that the Start Collecting boxes will be going up for purchase this weekend, presumably with the Paths To Glory book. I would love to see a new unit for Fyreslayers (mini magmadroths plz) but expect something like Grimwrath, 5 Hearthguard, 10 Vulkite.
  3. The Painting Contract- May 2017

    I have done my first model, and I am pretty happy with it, so now I just need to work my way through the other 10. The basic idea is that they are a minor sky port, an offshoot of Barak Urbaz that focuses on the dirty side of war - so plenty of chemical weapons and willingness to get down and dirty in irradiated warzones. Couple of pictures below.
  4. The Painting Contract- May 2017

    Very small pledge for me this month - a box of Arkanaut Company. With luck next week will be a bit more exciting as I am looking at getting my hands on the models for a small 1,000 point list (2 x frigates, 2 x Arkanaut company, Aether-Khemist)
  5. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords Skyport: Barak-Urbaz - Additional Footnote: There's No Trading With Some People Leaders Endrinmaster (140) - General - Trait: Stickler for the Code:These are Just Guidelines - Artefact: Gattlesson's Endless Repeater Aether-Khemist (100) Aether-Khemist (100) - Artefact: Aethersight Loupe Battleline 10 x Arkanaut Company (120) - 3x Skypikes 10 x Arkanaut Company (120) - 3x Light Skyhooks 10 x Arkanaut Company (120) - 3x Aethermatic Volley Guns Units 3 x Endrinriggers (120) - 1x Drill Cannons 5 x Grundstok Thunderers (100) - 2x Aethershot Rifles - 1x Aetheric Fumigators - 2x Aethercannons War Machines Arkanaut Frigate (280) - Main Gun: Heavy Sky Cannon - Great Endrinworks: Malefic Skymines Arkanaut Frigate (280) - Main Gun: Heavy Sky Cannon - Great Endrinworks: Malefic Skymines Arkanaut Ironclad (440) - Main Gun: Great Sky Cannon - Great Endrinworks: Breath of Morgrim (Barak-Urbaz) Battalions Iron Sky Squadron (80) Total: 2000/2000 At the moment I am thinking about the above - note that I do not claim this to be some great efficiency squeezing masterwork. It does have a couple of things going for it though: Possible two drop list (Iron Sky Squadron, Ironclad with everybody else) Reasonable mortal wound output (There's no trading with some people, Breath of Morgrim, Skymines, Drill cannon) Super efficient Aether-Khemists I have chosen Barak Urbaz because I like their unique footnote, the efficiency of their Khemists and their unique Great Endrinwork. I am not fussed on their Artycle, so have gone for Stickler for the Code to change it in game (of the Artycles I like the grudge one). As to actual game plan. The Ironclad would receive the Skypike arkanauts, the Endrinmaster, an Aether Khemist and the Thunderers, and would be used as the battering ram - point at an objective and full speed ahead. A round of shooting with the Aether Khemist buffing the arkanauts and the Thunderers as well as 3 gaze of Grungni attacks in addition to the Ironclad itself with its shots and the Breath of Morgrim, followed by a charge. One of the Frigates would have the Skyhook arkanauts, the Aether Khemist with the Aethersight Loupe and the Endrinriggers. This would be the big monster hunter unit - lots of high rend attacks. So, identify the biggest baddest target and get stuck in. The final Frigate would only have the last unit of arkanauts and would be my utility unit. Happy to hang back to hold objectives with them, or assault a weakly held objective or reinforce one of the other units. Basically the PBI - expected to do everything and get no glory! Worth also noting that I have made no particular provision for Khemist action with these guys as basically any other unit will make better use of the buff. Couple of general thoughts. How does everybody read the Banebreath Mask? Breath of Morgrim is clear that you choose one unit, but with the Mask I read it as basically saying that for each enemy unit within 3" you roll a d6 and on a 4+ do a mortal wound. Doing some number crunching around the buffs offered by the Ironclad. Number 1 priority for damage maximization is getting the aethershot carbines in range, so +3" range if that gets them in range. Reroll 1's on to hit is more useful than +2 Carbine shots, but obviously +2 carbines works with other sources of re-rolls. Re-rolls versus flying targets is the best for damage output, but obviously highly situational.
  6. Behold the Kharadron Overlords!

    Interestingly the picture accompanying that post shows an Aetheric Navigator and a Aether Khemyst, which are not on the list. I wonder whether the Frigate may come with characters as well as the ship itself? In terms of length of releases I am thinking a total of three weeks. Week one above, then two weeks with the release divided up into Gunhauler / Thunderers / characters and Ironclad / Balloon cav / Brokk Grunsson. In the past all releases have been out by the time the battletome has been released, but for Disciples of Tzeentch and Stormcast that has not been true.
  7. New From Georgia (us)

    Welcome urion. Good to see you on here, and can I say that I have really enjoyed visiting your blog, Madhouse Society - I am a big fan of your style.
  8. White Dwarf Battle Report (Kharadron vs FEC)

    To be clear, I actually enjoyed the battle report and felt it was a good read. The issue I have with the battle report is more that it felt like neither fish nor fowl. That is, if it was supposed to be a matched play balanced tactical game there was not enough information to allow the battle to be followed. On the other hand if it was not matched play that was certainly not clear and I did not get a real feel for how the narrative drove the game. I do agree with you that if they want to promote the narrative / open play reports they need to do more to explain the thought process around the WHOLE thing. I.e. like you say, was there a reasoning behind the models chosen (personally I would be happy if that boiled down to a reasoning like I wanted to represent a desperate last stand so deliberately choose a small army, but at least let me know)? Or, there was mention at one point of more FEC models 'flying down' - does this mean that more units were deployed, and if so why was it felt necessary for the game narrative?
  9. Got myself a CPA (Certified Practising Accountant) exam this month, so I will not pledge anything at this point. When the Kharadron come out I will see if I can squeeze a bit of painting time out...
  10. The Future of AoS...

    OK, so partly what I think GW are aiming to do, and partly what I want (). Have a scaleable sales strategy that gives a variety of entry points. Once Shadespire is released later this year we have the foundations of this strategy - Shadespire is a very low cost buy in, and could easily be sold in places like Walmart (US) or Waterstones (UK) so giving an entry point to non wargamers. You then have a number of 'steps' up so that whatever level people are at you can have a conversation about how AoS would suit them - something like Shadespire - Warhammer Quest - Age of Sigmar Starter - Generals Handbook and the full glories of the game. I would also love for them to look into the possibility of an Epic scale AoS game. Reading about the battleship scale Kharadron Skyships has me really wanting to field them! I understand the concern about rules bloat but on the other hand GW wants to sell AoS to everybody, and some portion of the market will not buy if the added complexity is not available. Key is to make it clear that GW wants players to decide for themselves what is fun and run with that. Link releases through an aesthetic and a shared reality but give freedom to their creative people to do what they think is cool / will sell. The blowing up of the Old World was the start of this, and I think that we can see with the Kharadron that the aesthetic links to the rest of the range are there but we are getting releases opened up to the whole range of what is possible. From a sales point of view I think one of the issues with Warhammer was that GW were essentially competing with themselves for sales. By way of an example, in 8th Edition they released new Hammerers. These kits would have competed with the previous iterations of Hammerers all the way back to the Perry designed late 80's release. Compare this to the new Kharadron Endrinriggers. What competes directly with these? Give players more things to do with their models, but not release lots of individual things to sell for specific little games. One of the reasons that TSR went bankrupt was that their market reached maturity, and instead of reducing product production to a level where number of sales equalled demand they produced MORE product. Inevitable result was that total sales stayed the same but cost of production continued to increase. We also know that was one of the reasons the specialist games fell by the way side - they did not in the aggregate increase demand they just gave the current market base different things to spend money on (there is an argument here that GW did not advertise these products effectively which meant there was no scope for the products to create their own market in addition to the main ranges, but let bygones be bygones). Evidence for this in AoS is really the Shadows over Hammerhal game. You can use a range of models in this game. The models for this game are not unique. This means that it may only contribute slightly to increasing total sales, the costs of producing it are marginal, and there will be some players who get into AoS through it, or who maintain a positive view of GW through continuing use of their models. It is really clear in the case of Shadow Wars - absolutely designed around allowing you to buy and use existing assets. Compare to Necromunda that would have required dedicated resources to continue. Overall I think that we will see more investment into AoS over the next few years. At the moment it seems to be a real up and coming game (check ICV 2 - Fantasy Battle had dropped out of the top 5 over the past few years, AoS is now back into it) and GW seems absolutely committed to improving it, improving their community interaction, and generally making things better.
  11. The Rumour Thread

    Same approach as Disciples of Tzeentch - actual Khorne models in the book, those that can choose the Khorne keyword not.
  12. Behold the Kharadron Overlords!

    In the battlereport the Frigate carries 10 models, plus 3 Skywardens, while the Ironclad carries 15 models, 3 characters and 3 Endrinriggers - at this point it is unclear what are maximum numbers (beyond knowing that you can go over the carrying capacity at the cost of movement), and how different unit types interact with the carrying capacity (beyond the flying Duardin not counting for model count). In the Battle Report the Arkanaut Company are killed, but two things to keep in mind: Ghouls are actually really good for a battleline troop. A unit of 20 with a Ghoul King within 10" will do an average of around 9 wounds against a 4+ save unit, or 13 if they have the Black Hunger on them. Additionally in the Battle Report they were King's Ghouls which allows them to pile in and attack in their own hero phase. There were only a few left after the Frigate crashed - as pointed out by @Rollcage I expect the Kharadron to act a bit like Eldar in play. So the Arkanaut company is roughly equivalent to Guardians. If I am right then the right way to use these guys is as a support piece for others. So, if you are assaulting an objective, move up their transport, sprog out the Company to add their firepower to the close shooting and then support the charge with them. Use them to 'cap' objectives while the rest of the army moves on. Use them as thin blue line to stop foot sloggers assaulting your skyships. They are probably going to be a waste of points if expected to fulfill the same roles as, say, liberators.
  13. Duardin nee Dwarves. Like many others my first introduction to fantasy literature was through the works of Tolkien, and of all the characters the Dwarves appealed the most. I loved their bravery, their tenacity, and also how relatable they were - unlike Elves they were not eternal creatures of fay beauty, but neither were they creatures of hatred and pain like the Goblins. As such when I discovered Warhammer Fantasy Battle (back in the days of 4th Edition) my first purchase was the Dwarf Army Book, which I wore the spine out of reading and re-reading. I spent hours reading the stories, looking at the art, playing out the battle of the East Gate in my mind, working out runic item combinations, and general list building. When the End Times came I was sad - I have no problem confessing that I found Thanquol incredibly difficult to read (emotionally), that I have not and will not re-read it, and cannot bring myself to read the tie in Thanquol book. But I also felt it was a fitting send off, and have been keen to see what Age of Sigmar will do to the Duardin. I felt the Dispossessed rules were good, giving a more flavoursome game than what you got in previous editions of Warhammer, Fyreslayers are interesting but a little too close to what we had before, but Kharadron? Duardin pirate traders with guns and skyships and gatling guns? Yes please.
  14. Let's chat: White dwarf

    Literally what you have just written. There are a couple of mentions of beasts that the Kharadron fight, and a bit on a particular battle which involves a mixed fleet of Kharadron battling to get exclusive mining rights to a giants former lair, only to discover that the lair is actually populated by monsters and grotbag fleets moor there. At this point this is all. Brief review of the WD: If you are interested in the new Kharadron then I suspect this will push you over the edge. Lots of really interesting details about the development process both from an artistic point of view and game design. There is also enough details in there to get the mind ticking over from a matched play point of view and also narrative. Some of the things that I picked up on: The warscroll for Brokk Grungsson has a super charge mechanic to increase his saw fist damage - in the battle report a couple of mentions of other units doing this indicate that he is not the only model with this mechanic. I can understand why the Ironclad is likely to have a huge warscroll - they have three different turret weapons, aethershot carbines (side mounted weapons), aether torpedoes, bombs, a supremacy mine, belaying valves (appear to be a CC attack), can transport other units, and has army buffing capabilities. At the least. The army trait (i.e. Stormcast teleport ability equivalent) is made up of three parts, and the six major ports each have a pre-defined set with a small additional bonus to compensate for loss of flexibility. The battle report had one of the major ports and the abilities were re-roll 1's to-hit and to-wound against flying targets, skyships always run 6", and skyships get a 6+ ignore versus mortal wounds. Sounds like it will let you really tailor your army. The different characters seem to both buff your own troops and de-buff your opponent. There are items for heroes as well an items for skyships - the skyship is the Battle Report was The Last Word and enabled one weapon to make an attack if a charging unit ends up within .5" of the skyship. On the subject of the battle report, although there is plenty of useful information overall and it looks beautiful I would have to say not a great BATTLE report. It was slightly shorter than I would have liked, and there were no turn by turn maps only battle scene photos so it was hard to work out what was happening. Additionally from a purely 'is this representative of matched play performance' point of view, I would have to say that it was not very valuable. The Flesh Eater Court army was around 2,500 points (base cost 2,260 and there is mention of new units appearing... so maybe reinforcement points?) while I find it hard to believe that the Kharadron army would have broken 2,000 points. Additionally I felt the Kharadron player did not really do things I would have thought were basic game play things i.e. from what I could tell apart from the Varghulf Courtier and the Crypt Ghast none of the Death heroes died, which suggests a lack of focused fire. Given the importance of killing heroes and totally wiping units in a Flesh Eater Court army it does make you wonder. Having had my little whinge about the battle report, I would still say overall a great read.
  15. Behold the Kharadron Overlords!

    Just for the purpose of discussion I will chuck up my comment from there: Without the battalions and the other characters we don't know how much buffing can be stacked up, but without too much problem on the charge he should kill a Lord-Celestant on Dracoth just on his base stats! One of the things I actually like the most (from a pure design perspective) is his Supercharged Harness ability. Dwarves in Warhammer lacked the kind risk - reward decisions (i.e. look at 8th ed magic - more risk more potential reward) that make armies interesting. If the Supercharged Harness is a common ability you will have interesting decisions to make: if you take a risk you can get a reward. So instead of rolling dice and hoping you do well enough ala Dwarf Gunline instead you start making decision like do I take a risk? What is the potential benefit of taking this risk? How do I manage my risk?