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  1. The Rumour Thread

    Is it possible that the Deepkin will not of one of the four Grand Alliances, or able to ally outside of just Order? Like, we know that they can be allies with Daughters, but would there be any reason they may not also be able to ally with say Destruction?
  2. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    Alright so a weekend off and a bit of thinking about the style and feel that I am expecting. First, as a general point we don't know how monstrous / inhuman the troops are going to be. Daughters of Khaine shows that GW are willing to make Aelves monstrous. The background in the new tome also indicates that most of the Aelven races (including the Idoneth) have been remade with souls recovered from Slaanesh which gives scope for a range of 'humanness' - i.e. could have Melusai half beasty creature cognates without having to justify it beyond the established background. Second, we don't know how technological the army will be - I would expect magical rather than tech. On the other hand I have a strong memory of a rumour from around the time of the Kharadron that there was a diving suit type unit coming for them - obviously this did not happen but maybe we will see it with the Idoneth? Third, we don't know what the army style is going to be. There are rumours that suggest a centre piece model that is a turtle, which strongly suggests the overall style of the army is more likely to be slow and resilient than fast and fragile. Additionally the suggestion that the overall aesthetic is Spartan suggests heavy armour and large shields again supporting toughness over speed. Pulling this together then: Visually I think a mix of classic Greek designs (so hoplon shields, corinthian helms, bell cuirass) for the Aelfs themselves and magic tech diving suit style Cavalry units will be riding liminal aquatic creatures so crocodiles or sky sharks (there is an image of a vast sky shark in the Kharadron book) or a kraken type creature Monsters will be in the army and they will be tough as old boots but maybe quite inflexible The small hint we have seen in Daughters of Khaine is that they appeared from the mists in an attempt to capture a unit of Witch Aelves, so for me this suggests some interesting deployment / redeployment options (rather than flat out speed) and maybe stuff around making Battleshock worse - representing psychological trickery and non lethal combat Finally some pictures: a Corinthian Helmet (very much Greek associated in popular imagery but far from the most common helmet type and not actually worn by Spartans) A Spartan Hoplon - admittedly my understanding is that the lambda was red but there you go A very early bell cuirass - again this is from the Trojan War era but the linothorax of the Persian War period is not very common in popular imagery
  3. Fyreslayer Doomseeker

    Looks great - how did you do the base?
  4. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    A few of my thoughts: I do not believe that Scourge Privateeers will be rolled in. I base this on two things: One, the fact that we have seen that they are still a seperate faction in the list of allies for Daughters of Khaine so it is clearly not just a rework of this faction. Two, when we do get re-worked factions (Sylvaneth, Beastclaws, etc) they retain the name they had at the beginning of AoS and are just expanded and built upon to become a new thing, so an entirely new name (Kharadron Overlords for eg) indicates an entirely new thing created for AoS. In terms of release date there has been rumours indicating two Aelf factions in February - April, of which the Deepkin are the second - I would hope that we would get somekind of preview this weekend, but it is possible that we will see previews at Adepticon (March 22 - 25). Either way I think releases over the next month or so will be a couple of 40K codexes (Tau followed by Necrons based on the new White Dwarf and its hint along with previous announcements) and perhaps some Forgeworld / Specialist Games releases, with Deepkin in early mid April. I am looking forwards to this release! I was just re-reading the old 4th Edition High Elf book and thinking about how evocative a lot of this early writing was, and how a lot of the early history has such strong potential for integrating with the overall AoS aesthetic. Also... turtles... how cool are they? Like the attached please thank you
  5. No Start Collecting its true, but there is a Blood Coven pack which is 80 pounds of models for 60 pounds (or if you are in Australia it is an even better) and 3 of these gives you a really good start point
  6. Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Looking very cool at this point, and I can't comment on the potential of how good the army will be. However from a pure design point of view I think we can see that the rules are aimed at resolving some of the previous limitations of the Daughters of Khaine: Need to cluster around Cauldron to get a decent save, making the army very reliant on that, and making the core build very Witch Aelf heavy (limited space around Cauldron, they gain biggest benefit, so natural choice). Answered by making a 6+ ignore standard across the army - cauldron of blood may still boost Witch Aelves and work well with them, but at least you can run 10 model units of Sisters of Slaughter and they aren't falling over to a stiff breeze Lack of shooting. Obvious solutions there, but interesting to see what i think will be quick harassing shooters (flying ones) and main line units (Melusai) Lack of speed. Units that both move fast and can deep strike, along with an infantry unit that is likely around 8" move (based on Bloodwrack stats) Lack of access to monsters. Answered two fold - Morathi along with the Iron Avatar of Khaine. Will the army work as a whole? Too early to tell, but I am excited to read the book
  7. From my point of view I have no issue with say a five pound a month membership scheme.For me this cost is about supporting the production of content for the whole community to enjoy, rather than a transactional quid pro quo type arrangement. The only thing I would say is that if paid memberships were sufficient to cover the costs of running the site and additionally leave a surplus it would be great to see that reinvested in the creation of more content - maybe some short stories being commissioned, or art work, something like that we can all benefit from.
  8. Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    And finally Gurrzag and his lads:
  9. Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    And today's contribution, the Reavers:
  10. Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    For today, the Stormcast:
  11. Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    My contribution to the pictures: The Sepulchral Guard
  12. Thoughts on the new rule leaks?

    The problem we have with how judging the leaks are is that they are so many unknowns that we should all unpack our panties. By that I mean, we know that there will be four ways of running your Death Army. Each of these could provide interesting ways to provide some overall buff to your army that both makes it more thematic as well as answering some of the issues voiced. As a thought experiment, how could we make an army that has a focus on grinding attrition, while not breaking any core rules (note I am not saying this is what will happen but given the negative tone in this thread I am simply proposing a possible alternative that I would like) Legion of Sacrament (Arkhan) Specific battalion that is mainly death rattle, necromancers and Morghasts, special rule: All units in this battalion receive the Summonable key word (so now you can heal / raise Morghasts and heal characters), plus Deathly Invocation becomes D3 +1 wounds Unique General Trait: Deathly Invocation gets +6" and can target 1 extra unit (can hide more effectively, and support more units) Unique Artefact: Helm of Commandment - rather than attacking in the combat phase you may give a unit within 12" +1 to hit and +1 to wound (makes support characters even more helpful) Battle Trait: Deathless Minions, and all Summonable Units regain 1 wound every Hero Phase. Is this what we will see? Don't know. Is this any more or less likely than the doomsaying? Don't know. My point is that they are setting the base up for lots of potential changes and improvements on the current state of play, and at this point all we have are a couple of data points that tell us something will change, but no idea of exactly how or in what direction. Finally, I think it is a bit sad that the regen banner is gone, but the Deathly Invocation approach opens up a lot of interesting design space.
  13. New Aelves

    @WoollyMammoth thanks for pulling together the Rumour Engine pictures, and the interesting discussion. Contrary to you, I think the mention of escaping a god (slithering out of their mouth from memory?) indicates a definite anti-Slaanesh aspect. Still different perspectives are a good thing. In terms of Grand Alliance, I firmly believe that they will be Order. My reasoning: - In the Age of Myth there were no alliances, only the grand pantheon of Sigmar. Subsequently Chaos started to work their way in - so at that point we had Pantheon v Chaos. Over time the Pantheon shatters and Sigmar is betrayed by Gorkamorka (Destruction) and Nagash (Death). With the closing of the gates of Azyr we are left with Chaos, Death and Destruction. When the gates open we have Sigmar attempting to impose Order on the Mortal Realms, as opposed to the other 3 Grand Alliances, but particularly in opposition to Chaos. So to my mind Order is less about methods or organisation and more a broad question of whether a race / people / god are aligned with Sigmar as opposed to other primary forces - It is clear that the new Shadow Queen is aligned to the rebuilding of society (mention of being responsible for civilization), that she/it escaped the Dark Prince and the art supports a strong anti Slaanesh (hence anti Chaos) vibe, there is no support for alignment with the goals of Nagash or Gorkamorka, and the mention of a rightful place in the pantheon to me further supports the intent being that the Shadow Queen is aligned at a high level with Sigmar's goals. Alignement with Sigmar = alignment with Order. - Order does not mean nice. We have a recent short story on the Malign Portents website called "To Excel" which shows Stormcast preparing to wipe a village out on the basis of potential infection. The recent Callis and Toll short story shows that humans basically aligned with Order are still quite happy to kill each other. Fyreslayers have been written about as willing to serve basically anybody for the right price. Azyrheim has been purged at least once - who did that? Scourge Privateers are absolutely slavers, pirates and criminals. The Kharadron Overlords are not fighting due to some commitment to 'good' - they are fighting because they see it as the most profitable option. So you can be unpleasant, greedy, murderous, and still a member of the Order alliance.
  14. New Aelves

    In terms of how much we can expect. Lady Atia is confirming this is something big over on War of Sigmar. From this I think we can assume it is more than a reboxing of Witch Aelves and a battletome.
  15. I actually quite like Faiet 212 as well - tends a little towards the 'throw rumours at wall and hope some stick' but generally positive and the comments section is not too full of mouth breathers. Re. the lawsuit... If this is a tort (which from memory it is) he would have to show loss. What loss is he claiming?