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  1. My wife had one of these for her hobby. I’m considering using using it as the basis of my gaming table. https://m.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/art/70290223/
  2. Just to add to the potential to consider for a PT battletome, how about a different points cost for an unridden Phoenix?
  3. I think something could be made out of the Pheonix Temple's apparent allegiance with Wanderers. Perhaps a reborn Caradryan could have formed an allegiance with Araloth (didn't he get spirited away in the end times?) and set up a new Temple somewhere? Whether or not this is the way that things go, i'm going to start adding wanderer units to my PT with this as it's theme. I don't want to end up with a soup type order army but I think PT and Wanderers have some nice synergy both in terms of rules and aesthetics. Keep up the Pheonix Temple rage guys, all that is needed for evil to succeed (Phoenix Guard to be discontinued) is for good people to do nothing (people to not play them!). Cheers Jamie
  4. Having come from the world that was, my Phoenix Temple army appears to have (according to allies in GH's) grown an affinity for the aelves that live in trees. Seems like there might be some affinity (and not a little bit of synergy) between my strong silent types and the Wanderers and Sylvaneth. I'm wondering if this is a theme perhaps GW might go for when(/if :-( ) they flesh out the PT storyline. In the spirit of that alliance (see what i did there) I am looking to start adding Wanderers to my list initially and maybe some Sylvaneth units. For some reason I've always felt a little dirty mixing Order units across strange factions, especially when the motivation is purely for one-trick pony gamey reasons which lose the coherency of the army, and perhaps this is a way to play PT without feeling quite so. Units which I think will synergise well in my PT army: Sisters of Thorn (obvious and gamey, i know it already so no need to point it out) Spell Weaver (a nice spell and cheap caster) Glade Guard (those arcane bodkins can really put out the hurt) Eternal Guard (god these guys can be tanky if they sit in cover somewhere) I think i'll be able to get the paint jobs to suit nicely between these two also. Any other PT players around this traps? Keep calm and roll 4 ups.. Jamie P.S. heres are some terrible photos of my PT so far. Got another unit of 30 on the go, plus some old metal ones.
  5. jamierk

    Mixed Order Lists! Join in on the discussion

    My current thinking: loremaster dragonlord annointed on frosty celestant prime 3 x 60 skinks 30 Phoenix guard 5 sisters of the thorn 5 doomfire warlocks i think it’s 2000 pts on the dot though I have to check. I happen to have all of it painted too (just coincidence as I have each army they are taken from painted). Plenty of big hitting power, speed from the larger monsters and fast cab, anvil from the Phoenix Guard is solid as a rock and reasonably nasty, celestant prime for the clean up/swiss army knife. Thoughts?
  6. jamierk

    Buff rend/debuff armor

    Buff rend is the runelord but only for dispossessed units. Don’t know any that debuff armour.
  7. jamierk

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    Those Thralls look like they have some very solid damage output. Old fashioned hammer (thralls) and anvil (eels) then? Having your buff characters untargatable by shooting will help plenty also.
  8. jamierk

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    Arriving late to this thread, could someone point me towards the combo that allows thralls to be a good tarpit? I presume its something other than their base rules?
  9. '5 busy dads to set aside a late late night' is the gaming group I wish I could find in my area (shout out to all the busy dads in Newcastle Aus!). Great work mate!
  10. jamierk

    State of the Game Inquiry

    That’s really nice to hear. I think the people that play it are generally a credit to the game and the whole reason it has been successful. I hope the GW keeps up with the support they deserve :-)
  11. jamierk

    State of the Game Inquiry

    I'm curious about this myself, i'm dabling in getting back into AoS. What i really want to ask is, are there currently builds going around that are so strong that an average player doesn't really have a game? I don't mind not winning games against strong lists and good players, thats as it should be. I just don't want to have too many games against gun lines that can evaporate your army without anything you can do, or mortal wound spam (i have bad memories of the old bloodletter bomb). Are these relatively in check these days? I always though AoS could go either way depending on how strong they allowed those builds to become.
  12. Awesome work on the PT mate! I’ve got 70 PG almost fully painted now and 2 Phoenix plus an annointed on foot. I too would like to stick to PT only so I’m searching for the right balance of allies to make it happen. My main issue is the lack of rend and multidamage (those damn shields that add 1 to saves on damage 1 weapons like rats and skellies can really hold me up). I’m trying sisters of thorn plus loremaster for building a good rerollable save on frosty and using him as the hammer. I’m tempted to try some shooting support instead. Have you had many games?
  13. jamierk

    Future Aelves

    Please for the love of god update my Phoenix temple :-( got me 70 PG painted and 3 Phoenixs. What about Caradryans Phoenix Temple FTW? side note: disappointing we can’t take IDK as allies, that wave mage would have made a great ally! Two spell cast, one which gives -1 to hit on d6 units and some good rend on a tough guy would really help! Still in search of better allies than sisters of thorn
  14. jamierk

    Do you like the lore?

    Yeah, just a shame they didn’t do a novel for the end of the realmgate wars. The characters and story were very engaging and the books they released after that didn’t continue that storyline I don’t think.
  15. jamierk

    Do you like the lore?

    Why didn’t they finish the realmgate series? I read up to wardens of everqueen and enjoyed all of them, then they seemed to stop writing novels for the series? They branches out and wrote some side stories but no novel to complete the series? If I’m wrong please correct me, would like to read more.