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  1. Seraphon list, c&c please

    I only have the 10 chameleon skinks and i have a thing about symmetry. I hate having different sizes of the same unit. He doesnt run a whole lot in the way of mortal wounds, just the retributors, relictor and dracoth breath so that wont be too much of an issue. He plays a super defensive list (celestant on dracoth with shield, staunch defender, and castellant buff with units of liberators) so itll be a slap fight between the guard and the libs.
  2. Seraphon list, c&c please

    Dusting off my dinos for a game this weekend against stormcast and was planning on running this list 3x10 saurus guard Eternity warden Eternal starhost Slann (great rememberer) Skink priest 2x5 chameleon skinks Bastiladon Stegadon So how bad does this suck?
  3. Sepulchral guard

    Yeah im probably just going to use them as champs and the leader as a wight king
  4. Are slaughterpriests fair?

    He tends to try and focus down my bloodthirster and bloodletters (well, the bloodletters that his decimators arent going to turn into stroganoff)
  5. Next Death Battletome

    At nova GW had a Q&A session where it was specifically asked if we were going to see a deathrattle battletome and the answer was "not this side of christmas ". So im betting that by Q2 we'll have one. As for what could go into it, well, literally anything you can imagine since its just the skeletons of living creatures and the lore in GA death and shadespire has said that Wights retain their memories and personalities. So theres no reason we cant see wizards with their own spell lore, or monstrous infantry (ogres)/cavalry(mournfang), skeletal dragons or magmadroths. Im hoping for some skeletal pegasai.
  6. Are slaughterpriests fair?

    My buddy and i were playing a game today, he's been struggling with his stormcast against my khorne army and he brought up a good point. While khorne doesnt really have missile troops, with the priests our ranged game is still pretty good. I can take 3 of them in a gorepilgrims battalion and then each one has a 75% chance to deal d6 mortal wounds to a unit within 16". Which, granted is needed against stormcast with their 1+ rerollable, healing on a 4+ saves. But it does seem crazy that for 300 points i can spike down almost any key combo piece i want. Basically my question is, within the context of the gorepilgrims, are slaughterpriests too good for 100 points? Im aware they have an 8% chance to deal d3 mortal wounds to themselves (since we can reroll failed prayers) and they are susceptible to ranged themselves with their 5+ save, but their offensive and utilitarian capabilities are really powerful.
  7. LVO List Math-Hammer Prep

    In my experience people who want to capitalize on the bloodletter bomb will buff them to get maximum effect. So you add in a gorepilgrim battallion and get a bloodsecrator which doubles their attacks and a priest to give them +1 to hit (so now you trip mortal wounds on a 4+ and if you have a demon hero nearby you reroll 1s). In and of themselves, 30 bloodletters are ok, not OMFGSOGOODBLOODFORTHEBLOODGODEVERYONEONEELSESUCKS, but the combos push them from a c+/b- to an A unit.
  8. Bringing life back to DEATH - pt 2: Keywords

    No to nearly everything. If mortarchs were to get faction specific keywords, then mannfred and neferata would both be soulblight (they are vampires) and arkhan would be deathrattle (he is a skeleton). Now, i am not opposed to the mortarchs getting faction keywords but it wont solve any of deaths problems. Shoving all those units into deathrattle wont help or make sense from a lore perspective either. Now the mortis engine should be nighthaunt, its more ghostly than the black coach could ever be and its a current model. Making the necro nighthaunt would cause more problems than it solves(because of the allies matrix) AND doesnt make sense because his spell cant affect anything in that faction. Move the mortis engine to nighthaunt and merge the deadwalkers into the deathmages (which without the engine is now just the necro). That makes more sense from a lore perspective and makes it a playable subfaction. As for nagash...no, just no. That makes no sense. You play the GOD OF DEATH you play as the grand alliance. Itd be like allying in alarielle into a nom sylvaneth army.
  9. Deathrattle Battletome?

    At nova someone asked about a deathrattle battletome and the answer was "not this side of christmas". So we are getting one, just in 2018
  10. Army Paint Schemes for rules

    Creativity should never be penalized. If someone expects me to adhere to a specific paint scheme for rules then there had better not be a single conversion in their army because "thats not what was in the box".
  11. Question about Allies and Roles

    Was that in the FAQ or did i miss it in the rules?
  12. Question about Allies and Roles

    Just to double check, allies can take artifacts right? Azyr wasnt letting me
  13. GHB 2018, and Main rule changes

    Can you clarify this? The rule of 1 pretty much puts a lid on abusive magic
  14. GHB 2018, and Main rule changes

    While there are exceptions to the "good at shooting is bad at melee" rule of thumb those units *tend* to pay a premium for it, either in points or in number of attacks. I'll say this: individual shooting units/combos can be overpowered/undercosted, however those are outliers and should not be held up as how shooting generally functions. Just as how alpha strike/turn 1 charge armies should not be held up as how melee armies typically work or how nagash, DoT and Kroak-nado shouldnt be held up as the standard for how magic works. When you make changes to the entire system to bring skew lists/combos in line you run into a problem of forcing people to take those skew lists just to be able to functionally play the game. Edit: basically my complaint with this thread is people are essentially using a chainsaw to fillet a fish instead of a knife.