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  1. Rip apart this list

    I was thinking the VLoZD would be able to try and keep the hexwraiths topped off, but i do like the idea of the casting artifact. Kinda like the bloodsecrator for us
  2. Rip apart this list

    Legion of night 40 skeleton spearmen 40 skeleton spearmen 40 skeleton spearmen Necromancer (overwhelming dread) Vampire lord (spirit gale). General, unbending will trait Vampire lord (aramanthine orb) Vampire lord on zombie dragon (vile transference) -1 to hit in shooting artifact 5 hexwraiths 5 hexwraiths 1990/2000 VLoZD and hexwraiths are in ambush. Feels balanced but ive been having trouble committing to a list since the book came out. If you have suggestions heres what i have built and painted: 9 vargheist 2 morghast with halberds 4 wight kings on foot with shields Terrorgheist
  3. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Thanks guys
  4. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Damnit. Cant find the screenshot anymore. Do the gravesites say units regen if they are within 9" of ANY or is it per gravesite
  5. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    To everyone saying we cant take the mournghul, did its warscroll change? Last i checked it still had the summon spell on it so theres nothing stopping us from just bringing it onto the table that way.
  6. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Sort of, in ghb2017 it specifies that generals have to have the hero keyword
  7. new death battletome announced!

    Link to blog post?
  8. new death battletome announced!

    Range varies depending on the hero. Wight kings affect 2 units in 6" (if memory serves), vampires do 3 units within 12", mortarchs do 4 within 18" amd nagash does 5 anywhere he damn well pleases.
  9. Khorne doesnt need skull cannons for the balewind, slaughter priests will do the job (which you should be including anyway since the buffs they bring are strong you cant very well call it a tax). Furthermore, neither kroak nor the gaunt summoner can spike down a priest in 1 turn (kroak dealing d3 and the summoner dealing 1 compared to the priests d6). FEC can magic the offending wizards off the board and use the zombie dragons breath weapon. If you plan for the balewind you can beat it. If you go to a GT with no plan to deal with a balewind, thats on you
  10. Everyone has a way to deal with the balewind. Magic, prayers, allied shooting units, its a matter of making sure your list can handle everything thats going to be thrown at it. Just like how people have to build in ways to deal with skyfires or other forms of mortal wound spam (whether it be saves against MW or just having enough bodies to soak the damage). Its one of those things where it does warp the meta around it which is bad in some sense but it can be countered by every army as long as you assume that you need a way to deal with a balewind from the start.
  11. Battlefield in a Box terrain

    pegasus is good (some prepainted and i really want the gothic ruins set, looks so cool) and battlefield in a box is not oop just go to their website (https://www.flamesofwar.com/gf9online_store.aspx?CategoryID=13170). most of the buildings are for flames of war, which is a smaller scale but you can find stuff for AoS.
  12. Top Tier Units

    for death, vampire lord on zombie dragon is pretty damn good. expensive but decent return on investment with his damage output
  13. Next Death Battletome

    They exist...thats pretty much it.
  14. I just want to say...

    I assumed he was talking about sigmar.
  15. Fixing Named Characters

    No. Its too easily abused. Unless you want to fight a skarbrand that has an extra attack with carnage or a nagash with red fury and the ring of immortality. Or a celestant prime with +1 attack and +1 damage. How about neferata with the cursed book so now her hit debuff is -2?