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  1. is there a TGA like forum for 40K?

    As others have mentions, DakkaDakka is there but it is incredibly toxic.
  2. Looking great. I've always loves wintery themed armies.
  3. The Rumour Thread

    Although there are a lot of companies already out there doing this (many good ones) I would really like to see a selection of some more "generic" battlemaps from GW. Here's hoping.
  4. The Future of AoS...

    Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more, SAY NO MORE.
  5. The plastic crack forms a tight and all encompassing embrace. Once you have drank the Warhammer elixir you are doomed to clamour after little plastic men for the rest of you wretched days. Doomed I tells yah! DOOOOMMMED!
  6. The Future of AoS...

    Ooo err missus.
  7. The Future of AoS...

    Thing is... I think the way the Alliance system works has given GW the best of both worlds. You have the 4 main Alliances and you could theoretically continue to release Battletomes for small factions as they will always continue to fall under the larger sub factions. Also, if they use the Generals handbook as a way of continually updating and FAQing the game, the number of "factions" could grow and grow.
  8. Been back and forth like a battered wife in an abusive relationship for 20+ years.
  9. I'm curious as to what people here think the general overarching direction of AoS is, or if there even is one. How many Battletomes do you think will actually be released? Do you think GW even have a specific number in mind? If you were in charge where would you take the system?
  10. Magnetising Really Useful Boxes

    Perfect for public transportation! Great weapon! Most of the buses and trains in my area are teeming with Oruks and dirty ratmen.
  11. Square Bases Opinion:

    I've always enjoyed bases² and have been quite surprised to find myself really enjoying circular bases. Not like amazing roller-coaster enjoyment but enjoyment non the less. I suppose the circular base style really makes the individual model stand out, as apposed to the 'wound counter' blending in of a squared rank n' file mini. Watching battle reports on youtube, I do find myself wanting to see circular bases. I wouldn't be a stickler in person though. If I did find myself having any kind of feelings about it, I'd take the folded up picture of a child refugee out of my wallet and remind myself that there are more important things to worry about. Like why I find it necessary to carry around a photo of a child refugee in my wallet. Scary.
  12. Hard narcotics, abundant alcohol and blood rituals tend to stave off the worst of it in my case. However, if I find myself becoming distracted or burned out I let those feelings flow and/or follow them to wherever they may go. This is a hobby, not a jobby, it should be smooth and stress free. If it becomes hard and stressful, a change in diet might be in order. Apologies for letting my metaphors sprout legs and run away with themselves. Take a break man. The old world ain't going anywhere... I mean Warhammer. Warhammer isn't going anywhere.