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  1. yarrickson

    Fall of The Old World V

    Entrants Liam Watt Jamie Ferguson Greig Summers Fraser McWhirter John Bayliss David Soutar Grant Mudie Mark Roberts John Craig William Convery Stuart West David Nemeth Kat Fekete Scott Smith Nathan Watson Mike Callaghan John 'The Hero' Harper Ross Joyce Iain Hunter
  2. yarrickson

    Fall of The Old World V

    Fall of the Old World V 2000 point 5 game matched play event to be held at Common Ground Games, Stirling on the 16th and 17th March 2019. Full details to follow as I have them. (We are 10 months out at this point) but I expect to surpass this years lengthy list of sponsors and prizes 🙂
  3. yarrickson

    Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    I'd ignore this particular piece of keyword lawyering as its patent nonsense. The Battletome is called Skaven Pestilens. The Verminlord is in the battletome. Warscroll Builder let's you take the Pestilens traits/items. (Not infallible but a great indicator) The question about Verminlords in the FAQ is ancient and, as I recall, was asked because folk wanted to skitterleap them. This reads like the Ironjaws/Ironjawz issue all over again. That was nonsense too.
  4. yarrickson

    Legions of nagash units, best to worst

    For me its: 1. Nagash 2. Arkhan 3. Skeletons 4. Morghast Archai 5. The First Cohort. Think from that you could piece together my army. Haha.
  5. yarrickson

    Warhammer Community Heroes - Europe

    John Charles Harper is a Scottish Tournament Organiser. He has run the largest charity tournament in the country for many years and raised thousands of pounds for various charities. He is also more or less responsible for keeping the Scottish AOS scene alive through the first few dark years after it dropped by running 3-4 events a year after we lost all our other 8th ed TOs. He is also the man responsible for organising this years AOS 6 Nations in Stirling.
  6. yarrickson

    Selling: Clan Pestilens 2k

    2000 points of pestilens for sale. 2 Resin Plague Priests 3 Plague Furnaces 200 part painted plague monks. Looking for £180GBP posted to UK. Would be more if Europe/US etc
  7. yarrickson

    Swear Filter.

    Is it possible to add 'rape' to the swear filter? Overused example of toxic masculinity in action. This isn't 1D4chan after all.
  8. yarrickson

    Events UK: Fall of the Old World IV

    No probs. I'd meant to put allegiances on the spreadsheet anyway but just hadn't gotten round to it.
  9. yarrickson

    Events UK: Fall of the Old World IV

    Hi there. Lists are in the first post but here's a wee breakdown. Image 1 I've added what everyone's allegiance was. Image 2, 3 and 4 are the top three lists. For the rest you'll need to download the list document from the 1st post. :-)
  10. yarrickson

    Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

  11. yarrickson

    Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    I can't help talk you down, I use 200 and love it.
  12. yarrickson

    Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    Back on topic. I see the DOK book imposes a rule of 1 on their prayer 'lores' but not their base warscroll prayers. Had a mild panic when I heard there was a prayer rule of one as the ability to stack prayers is one of our strongest abilities. But its all good still so far.
  13. yarrickson

    Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    Oldie but a goodie.
  14. yarrickson

    Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    The one I posted is from the AOS app if that helps?
  15. yarrickson

    Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    Because otherwise you wrote an illegal list. I'm sorry if that's not how it reads to you but its clear to (it seems) the rest of us. My suggestion would be to sign yourself up to a local tournament wherever you are (they're great fun) and submit a maggotkin list but mark plague monks as your battle line. As a tournament organiser myself and having had this discussion previously with others I am 100% certain you would find yourself asked to resubmit a legal list.