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  1. Events UK: Fall of the Old World IV

    The physical trophy for the Most Fabulous Army arrived today. Much like my painting it is simple and understated
  2. Yarrickson's Journey into Death

    Tzeentch in general will be a decent matchup I think as Nagash/Arkhan can shut down their magic phase which is where most of a change hosts damage comes from. Skyfires aren't a worry for Nagash in terms of their shooting as he's nigh invincible to mortal wounds. Arkhan on the other hand would have to skirt the board hoping to avoid attention. Where my army might suffer is with the movement as sky fires are fast and the change host is tricksy. So I might struggle to overcome that in scenarios that aren't Duality of Death. Change host and skyfire armies do also tend towards being 3-5 drops so I'd have choice of first turn more likely than not. That's always nice. It'll be an interesting matchup, fortunately I am likely to run into it as there is no shortage of Tzeentch players around.
  3. Events UK: Fall of the Old World IV

    Updated the pack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sMHSkblSZ-9DmsIFGyHRvgXav6zPXL7e/view?usp=sharing All lists and payment due by 3rd March
  4. Yarrickson's Journey into Death

    Game three: Scorched Earth, Stormcast Eternals My opponent was a great and funny chap with the following: Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals Lord-Relictor (80) - Artefact: Spellshield - Prayer: Bless Weapons Lord-Celestant (100) - General- Trait: Champion of the Realms - Artefact: Hammer of Might Knight-Vexillor (140) - Pennant of the Stormbringer- Artefact: Sigmarite Pendant - Treasured Standard: Lichebone Standard 5 x Judicators (160) - Skybolt Bows- 1x Shockbolt Bows 10 x Liberators (200) - Warhammer & Shield 5 x Judicators (160) - Boltstorm Crossbows- 1x Thunderbolt Crossbows 10 x Paladin Protectors (400) 10 x Paladin Retributors (440) 3 x Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers (100) Hammerstrike Force (220) Similar to Game 1 I deploy Nagash and the Archai on my left objective and Arkhan and ten skellies on my rightmost objective. Grave markers again go down next to my characters and 19” or so in front of them so I can get a good distance on raising the two skelly units in the grave. The SCE player pops down the ten libs, 5 Crossbows, Vexilor and Celestant on his rightmost objective and the other 5 Judicators and Relictor on his middle objective. His Hammerstrikeformation goes in the sky. Turn 1, A Mystic Shield appears around Nagash. Nagash and the Archai advance towards the SCE packed in front of him, leaving the Archai tailing back to the objective to score. Nagash brings up ten skellies in front of the SCE as a good chunk of luck would see their charge into the liberators onto the objective allow me to burn it. As it happened they failed the 9” charge so it was moot. Arkhan races forward and summons the last ten skellies onto the SCE leftmost objective. I go up 3-0. SCE turn and the liberators advance on the skellies Nagash brought up. The crossbow Judicators plink off a skelly while the bow skellies take a wound off Arkhan. The Lord Celestant’s Hammer-cloak twirls and magic hammers strike down another three skellies. The Prosecutors fail their roll to come in from the Celestial Realm and the SCE player elects to wait a turn with the Paladins. The Liberators charge the remaining skellies but only kill 2 for a wound in return. Score 3-2 Turn 2. SCE wins priority. Crossbows kill another skelly, and the Bows take another two wounds off Arkhan. The Hammerstrike comes down with assassination in mind, both units of paladins mere inches from Nagash. The paladins charge Nagash, Protectors in front and Retributors round the side, bringing the Archai into the combat too. The Protectors poke Nagash with their Sticks and their concerted effort, with their +1 to wound from their formation is 2 wounds off Nagash and 2 off an Archai. The Archai swing next and bring down 3 Retributors. The retributors swing their hammers for no effect on Nagash. Nagash brings Mortis and Alakanash down on the retributors killing another 4. The remaining 3 flee from the God of Death in the battleshock phase. My turn. J Nagash starts by casting curse of years on the 10 Protectors, rolling six 6s on the initial roll and getting to 16 Mortal wounds before reaching automatic deletion. The rest of my spells and some charging Morghasts take out the 10 Liberators while Arkhan charges in and takes out 5 Judicators. Nagash personally finishes off the Hammerstrike formation by running his sword through the Prosecutors. At this point, with only a handful of models left and no chance of sly objective play the SCE player graciously concedes. This was undoubtedly the most brutal victory yet, and was just what I needed after the demoralising loss to the KO. Undoubtedly this would have been a close game had there been 8 starsoul maces in those Paladin Units but I do see the logic in maximising the strength of their basic weapons. This was another game where the Gravesites combined with two speedy characters and getting to go first were great for objective play. Can see that being a thing, at least until opponents become wise to it and protect objectives from grave-risen summonables. The big loss to the KO and not chasing enough VPs in game 1 puts me 8th out of 24 Overall. Not what I’d hoped for but one day events can be very swingy. Great fun all round and after four games wioth the list I’m ready to make a few amendments I think. I think that dropping two of the Archai in exchange for maxing out one Skelly unit would be a good call, as this would allow me to make the most of the replenishment options afforded me by the Gravesites, Heroes and Grand Legion. Now that this event is over I can take a bit more time to also go back and do some more real painting on my models. Attached picture is the Hammerstrike coming in to Nagash, five minutes after this they were all dead.
  5. Yarrickson's Journey into Death

    Game 2: Kharadron Overlords (Zilfin) at Startstrike. Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords Skyport: Barak-Zilfin - Additional Footnote: There's No Trading With Some People Aether-Khemist (140) - General - Command Trait : Fleetmaster Aether-Khemist (140) - Artefact : Aethershock Earbuster Aether-Khemist (140) 10 x Arkanaut Company (120) - 3 x Light Skyhooks 10 x Arkanaut Company (120) - 3 x Light Skyhooks 10 x Arkanaut Company (120) - 3 x Light Skyhooks 12 x Endrinriggers (480) - 3 x Grapnel Launchers 9 x Skywardens(300) - 3 x Aethermatic Volley Guns - 3 x Drill Cannons Arkanaut Ironclad (440) - Main Gun : Aethermatic Volley Cannon - Great Endrinworks : Aetherspheric Endrins (Barak-Zilfin Skyvessel) Bogey player, bogey army. In 17 years of trying I’ve only beaten this chap once and that was a confluence of unlikely events (amusingly I was using essentially a Phoenix Guard army at the time) I’ve also never beaten his KO list, although have only tried out a Gorefist list and a Pestilens horde list previously against it. He wins the roll off (we are both two drop) and elects to go first. I deploy inside a box of skeletons to protect Arkhan and Nagash from riggers (some hope) opposite his 10 riggers and “is it there or isn’t it” ship. KO turn 1 and everything jumps out of the ship towards my little cohort. After the dust clears from the shooting I’m down 20 skeletons and Arkhan. The endrinriggers bubblejump their way into Nagash and in what is either a tactical choice bearing in mind Nagash is easier to heal than the Archai, or more likely, a moment of stress amnesia, I forget to pass any wounds on to Morghasts from the combat. Nagash takes 8 wounds and kills a rigger in return. My turn rolls round and I blast off another 6 riggers from Magic/combat but inspiring presence keeps them around while the Morghasts launch themselves at the Ironclad while keeping one chap within 3” of Nagash. I can only get two Morghasts into combat with the Ironclad and take 6 wounds off it for the loss of a Morghast to supremacy mine and combat. Turn 2 and the KO win priority. The first comet strikes on my left, beside his Skywardens. The riggers run away to the opposite flank. The KO shooting gallery opens up and kills the Archai and the last ten skeletons. Leaving Nagash alone against the KO army. My turn and Nagash advances up the board, he almost had a fantastic moment where he double cast Amaranthine Orb through the Ironclad but only got 1 wound out of it. L Nagash charges and kills the Ironclad for some Victory Points. Turn 3 and the other two comets strike on my left putting all 3 in a row down the left of the board. KO win priority after a drawn roll (on how I wish GW had ported over the mechanic from the LOTR SBG where a tie on priority reverts to the player who didn’t previously have it.) The entire KO army shoots its load at Nagash, who finally succumbs to the combined shots of the Aether-Khemists. Learning Points. I went in to this thinking I had no way to win, feeling that “this is a bad matchup” and feel I played as if that was the case. I think I could have done at least a bit better, On reflection the way I set up is a hangover from the days when the scariest thing in the game was a Vexilor teleported Retributor unit and was not really in any way a defence against the KO. Looking back I think if I’d won either priority roll it would have at least been a bit more of a game and I could have racked up at least some victory points, if not played the mission terribly well. Apologies for lack of photos. I did remember to take one of game three, coming up soon.
  6. Yarrickson's Journey into Death

    Yesterday was a three day 24 player tournament in Stirling, Toddhammer 3. I took along my Nagash list. Game 1 was Duality of Death, what I think is the lists strongest scenario given how tough Nagash can be. The opponent had a Phoenix Temple list: Allegiance: Order Anointed (80) - General- Trait: Tenacious- Artefact: Phoenix Stone Anointed (80) Anointed Of Asuryan On Frostheart Phoenix (240) Anointed Of Asuryan On Frostheart Phoenix (240) Loremaster (100) Loremaster (100) 20 x Phoenix Guard (320) 30 x Phoenix Guard (420) 30 x Phoenix Guard (420) So everything apart from the Loremasters has a 4++. Fun list and the player pushing it about is always a fun game. I deployed Nagash and the Archai on my right and Arkhan on my left. Grave markers were put beside them and also 19” in front of them beside the two objectives. The three units of skeletons deploy in the grave. The Temple player deploys symmetrically It looks like each objective is going to get an identical force of Phoenix Guard, Anointed, Anointed on Phoenix and Loremaster. I have less points so I get the re-roll save triumph. (Happily) Turn 1 and because of my limited drops I get to go first. Mystic shield gets thrown up on Nagash and the two prongs of my army advance to take the objectives. Nagash and Arkhan each bring up a roadblock of skeletons between themselves and the temple army. I score 2. The Temple player applies a mystic shield and a hand of glory and gets an extra pip of save on the Phoenix near Arkhan. Both sets of raised skeletons die horribly to an assault by Phoenixes and Guard. Turn 2 and the temple player wins priority. He does however fail one spell and Nagash dispels the other. The two prongs of the temple army charge Nagash and Arkhan. It was 20 Guard and a Phoenix into Nagash and 30 Guard and a Phoenix into Arkhan. Arkhan uses the re-roll saves triumph and thanks to a combination of poor attacking dice and good saves he survives the assault on 3 wounds, going back to 5 after he kills a couple of Phoenix Guard. Meanwhile the assault on Nagash simply bounces off his 2+ armour re-rolling 1s. Two damage gets through but only on the Morghast bodyguard. My turn and Arkhan, job done, legs it at speed 22” away from the attacking elves. Nagash pops the -1attack spell on the Phoenix Guard in front of himself and blasts 8 wounds off his Phoenix, taking it to a -2+ save in the process! The Morghasts swing around Nagash into the Phoenix Guard and delete them in a clash of halberds. Up 4-0. Turn 3 and the temple player wins priority again. His reserve block of Phoenix Guard move to threaten Nagash while the remaining Frostheart Phoenix races after Arkhan and butchers him. Score 4-1. Nagash and the Archai pop -1 attack on the 30 Phoenix Guard, magics off a Loremaster and an Anointed and take out the 30 Phoenix Guard between combat and battleshock. Score 7-1 Turn 4: Elves win priority and the remaining Phoenix Temple back away from Nagash and surround the Anointed on his objective. They have obviously glimpsed the future that awaits if they come towards Nagash. My turn and I just stand around to get the score to win. Score 7-1 Turn 5. Nothing happens. Score 16-7, I win. Learning points. If you don’t have rend and Nagash has Mystic Shield and his command ability on you are in for a bad time at the office. The archai are absolute blenders. At one point they allocated 30 wounds after armour saves to a unit of Phoenix Guard. The other two games I’ll pop up later. Kharadron Overlords and Stormcast Eternals.
  7. Yarrickson's Journey into Death

    Had my first game with the army this evening. Using the list I posted previously. I was playing against a Fatesworn Warband plus Sayl. Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch(140)- General- Trait: Magical Supremacy- Lore of Fate: Shield of Fate Gaunt Summoner and Chaos Familiars(120)- Lore of Fate: Glimpse the Future-Daemonic Powers: Aspect of Tzeentch Gaunt Summoner and Chaos Familiars(120)- Lore of Change: Tzeentch's Firestorm-Treasures of the Cults: Souldraught Gaunt Summoner and Chaos Familiars(120)- Lore of Change: Unchecked Mutation Chaos Sorcerer Lord(160)- Mount: Steed- Runestaff- Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch- Lore of Fate: Bolt of Tzeentch Sayl The Faithless(120) 27 x Chaos Warriors(480)- Hand Weapon & Shield- Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch 10 x Chaos Marauders(60)- Axes & Shields- Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch 10 x Chaos Marauders(60)- Axes & Shields- Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch 9 x Chaos Knights(320)- Ensorcelled Weapons, Tzeentch 1 x Chaos Chariots(80)- Greatblades- Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch Fatesworn Warband(100 Opponent is a very good player and had designed a list with as much magical power as my own but with far better board control. We were playing Starstrike and given that we are both using armies that are 2-drops it was a dice roll the first turn option. Opponent won and elected to deploy/go first. He also selected the board side with the arcane terrain leaving me to avoid a large mystical piece on my side. I deploy in far left corner with only a single unit of skeletons hiding in the grave, Tzeentch is deployed in a double bubble of warriors-knights then wizards and Marauders behind. My grave markers go down with three strung across the centre of the board and another thrown into my opponents territory. Turn 1: Balewind pops up allowing a 7 wound Tzeentch's Firestorm o n Nagash, who passes only 1 Morikhane save and only transfers one wound to the Morghasts so he;s instantly 5 wounds down. The Chaos Knights are super buffed with mystic shield, inspiring presence, daemonic power, basically all the buffs, and Sayl teleports them to get the charge on Nagash. They charge in and take him down to 7 wounds, as well as popping a few wounds off a Morghast with Ceaseless Vigil. In return Nagash did 1 wound through all their saves. My turn and Nagash debuffs the knights with -1attack, pretty much everything else is dispelled or fails to cast. Nagash legs it out of combat towards the huddle of Tzeentch wizards and Arkhan storms right up the flank towards the thin line of Chaos Warriors, charges in and kills a couple. The Archai charge into the gap left by Nagash and start wailing on the Knights, killing one. Turn 2 and the Tzeentch win priority, with the first cometstrike coming down dead centre. Pushing Nagash and Arkhan forwards turns out to have been a great idea as I’m able to dispel nearly all the Tzeentch spells, with only a couple of Mortal wounds hitting Nagash and a chariot getting “Sayled” onto the comet to score. In what will become a recurring theme Arkhan and the Chaos Warriors trade blows with a few warriors dying and the warriors only doing a wound or two which Arkhan then heals. The Archai and knights trade a few wounds. My Turn 2 and I finally get to heal a wound with one of my healing spells on Nagash, Arkhan tries Curse of Years on the Warriors who are given 5 Mortal Wounds but save them all on their 5+/6+. Nagash charges the chariot on the objective and exactly kills it, just, claiming the objective. The Archai go crazy and do 15 wounds on the Chaos Knights, killing the 4 left. Turn 3 and the other 2 comets land, the Tzeentch one under his army on my left and my one in the centre of my territory. I win priority and Nagash strolls back to take my objective, and brings up the skeletons out of the gravesite next to the centre objective to take that. Arkhan puts curse of years on the enemy general and does the 5 Mortal Wounds necessary to kill him. That puts me up 8-2. Opponent goes, advances Marauders up towards the centre objective. Arkhan manages to dispel the all-important Sayl spell to stop flying chaos warriors. Tzeentch score their won objective to go 8-5 Turn 4 and it’s back to me again. Nagash goes back to the middle objective while the Archai take my back objective and the skeletons advance to take on the Marauders (only 4 left after Nagash’s spells) End of my turn I go up 16-5. Tzeentch player has a nightmare turn and casts almost nothing. 16-9 Turn 5, Tzeentch again, Sayl finally gets to fly the Chaos Warriors away from nasty Arkhan who has killed 14 of them for the loss of 1 wound. In order to have a chance of victory the warriors need to roll 8 to charge Nagash, who is on 2 wounds after the last Tzeentch magic phase. The Tzeentch player rolls a 7, failing the charge and granting me victory. In theory game ends 28-15. Learning points: I was very lucky to win. Had the objectives not fallen favourably and had the wizard cast/dispel battle not fallen in my favour I could have lost big. Nagash was very lucky to survive, especially after becoming separated from the Archai. I was happy with the spells I’ve selected, although I was disappointed with Nagash being a little less tough than I’d hoped, but in part that was my fault, and the fault of the dastardly Tzeentch dispelling. Going forward I can see the Gravesites being a very useful tool for a variety of objective grabbing and road blocking. Had it not men for the obvious Sayl/Knights alpha strike possibility I would have likely put another unit of skellies in the grave. Finally, that Tzeentch list has so many tricks, at one point the Chaos Knights had a 2+armour save re-rolling 1s,2s and 3s with their 5++/6++ against Mortals and re-rolling 1s to hit and to wound. Great list, scares me. I was very lucky to win. Tomorrow is a three game 24 player tournament. Got Phoenix Temple up first in Duality of Death and I cannot wait Pics attached. First is the knights about to charge Nagash in Turn 1. Second is the warriors about to fail their charge for the game.
  8. Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    Just want to say thanks as that is the clearest consideration of the subject that I've read.
  9. Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    Hi there. There's an older FAQ chart that clarifies that moving in the movement phase, charging and piling in are all 'moves' so there are potentially three attempts for Prison Of Grief to take effect in a turn. (More if the enemy have some sort of hero phase move as well) Gives good odds of a 5+ stopping at least one of those. Attached a handy pic from the FAQ for reference.
  10. Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    Yeah Nagash/first cohort is sadly not allowed in Sacrament/Blood/Night :-(
  11. Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    It is my firm belief that we can expect to see a Nighthaunt book at some point in the next few months. That's my take from their relative lack of support and the recent teaser image of a ragged bit of armour anyway.
  12. LoN Spell Cards

    I'm a more homespun crafty type so I made my own out of the old Necromantic cards from Warhammer Battle Magic. Not terribly modern I'm afraid but fun to do and I'll get a kick out of using them.
  13. Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    You don't need to go as far as the Tzeentch book though. The Legions of Nagash book has you covered on the keyword/warscroll batallion front. Per image.
  14. Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    As already clarified above (and also already clarified a page ago, immediately after the post you quote) Wizards in the Grand Legion and the 3 lesser legions all get access to lore of deathmages/vampires as appropriate as do Soulblight, but only for Lore of vampires. Other than 1 Sacrament command trait there is no mechanism I have seen that gets you more spells from the Lores save taking more wizards. A lot of confusion seems to have originated from the Legion of Sacrament preview which indicated that Sacrament wizards knew extra spells, which is only true when comparing them to wizards in a GA:Death allegiance army and not when comparing them to the other legions.