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  1. Looking for 8 light sky hooks in the offchance someone has any spare or going. Can trade x4 pikes or x4 volley gunshots.
  2. UnSold due to buyer backing out.
  3. Very interested in this also, but would again need to confirm closer to the date. Brownie points are being collected from now!
  4. Most certainly interested in this.
  5. Will at least one of each pair be bringing the pirate dwarfs? I may do so myself also. Looking forward to it.
  6. Sold
  7. Can take it down to 2x 10 and 1x20 ghouls and get 3 more horrors in there. Fun list to play.
  8. Khorne bloodbound starter set £35 Scyla Anfingrimm £20 Skull cannon £20 (throne extras can be posted also) Mixed stages of painting. All base coated. Fully painted models to decent tabletop standard. All together £65 plus postage Played once or twice and stored for months. Making space for new purchases that will be used. Nice models that should be used but won't get the opportunity in my household. Please give these poor souls a good home to wreck havoc upon lesser mortals! Open to sensible offers. Reposting due to time waster and buyer dropping out on the 12 hour.
  9. Stormcast Eternals The time has come to say farewell to my beloved stormcast. They have been sitting packed for over 6 months unplayed. I feel they would serve a better general elsewhere, and allow myself to placate the plastic crack gods by reinvesting in other armies I am likely to use on a more regular basis. Celestant Prime, Stardrake, Lord Celestant on Dracoth with shield lord relictor x5 judicators X10 liberators X5 retributors (1 star soul mace) X3 prosecutors All painted to a decent tabletop standard bar relictor which is half painted. Bits and spares from prime, stardrake and judicators can be included. £150 Open to offers.
  10. Superb day and thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks to one and all for the games and the chats. Learned a lot, particularly Alex second game (don't stand toe to toe with 40 skeletons!). looking forward to the next one Athena. High fives all round
  11. Any updates on the number of entries? Getting very excited for this event now.
  12. Loved this write up and really let me see the potential versatility in BCR. As an aspiring beastclaw player and refuser of triple huskard on thundertusk I am wondering what to do to mix it up a bit. Still toying with the idea of 12 Mournfang!
  13. If you select the units to add to 'your battle' then go to profile, all the points for the selected units will be displayed also. Crude army builder, but does the job.
  14. Think 1st turn and hope for the double turn after replenishing numbers is the most sensible option. There's a bad dice podcast that's quite informative on this exact topic. I have tried Cloak of shadows into the middle of them and red fury the unit to dust? Can be great if you get the rolls otherwise complete kamikaze move.