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  1. Blood and glory.

    @Malakree I think I prefer the 2nd list? The 1st is very magic-heavy... thought about sticking a balewind in there if you're dipping into that realm? This is the list I'm looking at for B&G at the moment, it's a bit thin on the ground and vulnerable to bad match-ups... Troggoth Hag (360) Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (460) Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120) 30 x Orruk Ardboys (450) 10 x Orruk Brutes (360) 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) Balewind Vortex (100) 1990 It's all or nothing really, should be fun though! Had a few practices games, which were interesting...
  2. Azhag the slaughterer / wyvern warboss

    You're right that I'm wrong, but you're wrong that you're right... it's 60mm apparently!
  3. Azhag the slaughterer / wyvern warboss

    Here he is pictured on the 50mm base he comes with (same sized based the Megaboss on foot comes with) - he biiiiig (but not *too* big)
  4. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Don't worry mate, honestly! Firstly, as great as a Mawk is, there's absolutely scope for experimentation without one - I'm well behind on my TGA news, so not sure what you're looking at taking at the moment? Obviously without the speed and power of a Mawk, you'll be relying even more so on Brutes (for power) and Gruntas (for speed), so it's just a matter of using these units wisely and giving them the support from heroes that they need. Basically, don't play like me, and you'll be fine.... The best thing you can do with your first tourney is to just go in with no expectations and have a good time. Play the games as they are, and just have fun - you never know what might happen!
  5. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Good morning Destruction-fans! Had a bit of a hiatus from here for a few reasons this last week or so, primarily because of work/real life (etc etc), but also because of my fairly miserable performance at the Finals, I needed some time for a good old re-think… First things first, the Finals were amazing, let it not be said that you can’t have fun losing (spoilers). I did, however, finish the weekend on just 1 Major Win, and 5 Major Losses… not inspiring. Here’s the list I took (I went for bodies, punch, and durability): Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (460) Orruk Warchanter (80) Moonclan Grot Shaman (80) 10 x Orruk Brutes (360) 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) 20 x Gitmob Grots (100) 20 x Gitmob Grots (100) Total: 2000 I actually quite liked the list, the Grots did what I hoped they’d do and more, the Shaman was a great, cheaper alternative to the Weirdnob, and the Gruntas put in some work. I didn't miss Ironfist particularly, although there were some crunch-moments where a run-and-charge would have been very helpful. The only mission I missed the smaller battalion-drop (and would have appreciated the 1st turn option) was Duality of Death, where I struggled to muscle off a bunch of Behemoths for several turns. The Mawkrusha was by far and away the MVP, only died 3/6 (Ironclad), and earned me the vast majority of my fairly respectable KPs. The Brutes were a bit lack-lustre, the 10 did ok, the 3x5 not so well (although, as I’ll allude to, this was largely down to myself). I won’t clog this up with extensive BatReps, just know, I had one game where I didn’t stand a chance, a few games that I lost right at the end of T5, and a few games that I just out-right screwed up in. I left WW a tad deflated (was hoping for at least 2-3 wins), but in hope that a new list and a bag-load of practice games would set me right. Huge props to the other, far better performing Ironjawz armies there that weekend, I’m ashamed to say, I was definitely not worthy enough to claim your mantle @Chris Tomlin I’ll be posting up a new list some time soon (that I’ve already bagged a convincing Major Win with) - will probably be the list I’ll take to B&G in a few weeks.
  6. Firestorm Destruction

    Firestorm in of itself looks ace, and this competitive spin has distracted from it sadly. Really not sure why it's being accommodated by GW in this capacity, causing all sorts of confusion (especially re the finals)
  7. Firestorm Destruction

    Agreed 100%, but I'm still curious as to what the requirements are exactly It's been confirmed legal at this weekend's WHW Finals, so could be interesting...
  8. Firestorm Destruction

    So have we actually got anywhere re colour requirements and specifics about the ability....? I know about the D66, but is it worth much at all? What kind of fun can ensue? Colour-wise, do I need to paint all my orruks' teeth maroon or something?
  9. Firestorm Destruction

    A) what exactly *are* the Destruction rules for Firestorm? B) are they worth painting our armies in the colour (also ??) to gain said abilities?
  10. Destruction showing at Facehammer GT - Debrief

    I'll be needing an FAQ on this..
  11. Settling on a list would be a good start....!
  12. Destruction showing at Facehammer GT - Debrief

    @Chris Tomlin @Sangfroid I'm still having a real wobble about whether or not to take Ironfist at the Finals this weekend... I just can't see the Brutes moving quick enough without it? Do you think the reason neither of you missed it was because you had either a) artillery or b) a 2nd big monster? that 4" stat movement makes me worry they won't survive long enough to get in otherwise... *huge congrats to you both, and everyone else by the way - great work!
  13. FHGT Ironjawz lists

    Which is why it really is a shame that Mighty Destroyers rolls on a 6 - you'd think the Ironjawz version of -Destroyers would be at the very least +1 on the standard Destruction one? But I guess we got other battle traits that slightly make up for it..
  14. FHGT Ironjawz lists

    Hahaha, Destruction tax. Or rather, not-being-chaos tax. I still sit and gaze at the Bloodletter scroll and marvel at their points cost....
  15. FHGT Ironjawz lists

    Agreed @Sangfroid the Weirdnob is still ace, he's bulky for a wizard and has some good options. I just can't fit him in lists to be honest (this probably won't change either, after I too introduce a Hag) I'd actually have liked it if Weirdnob got a little points increase and was able to cast 2 spells. Would have given us a distinct option (invest more and not worry about missing on mystic)