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  1. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Haha! that's alright, I'll survive (just...) Look forward to hearing if you try Gordrakk out. Just tried to make a list with Gordrakk *and* a standard Maw-K in it. It got silly and I gave up...
  2. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    I used 2x20 Gitmob at the weekend and they were ace for me. Had them both ringed around an objective next to some Inspiring, reaching the dizzy heights of Bravery 8! They absolutely begin to capitulate quick under pressure, but the idea is they're there first and foremost to claim, whilst Ironjawz (proper) do the hard liftin' I did run a Gitmob shaman in one game, but he got pinged off with one T1 shot.... so can't report on him to be fair! Used a Moonclan Shaman a few weeks back though and he was ace, the mushroom +2 is wonderful. The Gitmob probably edges it though as he gets that wolf to fly round on.
  3. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    @Ollie Grimwood - Gitmob Grots are ace. They move amazingly fast as well so can reform wherever you need them and even surge forward behind the Brutes Really interested to see if Gordrakk can make a come-back. Do it!
  4. Pictures or it didn't happen....
  5. They are 140 now. I'd love to hear a battle rep where someone has used them, on paper it could be ace, however there are a few things I'd be concerned with... One is range (18" isn't awful, but ain't great...) And the other is cost - you'd want a few, and they're not cheap from FW!
  6. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    It may be just my lack of experience (only used it once and it had a torrid time against a Gaunt Summoner...) but I just can't fit that 30-strong Ardboy unit in, list wise, or tactically. @Sangfroid will be in a much better place to describe it's functionality (and probably already has multiple times in this thread) My issue with it is that I just don't know how to wield the thing. Brutes & Gruntas have very well defined roles on the table, they have a degree of flexibility sure, but by and large, you know what you want out of them and know their strengths & weaknesses. Ardboys in old GHB, were similar. They were the bigger (body-count) unit, capable of holding objectives, and supporting combat if needed. Ardboys in the new GHB however, feel different. In 10s they acheive the same goal, they're solid in that capacity, although with bigger units becoming more widespread, a 10-man unit feels kinda small of a sudden. 20-strong units of Ardboys are probably perfectly sized IMO, and have a great output, balanced footprint and flexible role (hold or smash) - however - you'll never take this, the points disparity alone just makes it weird, as it falls in that buy-2-get-3rd-half-price scenario. So the 30-strong is the most appealing (in terms of points value), but how do you use it? 450 has taken up a large amount of your army, do the whole 30 string out in/around objectives? Create one massive screen? Do they sit right at the back and deter teleports and board-edge shenanigans? Do they create a solid roadblock between terrain pieces? Do they head forward and get in the action? Are they now an offensive unit? All of these options are great in themselves, but in context to the rest of the army (elite infanty and cav), for me, it creates a bit of a dilemma. 450 feels like a lot of points if that unit is not one of your main sources of inflicting damage. Say it does though, say you launch the 30 foward... who holds objectives? Brutes need to be fighting, sometimes they can be that unit that holds back, but 99% of the time, they're contesting. So Gruntas? A viable option to be fair... a triangle of pigs around an objective is a decent way to hold something, especially as they're quick enough to move when needed. The problem comes when those gruntas are charged by units of 10+ (depending on the objective scenario). I'm not talking down Ardboys by the way, I'm trying to crowbar some in as we speak. But to be honest, it keeps ending up being that like-for-like points swap with Brutes (so instead of 4x5 Brutes, 3x5 Brutes + 1x10 Ards). Kinda wishing we had 90pt units of 5 right now, maybe a 15-strong unit would have been perfect....?
  7. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Couple of thoughts after today's games (quickly before I forget) Enjoyed the Grots, they did what I'd hoped (held objectives and allowed better units to go off galavanting) Rock Lobbers are only worth it in batteries (unless you can roll well) Gargants are an expensive way to divert fire from your Mawkrusha. Not convinced at the mo. Needs babysitting by a wizard. (Caveat: this was vs 2x warp lightning cannons so even mystic shield wouldn't have helped) More thoughts to come when my brain stops melting...
  8. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    That's pretty much the exact list I was looking at. It'd take a lot for me to drop the Krusha to be honest, both because I love it, and because I think it's crucial to our army. I like the idea of having two big threats that split the opponents fire, so Mawk + Idol/Hag is ideal. It does make the army elite, and restrict your body count, but I think that's OK if we're heading towards MSU Ironjawz. I'd probably slip 10 Ardboys in there for this reason. so: Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (460) Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120) 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) 10 x Orruk Ardboys (180) 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) Rogue Idol (400) Ironfist (160) 2000 Or Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (460) Troggoth Hag (360) 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) 10 x Orruk Ardboys (180) 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) Ironfist (160) 1980 Again, all theory. This is all post-trip to Warhammer World where I'll undoubtedly get lured in by the resin...
  9. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    That's.... awful advice.... I love it.
  10. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    I'm still torn between a Hag and an Idol. Toss-up between the more versatile wizard who can heal and debuff, and the smashy-as-hell intimidation piece that buffs bravery. This may become a poll at some point...
  11. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    My head is all over the place from list contemplation.... and sexual tension....
  12. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    My worry with this is the 5+ save here. On that save, even with 12 wounds, he's going down quick. Which means you have to put Mystic on him, which means your MK doesn't have Mystic.... Again, as @kozokus said , don't get me wrong, I love a good gargant, I'm trying one out at the weekend (so will be better informed to comment) - but from a purely warscroll point of view, it feels like if he actually survived the sprint across the board, by the time he gets into the opponent's lines, he'll be closing on useless. Which to be fair, makes double gargant sound appealing... but I'm not sure if that's an efficient use of ally points?
  13. Transporting your army : Ironjawz Edition

    No problem! Happy hunting. Who doesn't?! I'm still pretty sure your podcast is called Taking Back Sunday, but there you go. The power of the acronym....
  14. Transporting your army : Ironjawz Edition

    I *think* it's this one - http://www.sportsdirect.com/everlast-holdall-700273?colcode=70027390&src=google&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqd7agqix1gIVh7_tCh37SQJ_EAQYASABEgKANfD_BwE Slightly different colour though so hard to tell. I just went into a Sports Direct armed with the dimensions on a bit of paper, and went rummaging through their bags. Check the RUB dimensions before buying, the bag has its dimensions on that link