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  1. "Make your own Band" Contest

    Hello everybody, me and Killax are making a little contest "Make your own Band" for our next month podcast. There is some goodyz to win so good luck to everybody and be Creative. So the rules: -One entry by person. -All entry have to be done before January -It will be a public favorite so if you like somebody works give him a like. And know what you have to do to participate: -You must creat your own warband, give us a short story of who they are and how they ending in Shadespire. -Make each fighter card (no image needed) with his name, weapons (with stat), move, def, life, how they inspire, special action for regular and inspired version. -One (or more) ploy, upgrade and objective card specific to them who reflect the gameplay of the band. -Optional, if you got the mini a picture of the band can be nice.
  2. Trust to Luck

    so far i don't think, trust to luck is nice but with only twenty card it doesn't seems necessary. Maybe later with more card in the deck
  3. My Rankings of the Warbands

    Some ranking on my own, Easyest to make a deck Orc - You can make a deck full with orc only card and win. Bloodreavers - You have to make it offensive it's hard to miss the point. Stormcast - Some choice must be made but if you want to play defensive or agressive but that's all. Sepulcral guard - A little window of key card you see in all deck and after that you're on your own. Easyest to play for a beginner Stormcast - Tough, pretty oblivious objective card so you know what you have to do, hit like a truck. Orc - Pretty much the same with an extra guy witch it's nice but with less kill power. Bloodreavers - Very unusual way to play, but quick and expandable you gonna have a good time even if you lose. Sepulcral guard - A lot of model, verry slow, to much choice for a beginner. Deadliest in good hand Bloodreavers - Basicly you can win by loosing all you guy and there is nothing you can do to prevent that, in addition the mobility is verry powerfull in shadespire and this guy are the fastest. Sepulcral guard - A lot of model, verry powerfull character if you're good to swarm your opponent you can wipe all his band, you lose yours in the process but who care yours come back. Orc - The middle guy they got a lot of easy objective you basicly just have to survive the first round, but on the other side your opponent know exactly what you doing and can deny you. Stormcast - Verry forgiving band but with a little lack of high value objective card so you need a good hand and a little luck to really shine.
  4. What are the starter decks?

    It have take some digging but i know we have make a topic about that some time ago
  5. Let's chat: Sepulchral Guard

    I got a lot (but like A LOT) of game with the guard and the objective deck got an big problem of consistancy, if your opponent know you play objectif (if you play best of 3 it will be the case after the first game) he can deny you pretty easily by putting the objectif on the other side of the battleground where your move 2 skeleton can never reach them and even worth by setting the board in a line. Aggressive deck need a little more practice, the board placement and the deployment of your band are the key of efficiency. But when you get use to it you can face anything (ok the "pacifist" stormcast deck hidden on the other side of the board is a problem) so i think aggressive is the way to go with the skeleton if you want to play competitive. One more thing if you play multiplayer game the objective deck work verry well and was pretty fun to play. If you want to give a shot the deck of the blood and glory tournament who was verry aggressive And (advertisment time) me and killax talk a little more in deep of this deck in our shadespire podcast (avaible this friday on the link below)
  6. Updated Official Shadespire FAQ

    A lot of good thing here, i'm gonna update the FAQ of the forum with that
  7. Critical Roll channel updates

    Episode 4 with a three player battle
  8. Sepulcral guard progress and advice

    thanks a lot for all the advice i'm gonna try this all and comeback with a picture of the mess i done
  9. How will you store?

    badly, i store it badly
  10. Sepulcral guard progress and advice

    so far i use a "raphael 8404 kolinsky 0" and now i'm going for detail work a "series7 winsor& newton 1" or a "armipainter kolinsky masterclass" I know it need a lot of work on it, but with my lack of experience in nmm I prefer asking all the way of the process
  11. Hi, i'm currently working on my Sepulcral guard for shadespire and try to improv my painting in the operation I'm stil working on this dude and i need some advice. it's my second attempt on nmm and it look a little dull for me. I wonder if a black wash can help to make it pop a little more or if miss some step. So if you have some advice they are welcome
  12. customize your shadespire

    from what i see so far I think if your conversion make sence (basicly if you play stormcast and you got one dude with a big fat weapon and an other with a shield i assume they are brightshield and obryn even if it's wear by goblin) it's good, as long as the TO is ok with that and most importantly if your oponent is ok to. *Anecdote time* In a game i make this week end my opponent thanks me to take the "classic" model for my Undead band in spare of my customised, because he didn't know the guard well and want to become accustomed to the different character. After that I did not dare tell him i take both for normal and inspired version but you see my point
  13. Shadespire Warband Wish List

    in a city full of magic and knowledge it's a shame we don't have a tzeentch warband. Maybe they wait the autorisation by the shadespire airport to land on their disc
  14. customize your shadespire

    After rush painting everything shadespire related to make the video in time, i finaly have a day off to make my custom band. I want to try some new painting technique on this dude so it's gonna take some time before i finish them, but at least the convesion are done
  15. And the 3 episode of Critical Roll, i got a lot of technical issues making this one,long story shot i should have to make it twice, it's not perfect but at least it's on time