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  1. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    No, it was GA: Chaos. That's why he could run Plaguetouched Warband like that.
  2. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    Two Archaon-lists made it into the top 5 of Blackout. I parsed them into a more readable format 3rd place: 5th place: The second one used Paradoxical Shield on the Shaman, which made the list illegal. I hope this was an honest mistake, as several people had issues processing the FAQ. Specifically the part where a section from the Khorne and Tzeentch book regarding artifacts was replaced and people falsely believed that the mortal/daemon restrictions were no longer active for them. (although, it's kinda suspicious, given the release date of said FAQ) I hope I didn't make any mistakes, the Nurgle list was almost impossible to read.
  3. Xasz

    Scheme Coherency for Tournaments

    If the base has a similar design and you did not miraculously change your paint style (highlight techniques, broad style, things you pretty much do subconsciously) I highly doubt it. In my opinion, this new trend should die out asap. It's just unnecessarily restrictive and for the 'feel' an all-painted restriction was sufficient. I mean, this question itself leads to the worse case imaginable. You are thinking of restricting your artistic freedom because of an arbitrary event. What if I have multiple chaos armies that I have painted with different bases and want to play an undivided list? There is a reason no one ever enforces paint schemes from battletomes.
  4. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    That's correct and you choose the order of the abilities in your hero phase. So you can activate Archaon's Command right at the start. The issue are command traits or in more general terms allegiance abilities as a whole.
  5. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    It's on aosshorts.com I have no intention of lessening this achievement but it should be taken with a grain of salt. The edition is still young and the meta hasn't settled one bit. Several participants might have experimented, while the Murderhost is something tested and refined from the previous meta. Not to mention that he is very familiar with the list/concept. Murderhost is a rather aggressive strategy and I feel there are some similarities to Magic. When a new set drops, aggressive decks and especially red often strives for the first couple tournaments but they become less and less attractive (sometimes not, depending on the set/block) when players start to figure the set out. Players become familiar with such strategies and learn how to beat the current aggressive decks and how to optimize their slower decks accordingly. (midrange and control decks tend to be harder to build/optimize than aggressive ones and the latter capitalize on that in the beginning) Nevertheless, good to see a Khorne list doing well.
  6. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    Afaik, @peasant is playing his army with Chaos allegiance instead of Nurgle... which is absolutely fine. (as per FAQ, all battalions belong to the corresponding grand alliance as well as their faction) There are some misunderstanding going around here... @Tasman
  7. Xasz

    So what is the actual status of PTWB?

    The second one, GW made absolutely sure in the new FAQ that it's understood this way, even adding multiple clarifications. Everchosen Errata: and the one from the Core Rules: There is no wiggle room. You can play these battalions in an army that has either Everchosen or Chaos allegiance or game modes where the matched play limits don't matter.
  8. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    ... and if he has subpar shooting. They can be really good if you know what you are up against (local meta, team tournament, fixed setup game). In any other case, there are less constrained choices for roughly the same job.
  9. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    That's just bad army setup. There are too many ways to manipulate wound rolls, alongside the always present need for mortal wounds in BoK to even remotely consider not taking daemon weapons.
  10. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    The moment your opponent has somewhat reliable shooting, they are super bad and just die before the reach anything of value. That's nothing new, they were considered one of our best units before 2.0 due to being just an insane pile of stats. This might have shifted a little due to +10p for Khorgoraths and -10 for Skullreapers. The Gorecleaver Juggerlord has been a staple for quite some time now. He's just ridiculous reliable and one of the few mortal characters that can actually kill stuff in combat. Blood Warriors are just offensive Chaos Warriors. In either case, a unit of 5 is just for holding objectives. On another note, please use ScrollBuilder. These azyr screenshots are just aneurysm inducing.
  11. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    In this case I can see the Cogs, the additional command point doesn't offer much in a Archaon list. Nevertheless I'm not a big of the majority of endless spells and Cogs is one of them. I'm still convinced that they are mostly a trap and points grave. Kayzk isn't especially killy and his ability can be more or less substituted with an additional CP and use of Inspiring Presence (if you expect Archaon not being around or the crown not being enough). The unit doesn't have to be wholly within 14" for that either. Maybe I'm missing something. (Ah, I missed that it affects all units and not just one, interesting) Otherwise super solid list for sure, kinda miss the Glottkin and Blades though.
  12. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    Yeah, this is an additional clarification to the one from the Core Rules Commentary, to make absolutely sure the message is coming across. Reason for this is most likely that GW wants clearer borders between allegiances/books/armies and not enforce cherry picking from different sources (it's easier to balance this way as well). To be honest, it wouldn't be such an issue if the Everchosen book would be a lot more well rounded, which will happen eventually. At some point big daddy Archaon is gonna make his move and they can do very interesting things with Everchosen... like rolling some Slaves to Darkness into this, give it summoning but only for the lesser daemons, a unique ally system so Everchosen can consist of a majority of allies with some additional restriction (take more nurgle, have less access to Tzeentch...), spells, artifacts and so on. Could become a rather interesting book if they decide to rework it in time.
  13. Xasz

    Archaon lists aos2

    There is now an official Archaon discussion thread, so we don't have to hijack this one anymore!
  14. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    That's for you to decide, but as a side node the LotR model is significant smaller than the mammoth.