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  1. Gecktron

    Share Your Maps

    Your map looks great! I also agree, seeing other peoples maps and read what they came up with is one of my favorite parts of the hobby. I made a map for my local gaming group as well, some time ago. I'll just copy what I wrote back then. Its not completely up to date anymore but the basics are still the same.
  2. I haven't tried the realm rules as of yet, but Im looking forward to. I had much fun with the open war cards before, so the random nature of these rules doesnt bother me too much. In my opinion the realm rules really help in grounding my army in the narrativ. Having my Daughters of Khaine hail from the Realm of Metal now has a in-game effect, and isn't just something I write down and immediately forget about it.
  3. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    Production time between the first concept and the finished model is around 2 years. Some take longer but very few take less time. We dont know at what stage development was when they green lighted new models. If they had already done the concept art its possible to see new Kharadrons this year (1,5 years after release).
  4. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    The Kharadron Rumors were the oldest as they came out close to release. GW stated back then that they sold way better than expected and that they were green lighted for expansion. But of course, no official announcement. Thats just what I read back then.
  5. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    I love Hammerhal Herald. Everything they have made so far was funny!
  6. Gecktron

    6 Nations take aways

    I have never played a game to prepare for an event and most events I played at were more like larger game nights organized by my local gaming group so I wouldn't count them as "tournaments".
  7. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    Well, there are the rumored updates to older factions like the Sylvaneth, Ironjawz, Fyreslayers and Kharadron Overlords. Dropping 1 or 2 new units for these 4 factions could be done as one release as they won't cannibalize each other too much.
  8. Gecktron

    Games Workshop Out of Stock Items.

    I hear you can get the Cauldron of Blood set from independent stores. GW tries to stock them up first. A friend of mine got his blood coven box from our local store all while the GW website still listed it as out of stock.
  9. Gecktron

    6 Nations take aways

    DoT came out in Tzaanuary of 2017. So half way trough GH2016, half a year after points were introduced.
  10. Gecktron

    How viable is a Dark Elf Army?

    You dont have to start with a 2000 points list. I recommend building a 1000 points list first, play a few games and see for yourself what works for you and what not. As others have said: take a look at the Lets Chat Darkling Covens thread for a good overview or take a look at the 1D4Chan wiki: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Age_of_Sigmar/Tactics/Order/Darkling_Covens In general, you can use every faction and have fun playing. It all depends on your local community and how you want to play. A Darkling Coven army will work great in narrativ/open play or non-competitive matched play. If you want to play tournament-style games Id recommend taking a look at the Daughters of Khaine. They still have the Dark Elves style but are also very competitive thanks to their new Battletome. But again, doesnt mean the other factions are trash. Just that the Daughters are one of the stronger armies at the moment.
  11. Exactly. A Darkling Coven army could look like this: Allegiance: Darkling CovensLeadersSorceress On Black Dragon (280)- General- Sword of Ghrond- Trait: Sustained by Misery - Artefact: Incorporeal Retainer Black Ark Fleetmaster (40)- AlliesBattleline10 x Black Guard (140)10 x Darkshards (100)20 x Dreadspears (200)10 x Executioners (160)Units10 x Black Ark Corsairs (80)- Vicious Blade & Repeater Handbow- AlliesTotal: 1000 / 1000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 120 / 200Wounds: 79 You have your Core Units (Dark Shards/Dread Spears) some elite units (Executioners/Black Guard) your Sorceress on Black Dragon and some allied corsairs.
  12. Hello and welcome to the Mortal Realms! To give you a short run down, the old Dark Elves have been split into 5 factions: the Daughters of Khaine (former Witch Elves and Blood Cauldrons, now expanded into the blood crazy fanatics lead by Morathi), the Darkling Covens (enthralled followers of powerful sorcerer, home to most of the old dark elves infantry), Order Serpentis (elven knights + hydra and dragons), Scourge Privateers (seafarers, monster hunter, criminals, home of the corsairs and beast masters of old) and the Shadow Blades (Assassins). This split happened at the beginning of AoS. Most armies had grown too big during the lifetime of Warhammer Fantasy and lost their focus. Instead there are now many smaller but more thematic forces. If you ever wanted to field a whole army of fanatic followers of Khaine, you can do that now. Additionally, the old separation between High/Dark/Wood Elves is gone. The sundering and the elven civil war are now only long forgotten memories. Each faction has something unique now but you can easily field former High elves and Dark elves in one army. If you want to use your old Dark Elves collection you have three ways of doing that: download the currently available Warscrolls from the AoS App or the GW website and field them as a Grand Alliance Order army. Second, you can field your elven infantry as a Darkling Coven army (their unique army abilities, warlord traits and artifacts are in the current Generals Handbook) and use your ally points (up to 20%) to include units from the other factions. Or the third option is the download the Warhammer Legends Battletome: Dark Elves. This PDF has AoS rules for every former Dark Elves unit (including out-of-production) but they lack point costs. So you will have to talk to your enemy about the size of the game.
  13. Great work! I love subfactions. They add a lot of flavor to an army, in my opinion. The Chamon and Ulgu migrations are my favorites, very thematic. Another thing, you assigned each migration a home realm. Are planning on connecting them with the realm artifacts from Malign Sorcery? Like: "If you play a game using the realm rules you have to designate your army as coming from the realm connected to your chosen Migration"?
  14. I know you are being sarcastic here but there was no Order Battletome between the Kharadron Overlords in March 2017 and the Daughters of Khaine in February 2018. So the Counter reached 11 months between these two.
  15. Gecktron

    Aelfs in aos

    They havent dropped anything since they released the Grand Alliance books. GW has update 9½ (the most recent being Nighthaunts) and dropped 0 factions in the last three years. They even put all the minor factions into the core book which means they will be part of the game for atleast all of this edition.