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  1. I can agree with this. I also would be happier about better synergies and performance improvements instead of point adjustments. I just wanted to point out that I find the point adjustments and rule changes for Destruction unnecessary when there are still models who perform much much better in comparison points-wise. I know you can't compare the point costs directly because of synergies etc, But even with synergies and performance in consideration I still find the point costs and rules for Destruction unfair and unreasonable. Because let's face it, Destruction Grand Alliance seems to be the weakest at the moment, even though we should be the alliance that should be very good at wrecking ******. Even our melee units underperform compared to some melee units in shooting heavy armies. I would think that if Destruction has melee focused armies they also should have some of the best melee fighters. But there are other armies which have good shooting AND good melee fighters, while we only have good melee fighters who also often underperform compared to others. BUt that is my opinion, I could also be wrong.
  2. I looked at the points in the new Nurgle battletome and I was schocked how low the point costs were compared to the point costs for some of the Destruction units. For example the centerpieces of both armies Maw-Krusha and Great Unclean One. The GUO only costs 340 points while the Maw-Krusha and Frostlord on Stonehorn cost 460 points. Also if I look at the durability of the GUO I find the outcrys about the Stonehorn's durability a little bit off considering the GUO has 16 wounds and can ignore wounds on a 5+. This is not the only example where I find the Nurgle units a bit underpriced (or the Destruction units a bit too overpriced) in comparison. Is here anyone sharing my oppinion or do you think I am exaggerating? The thing is that many people complained about the Kunning Rukk Stonehorn combi very often and many Destruction units were adjusted so that we strongly lost our competitive viability while at the same time GW publishes a new battletome with units that seem to be extremely undercoasted for their overall potential. And at the moment I am not even talking about the allegiance abilities. Many of the allegiance abilities are insane. If you compare this to all the Destruction allegiance ability tuning it just doesn't seem fair in my eyes. I hope this doesn't come off as a rant. I just want to discuss if my points are legitimate or if I am wrong. I could continue in describing other point differences if you look at Brutes for example, or mournfang cavalry compared to pusgoyle blightlords etc. But I want to know what you all feel about this. This is just my opinion. And I don't want to attack anyone or flame about GW. Just want to start a civil discussion about the topic. It can also be that someone thinks different about this. But I want to discuss and talk about the things going on at the moment. If the point costs are unfair is sometimes very subjective. Greetings, Infeston
  3. Malign Portents

    Jeah but I also have to agree that I very often see parallels between Aryans and Stormcast. Sigmar only selects the best and perfect as his Stormcast. He does not allow Corruption. There are many similarities between Stormcast and the NS Regime. Trust me, I am german. I know my stuff. :-P So I would agree that Stormcast don't seem to be the overall good guys. On the other hand I have a question. I know Chaos is always about corruption but are there examples of Chaos soldiers or monsters who show some empathy or dignity? I have never read into Chaos that much. But for me Chaos was always the incarnation of evil. On the other hand I don't know if they also live "normal lifes" or have families etc.? Most of the time I think about Chaos as humans twisted and corrupted to their core, so that there is no humanity left in them. But is this correct? Or are there examples of Chaos soldiers who are "nice guys" ?
  4. Destruction presence in masters

    I have the feeling that the meta was certainly more "balanced" towards all grand alliances before the GHB2017 than after that. I really don't understand some of the design changes for Destruction in GHB2017. I mean D6 extra movement was a good trait. But compared to teleporting all around the battlefield and all the other traits of some armies it seems justified that Destruction gets something to compensate for the lack of movement. GW always goes a bit too far. If there would be an imaginary balance scale it seems like GW only switches from one extreme of the scale to the other end instead of tuning things up and down in a reasonable manner. They often switch from overpowered directly to underpowered instead of balanced.
  5. Malign Portents

    But I also wanted to state that, even though I am disappointed, I really like the videos and the website. I have watched the "Behind the scenes" video now several times. And I have to say I am more and more excited about the narrative backround and the extra rules for the game. I have the feeling the new book gives a lot of context and rules to create very exciting battles to enhance the game experience.
  6. Malign Portents

    Jeah. I also think this way. As a person which is grown up in the age of the internet I am used to people wishing me cancer or to kill myself if I don't agree with the way they see things. So maybe I am a little bit too tolerant about negative responses, because I know the worst possible responses someone could give. :-D In the end this is very funny. All the haters made me more tolerant about opposing opinions in the end. :-D I have played so many online games or other strategy games where I was also very invested and I participated in the community forums etc. And I would say everytime a big part of the community complained about some issue there was more to it than just simple frustration. I would always say that if a major part of the community complains about something that there is always some kind of truth behind those complaints.
  7. Malign Portents

    The thing is that sadly a lot of anger has often involved a lot changes in many segments of our society. All civil rights movements and changes to the rights of women were achieved because of a lot of anger. In germany there was a big scandal where Volkswagen manipulated the cars to be more environment-friendly and the anger and frustration about that made the company change their production. I agree that a lot of constructive criticism would be better. But if you look back at how our society works, things often only changed when people were very very angry about something. And I still can't agree with the people telling other people to shut up, because they voice their frustration. Some people are very passionate about a hobby and then get frustrated, because their expectations weren't met. And GW shouldn't raise such high expectations if they can't live up to those expectations.
  8. Malign Portents

    I find it a little bit insulting to say the people need to manage their expectations better. Especially if it is such a huge crowd voicing their frustration. I mean i got a little disappointed, but also I found the videos and the lore pretty cool. But I also have to defend the people complaining, because I think they are right in doing so. I often read in this forum that TGA community tries to be a community where people try to be constructive and positive. But I often find posts where some people shut down people who are complaining just because they criticise GW. I think this positivity is often used to completely shut down any opposition. I often see replies at TGA which can be summarized as "You are not positive. So you are wrong and don't have any right to complain!" And if I look back at the posts in this topic I don't find any unconstructive complaints like I have seen on Facebook. In fact I see many people trying to be still constructive in voicing their frustration. And I really don't think it is a good way to assume the people complaining have some kind of deficit in their expectation management. When I read posts like this I often get remembered back to "Black Mirror: Season 3 Episode 1". I think this episode perfectly portrays what happens to a society, forum or community, which only concentrates on being positive about some things. In the end there is no room for critique even though it might be justified.
  9. Malign Portents

    Okay. I am totally with you. I also think there went a lot of work in those videos and in the website for the people who produced this. And I think this work should also be honored. And the people who worked on all the videos and the website and the artwork did a pretty good job. I like it very much. But GW is also a company which should know which reactions they would get if the hype things up this much. They shouldn't have hyped it that much with a countdown etc. If they wouldn't have done this the reactions would have been much different. And the people would propably have reacted more grateful, because they got a full website etc. But I think the lack of releases for AoS in the last months has left its mark on the playerbase.
  10. Malign Portents

    I am also excited for this narrative book although I expected more. But I really liked the Behind the Scenes video and I hope this does mean that GW will force more on narrative play than matched play, because I find narrative games the most exciting to play. But I don't like when people in this thread or other threads joke about the people which are disappointed by the lack of models or voice their frustration. Especially if there is such a huge crowd voicing disappointment. I think the people complaining make a valid point and should also be heard. And they also have a right to voice their opinion. GW overhyped Malign Portents a lot although they did know the reactions when they hyped up things before. On the other hand GW should have seen the reactions coming. But if you disregard peoples opinions nothing will change in the end. Only if people voice their opinion by saying "I don't like what you did" something can change. Other than that I really really like the Travellers Guide video. :-)
  11. Destruction presence in masters

    I reacted very badly to all the Destruction nerfs right after the GHB2017 came out and some people told me I shouldn't be so negative about Age of Sigmar (Even though my argument wasn't about Age of Sigmar being bad, but about that I found the Destruction nerfs unfair and not well-thought-through). But for me it becomes clearer that the nerfs indeed were a bit too much and that too much was listened to the complaints of some people who found Stonehorn-Kunning Rukk lists unfair. What I don't understand is why they had to go the "complete nerf"- way instead of just changing some things a little bit. I also think the overall problem is that AoS at the moment supports shooting-heavy army armies. The thing is this are all problems which exist since the beginning of AoS and the fans and players often requested changes to shooting etc. It doesn't have to be a complete shooting nerf, like the complete nerfs to Destruction. But why not reduce the hit rolls if a shooty unit is in combat? Or only those guys can shoot which aren't in contact with other models? But it hasn't changed at the moment. I really thought GHB2017 would fix some of the problems. I still found the Destruction nerfs unnecessary and not well executed. I could understand some nerfs but then the nerfs got more and more and more and I think GW nerfed a bit too much.
  12. Should I still buy Gutbusters

    I thought I was the only one with these concerns. I also had hoped for Gutbusters to be in GHB2017 and was also sad that non of the Ogor factions were featured in the main story or in Firestorm. I really like my Ogors and would be happier if they would reimagine those factions. But I am concerned that they will get the Tomb Kings treatment. The GHB2017 was a good reminder for me how any old faction can be completely destroyed if GW wants. So I hope that they will get a reimagination with a lot of new fluff (or maybe also get new models :-D) but I also lost hope that something like this will happen.
  13. Of Stormcasts and Space Marines

    I found the discussions to be very productive and open minded. Nowhere I have seen someone attacking another person. Simply because we disagree on different aspects doesn't mean that we aren't open minded. I have read several posts in this forum and sometimes read that people get called out for spreading negativity just because they criticize something GW does. I know that TGA is a forum which concentrates on positivity and on constructive feedback, but I also have the feeling that some people just use this argument to shut down different opinions, especially about Games Workshop. Nowhere in this thread have I seen people cursing at each other or attacking each other in a non-constructive way. Just because we are disagreeing with each other doesn't mean we aren't open. And if the a topic about Stormcast being the poster boys of AoS changes into a discussion about a discussion about GW's business strategies I personally have no problem with this. Why shouldn't people speculate and discuss about something? Open-mindedness doesn't have to mean that you cannot criticize something. I am a little bit concerned about some of the voices which want to shut down each critique which is made. If someone just gives non-constructive feedback or behaves in a bad way I can agree with you that the mods should step in. But nowhere in this thread I found people being like that. But maybe I also have a different view on what is constructive and what not. But I totally agree with you that they should do both. Listen to the fans and also do their own thing. Like with all things the middle way is best. I think people are just a little bit sad that GW pushed AoS a lot in a direction where it was always about Chaos vs Stormcast. And I think people hope for a change in the narrative. But don't understand me wrong. I am also for a open and constructive atmosphere and want people to discuss with each other. But I also think that a constructive discussion often needs different opinions which challenge each other.
  14. Of Stormcasts and Space Marines

    The rumors about Grot Sky Pirates are also not coming from the fans but from GW itself. The sky grots were mentioned in the Kharadron books. That is why everyone is talking about sky grots. Sky Grots weren't really invented by the fans, but by GW.
  15. Of Stormcasts and Space Marines

    This. Most the factions in AoS are based on the old factions. Also I heard somewhere that the Stormcast Eternals were all based on this model: https://www.games-workshop.com/de-DE/Commander-Dante Because the Dante model was one of the best selling 40k models. So it seems more likely that they haven't really tried being innovative, but designing what was most popular among the fans. And about the Khemri factions. I don't think that many people want Khemri back. I think this is just a small minority. If you really look at the new factions I think that the Kharadron Overlords seem to be the most innovative faction. I really don't understand all the comments that GW shouldn't listen to the fans. I saw many companies fail, because they made their own thing and didn't ask their fans what they want.