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  1. Will you use Malign portents?

    By whom? I have seen both answers in this thread. There were people who said it is a nice addition to matched play and people who disagreed. But I don't remember seeing a clear answer. Especially because there are matched play battleplans using the malign portents. I don't think GW would create such rules if they weren't supposed to be in matched play.
  2. Will you use Malign portents?

    This. I have the feeling because most discussions in this forum often focus on competitive play that people forget that the most important rule is that both players finde the match enjoyable. This is the core of the hobby for me. Instead of other competitive games (which we really have enough of) Warhammer's main goal should be an interesting gaming experience regardless of who wins and looses. The whole competitive mindset, the min/max-approach and the strict and pedantic interpretation of rules reduces the overall enjoyment of the game. When I play a match with a friend and the battle is clearly one-sided in my favor, I always offer my opponent to "revive" some of his units or let him have other benefits, so that he has still a chance to fight me. For me winning really isn't that important. I sometimes even have fun loosing a game. Especially if it was really close. These are the best battles for me. I can't enjoy one-sided battles, because I need the emotional rollercoaster between winning and loosing. :-D
  3. Will you use Malign portents?

    "If you wish for this battle to take place during the Time of Tribulations, you can use the Malign Portents rules, but instead of generating prophecy points randomly at the start of each battle round, players receive an equal number of prophecy points depending on the size of the battle. For every full 500 points worth of units being fielded, players receive 3 prophecy points at the start of each battle round. For example, if the players have chosen to fight a 2500-point Warhost game, they will receive 15 prophecy points at the start of each battle round. Note that HARBINGERS do not generate additional prophecy points" I think this can be very much interpreted as "there is no other way to generate prophecy points instead". It also mentions that players will get an equal number of prophecy points depending on the size of the battle. It wouldn't be equal if wizards and priests also count for generating prophecy points. The sentence with the Harbringer is only an example to show that there is no additional way to generate prophecy points. I think especially the sentence players receive an equal number of prophecy points depending on the size of the battle tells us that there is no additional way to generate prophecy points, because then it wouldn't be equal.
  4. Will you use Malign portents?

    I tend to agree. The new Portents especially give Destruction new possibilities to compete with other armies, because they get very useful tools. You also have to choose which portent you follow at the begin of the battle. And there are always portents that can counter the other portents in a certain way. The portents give a lot of flexbility for everyone. The Black Void is mostly for utility. Other portents allow you to do D3 damage or make units unable to move or to ignore rend values when you make a save. And the strong ones often cost 4-5 points, so you have to decide which one you use. Also each portent can only be used once per turn. There are certain limitations which don't make them to overpowered. I would advise you to read the book and you will understand better in which way they work.
  5. Will you use Malign portents?

    I will definitely use them. Some Portents really help to fight some of the problems some armies have at the moment. Especially the "Black Void" portent has many special things for Destruction players who struggle with movement or shooting. The Black Void has abilities like the reduction of shooting range (which cause some shooting units to move so close that they are close enough to be charged by certain Destruction units) or the ability to retreat and charge (which works very well with BCR, because they have many abilities that can cause mortal wounds if they charge something). And I hope they will also find their way into regular matched play or tournament play. The generation of prophecy points also works different in matched play. You get 3 Prophecy points for each every 500 matched play points (for example if you play a 1000 matched play point battle you will get 6 prophecy points and if you play a 2000 points matched play battle you will get 12 prophecy points every battle round). I hope the rules will find their way into regular matched play battles, because it offers so much for different armies to compete better against other armies.
  6. Hi everyone, I bought the Malign Portents book and I really hope that the Malign Portents find their way into matched play. I have the feeling that some Portents could really compensate the troubles Destruction i s having at the moment. I am talking especially about the portent "The Black Void". There are some abilities which for example reduce the shooting of the enemy by 6'. Also there is a portent where you can retreat and charge again in the charge phase. There is also another portent which makes your units fly, which you could use so that your units can fly over other units to eliminate key targets. I think those abilities could have a huge benefit for Destruction units. What do you think about that? It would really freshen up Matched Play if you could use the portents in matched play.
  7. Malign Portents

    @Rogue Explorator I have to say that I don't want the World of Warcraft setting for Warhammer. I have played WoW for several years but I also totally agree that they are two different settings. I just wanted to make guesses were the wishes for more background story for the other alliances and races comes from. But in the end it could also be everything else. I don't want WoWs setting for Warhammer, because it seems so "hollywood-like". You have protagonists on both sides and they fight each other because of different viewpoints. The Warhammer setting is much darker and also displays the "ugly side of human nature". It is also portrayed in WoW, but much more restriced. In Warhammer you have plagues, slavery, sickness and other things. Also like you said, magic is portayed different than in World of Warcraft.# The world of Warcraft seems to be a world where people could live in and end up happy together. The world of warhammer is deadly and everyone struggles to survive. That's a huge difference
  8. Malign Portents

    I think the whole high fantasy approach reminds people a lot of World of Warcraft and has also pulled in people who also like WoW, so this could be an explanation for this. In World of Warcraft each faction and each race has their own backstory and background why they fight. Also the narrative is often explained from both sides "Alliance" and "Horde" and every player has a motivation to fight for their race. If everything is about Stormcast and they are the Heros of the story some people feel neglected. Because many people often want to be on "right side". But if your race or faction is always portayed as a side character or the villian of the story many people won't play this faction. I also have to say that I felt a lot more motivated to play BCR after the BeastClaw Raiders book. In Warhammer Fantasy they were often portayed as evil beings eating everything in their way. So they were portayed very one-sided. In the BCR book they have a purpose for doing things. I think AoS shouldn't be measured by Warhammer Fantasy standards, because I think it pulled a lot of new people in who like a narrative similar to World of Warcraft, where each faction can be on the "right side".
  9. How balanced is AoS now?

    This is a statement I couldn't agree more with. I love battleplans and special rules which add random events depending on what you roll. Because of that no game plays like the other. It is certainly better than playing a game and knowing at the start how the game will turn out. What I also really liked about the GHB2017 were the "Divine intervention" effects for Coalition of Death scenarios (which can also be used in any game), because they give a chance (for example: For Order the effect triggers if half of the army is slain) to turn around the odds completely and change the whole setting. This especially prevents one-sided games, because the player who is starting to loose will get a bonus so that he still got a chance. I like rules like that, because they still make a game exciting to play. I would recommend everyone whose games turn out to be one-sided to try out or design own rules, which give the side which is loosing some special effects so that the game can still be challenging.
  10. Cancon 2018: Top 10 Army Lists

    No. Sorry. I have to clarify. I meant the Top 10 armies, not the overall tournament. My statement was only about the "best" armies.
  11. Cancon 2018: Top 10 Army Lists

    I would say as many as Tzeentch. 1/3 Tzeentch, 1/3 Stormcast and 1/3 Others. But it's either Chaos or Order. The GHB2017 really seemed to have "fixed" and "balanced" the meta (in the sense that it didn't fix anything). Before the GHB2017 there was a stronger diversity in the tournament lists than after the GHB2017. If you look at the other top lists in other tournaments you can see a similar picture: Stormcast and Tzeentch are always at the top in the lists.
  12. Malign Portents

    Have I got this right? Has the Shaman tricked his breathren into a fight where they will certainly die? It seems a little bit like he had known that they would all die. What was his intention? Does he want to add more fighting corpses to the undead? Or is he trying to experiment? It seems like he collects greenskins and sends them through a portal to the realm of death to fight against the undead. Or maybe he really ate too many mushrooms and doesn't know what he does. Also in my opinion his visions don't seem to be "real" visions in the way they predict something in the future. I think the vision he showed the Warboss was more like a drug experience, where the consumer gets to see a hallucination of their ideal future instead of the real future. What do the other think? How would you interpret the new story?
  13. Malign Portents

    I wouldn't count people who laughed at AoS as the people GW should cater to. Also the evidence which was given to "prove" that GHB2016 changed everything is really thin in my opinion. I won't deny that the release had an effect, but I wouldn't consider the impact that huge. I work in a scientific area, where research results have to be solid and valid to be "proven" as true. And I wouldn't count the evidence as proof. I won't assume that the thesis you claimed is wrong, but on the other site there is also no reason to assume it is true either. In fact there are many factors which also contradict your statement. The only way to really find out would be by GW releasing their sales numbers considering AoS. And even then we can only assume the impact, because there were many other factors influencing Aos' popularity. In my eyes it is also not proven that AoS has really increased the sales for GW. As I know we don't have any numbers on that. Or do we? @Kaleb Daark Sorry. Excuse me that I had to react to the statements. But some statements can't be left standing. I am still interested in the point costs for the Harbringers. Does anyone know more about their cost?
  14. Malign Portents

    The loss of sales doesn't say anything. Or can you prove that the sales went up after the GHB2016 came out? These are all just assumptions. And often the only people saying that GHB2016 rescued AoS are Matched Play gamers who returned because of the GHB2016. I think you people often only speak for yourselves and assume that the reason because you got back in the hobby was what everyone got back. This could be true, but doesn't have to be necessarily. Also the thousands of pages about discussion doesn't have to mean anything. If you look at other sites there is a different matched play discussions ratio. Also in every other game points and balancing are always the hottest topics, because these discussions often have the most impact on the game. But this doesn't have to mean that GHB2016 rescued AoS. I still think that the GHB2016 and the points (I have to add that GHB2016 not only added points, but also different stuff for open and narrative players) didn't have that much of an impact on the AoS scene. It was nice for the tournament crowd, but in the end I would say most AoS people don't go to tournaments. Most of the people in any game system don't go to tournaments. Especially with AoS which is a hobby with a lot of miniatures which always have to be transported somewhere. Not everyone has the energy and the effort to transport a whole set of miniatures to a tournament, especially if it is not in his country or in an area near them. So there is a very big part of the AoS community who are scattered across the globe, which you won't even see on tournaments. For example, in my whole country there aren't any significant tournaments. I would agree with this statement. The GHB2016 did make matched players happy. On the other hand there was also a lot of stuff for narrative and open play-players. Also there were allegiance abilities for every allegiance. So it is hard to figure out if people only bought the GHB2016 because of the points and matched play. I may also add that player-made points systems existed before the GHB2016 (which were in some part better than the actual point systems at the moment). Now back to Malign Portents. I have only seen the Renown costs, which were 16 Renown for the goblin and 20 Renown for the lord-ordinator. This would normally mean 80 points for the goblin and 100 for the lord ordinator. But I can only assume. I would also be happy if someone can verify those numbers.
  15. Knight of Shrouds vs. Wight King

    Jeah I also think the Harbringers are priced a little bit too high considering their overall value and use.