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  1. I could try to have candyrot ready, the armies might look intense facing off
  2. Turragor

    Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    This is f-ing awesome lol
  3. Turragor

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    That's the answer from the last time this was brought up a while back iirc.
  4. Awesome stuff! I love armies painted to a super high quality! My stormcast are nowhere near this - and my Nurgle won't be either - but that's just a talent/training and practice thing. It's about putting your whole heart in an army, for me, and I try to do that too. It's so cool to have two above tabletop armies meet (especially on some well done terrain/table).
  5. Turragor

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    I think the venator looks very good this edition with the command points change and a few other things. May start taking mine (and azyros) again.
  6. Turragor

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    There will be lists with the Stardrake that do very well however my hope is there will be lists that need those 560 points elsewhere (and they will do as well as the stardrake lists). I've ran a Stardrake from release and after a shaky start it has been pretty awesome and I'm glad for that! You want to use that expensive centerpiece. But it is less fun if the best SC lists require a drake. New players arent going to begin with one. Yes I think they may be moving towards 'an unmodified roll' for a lot of the proc abilities. Remains to be seen but it would mean raptors are still strong.
  7. Turragor

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    Unfortunately, he is wrong - I replied (then edited it so as not to be rude - see below). Well, he is equally neither right nor wrong as I am. There's no indication anywhere that 'removed from play' trumps slain. Oh but they do when a unit is gone, once the target of the damage is gone. So what makes a unit disappear - in your view it's when the last model is removed from the table (what about 'set aside'?) In my view it's when the last model is slain. Neither is expressly given in the rules. This is made up: But a model only ceases to exist when it is slain and removed from play As much as you feel mine is. The rules speak of models only. So we've just to use those rules. The models are the unit, the last model in the unit IS the unit. When a model is slain it's not in play. The rules state this: "Place a slain model to one side - it is removed from play" In the arcanum's case, the ability takes a slain model and lets you return it instead of remove it. FAQ is the only clear way forward, I can see this argument playing out in a bunch of places. I mean I started off thinking as you and then moved to my current view and I may go back if some other rule interpretation sways me. I also believe your interpretation is probably what GW meant. I just don't think it's clear. Basically I don't see a clear right and wrong interpretation between what the two of us have described.
  8. Turragor

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    It'll prob need faqd - the main reason for my interest is that it's either borderline too good or borderline not good. Depending on the interpretation
  9. Turragor

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    Ok but where does it say wounds stop only when the last model in a unit is removed? Where are we getting that from? I thought slain was pretty clear. Wounds stop at death - that kind of thing. Not when a template or empty container is removed. And if that's the case - why is 'returned' after slain different from 'removed and setup again'? (Now that points aren't a factor). /Edit: In fact the seraphon artefact specifies not slain.
  10. Turragor

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    A question I see being answered incorrectly (in my own opinion only) in lots of places: What do ppl think? Does the unit remain until the character returns and therefore do the wounds wait to just double kill the hero?
  11. Turragor

    New rules: How does Cycle of the Storm work out?

    My thoughts (caveat - I think it needs an FAQ anyway as it ranges from super good to useless based on interpretation - which is too great a variance imo!😞 On a multimodel unit, it's clear; the model returns but the unit is still there to take the full wounds. So those wounds 'wait' while that model is slain and returned. So in multiwound model units, that model takes the next wound again as the wounds have to go to the wounded. Result - You save 1 wound. It's kind of pointless unless it's like the last wound on a fulminator or something. On a character unit, it's unclear. Wounds are allocated one at a time and stop being allocated to a model when it is slain. This ability triggers when a model is slain. It is slain but not removed. The model is slain, the unit is gone, the wounds are lost, the model removed... then it returns with a wound. Result - Wounds gone, model saved with 1 wound. New sources of damage can take that wound off. It's not subsequently immortal or anything. The core question is then, do wounds wait to be used on the unit again. Does the unit 'disappear'. If you can have an empty unit with no models at any point, that seems a bit ridiculous to me. Some might argue that it's not slain (and I can see some merit to that argument I just disagree with it) but the rule looks a lot like the phoenix rule and even more like the artefacts that return characters to life (and I've never seen a spillover wound argument there).
  12. Turragor

    Interesting colour schemes for Chaos Daemons

    My Nurgle stuff is pink - if that qualifies? They are rotten candy. Comin' for the teeth of the children of the realms.
  13. Turragor

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    They might have niche uses I think but I don't see myself taking them still. /edit: to clarify, you mean dual wielding libs and not 2h weapon (special) libs right?
  14. Turragor

    Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    I guess there are a few factions that need a tome and not a new edition to be relevant again and BCR are one... ... but the increase of 40 pts for skal has me in stitches. Like someone has thought "it's time to sort the massive skal problem out, no more shall the skal rule BCR lists or tournaments!" In reality it's because it's a cheap way to get a command point but STILL. It's funny to me.
  15. Turragor

    Points Changes

    The image is perfect lol