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  1. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Well I was thinking of a backup blades caster if one is offed, mainly. Not using it the same turn. You could also have one stay nearer the drones to recast and one near the pbs if you feel they could do with a dose instead. I just feel that blades is getting a lot of attention as a method of doing damage and most good opponents will know this long before I've even finished painting my army and test played it!
  2. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    With 2 you might risk scions. I find Tempestors to be excellent when deployed at 9". Cn shoot and add that -1 debuff. Possible charge with decent damage. Rather durable. Can hold up the unit they meet with the -1 on.
  3. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    I've been thinking similarly. 2 things I'm pondering as I paint up a bunch of stuff very slowly are: 1) Sorcerer. The entire core of any and all damage (for the most part) is the drones with blades. That sorcerer is target prio 1 for the enemy and isn't so durable. 2) The demon prince. Kind of a similar thing. Rather weak as a locus. But I'm open to having my mind changed there. I was considering having the GUO gallop along with them as the locus (or taking horticulus for a bonus tree). A final note - I'd probably just take 1 unit of nurglings and maybe another sorcerer with blades.
  4. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    I would second this. That's 3 separate -1s (relictor too) and you can stack the relictor and 1 tempestor unit on one unit for -2 if needed.
  5. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Linked to drops playing a part in when you deploy. I think a change that I'd like would be Paladins getting a 3+ save. 4+ makes no sense for me with their price and having to weather shooting at the very least a turn (outside a battalion) before a charge. You never see the coolest elite models outside battalions (which you will see less of - Hammerstrike deployment change).
  6. How to defeat Stormcast Eteranals?

    I think folks should calm down a bit. Debate has become plain old argument. Soon to be name calling if we're not careful! My own view is it's a case of simply adapting a list but if you've not got your heart in a faction it can feel a bit 'pointless' to try to adapt by getting more combos and synergies purchased.
  7. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    I hadn't. But maybe. Hmm. Bit dear points wise though?
  8. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    What would be the best list or best way to use a guo and 6 drones with blades of putrefaction as a hammer? I'm thinking a core of 30 pbs Guo 6 drones Rotbringer sorcerer What beyond that? 2*5bks as battleline? Or 2*10 pbs? I like horticulus for the extra tree. Also the scrivener for when the pbs maybe need blades. My main concern is the sorcerer being so key for damage. And kind of weak. Hm.
  9. How to defeat Stormcast Eteranals?

    I assure you nurgle has some really strong lists right now and it's only a matter of weeks since the new tome. A richer meta will emerge.
  10. How to defeat Stormcast Eteranals?

    You cant run and shoot. Thats only prosecutors not judicators and if you are moving away you arent holding objectives. Thats just not true! I get you are frustrated, bit of research and all will be well.
  11. Aetherwings moving into combat after FAQ

    I'd cautiously suggest page 3 here - https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/age_of_sigmar_the_rules_en-1.pdf covers it (nice little table under too). You can still argue it's not a move, 'it doesn't say as if it were the movement phase' but what else is it? It's not a charge per the FAQ. It has to be a move no? Q: What is the difference between a move made in the movement phase and a charge move or pile-in move? A: In Warhammer Age of Sigmar , units can move in the movement phase, the charge phase and the combat phase. Moves made in the movement phase are considered to be ‘normal’ moves, while moves made in the charge phase are charge moves, and those in the combat phase are pile-in moves. In addition, things that allow a unit to move ‘as if it were the movement phase’, allow a unit to make a normal move.
  12. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    I just thought how we're going to get Ruination chamber this year too. Plus the sacrosanct whatever that is at some point (in theory we'll get it anyway). The SCE artillery with an allied horde shield wall/ objective taking force and a bunch of raptors is going to make ppl hate SC even more!
  13. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    I don't think we can complain given the range of units we have and the options that gives us. You can take a wide variety of stuff with Stormcast and if you're decent you'll do well even against some netlists. That doesn't mean winning all the time but it's not like - I mean the allegiances mentioned above are open play only in most configurations bar 1 or 2. I mean yes, no context, in a vacuum etc, we can ask for an improved battle trait - I'll concede other factions have better battle traits, with some having excellent battle traits. Plus I'd love tweaks too but more system wide (I for one would like battalions reworked game wide - no more fishing for first turn choice - and then reduced in price). What I don't think we can do is post how SC are in a bad way. At all. Not when some of the allegiances we're talking about have 3 lists to play with if they even want to finish in the top 50% at a tournament. I mean, 3 absolute max, some have 1 - I mean, Freeguild, I don't know why we are even mentioning them - hasn't got a single netlist that I'm aware of at all at the moment. Whereas us? We can take: Vanguard Wing (post nerf - I'll boldly say we'll still see it in the top 50%), Skyborne Slayers, Pallador spam mobility lists, Stardrake and maybe 4 or 5 combinations with him, Aetherstrike, Hammerstrike, SCE with a bunch of horde allies, Dracoth heavy lists, SCE focused on being a gunline Take any one of those and be top 50% (I mean that, not winning every game but I mean just not outright losing 5 of 5 tournament games). There are more too that I'm forgetting. You could take an almost clown list and be top 50% with SCE if you're okay. I'm being conservative with the 50% too. Most of those are top 25%. The reality for some factions is they can take their best lists - the best out there brainstormed by most of the community playing them - and you need luck to be top 50% (for sure with top 25%). So yes, I think we can say 'tweak our battle trait' but if you've only got a SCE army and you don't visit the other faction boards or threads and see how they're feeling (check out BCR or, well, a large chunk of destruction and death up until the update to come) I don't think it's fair to be so negative about SCE. You could update every other faction in the game and not update SCE for 5 years and we would still be contenders. Maybe not finishing 1st. But up there.
  14. How to defeat Stormcast Eteranals?

    I only have 30 to paint total then I'll go with 2 x 5 BKs as my other battleline probably. Though I love the idea of 3x30 plaguebearers!
  15. How to defeat Stormcast Eteranals?

    But I'm finding they are a dream to paint! Compared to Stormcast anyway.