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  1. unmotivated

    It's swings and roundabouts really. For me anyway. I oscillate between things. I've done so a lot in life but as I mature like cheese I find the oscillations get smaller, between fewer things. This hobby is amazing and unlike most other modern hobbys in that you produce more than you consume (in terms of time invested at least). Most hobbys that fall within the 'nerd' sphere are heavily weighted towards consume, consume, consume, buy, buy, buy. You could probably say that about 99% of the world right now and the older I get the more I find too much consuming to be a hollow meal. Like a big plate of fast food. I'm going off on one for reals now, but this is how the world has been built (not by any of us here tbh) today - deliberately. Ppl are, often, stuck in jobs they don't like to meet needs that are often not wholly necessary. It's stressful. The modern condition some say and it is natural to try to drown out what it all means with as much good food or booze or films or TV as possible in the evenings. You can often feel so wrecked after a day that you can't face the idea of making anything, yeesh that sounds like more work! It is but it isn't! Nothing much remains when you finish a modern game, film or TV show. The very best of these are like the average book - you learn and grow a bit through their consumption - and those are like pearls in an ocean. Mostly it's about killing time in as pleasant a way as possible. A hobby revolving around creation is a different choice (imo anyway) - at first blush ppl are drawn to these hobbys as they are different. But soon, the cacophany of other choices drowns out the harder productive hobby. Why would you knit if you could play a video game? Why write when there is a new series out? The act of producing is like a muscle - you train it and it gets easier and it feels good to use it. Like it feels good to hop and jump and run sometimes. I find personally I am developing more of an appetite for creating things, specifically painting and building models. I like that, it feels right. I guess it's similar to artists working on a familiar medium. I might try more traditional painting too. I might grow to like that even more. And that's an important consideration too - ppl change and grow and find new things. What you might be feeling (if it's a bit like what I feel) is that you want to produce things but not painted minis? That part was perhaps always forced to meet a deadline. Is your love in the game or the creation? I dunno, only you do. It might not even be this at all, I'm just rambling with my fingers. Tl;dr sometimes you feel like doing hobby and sometimes you feel like killing time. Let yourself be either version of yourself. The producer and the consumer. But be honest about what each entails.
  2. Let's chat: Steelheart's Champions

    I got the guard and the boys so now I'll see what I'll see. Any tips for simple game play steps you might miss as a beginner with stormcast?
  3. Let's chat: Steelheart's Champions

    Thanks for this. I think I'll take the beginner deck then do a bit of research on adding the extras you speak of from the core set. I'm even open to just buying whichever warband expansion has the non-core cards you speak of. The event is in a GW after all and (stock depending) I just need to buy them, open the box and take the card.
  4. Let's chat: Steelheart's Champions

    I bought the boxset a week ago and am painting up the Stormcast as they're fewer and I have an ambitious plan for learning the game: My local store is hosting a tournament on Sunday and I reckon I'll turn up and play to learn (and lose). I'm a quick study and think this'll be fun. The only thing I don't want to do is make an opponent feel they had a bad game. My hope is they'll love it as they'll get a win. I'm going to play a few games alone to get the hang of the rules but am wondering about a deck. I am pretty sure were I to build something myself I'd need to do a bunch of research (and it'd be untested - maybe I'd take a popular current variant) but how is the boxset beginners deck for this warband? Is that something I'd be okay using?
  5. Varnish?

    GW just revealed the new varnish designed not to frost. Could it be the chosen one?
  6. customize your shadespire

    I think this is a bit overdone to prove your point. By that I mean, you know which one is steelheart. Perhaps in other warbands with 5 or more but this is a 3 character warband. Surely "sword", "a hammer" and "Lady SC with Shield" would be sufficient for most opponents.
  7. Stormcast Eternal

    Very neat! I like this. Is the armour just silver washed with a blue tinted wash and then black around the rivets?
  8. The Rumour Thread

    Everyone saying that frilly sucker is a feather please show me where the ear / mouth ****** is in all the free guild imagery! It's a freaky ass feather if it is one! Oh my or i fice is on the word ban list. Just so you know I wasn't swearing!
  9. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    I like flexible lists with a bit of potential against most things. The vulkites/stardrake/fulminators list scratches that itch at the moment. It's also still quite strong against quite a few of the most common netlists out there. It seems to me that the aetherstrike list is a one trick pony. Which means I've limited interest in building it. Perhaps I'm wrong?
  10. The Rumour Thread

    I'm not singling you out only because there are far more egregious posts of this nature and you're fine to express your hopes and doubts (and do so pretty reasonably). This is also a bit of a rumour thread tangent ... but I have to say it: Do people truly not understand how the 'poster boy' setup of the GW systems work? Look at 40k. It's a rich and storied universe now skewed, heavily to space marines of the good or bad kind. They are the poster boys. There are lots of stories where they aren't the focus but there are very few stories where at least one doesn't appear at some point. AoS will be the same - people will get their non-stormcast pov lore and stories. People will get their non-stormcast model and rules releases! BUT The whole tapestry is woven for Stormcast to stride across the centre of. Just like Space Marines in 40k. People don't like it there either sometimes but have come to terms with it. I understand how people want to see more but, especially as I'm mainly a stormcast player and get excited when their stuff pops up (I know, choosing them as army no.1 has me spoiled!), no more sarcastic surprise if a Stormcast is mentioned in connection with a release not focused on them: or if Stormcast get marketing space on a new poster; or if (I dread the boards on this day) AoS gets a 2nd edition and it's new Stormcast v new Skaven in the box. I'm convinced every time someone complains GW commissions another SC sculpt. I guess what I'm saying is everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone is entitled to their counter-opinion but if either opinion or counter opinion is expressed too often it drags forums off kilter and makes things a bit stale! For example, I'm not going to post this every time I see someone complain about stormcast - I've seen it in hundreds of posts but have only spoke up maybe twice. When tired. This message has been brought to you by an average fan of the poster boys.
  11. Beastclaw Raiders Load-out Question

    I think for now it's clear from the scroll that the skalg or hornblower can take a banner but are separate models. This is a bit different from other warscrolls with command models but then most warscrolls differ subtly in their wording. The FAQ will clear it up properly because unless this it's a special setup for super elite units (where 2 is the minimum) the simple answer is that the three roles - champion, banner bearer and musician - are from the classic warhammer command group. Those never shared roles that I'm aware of.
  12. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    I have to assume he meant aetherwings without any raptors nearby.
  13. GH2017 - Beastclaw Raiders Review & Discussion

    Yeah I agree. The only option in a pure list is frost sabers. If I think about it, sabers are not bad for this... set sideways anyway. You've 2 wounds so worth 2 grots and you cover about the same width (a little less I think) than 2 grots 1" apart. They are 20 points a piece when it's 5 points per grot. So 20 to 10 for the same (roughly) result in a screen. What other bonuses to the sabers v grots might make up for this? Much better on the attacks front (they and yetis are the units I find surprise opponents most - I'd kill for better yeti models, I want dozens of them). Much better movement (the screen can keep up with your bigger models). 1 point more in bravery. Bonuses from being near a hunter (charges and bravery).
  14. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    no way you'll have any in a 2k list with 2 drakes! And with that in mind the shield seems like a no brainer for 60.
  15. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    I like this too. Just letting my brain ferment over how 2 drakes would play. 1 Castellant would need to choose one for the match. Unless you kept the two drakes together? I like lots of relictors for the heals every hero phase. And lightning chariot ofc. More juds is good just tough to get the points in. Templar taken for less points or for the specific weapon choices (something a bit more punchy against behemoths for example)?