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  1. PS. What did they have to say as regards this?
  2. So I've put together an Ophidian Gate, but despite a few attempts, some bits of the pillars look abit like this:: What's the best way to fill these gaps? Liquid green stuff seems the best answer (?) But in the quantities needed would be quite expensive.
  3. That's pretty good given a ten year hiatus. Nice colour selection, and everything looks neat. Welcome back!
  4. Thanks for the advice everyone!
  5. Sure, but what are their stats? If they are a seperate unit they must have a save etc? The warscroll on the site only has stats for the cannon
  6. The warscroll for the Dwarf cannon ( defines only a stat line for the war machine itself, and no stats for crew. I have read elsewhere that crew are considered a separate unit. Do they have their own warscroll?
  7. Love your work on the Tzangors Any tips on how you did the bases?
  8. So you wouldn't get the same effect by applying muliple layers of the 'layer' orange?
  9. The video is great Thanks. Must admit I haven't really explored Warhammer TV, but clearly I should. One question (if anyone knows)... in the video she applies a coat of 'base' orange, and then immediately applies a another layer of a slightly lighter 'layer' orange over the top (as in completely covering the base layer). Why bother with the base layer if it is going to be completely covered?
  10. Thanks, a 'ruddier' tone sounds appealing too. I don't suppose you have a photo of a model painted that way?
  11. Thanks! Could 'Elf Flesh' be 'Flayed One Flesh' or 'Pallid Wych Flesh'? Can't see Elf Flesh on GeeDubyah :
  12. Hi painters! As a so-so painter about to dive in to a fresh new Dwarf army, I was hoping you more experienced chaps could give me some advice. In particular, what is a good recipe for dwarf flesh? Any other tips for painting dwarves?
  13. Isn't that the Chaos Warrior sculpt from Hero Quest?