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  1. As a big fan of boney, deathrattley things (as well as the odd Morghast) I'm partial to a good Deathmarch. But I tend to play smaller (1000 - 1500 point) games (my group are pretty casual). However, I thought it would be interesting to see how you more learned chaps would approach my theme... So! Given a 1000 point matched play force, that must legally include the Deathmarch warscroll battalion, what list would you pick?
  2. You look good to go! I'd bring the Battletome anyway, it's good form to have it on hand just in case your opponent isn't familiar with your army. As for the core rules, you can always pull it up on your phone if need be (personally, I like to have a hard copy on hand, but that's hardly a necessity ).
  3. Necro Sauron looks good... how does it compare scalewise?
  4. Toddy

    Open War Cards - Your Thoughts?

    Same here. We pick armies using match play rules, but use the cards to generate deployment, objectives etc. Adds a welcome splash of randomness!
  5. Toddy

    Army Paint Schemes for rules

    I think you over-estimate how much GW care. They are interested in promoting their product, and want Ben and Chris's events to show it off what a fun hobby it is on their stream. As long that that is achieved, they likely don't care how the TO rules on this.
  6. Toddy

    Question about Deathrattle, Generic Death

    You can definitely make the Mortarchs switchable! The riders share no parts.
  7. Toddy

    New to AoS/Death - advice please!

    Currently, only FEC, Soulblight and Nighthaunt have get their own allegiance abilities etc (courtesy of GB 2017). The only competitive edge in exclusively using any of the other subfactions is really that you get more options for your Battleline units.
  8. Toddy

    New to AoS/Death - advice please!

    The barrowlords box would certainly allow you flesh-out (as it were) the rest of your Deathrattle options. Other than that, it really depends what direction you want to go!
  9. Thanks everyone! The conversions from the Spire of Dawn mage are great. Though I'm not really one for doing conversions myself. Have my eye on this chap: http://www.avatars-of-war.com/eng/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&prodcode=85&prodname=Necromancer+Lord&id=118&Itemid=53
  10. My growing Deathrattle army is looking for a Necromancer. Whilst the GW Necromancer is pretty cool, I'd much prefer a 'Skeleton' version to keep in theme! Only obvious candidates I've come across are Arkhan the Black (but he's obviously Arkhan the Black! Plus I think the scale of the Mortarch rider is too large for a foot soldier), or the old Tomb King models. Most of the latter I've seen are rather old sculpts, and anyway look too Egyptian. Anyone have any suggestions?
  11. I like the approach they have taken in 40k with the battle-forged detachments. There are sufficient detachment variety to allow you to take whatever combination of units you like (or very nearly), but you are encouraged to use 'Troops' (e.g. 40k Battleline) by making it advantageous to do so (bonus command-points).
  12. Toddy

    Swifthawk Agents -Post GH2017

    Of course, but I personally have no interest in investing in an army that GW have already (officially or not) marked as 'legacy'.
  13. Toddy

    Swifthawk Agents -Post GH2017

    I have a force of Swifthawk Agents, but have reluctantly decided to concentrate on some other armies until there is some sign from GW that they intend to support the range. Despite their continued presence in GB17, Reavers and Spireguard (which typically are going to make up your Battleline) are in no way purchasable from the GW (uk) site (Spire of Dawn no longer exists at all on the Uk site). Perhaps they'll get standalone reboxings at some point in the future, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  14. +1 to articles on tactics and battle reports with a little more emphasis on tactical thought. I think actually, what I would really like is the '3 ways to play' more equally represented in the magazine. At the moment it feels like they are pushing Narrative pretty hard, and a more competitive style is almost ignored entirely. While I enjoy the narrative element, I think they are underselling a really enjoyable element of the game in talking about tactics, and the strategic use of different units/approaches. As already mentioned, tactical discussion need not extend to 'win-at-all-cost' spamming of the most efficient units. Something like 'How to use Cavalry', or a breakdown of how each Khorne unit is best suited to the battlefield can be interesting without being cut-throat competitive. I think there is room for a blend of both there certainly seems to be appetite for it on here.
  15. Toddy

    Base size for Wight King?

    Thanks guys! 32mm it is