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  1. +1 to articles on tactics and battle reports with a little more emphasis on tactical thought. I think actually, what I would really like is the '3 ways to play' more equally represented in the magazine. At the moment it feels like they are pushing Narrative pretty hard, and a more competitive style is almost ignored entirely. While I enjoy the narrative element, I think they are underselling a really enjoyable element of the game in talking about tactics, and the strategic use of different units/approaches. As already mentioned, tactical discussion need not extend to 'win-at-all-cost' spamming of the most efficient units. Something like 'How to use Cavalry', or a breakdown of how each Khorne unit is best suited to the battlefield can be interesting without being cut-throat competitive. I think there is room for a blend of both there certainly seems to be appetite for it on here.
  2. Thanks guys! 32mm it is
  3. Have just bought a Wight King, who is still supplied with a square base, but intended to mount him on a round. Skellies come on 25mm bases, but I notice that the Necromancer I have also purchased comes on a 32mm round. So... 25mm or 32mm for the King?
  4. Thanks for the advice everyone! Leaning towards Mannfred, though I'll give magnetising a go.
  5. Thanks Magnetising sounds very sensible, any tips? Never attempted something like that
  6. Having recently doned my Necromancer Initiate's robes, and bought a 'Start Collecting... Skellies' set, I'm faced with the conundrum of which Mortarch to build. I can think of cool ways to take my army thematically based on any of them, but lacking experience on the battlefield, how do people think they each perform?
  7. Is there a link to pics of the models painted with 'two sprays and a wash'? Would be interested to see how good they look
  8. Can anyone recommend somewhere I can buy transfers for use on banners?
  9. Nice, looks like a good start
  10. To an extent, but surely something can be said as to each factions style? E.g. FEC and Khorne are combat based. Death tends towards masses of regenerating hordes. Stormcast are flexible, but tends towards small elite armies.
  11. Nearest thing they have is probably this: It doesn't really go in to much on their strategic styles, but you at least get a flavour, and a link to all their available units. Perhaps one (or some) of our more experienced posters could knock a 'Intro to AoS Factions' post? I'm sure lots of others would find it useful (me too!)
  12. PS. What did they have to say as regards this?
  13. So I've put together an Ophidian Gate, but despite a few attempts, some bits of the pillars look abit like this:: What's the best way to fill these gaps? Liquid green stuff seems the best answer (?) But in the quantities needed would be quite expensive.