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  1. This is the link for those who can't click back 2 pages: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0I5KKh0N9x9RzhnaXZqRUhpVGs
  2. the head is actually from the Dark Elf Cold one knights just with the top knot hair chopped off it to go completely bald. Cold one knight legs & lance, Dragon prince Torso, old DE xbow/spear kit left arm & shield. Monster is a Reaper Bones Jaberwokky that I chopped the neck up to make space for a rider. I have since managed to source the official model so I'll be able to run it at the GW heats (or other events hosted there) should the need arise.
  3. 11 Jan 2017

    Continuing to paint more fluffy units to use with my TK. Vampire lord on abyssal terror, what 4x move on buffed necroserpents is fluffy...
  4. 07 Jan 2017

    First models complete of 2017: 10 zombies to go in my TK list. Basically i I copied a netlist (written by domus) and there were 40 points spare so I was able to upgrade 2 of his units of zombies to skellys to stay more on theme but the last unit had to stay zombies and I had none painted.
  5. I originally didn't post this to GH, it was a rules change thread that got 'tidied'. I kinda agree that PI is tactical but not sure my proposal prevents the pinning of units from both sides etc that are the tactical part. Keep the rule that base to base means you can't move, keep you must stay in unit coherency and actually it's how I've seen a lot of casual people play it where you just mush stuff into the unit rather than worrying about the odd couple of mm here and there for who's closest. i saw it as a way of reducing potential conflict not removing a tactical option
  6. I'd like to see piling in tweaked. As it currently stands it can stop you from maximising the number of models in a unit from getting into combat from a unit, it would make more sense that you had to maximise the models in your unit fighting if you pile in (just your unit not your opponents, they can sort that in their pile in). No idea how to word that rule though, possibly just change it to must pile in towards the nearest enemy unit not model?
  7. 2016 Review/2017 Resolution

    2016 Final tally was 448 models: Infantry 331, MI 26, Cavalry 12, Epic bases/vehicles 36, Monsters 7, Vehicles 7, WMs 2, Chariots 1 and Terrain 12. Split by Game: AoS 209, 30k 67, Saga 40, Guildball 37, Epic 36, Bolt Action 25, Darklands 24, Warmachine 6, Relic Knights 3, Bloodbowl 1. As can be seen I’ve flitted around between games a lot this year and now have full armies for multiple systems as a result. Despite that I’ve not actually been playing all that many games of anything. AoS & 30k have been the two biggest and then a smattering of others. AoS I now have 4 different armies which I can put on the tabletop: TK, mixed chaos, Moonclan & Duardin. A large chunk of what I did this year was the moonclan & duardin, both were existing armies from 8th which were getting updates to fit into AoS. The mixed chaos is Skaven & Daemons, most was already painted so it was just rebasing this year but I did add a few bits (Stormfiends & Sayl). 30k was due to the Calth boxset, I ended up with 2750 pts of painted alpha legion. Saga was a club thing, I jumped in played about 4 games and fell off again due to work commitments ****** with the campaign that came out this year and I never picked it back up again. It’s a fun enough game but didn’t utterly grab me. Guildball is a little misleading as there are 16 bits of terrain in that number. I painted up 8 bits of fast ground and 8 rough ground to have available for tournaments under my guise of pundit. Actual models I painted up 21 which was 2 new teams and a smattering of the season 2 releases for the other teams I owned. Epic I typically throw in as my January painting project to get me off to a good start as you can churn out a decent volume of models with minimal effort and this is despite not playing epic for over 20 years. Bolt Action was a purchase whilst I still wasn’t sure about AoS, I’d actually intended to pick up a fully painted army but what I got had a bunch of incomplete/unpainted models so I brought it all up to a standard but haven’t played a single game with it. Darklands was an early in the year interest project that has seriously waned, hopefully it’ll pick back up again when some more models arrive through the various KS’s I have outstanding. I’ll be going for the Albainn & Erainn factions which have some lovely humans. The Warmachine was just finishing off a unit I started painting 5 years ago. I quite like picking up a model and doing it every so often for old projects to see what takes my interest and the same went for relic knights, I’d hoped to get the motivation to paint all my relic knights doctorine faction just to have it done but no such luck they simply didn’t grip me this year. Finally a solitary bloodbowl figure was the start to my painting up a skaven team that I only bought because I ended up TOing an event I dropped out of due to uneven numbers and then was bored mid round! The other significant thing about the number of models I painted this year surrounds my running total. I’ve been tracking what I paint since 1 Jan 2011, which between then and 31 Dec 2016 is a total of 2,192 days. In that time I have painted 2,226 models. Which nicely works out at an average of more than 1/day over a 6 year period! 2016 Resolutions Checklist 30k – paint my alpha Legion – 2750 points painted and taken to a group meetup. Success Saga – paint warband – 6pt saga warband painted and played with/. Success Darklands – a lot of this is KS and has yet to turn up, that said there are a stack of models in a box which I’ve yet to do anything with. But I did paint and play with my Khthones this year. Partial success. Old School Dwarfs – Rebased, played at SCGT, ruined by proposals to ban legacy (now compendium) scrolls, probably wont see the table again. Success Epic – paint some orks. Instead I painted some marines but never finished the force. Partial success Guildball – Paint S2 models. I did the extra models for union, alchemists, butchers but didn’t pick up any of the new mascots and haven’t painted the second Engineer captain yet. But I did paint 2 new guilds instead. Success Rivet Wars – This one was a bit of a tack on and I’ve never found the time to put brush to model for them. Fail. Frostgrave encounters – Use some of my reaper bones stuff for monsters. Never touched them. Fail. 2017 So what’s up for this year, resolution time! No not aim to paint 1/day, instead I’m going to try and paint some individual models to a higher standard, probably targeting something like 26 good quality models. (1/fortnight). That’s not to say I won’t paint a load of other models around these but my objective will be the better stuff. Stop buying tonnes of junk I’ll never play with! I’ve curbed my KS habit in the last 6 months only backing Roots of Magic (9 models) because it’s a small independent KS making some very nice models on a shoestring budget. This is one I’ve not quite settled on yet – Sell off some of my armies. With the changes to AoS I basically won’t use a large chunk of my WFB stuff ever again so it doesn’t really make sense to hold onto it all. Also there are a bunch of games I’m unlikely to actually play, do I really need to keep stuff for them or should I just get rid. Paint a ‘concept army’. For those that don’t know this is a big thing in AoS at the moment, basically it means not to paint a colour scheme but to paint a theme eg ethereal, sin city etc. In reality what many people have done is spray one colour, wash and drybrush their models and call it done which usually just looks like a half assed rush job. I want to do it properly. Finish some projects – 30k Alphas have a few models o/s, Relic Knights, Epic Marines, various AoS armies. I don’t want to be fully painted at the end of 2016 but I want to be able to say “I have no more of [x] to paint”.
  8. Is this the solution then? Rather than a blanket ban of compendium only ban all 'old world' characters who are no longer with us and let people use the generic stuff. I could get on board with that approach as it fits fine with the wider narrative and doesn't take away armies.
  9. How long did CD get by on the 4 page PDF from 6th ed before they got pulled (most of 2 editions is the answer), DoW were still in the ETC in 2010 despite neither having had models for years and no new rules for even longer. I entirely understand from GWs viewpoint why they would want to ditch them because it is of zero value to them as a company. Why as a player of games that needs to be such a big issue I don't fully understand. Dan's (and your) reasoning of it's not fair that only some have access to the models sort of makes sense, but given the abundance of other manufacturers who can do alternative mini's I don't think it actually holds up. Those that want absolutely could buy the army. Sure they couldn't use it at the handful of GW run events in the year but to say models are unavailable simply isn't true. That is of course from a seasoned non-GW model user so I have no issues with alternative manufacturers, something I'm aware doesn't translate to everyone. I suppose this could potentially hurt GW but as someone that owns so many different armies, the majority of which are made up of GW figs and continues to buy more armies I don't get it. Maybe it's because I collect multiple armies which isn't the norm, do most just have 1 army and that's it, so if they bought an alt TK army then they would actually be hurting GWs sales? If that's the case then I suppose it holds some water as ultimately WFB got canned because of poor sales and has been replaced with a hugely more enjoyable product so I'd not want to see that jeopardised because TK happen to have quite good rules so all the people hunting the top tables would stop buying GW stuff. Anyway this is rambling away from the point of the conversation. I've had armies invalidated in the past and I'm sure it'll happen again in the future so I've just got to suck it up.
  10. Yeah, these guys.
  11. Fair enough it's just that people were at pains to point out this was just a couple of independent events earlier and n no way impacted the wider scene. I guess it isn't quite as standalone as they made out.
  12. Where are we talking about a GW event? and my point with SF in order was talking about everything available to everyone which is never true.
  13. I can buy virtually every model in the TK range from GW or other model makers. Sure they're not labelled as TK but necron wraiths as necroserpents. Chaos forgefiends as sphinxes etc etc. Plus not everything is available to everyone by game design, I've yet to find a way to fit stormfiends in my order list.
  14. I don't get your viewpoint, you could equally be drawn against someone running a fireslayer army and run roughshod over them because the army isn't competitive and you're now saying they've ruined your tournament experience? Yet everyone else is saying they're an AoS army, that's all cool. (There are a couple of ok FS builds but the army is generally toss).
  15. TOs or one particular outspoken group with a podcast.