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  1. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    In the beginning there was the old world... and it exploded. Then there was the barren wastelands of no points & no scenarios and the game was doomed until an intrepid band of individuals came along and designed a points system & scenarios. The golden time of freedom and choice. Then GHB 2016 came out, apparently it saved AOS (personally I thought it stuck a bunch of pointless limitations upon us) and gave us traits & items for characters and official scenarios. Each army book then turned up the ante further and further until even characters mounts started getting traits and balance was destroyed by the shooting meta and underpointed filth units. And lo unto us did the great overseer GW release GHB 2017 and there was much rejoicing. Only it didn't really change the fundamentals of the game and it just moved the goalposts a little and everyone did grumble. Overall I think there is a bit of player expectations are off base with what the GHB is meant to do. What GHB's annual update is: A rebasing of unit points A change/rebalancing of scenarios A rebalancing of armies (adding in traits for those that don't) What it isn't: A change of game rules A change of model scroll rules making the game balanced I'm not a huge fan of the battleline, heroes & monsters limitations, I felt the game worked just fine without having those in place. All they do is place unnecessary limits on army construction. I'm also not a fan of the army traits & items. Staunch defender & mirror shield are the easiest way of evidencing this. Both are clearly more powerful than the other options out there so become no brainer and then they skew builds & matchups even further from the core came (0+ save stardrake and pretty much impossible to shoot off the buff character is not great army design). Does any of this stop me from enjoying the game, hell no. Does this influence the armies I choose to paint and play, nah not really. Am I hugely invested in AOS and have multiple armies under each grand alliance so overall the change in GHB/points means I'm not that fussed, yup.
  2. Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    Lets chat stardrakes: All those squish artillery crew just got MW'd off the board and your guns can't shoot any more... yeah that sucks. As much as this is a relatively niche occurrence there are other options eg [x] on a balewind etc etc who can all rinse your WM crew from extreme range with significant ease. As a result artillery is a very high points investment for something that is relatively easy to switch off and as a result doesn't appear much in the game. To that end I've only ever run a hellstorm rocket battery (or in the early days a couple of grudgethrowers as they reliably killed 6w characters) as both can use the ability to deploy behind a piece of terrain to limit the ability of anything to pick them out to other models which can ignore LOS. Do not underestimate the value of not getting your machines shot! As noted above there being no battleline means you're playing a mixed order army here (under matched play anyway) so frankly I think the first model on the Battletomb:Ironweld Arsenal list is the hurricanum, and yes I know, it's not even Ironweld but it just dials the rest of the force up to 11 with it's non-keyword specific buff.
  3. My take on the new TK (tl;dr - still great)

    Super stoked at running TK again, the army is phenomenal fun but has clear weaknesses. I totally understand why the summoning was removed, it makes a clear break from them getting used in other death armies. I am in the fortunate position of having 18 ushabti (12 GW, 6 bows), 12 snakes and some of every other unit they have (except apothes). So I can run as hard or as soft a list as I feel like. The only unit I feel gets a rough time of it is the tomb guard 80/5 leaves them wallowing in my cabinet (I use the old mummy models for mine so really love to get them out). At the start I talked about clear weaknesses and I'd say the limited access to MWs (bolt, stalkers & snakes) and rend -2 (3 characters, scorpions, necrosphinx & bone giant) makes the army struggle against a few of the popular armies right now (sylvaneth 2+ save ignoring rend, stormcasts 1+ save dragon, morngul and a handful of others). But is this any worse than other armies - not really.
  4. Agree catapults feel a fraction overpriced for a max 4 damage model but the necrotect obviously changes that up a bit. what was the herald nerf? changes not mentioned (or I missed in the thread:) necrosphinx charge distance lowered (3d6 pick 2 highest) Scorpions now tunnel up 9" away catapult now has to cause damage to reduce bravery. the changes to the exalted chariot king is mental, so compared to settra before he now has an ability & item. But that means he can be my wizard saving me 120pts with master of the black arts and can have -1 to hit or 3+ to return once dead. Overall I think the TK army still has a very competitive build but more importantly it has a load of fun units for a great varied army.
  5. Let's Chat Dispossessed

    More likely I'll just be using the dispossessed as allies into other order armies where I want a solid defensive unit (30 ironbeakers). As a standalone army they lack enough interesting options to make them jump out to me ahead of my other armies.
  6. Dwarf/Disppossed 2k Army help

    Nobody really tanks. Skinks chaff and if needs the dracoth gets mystic shield & can pin a unit, as can the hunters The shooting is more brutal than you think.
  7. Rogue idol base size?

  8. Rogue idol base size?

    I put mine on a 150mm base, because that was the largest size my plasticard cutter could extend to. Gives a bit of room around the feet and I'm happy it looks about right.
  9. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    I know Andy who ran them for Scotland at the 6 nations. Normally when he dropped down he wasn't buffing the endrinriggers, he buffed the arkanauts. his list: Admiral, 4 khemists 3x10 arkanauts 9 endrinriggers (3 grapnels) 6 skywardens - couple of drill cannons Ironclad iron sky command Characters, 2 arkanaut units & all the bubble dudes go in the ironclad. Deploys - 10 arkanauts &ironclad in sky Gives opponent T1 His T1 drops ship 4 khemists usually buff arkanauts. Shoot off top priority target(s) with skyhooks, if needed endrinriggers charge something too having grapneled to be a relatively easy charge. Hope for double turn - khemists can buff either arkanauts again or endrinriggers as required. Shoot up another unit, chop up a unit. Usually at this point your opponent has no significant threats left. If you do lose the turn roll if you've deployed it right there shouldn't be many threats close to you that can do any serious damage and if people do countercharge in then the Khemist debuff to attacks (which stacks at present) basically drops everyone to 1 attack and they tend to just get stuck. T3 onwards, clean up and saunter onto objectives for the win.
  10. I've been out a while, looking for a quick update

    New stuff since last year? Stormcasts vanguard wing - the scouty/fast stormcasts & more good shooting. Kharadron Overlords - airship dwarfs with lots of good shooting Tzeentch - All subfactions rolled into 1 book and lots of good shooting. Khorne - all subfactions rolled into 1 book and alliance ability that helps them run across the table and fight as units die.
  11. Etc 2017

    I played ETC for Scotland back in 8th ed, we were competitive if never top 10. As a competitive game it had it's merits. AOS also has it's merits. I switched to AOS because after playing a few games it felt just as strategic to me but with some of the rules barriers removed. The main thing was the change in styles. A lot of 8th was about preventing your opponent from doing things by creating a stand off and then trying to force an opening. A lot of AOS is about engaging and destroying your opponents army to stop them from doing things. I just find AOS is more engaging and conclusive than playing round the margins to try and get an edge to open them up. But ultimately one game is being backed by GW and getting new content on a regular basis with new armies & stories. One is a fan creation trying to tighten down the rules for a fixed set of armies & models to make it as competitive as possible. Ultimately (for me) I like my new shiny and had grown bored of 8th after 5 years and I don't see enough different about 9th to tempt me back. AOS is big in the UK, there are 100 person tournaments, there are team events. The first 6 nations just took place and there is an appetite for more. Anyone suggesting AOS is just for fun and not competitive is misjudging the game. But equally anyone saying 8th/9th ace can't be cinematic and have wow factor is misjudging that game. They are both good games and they both have their pluses and minuses.
  12. Dwarf/Disppossed 2k Army help

    Toss a phoenix stone on there, you've enough wizards floating around for a mystic shield as and when needed and it's survivable enough. The ability to pump out a decent volume of mortal wounds at a reasonable range is not to be sniffed at. If I were to be building an order gunline from the ground up I'd probably take 2. Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage (320) Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage (320) Battlemage (100) - life wizard to heal the hurricanums/celestant Aether-Khemist (100) - buff the skyhooks Lord-Celestant On Dracoth (220)- Tempestos Hammer & Thundershield 20 x Arkanaut Company (240) - 6 skyhooks 10 x Skinks (80)- blowpipes 10 x Skinks (80)- blowpipes 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180)- Greatbows 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180)- Greatbows 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180)- Greatbows Total: 2000/2000 But that is totally moving away from the duardin lists being talked about here. Sticking pure duardin you'll always struggle in the movement game. A couple of gyrocopters can help in the scenarios where you can contest with just 1 model but realistically you want to broaden your selection with other order units to address the movement shortfalls. Be it skinks for fast & cheap or dracoths for fast & survivable (not that it gives you much by way of bodies).
  13. Dwarf/Disppossed 2k Army help

    What do you see everything in the list achieving? Presume the intent is stack the rend on the xbows and shoot stuff off, cannons also do good range & high rend shooting and largely the thunderers do the same. Longbeards just there to fill the battleline requirement? Have you thought about how you play under different scenarios? If I was facing it I'd just be sitting back out of range of as much as possible and trying to win on scenarios unless I was able to use greater mobility/range to just bully the shooting you have (I'm thinking skyfires & kurnoth hunters here). Kunning Rukk could potentially outshoot you by just hiding the boss and then using the movement to jump forward with their movement tricks and pour shots into your shooting, cripple one unit and play to double turn and do the second in the next one. Overall it's just looking a bit too samey for my tastes. I ran a list at heat 2 which was: Hurricanum with wizard 2x Runelords Grimm Frost phoenix annointed Loremaster 30 quarellers 20 Glade Guard 3x10 skinks (battleline) Hellstorm Rocket All mostly shooting but it had a bit of a mix in there of Mortal Wounds, High Rend and the indirect fire on the hellstorm to give the army a few different looks. The phoenix was there as a tarpit but also to get objectives in 3 places of power. I ended up 3-2 but was in with a chance on one of the losses and faced a similar but more optimal army (and played very badly against it) in the other loss.
  14. Warhammer on the Cheap??

    Entirely the wrong time of year but typically in December GW release a few 'army boxes'. These have historically been fantastic deals getting up to 2x retail value in the boxes for the price. In a similar vein the 'getting started' boxes usually offer very good value starting points too. People have already pointed out that going via online retailers can get you 20% off and if you're prepared to hunt around on eBay/facebook market you can get even better deals. I recently picked up £200 worth of Kharadron stuff for £110 with the bonus of it being built & mold-lines removed and even came with extra skyhooks on the arkanauts. Ultimately it's down to finding an army type which you like best and then from within that having a shop around.