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  1. Sportsmanship, is it dwindling?

    EDIT - What I can say ****** or ******, ****** nanny state ****** you TGA you bunch of ****** ******.
  2. Sportsmanship, is it dwindling?

    eh-ehhh. Wrong. (done for dramatic effect, nice list more or less) - Be a team player when you are in a team, or else you're getting thrown under the bus every round - Stay positive don't whinge about your luck/dice, sometimes they ****** you but that's not your opponents fault - Keep trash talk to a minimum an appropriate level to those you're playing games with - Lose gracefully - except where being ungraceful is done in a humorous manner, I favour childlike jumping up and down tantrums and giving my models a telling off - Win with class, and then shout "in your face loser" while *throwing the L sign on your forehead*, obviously subject to point 3 above - Respect your opponent, unless they breach point 4 above, in which case crush them beneath your heel and enjoy the lamentations of their wimmin - Watch your language (know your surroundings) - F**k yeah - Respect the rulings of TO’s, but expect them to rip the ****** out of you if you ask a damn fool question - Treat others how you want to be treated, see above.
  3. AoS Wish For 2018

    Grand alliance Destruction Presents: Sky Pirates
  4. 2 weeks after launch there was a 90ish player event in the UK, yes it was tacked onto a larger GW convention style event so was always going to be popular but I think the game will be more popular than GB already (I play GB too, and the largest event was a 128 player but that pretty much maxed out the UK competitive community). The game is designed in a great manner to be a competitive game, but GW don't understand competitive play. You just need to see their approach to the competitive pack and this is clear. The size of an event is tied to a traditional swiss chess, they're proposing 24 player event support, which would suggest 5 rounds for a winner but the pack is only 4 rounds and secondary scoring deciders. I wasn't convinced in the run up to release but now I've played the game I'm wholly on board. The business model is that of a CCG, so you are going to want to buy every single expansion if you plan on playing competitively but at a buy in of £30 every few months it's not horrendous and you are getting a bunch of cool models with that too.
  5. Cleave

    There is now an objective card that scores off playing 3 ploys in the previous turn, could have just been to score that (if it was a ploy), or just to burn through their hand 'just cos'.
  6. What drew you to collect your Army

    For me it starts a lot further back than AoS, my first AoS armies were all from my old WFB armies who I chose to flip over into service for the new game. The first AoS army I played (rebased) was my TK, they were my favourite army before AoS and I wanted to keep going on them, it also helped that they were a pure unadulterated power list before the points tweak. From there I then decided to flip my dwarfs over, this was actually an act of contrariness as I specifically chose to only use models from the 80s & early 90s (when I think they dwarf figs had the most character) so it was all about taking really old things and jamming them into a new setting to give them a new lease of life. They were great fun & looked good but still suffer a little from the same problems dwarfs have always had. After there I went off chasing the meta and tried out a mixed chaos list which was basically all about buffing up 6 combat stormfiends and launching them across the table with Sayl (obviously no longer a thing). List was a mix of skaven and some nurgle elements to give me the punch and the survivability, was a bit of fun but wasn't quite ticking the box for me. I was hunting around for a while at this point and messing about with a few different armies. I ended up adding a few bits to the TK for an event where I ran a filthy netlist copy of what had done well at the UK masters. I then flipped back to order and tweaked my dwarfs to be a mixed order gunline vaguely in the style of the event winning lists of the time. That was a core of dwarfs shooters with a skink screen, a hurricanum and a frostheart. This one was built for the specific requirements of not duplicating scrolls for the 6 nations to try out how the gunline worked if you took out the kurnoth hunters. I had most of that painted anyway so it was just a case of a little rebasing, so during this time I was painting up Khorne Bloodbound because I'd picked up 2 of the Christmas boxes (great value and solid core of an army). So for 2017 it was mostly Khorne and then once they were complete I expanded out my Tzeentch daemons (again from WFB days) into a full Disciples of Tz army. Hmm just realised that I missed doing a moonclan army at some point in the middle of all of that too. That was part rebasing, part painting new stuff. So my first army for AOS was just old armies. The only army that has been an out and out AoS creation was my Bloodbound but I am now working on KO. As to what is my favourite army... All of them!
  7. Balance problems?

    We played that wrong then!
  8. Christmas Set ..

    They all roughly rock in around £150 from a quick scan through, death one maybe a little less.
  9. Christmas Set ..

    So basically the Christmas boxes are all the armies they have released this year (which got new model releases) plus another death box which is yet more of the same . Makes sense I guess but a little disappointing seeing as I have already bought into all of them so there is nothing here for me. I was wishing for Fyreslayers as even with the getting started box they're still an expensive army but hey ho. Tz - If I hadn't bought 50 tzangor already I'd be tempted by the Tz one most. KO - you're unlikely to buy if you're building a competitive list as the expensive 1/2 of the box isn't useful. Stormcasts is Blightwar +, I'd be more tempted to buy 2xblightwar and sell off the nurgle parts. Death - so much crossover with the existing boxes I can't see the appeal. Start collecting was Mortarch & 10 skellies, 5 Black Knights, The Firestorm release was wight & grave guard. This box is basically a combo of the 2 but with a couple of morghasts thrown in in stead of the black knights. It's a good option for a new player starting death but would have been way better if it was a VLoZD instead of Mortarch.
  10. Shadespire Stormbro’s.

    Gold is super simple. 1. I primed these red because it was what I had to hand. No idea if it made a difference but full disclosure. 2. Got a kids ikea paintbrush, about the size of my little finger and smashed retributor gold over the whole model. 3. Liberator gold drybrush over the lot again using a 1cm brush, take most of paint off and just go over and over and over until a nice fairly smooth drybrush is achieved 3. Army painter do a range of washes, not the dips, the washes are just like the old GW ones. I use a 50:50 mix of soft tone : strong tone and a very small amount of water all over. 4. Once dry I go back and target strong tone into the darkest recesses 5. Liberator gold & some silver mixed together to pick out the raised edges & rivers and such like. 6. Paint the rest of the model!
  11. The Future of Nurgle

    Very much doubt they'll change the rules but imagine they will release a new model.
  12. Are slaughterpriests fair?

    In isolation they look good but you've got to look at the army as a whole and consider how that would work against different forces. If you're getting all 3 priests into range of a stormcast army then either the build isn't right or their target priority isn't right.
  13. How will you sleeve?

    sleeves, protection... nah, just mash up those cards so you have an excuse to buy a second starter set. At which point you can paint the models to be the inspired/uninspired options of each other and swap out when they flip!
  14. Balance problems?

    I’ve only played 6 rounds so far and all with stormcasts. I found the biggest decider was what objective cards we each picked up. I think I wiped my opponent in 3/6 rounds and 2 of those came down to last activation & the ‘do over’ attack card for stormcasts. Had I failed I probably lost both those rounds as he had the ‘champion of khorne’ card My other win was due to bloodbound stalling out for too long meaning I could win a low score game due to externals.
  15. Shadespire Stormbro’s.

    So this one time, in liberator camp, this heraldor totally stuck a trumpet up his... wait, wrong story, what I meant was look what I painted.