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  1. Id like it too but it wont. It costs way too much money and time to experiment with different lists for it to ever get big.
  2. Ungface

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Chargers going first would radically alter the balance of the game and require everything to be replaytested and repointed or risk disastrous balance issues. Theres no way GW would take that risk these days. I just dont see it happening. Also. If all summong gets changed to not require points than it will be gated behind a mechanic like the slaanesh one.
  3. Ungface

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I also noted that aos is using d6 for most of its rolls. NOOOO! We do NOT need aos turning into 40k!
  4. Ungface

    Slaaneshi rumour engine teaser

    I think the malign portents story confirmed they are seperate entities
  5. Ungface

    Roll Models

    Pretty sure that was released on saturday.
  6. Ungface

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Why do you guys think they are going to be talking about every army? They are only going to talk about what is relevent for the coming releases in june, IE new edition stuff and NH/SCE stuff. Edit: Because it says so at the bottom of the page 😅
  7. Ungface

    To Wound or Mortal Wound?

    What about the fact that a bullet is being fired at a very fast velocity out of the rifle, faster than any stormcast could throw a hammer? Considering this a 4/6 vs 3/6 is pretty good.
  8. Ungface

    The Rumour Thread

    Charges going first wouldnt even speed up the game. Ud still be rolling the same amount of dice.
  9. Ungface

    The Rumour Thread

    Judging from the warscroll for the knight invocator theres no change to casting, you still do it in the hero phase.
  10. Ungface

    The Rumour Thread

    That would ruin the game.
  11. Ungface

    The Rumour Thread

    Theres a he aswell. Scroll up
  12. Ungface

    The Rumour Thread

    For some reason i thought of orcs
  13. Ungface

    Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    Obviously if thats the case they will alter it somehow, they already stated in that video that a couple of warscrolls will get tweaked.
  14. Ungface

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I get what youre trying to say but you realise that half of the rules in 8th ed were taken directly from AoS?
  15. Ungface

    The Rumour Thread

    The lady with her arms out wide and a crystal in her hand was displayed as a knight exelcsior and a scenic base but also displayed as a hallowed knight without one