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  1. Let's chat : Khorne!

    This is basically the lists I have been using, I have been very happy with the unit. I want to try it with Skarr at somepoint. But the lack of mortal wounds is the big problem.. Iam going to try soon a Chaos Lord with a artifact to buff the ReaperBlade as I think it may help Kitbashed this guy for that last night
  2. Greetings. So I wanted some feedback on how I am scoring the games of the league. These are my objectives: Reward players to play with painted armies Reward players to play as many games as they can Do not punish players who cannot play all games To deal with this mixed bag of objectives, I established two paths to victory. And I will be giving awards for the player who scores the most points, and the player who scores the best average point. At the end of every game I will award the following points: 4 points will be awarded for a major victory. 3 points will be awarded for a minor victory. 1 point will be awarded for a draw. 0 points is awarded for any type of loss. 1 extra point will be awarded if photos of the fully painted army are posted to the club Facebook page (2 extra points will be awarded for a ‘battle host’ game) The Average points score will be calculated by dividing the total points scored, Providing 6 more games have been played, less than that the Average points will be one 5th of the total points. So looking for feedback; If you were doing this would you score points differently? If so how?
  3. Greetings, I thought I would take a moment to talk about battlefield terrain. A key part of the Dark Shadows campaign pack was a page that described the battlefields of the Fens of Albion. I thought that I should try and recreate the table for the campaign. A number of these items will require me to spend time working on building Terrain for the tables. == The Battle Fields of the: ' Shrouded Fens’. When setting up the Terrain for a game of age of sigmar using the Time of War: Ghur: ' Shrouded Fens’ rules it is recommend to try and uses Terrain features that match these following list. A Myiscial Ruins: more than one section of Ruins representing the remains of the fallen kingdom. Fetid Swamps and Morasses – Areas of Stagnant Pools and Rotting Vegetation: This feature should not block line of sight but is considered Dangerous in all weather conditions Small Lakes– An area of open water. These are Impossible to cross. Broken Moorland – Rocky outcrops and bushes. Fen – A area of water and odd tree.. Should not block line of sight but will slow charges. Woods == Additional features like Rivers and Hills are also good, but the key thoughts are to provide Terrain that will not block line of site but slow movement down. I am going to try and work on building Terrain for the league. It should also be noted that because the factions actions within the Shrouded Fens, areas which have more traditional battlefield aspect can be found.
  4. Another Bloodmarked warband list ( 2000 pts)

    True! You could pull together the skull reapers and wrathmungers... But not sure how useful that would be.
  5. Reservations...

    My only reservation, is that I kinda wish they had found away to do pre-painted. even if it was very basic. There will be a limit to the audience size with the game because of that.. which makes me worry about the life cycle of the game. But the same could be said for bloodbowl, and well yes.
  6. unit fillers

    Most of my old unit filler have become objectives. I do worry that the growth of the large unit will cause people to look for shortcuts.. but I think the age of filler has passed.
  7. Greetings! So this week I was able to get up my local game store and get some games in. (Sadly not league games) but I gave me an opportunity to take some photos Due to the large number I took I have hid them behind Spoilers to make it manageable. Aspiring Deathbringer! Chaos Hounds! Chaos Marauders!! Blood Warriors (pre-Snowbase)!! The Full Warband!! Temple of Skulls!!
  8. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Well I finally had a few days off work, and was able to get up to my local city for a day of gaming. I got to play a game of Shadespire, and two games of AOS with my Khornate Army. The Shadespire game was fun, loved the new reaver models cannot wait to get my hands on them. The first Game of AOS I played was a 750 game against a Disiples of Tzeentch deamon army. This game was brutal, I was able to open up an early lead by securing objectives, but in the hero phases he just ripped me to bits. By turn two I was able to get into close combat and I did some damage, but not enough. At this size game destiny dice are very broken. He basically was immune to battleshock (and his horrors would respawn), and I could never stop his larger spells. Despite this by focusing on securing objectives I went into the final round in the lead and if I had one priority he wouldn’t have been able to catch me, sadly I lost priority. The second game was a 1500pt game against Ironjawz. Again I gained an early lead by securing objectives, but in this game the armies were better matched and as the Ironjaws like getting into a good brawl as much as chaos does, so I lost a lot of units but this just let me use the blood tithe points to activate blood rain a few times which kept my hearos and Soul Grinder alive. My big mistake in this game was that I left the rear of my army open and using a relm gate a unit of ardboys were able to get behind my lines and kill my Blood Secrator in turn 1. This then started a large melee on my back objective. Thanks to my heroes regenerating, and my soul grinder picking off the wizards I was able to keep a sold lead on points which stopped him consolidating his forces so I was able to pick off them one at a time as soon as my Daemon prince got behind his line and started picking off support units ..
  9. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    Well that took alot less time than I was expecting... Kinda. In one long rum filled painting session I was able to paint up the temple of skulls I wanted to get done! I painted it using 'poster' paints from the local walmart and then hit up the details with Citadel Paints. Its not perfect but I will do for the table in a box i am building!
  10. Let's chat: Garrek's Reavers

    Well I played my first game with Gareks Reavers this week at my local GW store. The game played well, the primary hurdles that needs to be overcame by the Reavers is making sure you can get an early glory point. Upgrades to improve damage is very important! The stormcasts are able to one shot most of the Reavers , it takes time for us to do the same. And landing them with a lot of hits is a good way to make them inspired. So you need to pick a guy to be the target of the buffs use the other reavers to screen him, and work hard on getting as many objectives in round one! At the start of the game skip ones that require you to kill anyone, securing objectives in the first round is good. Once you have the glory then you can focus on takeing out one of the golden boys, focus the whole warband one at a time. well they are my intial thoughts.
  11. Another Bloodmarked warband list ( 2000 pts)

    Ok I think with some changes you could make this into a one drop list, Given that the battalion lists 1- Hero 8 Units Nothing is stopping you running additional heros in the unit slots. (As all Heros are also Units). So I would 'Mob up' the Bloodreavers.. and another unit and then all your units sit in the Battalion. Also gives you more chance of spawning new heros!
  12. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Soul Grinder. I have been running one in a few games recently (mostly as I dont have other units painted). Its been great for sniping out buffing characters, and then using its close combat weapons on large mobs.
  13. Khorne 1500pts - need advice

    On the note of the Bloodsecrator, Iam giving alot of thought to running a pair of them. It allows them to take it in turns moving up the table and also provides insurance should one be killed. But then again only one can get the buffs of gore pilgrims so not sure how much of a help it would be in this list...
  14. Greetings, So today I want to talk about army lists once again. This time my 1000pt list for the league. I am trying to get my 750/1000/1250pts list together at the same time so I can try and get these level games sorted as soon as I can. My real life job has me working away from home a lot so when I get a chance to get to the table I want to be able to play games. As such this list is not exactly what I want but it is the models I have painted at the moment. == Leaders Aspiring Deathbringer – General: Command Traits: Great Destroyer - (Bloodaxe and Wrath Hammer) Bloodsecrator Daemon Prince - Deamonic Axe, Wings. Artefacts: Daemon Weapon. Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne Units 40 x Chaos Marauders – Axes and Shields. Mark of Khorne. 5 x Blood Warriors – Goreaxes and gorefists Bullgors – Twin Axes 10 x Chaos Warhounds == Once again I plan on running this list using the Chaos Allegiance, as until I hit the 1500pt level the Khorne one provides little benefit. The addition of the Bullgors is to provide another source of rend in the list. Just with the -1 rend some of the more worrying units become a bit easier to shift. The Bloodmaster is ok for what he is and will bring mortal wounds to the party. I think I would like to change him out for a Bloodstoker as he can help buff a lot of my units (Bloodwarriors or even the Deamon Prince are good targets) A Khorgorath could even been fun to add more big guys to the list. What would you add for 80pts?