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  1. 8 Lores of Magic

    I'd also like to have more spells to choose from. Even if it only were the ones from the Battlemage warscrolls or so, choose one for every wizard. If they introduce more spells I'd love to have something to protect from mortal wounds and/or shooting, especially for those armies that suffer from the shooting/mortal wounds meta we seem to have. Edit: and since positioning is a huge tactical factor in AoS area denial spells would also rock. Such as preventing setup of units in the spell area (against Seraphon, KO, or SCE for example) or a magic wall blocking movement. Or slowing down a charge (-2 or so) by making terrain muddy. Such stuff. We have some of those things in the game but not by using magic.
  2. Can Nagash survive an alpha strike?

    That's why I wrote fully buffed. His natural damage is d6 but with Serpent Staff buff on him he has the CHANCE of doing 2d6 with one attack since Serpent Staff causes double damage on any Bite or Jaws attacks rolling a six. (Starpriest warscroll) The Curse of Fates spell by the Starseer (or a Slann using the command trait) allows the Dread Saurian to improve the chance for a roll of six. With its rend of -3 those four attacks (which are hit 3 and wound 3 and rerolling rolls of 1, both for hit and wound) are pretty likely to make a dent in Nagash's armor. I haven't done the math precicely, only in my head, but that has to mean that roughly half of those attacks cause wounds and one of them is a five or six, the average of 2d6 + d6 is 10, so 10 wounds caused and Nagash's ward save will reduce that by one or two, so the four Jaws attacks may make 9 wounds, leaving the 2d6 Claws attacks that will cause another two or three wounds at least. So if you roll a bit above average Nagash can be killed by a buffed Dread Saurian in one round. ...and yeah someone should really do the math properly, I don't have much time at the moment to do it.
  3. Can Nagash survive an alpha strike?

    You should shield him with cheap units like skeletons or zombies so he cannot be sniped that easily. If you fail to do so I can imagine a few forces that would be able to kill him in one round, but it is hard. Seraphon with a teleporting fully buffed Dread Saurian (Curse of Fates, Starlight, Celestial Rites to make the charge, Serpent Staff for potential 2d6 damage on one attack, Mystic Shield, and using his rerolls because Nagash is a monster) accompanied by a Shadowstrike could do the job. Also might survive a round of battle against Nagash thanks to a Slann unbinding his killer spell with a bit of luck. SCE, Kharadron or Tzeentch could also pull it off I guess, can't tell because I don't know those armies so well. But if you put enough chaff around him it isn't that much of a problem I think.
  4. Balewind Vortex

    Probably. Hmmm really not that much bigger than a Slann. On the other hand calling a Slann a monster would be weird as well..
  5. Balewind Vortex

    Being a Monster (or not) is something that I don't fully understand either. I thought I had understood that monsters would be creatures lacking intelligence. That made sense because it explains why it cannot benefit from cover (it doesn't understand the concept of taking cover) . So a Slann wouldn't be a monster because he really is an intelligent toad that happens to be in a Palanquin. ...except that is wrong apparaently? Razordons and Salamanders are NOT monsters for some reason.... The Zombie Dragon is, OK. But if a Zombie Dragon is ridden by a Vampire Lord why shouldn't it be able to take cover? The Vampire understands the concept.... Same for a Troglodon, Bastiladon and the like. So it is purely about size after all? Would kinda make sense. Perhaps the Slann is just barely small enough to take cover, while a Bastiladon isn't? What's the smallest Monster?
  6. [Cards] for Seraphon

  7. It not being effective of course is no reason to not fix it. An ability that doesn't leave the opponent even a chance to react is not something desirable either. Unfortunately there are quite some abilites in the game that do exactly that. The scoring point issue is just the icing on the cake, because who can survive a triple turn? Definitely needs fixing, that's a no brainer, I still don't see it as so unique in how it is able to break the game. The amount of game breaking stuff in AoS is just too big for that. But then again that's my personal opinion on it.
  8. Correct. I'd still prefer solutions not tailor-made for just ONE problem. So the solution does not belong onto the EotG warscroll but into the core rules and/or the battleplans. And that's my main point of critique: Allegedly the rule experts are designing the rules to be balanced, AND there is playtesting. Why do they release battleplans and rules that are so imbalanced and/or so poorly worded that they are spotted as problematic around five minutes after they are leaked to the public? I don't get it. I don't want to believe that they actually forget (or worse: refuse) to test their rules against all their warscrolls. What are all those testers doing?
  9. I somewhat agree, but then there are other battleplans massively favouring some armies that can outright win the game if they go first (there is that new one with the terrain breaking off for example, forgot its name). Those also eliminate the chance to even score an objective point. ...in the end I think for me it comes down to: -> yes, it is a bit broken, but it is quite unlikely to happen -> other stuff is just as broken but also just as unlikely to happen -> yet other stuff is just as broken or more, and has to get fixed much more urgently since it breaks game balance. ...also I think that's really my main gripe with AoS. There is no real balance. It is getting better, it definitely is, but it is still bad, and that makes me angry sad.
  10. Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    I'd say it really is intended that the Slann summons the full unit without size restriction or any other restrictions except range and the "rule of one"-like rule. It has to be the unit from the bataillon, so if that exact unit is on your army list, you can summon it. The wording is abysmal. I have no clue why they worded it so weirdly.
  11. Just wanted you to know that I liked to read all your reports. Some cool stuff in there. I disagree about the EotG thing though, here's why: You are right that the maximum result can be devastating and game winning. But the chance isn't that high, it is something like 1 in 200 and even if the Seraphon player uses all his buffs to improve it he only gets it to something like 1 in 20 while limiting his list a bit to get all those buffs. If you apply those standards to other armies you get the same thing with a lot of abilities. They have a low chance of achieving it but they end the game. I had it happen to me with foot of Gork. A shaman surrounded by lots of boyz and on a Balewind Vortex killed four heroes of my army, and with that all of my synergies, in one turn, effectively ending the game right there. The chance for that isn't that much different. And many armies have something like that. So I'd say it is probably OK. Many Seaphon players including me have not seen the EotG pulling it off even once.
  12. Bringing life back to DEATH - pt 2: Keywords

    I completely forgot about Arkhan since I sold Arkhan when I bought that Start Collecting box. Actually I agree with most what you said, good arguments. ...oh and also that Zombie Dragon should be Deathrattle, I love it.
  13. The rogue Idol in destruction lists

    Some intriguing ideas here! I like the idea of running a Weirdfist+idol to get that magic running for the Ironjawz. Bonesplitterz can also use it nicely. ...I just wonder if it is worth it... because normal attacks like those of Skinks will kill the idol pretty quickly won't they? With the halving wounds it had in the previous version that was different. It also had more attacks. Its attacks now are roughly like those of an Aleguzzler. Is is worth that many points? At 400 it is more expensive than six Gore-Gruntas and a Warchanter...
  14. Bringing life back to DEATH - pt 2: Keywords

    I agree that Mortis Engine should probably be Nighthaunt. The merge of Deathrattle and Deathwalkers....I don't know. I can't really think of Zombies being Deathrattle. Or maybe Deathmages and/or Deathlords should not count toward ally points, or only with half their point cost. Something like that. IMO it is a bit ridiculous that a Deathrattle army at 1500 points cannot have two Necromancers.
  15. We discussed that when we talked about the new Seraphon allegiance ability because obviously teleporting Saurus Knights out of combat and letting them charge back in sounds like a very cool thing to do. IIRC the conclusion was that it will be allowed since teleporting means setting them up so you actually don't "move" out of combat.