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  1. I think it is the accessibility. I had wanted to take a look at Warhammer (any kind of it) for years, but I just couldn't bothered with buying three or more ~40€ books just to take a closer look at the rules, and from what I knew about them those rules were - IMO - very beginner-unfriendly, overly complex, and imbalanced. With AoS I could take a look at all the basic rules for all armies before buying ANYTHING. Of course now that the GHB is there and the Battletomes contain some stuff it isn't that easy anymore, but you can get a good grasp of how the game is played without having those. The rules are much more condensed (perhaps a bit too much sometimes, I admit that, but that's mainly personal taste and I understand it is hard to make everyone happy) and beginner-friendly, without lacking depth if you play a bit longer.
  2. Ok thanks. That's what I thought as well.
  3. Btw, if the minimum number on the warscroll doesn't fit the one in the GHB, who wins? I am asking because I recently noticed that Dryads have a minimum of 5 on their warscroll, instead of 10. I guess that changed but I don't know when.
  4. Strange. One of the... eight (both possible sides of both adapters in both sides of the tube) combinations always worked for me.
  5. Are you sure you are using it correctly? I also had that problem but then realized the tube is not symmetric. Each end provides a different size for each of the drill holders. As soon as I noticed it everything fit. As for the colors: I use them and I am quite happy with them most of the time.
  6. Ironjawz are melee only. Cool but a one trick pony so to speak. Bonesplitterz have fast stuff and archers. Greenskinz are just outdated and bad unfortunately. I'd say Khorne demons are probably more versatile and more fun. Also more competitive I guess, if you don't count Bonesplitterz Kunnin Rukk.
  7. Yeah but compare 10 Ironjawz (3 Brutes, a Megaboss and 6 Ardboyz) to 10 Seraphon (Starpriest, Oldblood and 6 Saurus Warriors). Doesn't sound very balanced to me. Possible to have fun? Sure. But I'd still prefer a system made for such small groups. Hinterlands seems to do a nice job there. If GW does it similarly: Yay!
  8. I somewhat disagree, @Sleboda. Some armies only seem to work properly when they get their synergies, so very small games are badly balanced. If it isn't too complex I will try a proper Skirmish rule set.
  9. Yeah, I changed my opinion on it as well (see my last post) because some wizards can be really devastating using it. Gaunt Summoner, Weirdnob Shaman and Kroak for example.
  10. Well, to be honest my friend I play against plays Ironjawz. Se here's an example: I deploy JUST far away so he is unlikely to make the charge but has something closer than 18", I let him take turn one, he comes running across the table, in my turn I move forward two or four inches if necessary, so he is within 16", and shoot the hell out of him.
  11. I think it isn't that severe. I play Seraphon so the most common range values for shooting that I see are - 8" Guys with Javelins on the Basti, Stega, and Terradons, Flamethrowers on the Stega - 12" Razordons and buffed Salamanders - 16" Skinks with Boltspitters - 20" Bastiladon's Searing Beam - 25" Stegadon's Skystreak Bow From my (beginner's) point of view the 20" and 25" are good ranges, except when facing someone who has real artillery, or an elite unit with 30" like a Kurnoth Hunter. And if I don't mess up my deployment or movement even some of my Skinks usually get to shoot the enemy in round one or (at the latest) two. Most armies' ranged units (units whose main weapon is ranged, not something like a Maw-Krusha who ) have something between 14" and 22" range. Those with short range (like Plague Drones or Salamanders or Javelin Skinks) often make up for it with more damage, they are shotgun/flamethrower/pistol guys basically if you think in modern terms. I think @Steini got it right, the system is meant to give melee armies a chance. If you consider something like Nurgle or Ironjawz attacking my Seraphon army it is already hard for them as it is. If my Skinks had 30" range (any Seraphon player's wet dream :D) they wouldn't stand a chance. The result would be only shooting armies facing each other. In real life a melee only army doesn't stand much of a chance against someone carrying firearms, in a sci-fi/fantasy gaming system it is intended to have armies that rely on melee, mainly for dramatic/gameplay variety reasons. That's why most mass units don't have long range shooting. And that's also why many people see Kurnoth Hunters as a bit OP. They have very long range compared to most other AoS units.
  12. As a fellow Seraphon player I have to applaud the guy taking that list to the tournament and showing all the guys that our army is still there. Of course he needed a super cheese list and lots of luck, but I guess he knew the chances and still picked the lizards and made it pretty far instead of picking an army that is strong in the current meta. My hat's off to him!
  13. Yeah there seem to be quite some strange things happening. I made a habit out of clicking warscrolls 20 times until they finally open, because the first few clicks always make the app act like the warscroll was locked.
  14. I am not an experienced player, but hmmmm let's see... Order: 20: Hunting Hounds 30: No clue. 40: Gryph hounds 50: No clue. 60: Skink Chief if you are using Skinks as cheap battleline, otherwise maybe a Razordon/Salamander 80: Skinks or Vulkite Berserkers. Cheap battlelines for order. But there are other good ones like those Wood Aelf battleline guys Destruction: The really cheap ones are probably all Grots, but Destruction has some nice things for 60 or 80, can't decide. 20: No clue... 30: Perhaps Grot Fanatics? 40: Nasty Skulkers or something 50: no clue. 60: Frost Sabres? 80: too many possible ones Chaos: Same as Destruction for the 60 or 80, so many choices. 20: No clue... 30: Giant Rats 40: Brimstone Horrors 50: Blue Horrors Death: A Cairn Wraith is pretty nice for 60 but you could also take Zombies or Dire Wolves I guess. Depending on what you need. I don't actually recall something cheaper than 60... For 80 you get lots of good stuff already. Can't choose one.
  15. Funny that you mention it right now, because that's exactly what happened to me last week. My friend's Weirdnob managed to make Gork stomp four times in the first round, killing my Astrolith Bearer, my Skink Chief and my Starpriest. After that it was a very short match... I also used it a few times now and I think I agree that it can be very strong and probably is OK at that price.