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  1. Turn order Reference sheet ?

    I did the following: For each game I play I have a sheet of paper that looks roughly like this: My army ------------------------------ Opponent's army 1 - H M S C C B ---------------- H M S C C B 2 - H M S C C B ---------------- H M S C C B 3 - H M S C C B ---------------- H M S C C B 4 - H M S C C B ---------------- H M S C C B 5 - H M S C C B ---------------- H M S C C B I mark who won the initiative in each round (rounds are the lines from top to bottom) with a small dot on the right or left and then I just tick off the phases and the rounds. I also note down the objective points for each round as soon as it is over. Nowadays I know it by heart but this helped me and my friend immensely when we learned the game In the beginning I also noted down a check list so I don't forget to do something important, such as using a command ability or a Ark of Sotek Bastiladon always acting at the beginning of a combat phase, or to declare swift or savage mode for my Thunderquake Starhost.
  2. Tell us your Christmas Projects!

    I am going to try and do the following: - Build and paint a cool looking Bastiladon - Build and paint some Terradons/Ripperdactyls, I magnetized them to be both - Build and paint Lord Kroak - Build and paint a box of Deathrattle Barrow Lords (Black Knights and Grave Guard) - Paint my Sepulchural Guard
  3. The age of hope is dead....

    I am also 99% sure the herald of Order will be a Stormcast. Oh btw those texts and pictures (with full moon and looming danger) remind me of...
  4. The age of hope is dead....

    Hmmm I have the feeling I don't quite get something because I am rather new to this. Is that name "Malign Portents" something that rings a bell for y'all older wargamers? Something from the old world? Otherwise I just see the Age of Sigmar logo and that one model we have seen already, which looks cool and IIRC somebody wrote that there will be models from all grand alliances? I don't think it is a roleplaying game. Those are marketed under the "Warhammer Quest" label, right? I can't imagine it has to do with Shadespire or something because it isn't "Warhammer Underworlds" as far as I can tell. My best (completely uneducated) guess is that it might be something like the "Blight War" box which was a strange crossover between a Battletome light for Nurgle and an AoS starter box. So what I expect is... a box containing some Death models (including that new one we have seen) and some Stormcast, including a new SCE model. Maybe also some new rules/abilities like with Blight War. EDIT: Since the King of Shrouds (I think that was his name) is Nighthaunt maybe it won't be as much of a "Death" rlease but only a part of Death (Nighthaunt)? I admit I had hoped they would, dunno... make Death a bit less cluttered, with Skellies (Deathrattle) and Ghosts (Nighthaunt) and maybe Zombies (Deathwalkers) becoming more generic and combinable with others so we don't have as many splinter factions in Death.
  5. Does this look infected.......?

    Yes it does. Pretty disgusting model, good job!
  6. AoS Wish For 2018

    Balance in the game. End of mortal wound spam, or some kind of defense against it. Improvements for shooting to make it less powerful. Maybe take one or two rules from 40k. More magic for everybody.
  7. Those hovering stones are great!
  8. How to Start Collecting: Seraphon

    Just came here to say: This is a pretty good thread.
  9. Spirit of Durthu Solemn Guardian

    Of course it is worse. It is SCE. Some of their units are so overpowered that I can't help but smile everytime they lose. I am so sad that they are the only allies my Seraphon can choose because I don't want to play them. (and yes, SCE players, I am aware the army itself isn't THAT broken. Consider this post being a tiiiny bit tongue in cheek )
  10. Spirit of Durthu Solemn Guardian

    Yeah, as if a 3+ save (probably 2+ if the Sylvaneth player is smart) isn't tough enough already....
  11. Da Bonejawz, Mawcrusha finished

    Your boyz all look pretty brutal, and the MK is also looking really good. Good job!
  12. Spirit of Durthu Solemn Guardian

    Oh and btw Welcome to the forums @Gaga.Jaga!
  13. Spirit of Durthu Solemn Guardian

    I am not completely sure. Is "a model suffers a wound" the same as "an attack causes a wound"? I think it is intended as this: 1. Attack hits Alarielle. (Let's say it would do D3 damage). 2. Attack wounds Alarielle. 3. Check if Durthu is within 6" 4. Roll a dice, on a 4+ the wound gets redirected. If not Alarielle takes the save. 5. Durthu rolls his save roll. If he fails, roll for damage But I totally understand how people can read it being like this: 1. Attack hits Alarielle. 2. Attack wounds Alarielle. 3. Alarielle rolls her save, fails. Damage is not yet rolled though! 4. Check if Durthu is within 6" 5. Roll a dice, on a 4+ the wound(s) get redirected 6. Durthu rolls his save roll 7. Roll for damage Because the wounds like in the sentence "a model suffers a wound" that we often read on warscrolls refers to damage. If a Necromancer is hit by something causing D3 damage he can try and redirect all three wounds to his Skeletons separately, doesn't he? That is AFTER the save. Same for the Eternity Warden's "Selfless Protector" but those two abilities cause mortal wounds to the recipient, while Durthu's ability explicitly says that you get a save. So I still think variant A is intended, otherwise the part with the save makes it weird.
  14. Getting demoralized from painting

    I call that slump in confidence midway through painting a model the "Oh No Phase" and it usually happens to me once or twice during painting. I pretty much think "Ok, now I ruined it." But yeah most of the time I have finished the models looking decent. I have learned to just go on and follow the plan, and that's what helps me. Just finish it. Take a break and talk to people about it. Re-focus. Then go on. If it actually looks bad after being finished, then see it as a practice piece and strip it. You still learned something. But it is rather likely that it will end up looking far better than you think during the Oh No Phase.
  15. Let's chat: Sepulchral Guard

    I will get my Sepulchural Guard today and play them tonight. Excited!!