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  1. Thanks! That's also what I'd see as most likely and what my fellow Lizardmen over at Lustria online seem to agree on. Still a bit strange.
  2. I don't really dislike any faction either, just some models. Mainly humans. Too much uncanny valley.
  3. If you like running toward your enemy with an armored horde crushing everything in your way then Ironjawz might be fun! And if you like Dinosaurs ripping their enemies apart while behind them a lot of little Lizard guys are shooting tons of bolts from their blowpipes while flying dinosaurs swoop down behind enemy lines, then Seraphon might be fun! EDIT: I also think Skaven might be fun. Haven't played them but they seem to be rather unique concerning play style. That could be fun to try.
  4. yeah, but add another two categories: "EPIC WIN" and "EPIC FAIL" and then show the player's faces! JK, I think that would suffice for me.
  5. I like to see them if they matter, if they are out of the ordinary, and everyone is freaking out because they are. For example: In my last match I played a Shadowstrike Starhost, and my Terradon riders rolled with their bolas and I got 16 wound rolls out of the three attacks with their bolas. My opponent's Maw-Krusha rolled bad saves so I caused ten wounds on him. I'd like to see such a roll.
  6. Hey y'all! I want to use the Thunderquake Starhost when playing my Seraphon. I could not find a FAQ or Errata page that mentions that bataillon, so I assume for now that the warscroll included in the Battletome is still the most recent warscroll. The description of the warscroll's ability "The Creator's Will" says: My interpretations A: it says you choose at the start of EACH combat phase. So twice a round, in your turn and your opponent's turn. Otherwise it would say "in each of your combat phases" like other warscrolls do. B: it does NOT say something like "until your next hero phase" or "in the following combat phase" which would indicate when the buffs end. So it is either B1: the buffs apply only in the combat phase or B2: the buffs apply until the next combat phase or B3: they end at some other, arbitrary point? I'll ignore that one for now. C: it DOES mention a CHARGE roll, which can never occur inside a combat phase. --> So if B1 is true the charge buff NEVER works. --> If B2 is true the charge buff works, but never in the first round (you choose it after the charge phase), it applies in your NEXT turn, which is weird. --> If B2 is true it even means that I can use three of the four buffs in one turn (I choose swift the turn before so it applies in my next charge phase, then in the combat phase I choose savage and get the other two). That sounds needlessly complex to me so I assume it could be an error. --> B2 also automatically would mean that all the buffs on saves, wounds, and hits apply all the time, also in the shooting phase or when a special ability allows them to attack or be attacked in some other phase (such as a Kunnin' Rukk attacking my unit the hero phase). So are there any clarifications on that? The wording is weird. IIRC most warscrolls either 1. say "until your next hero phase" making clear that it lasts the full round. May also be phrased "in this round" (example: mystic shield) OR 2. say "in the following combat phase" (or shooting phase), making clear it is only in that one phase of your turn (example: Terradons' "swooping dive" ability) OR 3. say "in this turn", making clear that it happens in YOUR turn but NOT in your opponent's turn of the same round (can't find an example right now...) I am confused. Please help.
  7. The main reason why I'd like to take the Starseer is the Heavenswatch Starhost. I kinda like how it is a mix between the Shadowstrike Starhost and the Thunderquake Starhost. No clue whether it is worth it though.
  8. IMO the solar engine Bastiladon is much better than the Ark of Sotek one in most cases. As for Krox: I like how they look but they haven't been very good in any match I played them. Might be coincidence though. The Starseer... I don't know. From reading its warscroll I don't like it much at that cost, but I see it on a lot of lists by other people. Might get one and try it myself. Engine of the Gods sucks because of the summoning nerf. Not worth it IMO, but a Slann makes it decent at least.
  9. Thanks for those answers from me as well, I was wondering about the same thing as the OP.
  10. Yeah, me too. Weird.
  11. You have to pay the point cost. Nothing indicates anything else.
  12. Meh. I prefer the other female SCEs who don't have special armor. Or in other words: I liked the SCEs not being gendered, since it really shouldn't matter IMO. But yeah, it could be worse. MUCH worse.
  13. Ah, OK, my bad. I agree then, Ironjawz should get the same treatment. just sucks for the Ironjawz fans who just recently got their first battletome. If I was GW I would probably add the missing content by having a few pages that add this stuff available for free.
  14. Ah, I see where you are coming from, and I think I can agree with that. For me it would feel kinda silly if zombies or skeletons broke allegiance for any Death army. ..and now that I think about it, the same applies to other factions as well, up to a certain point. Aleguzzlers in an Ironjawz army come to mind. They are single dudes that got recruited. They will never be a proper army I guess. Let any Destruction player take them without breaking allegiance, I wouldn't care. uhh... really? I was pretty sure Ironjawz have artefacts and allegiance abilities and multi-part battailons, don't they?
  15. Thanks to you as well! Since I am new to AoS I didn't really get those historical things. That being said: I looked into those Tomb Kings guys' army a bit, and maaan, some cool stuff in there. Mounted and infantry skeleton archers sounds like something I'd like and I dig that aegyptian mummy asthetics with scorpions and mummies, and sphinxes and stuff.