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  1. One of the key weakenesses in the destruction faction to date has been a lack of real ranged fire power which can cause the faction to struggle against tough ranged armies or those factions able to out maneuver them. Whilst the gitmob faction has a number of unique artillery options they are buried within a small and as of yet un-updated faction that lacks real allegiance benefits, and the Bonesplittas whilst able to fire enough arrows to blot out the sun themselves lack other methods of putting fire down the field. Why do Suneaters Have Artillery? The Suneaters take every walled city, every monument to a pathetic order god and every Order settlement eroding away their domains as a personal insult. In the time before time it was the rule of strength that dictated status within the realm, but as Sigmars pathetic council of gods has curled a mailed fist around the throat of every beast they have come across, choking the very life out of the realms as they seek to erect cities of stone and felled wood to bring civilization to that which ought be left wild. The Sunaters are driven by the desire to put flame to every stone hewn insult of a city that defaces their realms, that they might in time light the very fuse to bring down Azyr itself and restore the nature order of destruction to the Realms. The Suneaters are masters of flame and the exotic fyrepowders of Aqshy, long have they travelled through the realms of fire and beast perfecting the art of destruction and there are few walls in all the Realms that can withstand the full might of a Suneater bombardment. Tactics: The Burnin Bomb Catapult - This ramshackle siege machine is forced through dirt and undergrowth by a crew of ashen grots, filling its cup with a volatile mixtures of squig "extracts" and aqshy fire powders to launch down the field. The improvised nature of the explosives means it is far less than reliable and can just as easily splatter harmlessly against the walls of a city as shatter through them, but it is the maniacle determination of the crew that sets the machine apart loading the cup time and time again in ever increasing volumes of explosive until they get to rejoice in the thunderous roar of the Suneater as their payload finds its mark. These catapults come in cheap at a mere 80 points, designed to be purchased in units of upto three what they lack in potency they make up for in numbers, a number of these catapults in the backfield accompanied by a Gothi can lay down serious bombardment to deter enemy units from approaching vital objectives and cover the approach of your melee units. The Pyre Belchers - This great beast from Aqshy is a bloated and tormented creature gorged on the industrial runoff from the cities of man. Its form has swollen and mishapen with the volatility of the chemicals it has been fed but in return it has developed the ability to spit forth huge gouts of flame in the course of a battle. It is forced forward into battle by its Grot handlers, poked and prodded and gorged on lesser squigs that it might launch its payload further forward setting flame to all in its path. This unit produces variable levels of fire each turn, whilst this can limit how much you depend on it it also makes the unit an unknown variable to your foes. The fear of its large volume of fire and relatively high damage output coupled with the ability to improve accuracy through immobility makes this a fantastic addition to the arsenal of the Suneaters.
  2. Melcavuk

    The Rumour Thread

    If you mean the start collecting boxes they typically last until a new one is issued, given that Tzeentch has only recently been updated I cant see their Start Collecting disappearing anytime soon.
  3. My current work in progress Suneater Tribes artillery piece, designed to be fielded in units upto 3 (taking a single warmachine slot) in a cheap and ramshackle variant moving toward the newer scrolls of a unified scroll for artillery rather than seperate machine/crew items. Mildly converted skaven artillery piece
  4. To use your own example when someone uses the "its just toy soldiers" comment its usually when someone is losing their mind over minor changers, rumours or sky is falling comments. Like you say its no different than football but to my mind that again is the equivalent to the guy playing a kickabout with some mates on a Sunday and acting like he's in the Premier League and like the world is crashing down because he feels "robbed" of a penalty or freekick he somehow felt he was deserved. "Its Just toy Soldiers" is a way of saying people should and often do have far more important things in their life to get worked up over rather than losing their mind over a hobby thats meant to be a relaxing distraction
  5. Melcavuk

    The Sultan's Fleet

    Take a look through your units written so far before writing it and work out: whats you theme (Iron jawz are resilient melee, Stormcast are mid weight multipurpose, kharadons are shooty) what’s the army lacking so far what do you want out of the boat how do the boosts interact with other boosts already in the list (e.g. you don’t want 4 units all giving hit buffs, don’t want too many mortal wound sources and so on) is there a reasonable comparative unit in other units to use as a base
  6. Melcavuk

    Custom Faction: Suneater Tribes

    So looking at all the different factions having a unique character in them I’ve been mulling over what could serve as a pseudo named character for the Suneaters. I don’t like the concept of Gorkamorka him (them?) self taking to the battlefield as to my mind he is leading far greater a waaagh than could ever fit onto a gaming table. So taking inspiration from the Rogue Idol I’ve made the basis for a volcanic effigy of the Suneater fuelled by the gods immense power though entirely blinded by its rage with a Gothi minder sat atop its shoulder like some kind of twisted Grot conscience or a guiding hand. The question is should I make it a hero and give the Gothi his access to prayers or keep it as a slightly tweaked Rogue Idol but mark it as both unique and one per army? Here it is without the hero boost! essentially in this incarnation it’s a Rogue Idol but that benefits Suneater units but can Extinguish pyres upon death due to dissipating strength of the Suneater.
  7. Melcavuk

    What does Destruction need?

    For what it’s worth with my Suneater Tribes tome I have tried to fill gaps in the destruction roster with: Mounted monstrous Wizards Priests Elite Shooting Ogors Totem unit warmachines Artillery Mid point flying hero Mounted shooting Ogors
  8. Melcavuk

    The Sultan's Fleet

    I think there is the chance that nobody will opt to take any prayer/hex except the free unit making one. After all a debuff or mortal wound causing hex means little when assuming an average amount of killing in turn one (you kill eight models, the enemy kills eight models) means you can generate a 100 point unit out of an 80 point priest etc. It’s obviously depending on who you are facing it could vary but as an example: stonehorn kills 20 of a 30 man drowned unit. You revive 10 through magical means (heals, summons etc) and kill 12... let’s say Grots. You can now instantly produce 2 full 20 man units because of the 16 pieces of 8 that were made whilst the khorne blood tithe (assuming it hasn’t changed) would generate a single point only if a unit was destroyed. That said it could be that summoning with the new system will be so prolific that this could infact be underpowered. TLDR I think if people have to pick a prayer they’ll always pick the free units prayer
  9. Melcavuk

    The Sultan's Fleet

    What’s the value of a piece of eight, for example if 5 gets you a monster then the last hex could be op. But if it’s 20 for a unit of skeletons then it’s understandable
  10. Melcavuk

    The Sultan's Fleet

    That is of course assuming you’re making a custom spell list too. Obviously if these replace both spells and prayers then ignore my comment.
  11. Melcavuk

    The Sultan's Fleet

    They’re very aggressive hexes that run more like spells (direct damage dealing rather than support). I’d suggest working more on support and debuffs than always inflicting mortal wounds. for 1 I’d reduce moves, runs and charges by that distance because a 5 up is a hard “prayer” hex id maximised one or two direct damage at most because they’re currently very aggressive. Might be worth looking at things like: Curse of the Bitter Eye: Resentment and jealousy can tear even the strongest bond asunder, this hex channels all such ill will like a needle to the heart. Select an enemy unit within 18 inches of the caster and roll a D6, on a 4 or more that unit lowers its bravery by 1. Furthermore until your next hero phase all enemy units within 6 inches of your victim lower their bravery by 2 as suspicion makes for hesitant allies.
  12. Melcavuk

    The Sultan's Fleet

    For the sea nymph currently the wail seems to be able to target two different units (one to damage, one for ability) I would remove the first sentence of the ability and a replace with. “if a unit is hit by the Fearful Wailing attack...” Shantyman looks cool Also you could look at using the Hobbits row boat with a skeletal ferryman in it lifted by ghosts as the ferryman to take Souls to the underworld as your navigator model. Very Ancient Greek mythology but could be cool.
  13. Melcavuk

    Custom Faction: Suneater Tribes

    Pretty much exactly like that since mine will be fielded in twos I may end up cutting and shifting the pose slightly for variation and over burdening them with gun powder barrels but the core conversion will be similar
  14. Melcavuk

    The Sultan's Fleet

    Looking at what death is lacking I’d definitely keep the fortune teller, riggers, cannon, ghost ship in. I’d lose the ship wright in favour of an accursed navigator or something as I assume your ships won’t be well maintained and thus not need an engineer. This covers factional lack of artillery and ranged units, I’d ditch the apprentice since both alliances this faction covers part of have ample wizards so another to the mix won’t add anything unique, though adding your own anti priests wielding curses as prayers might be cool (with a unique array of hexes for the army, perhaps the fortune teller can fill this role) flying carpets sound cool
  15. Melcavuk

    The Sultan's Fleet

    For camel riders there are the nice lord of the rings camels, they’re a bit smaller scale but nice metal models. be wary of generating a lot of units because the wider your range gets the more possibilities of inter balance you need to weigh up. Not only does every unit need to be appealing both within their faction and grand alliance but balanced both as an army, a faction and part of a mixed grand allliance list. The unit list looks like you’ll end up with a fantastically broad array of models on the field which will be cool, bear in mind the AoS 2 changes coming when planning your list specifically around summoning being done via an in faction metric now (soul points, blood tithe, plague contagion) so you might want to integrate that into your faction plan. for named characters try and make them different but not necessarily better than the non named variants. They should add character and personality but shouldn’t be so good as to discourage people making their own stories in your setting