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  1. Evening guys, looking to sell two of my conversions in order to fund new and cool projects. Models are sold as seen though you can check my threads here for the conversion and painting processes that went into them, fear not this is not the end of my Suneater Tribes but raising money to convert new units. The Magma Dragon has been converted to have an Ogor rider, converted for use with my custom Warscrolls for the Suneater tribes it makes a characterful piece if you just want a Magma Dragon in your force too. Painted to a high standard and a uniquely converted piece. Price: £310 plus postage The Stonehorn has mild conversions on the rider and some trophies attached to the side, also painted to a high standard. Price: £35 plus postage I appreciate people like to haggle and negotiate but the prices will not move in this matter, they are priced at the point I am willing to part with them for and will not be lowering those. Thank you for understanding my position in this matter.
  2. Does it look good? Can I build something cool? Those two are the only things I go through. Rules change, background evolves but a cool looking model will always be a cool looking model.
  3. Melcavuk

    Share Your Maps

    Mine are a little more old school and currently embedded in the picture file for battletome pages, each is a half of a history map of Ghur dating to prior to the Age of Chaos and the initial rise of the Suneater tribes. Many of those civilizations featured may well be mere rubble today but that wont deter treasure hunters using it to find the location of their previous capitols to pick clean the bones of these once mighty empier.s
  4. The start of a WIP Allied Wizard for my Suneaters Tribes so I can play with some endless spells. Wurgogg Prophet because I've always loved the model and now finally have a reason to use him. He has the pink skin to match the grots from within the tribes rumoured to be from the local fungi in Aqshy being the colour of fyreroot, though Orruks and Grots bearing the pink skin are often shunned by their own kind for being too close to mankin to be true Orruks
  5. Looking good, in order to play up the ravenous scavenger aspect have you considered making their weapons look like they have been hewn from bone, that way the hive literally strips the bones clean of flesh and meat and then the engineers come in and carve away huge chunks of bone to form their weapons, tech and whatever else is used from. That way you can have them descend on a civilisation and by the time theyre done there is literally no trace anything ever existed in that place. Essentially they are like the immune system of the realms, wiping clean the "virus" of civilization and resetting the wild back to wilderness
  6. Here's the first map to be put into the Suneaters Battletome, now two Ages out of date but here is one region of Ghur during an Order occupation of previously Ogor territory designed to be displayed over a two page spread in the Battletome. In the centre we see the first tendrils of the Firestorm that accompanied the Suneaters rebirth along with the blasted deserts from which he emerged. I will also be printing myself some warscroll cards this evening so here is the warscroll for every Suneater unit reduced to A5 size for handy use in games!
  7. Melcavuk

    Suneater Tribes Battletome WIP: Full rules Pg6

    Cheers, when a project is motivating enough its surprising what can get done. If you have any faction you feel the game is missing then making it yourself can be really rewarding (plus this is my way of unwinding).
  8. Not a problem, one of my favourite parts of a gw tome is those little snippets that mention as of yet unreleased factions. Your furnace kings are a great way of adding that in
  9. Melcavuk

    Conversion help needed

    Base model look into the Harlequin death jester. It’s perched in a very much hunting crouch on a piece of Eldar ruin (Aelf ruin). Have the wings erupting through the long coat and the tail hanging low beneath the ruin
  10. Melcavuk

    Suneater Tribes Battletome WIP: Full rules Pg6

    If anyone wants to playtest the mechanics here is the battletome pages covering complete rules for playing the faction along with a modelling guide at the back for model sizes:
  11. Fleshed out the two timeline pages within the Battletome with a brief history of major moments in the legend that is the Suneaters. Various parts of the tome will examine major and minor events in more details but for now this charts the way from first inception all the way through to them becoming a major force ready to burn every city that falls within the path of their migrations.
  12. A little work done on revising the Suneater batallions, I feel I could do with two more in order to fully fill out the quota within the tome as 2 of the current ones are mixed destruction Batallions with a central theme of Suneaters. Currently thinking of the following thematic compositions for one of the last two but in terms of rules to fill them out I'm open to suggestions: TRUE SONS OF THE SUNEATER There are Ogors, especially amongst the older members of the tribes that grow to resent the power the Gothi have garnered through their manipulations of the Suneaters blessings, these embittered beings go to excessive lengths to prove their devotion to a god that would sooner heed the word of a Gothi priest than the prayer of true Ogor Kin. In battle they are visceral, savage beyond compare as they swear to carve their name into the very legends of their kind or die before kneeling to the grots of the migrations. Exalted Volsungr 2 x Fyreborn Slayer Units 0-4 OGOR units
  13. Since nothing is really finished until its chased Johan for a while here's a few of my finished models and the most recently finished Johann.
  14. Melcavuk

    Sunset Templars. A plog

    I think I speak for all of Ghur when I say: "We don't want no civilization" Look forward to seeing what you come up with.
  15. Is there a way of using the Idoneth shark as a conversion for your skullcannon, it'd certainly work in converting up a Bloodthrone (you could do awesome things with a bloodletter on it for the champion). All in all with the most recent releases you have a lot of scope to play with in terms of conversions so its interesting to see what you come up with.