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  1. JReynolds

    Mercenary Stormcast?

    Or the Sacrosanct Chamber. Or both. And that is the question, isn't it? Remember, the Six Smiths aren't human demi-gods...they're duardin. Which means they might not have the same perspective on things as Sigmar does.
  2. JReynolds

    Stormcast Eternals lore question

    I meant physical healing, but that's actually an interesting question. I've never thought about it that way, but in some cases, the Reforging might simply reinforce the strongest elements of a Stormcast's personality, if they were particularly strong-willed. Making them more themselves, so to speak. That'd be an interesting twist on the usual pattern...
  3. JReynolds

    Mercenary Stormcast?

    Another possibility is that it's part of a disconnect between Sigmar and those who oversee the Reforging process. There's a flaw, and Sigmar wants it fixed, but some among his servants might not see it as an entirely bad thing and so take advantage of it to...prune what they view as undesirable traits from the reforged warriors. All in the interest of better serving Sigmar, obviously.
  4. JReynolds

    Stormcast Eternals lore question

    I mean, you're not wrong. But technically, that's what rule of cool is, as far as AOS goes. The realms are basically big bags of untamed magic, and someone with a strong enough will or belief can sort of...nudge the bag a bit. Make things happen. Gordrakk wants the helmet because it's a cool trophy, so he keeps it, whatever the enchantment on it says, because he's Gordrakk and he's possibly a shard of Gork. By the same token, a Blood Warrior trying to claim a Stormcast's skull might be eternally frustrated, because he's just not focused enough - or strong enough - to circumvent the Azyrite enchantments.
  5. JReynolds

    Stormcast Eternals lore question

    See, that's an interesting question there...I'd imagine that it would have to do with the trauma associated with the wound. If it was just one wound among many, it might well be healed up. But if that missing eye was a part of their identity - a badge of honour, a mark of courage, the mark of a traumatic injury, or what have you, it might well remain. Imagine that...having that scar be a sort of touchstone for the Stormcast's personality, fading (healing) a bit each time they're reforged, symbolising the erasure of their personality, until finally, it fades entirely. All distinctiveness is gone, leaving a perfect automaton of war, rather than an honourable warrior. That's some good narrative thread there. Somebody should write that up into a story and submit it to the next BL open submission window.
  6. JReynolds

    Stormcast Eternals lore question

    Well, it's supposed to. But sometimes, it doesn't quite make it. Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork, has a collection of Stormcast helms, for instance.
  7. JReynolds

    Stormcast Eternals lore question

    They do have lives outside of battle, but it's only been vaguely referenced to date. That's starting to change, though. They can take off their armour, and often do, when circumstances permit. Children...is one of those questions that probably won't be answered, really.
  8. JReynolds

    The Rumour Thread

    Oh you didn't! Don't worry. I was being tongue in cheek. I knew I should have used an emoji.
  9. JReynolds

    The Rumour Thread

    Hey, that's what happens when you have to write a tie-in novel in a month and some change without having access to the product it's ostensibly tied to. Fun times, fun times.
  10. JReynolds

    Malign Portents

    It does look very nice. Fair warning, though...I was playing with our dog while signing those signature sheets, so some of them might be a bit...off.
  11. JReynolds

    Malign Portents

    You're gonna wanna pick up Soul Wars (the book, as opposed to the game). No spoilers, just saying.
  12. JReynolds

    Your Faction Ideas?

    Oh nice! Especially if it was akin to Vampire Circus...shape-changers posing as animals, evil acrobats...that'd be neat. Also, all of these ideas are very cool, and I wish I'd thought of some of them.
  13. JReynolds

    Spear of Lamentations reading order

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!
  14. JReynolds

    Spear of Lamentations reading order

    Nagash: The Undying King takes place in the Age of Myth, so well before everything else. It's a prequel to the Realmgate Wars, in a sense. Though, you're right, it is a precursor to Malign Portents. Technically. Kinda. It's a bit confusing, because the Order of the Fly (from Plague Garden, "The Tainted Axe", etc.) is in it. And Adhema (from Spear of Shadows), but it's definitely a prequel. I should probably do, like, a full chronology of all my AOS stuff in a blog post, at some point.
  15. JReynolds

    Spear of Lamentations reading order

    Everyone else got it right. My suggested author's chronology is thus: Black Rift (Volundr and Warpfang, two of the antagonists of SoS makes their first appearances here) Fury of Gork (the Eight Lamentations are first mentioned here, and Lord-Celestant Greel makes his first appearance) "Road of Blades" Spear of Shadows "Auction of Blood" (technically, this takes place roughly simultaneously with SoS) "The Tainted Axe" (and this is also a sequel to "The Outcast" from Legends of the Age of Sigmar: Sylvaneth)