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  1. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    Just thought I'd point out (as I was thinking about how strange it was recently) that the doom fire warlocks are a mixed kit with dark riders, who aren't daughters for khaine. So, there's a precedent there. As much as I like the scourge privateer aesthetic though from what little I've heard about the deepkin they don't seem in keeping
  2. Hi After another hiatus my gaming group is back together and we're starting a small start collecting escalation type.... Thing. I jumped on ironjawz because I've always loved orcs and the models are great. We played our first three way game (my first aos game) which I miraculously won, and we had lot of fun. Recently though I've been worrying I've made the wrong choice. As much as I love ironjawz, they seem a bit one dimensional in play style and have a fairly limited model range. I was just wondering if you guys could give me some advice on this? Has anyone changed factions for this reason? Or do you all not find ironjawz too simplistic? Thanks all!
  3. Arghhh! FINECAST: are they okay?

    I've had friends who have had warped Finecast in the past and GW were happy to replace with a receipt and photographic evidence. Delivered for no cost I believe. New GW is much better about this sort of thing. Also, I've been playing with tiny plastic toys for twenty years now. You bet I remember Queek
  4. Likelihood of GHB2 changes

    I don't want to start the sort of argument that is thankfully very rare on these forums but so prevalent elsewhere. I haven't played a game yet (STILL!) but the general consensus from most bloggers and posters in these forums is that where true line of sight allows the game to remain simple for new players, the ratio between board size and weapon range, inability to properly 'jam' shooters, and the ease of singling out hero's nudges what is an otherwise fairly balanced game towards favouring gun spam. I don't think anyone would want a nerf to shooting, but some small change to the rules to allow players to strategically protect their assets would be appreciated. Again, this is based on no personal experience and a lot of board trawling. Thanks for all the responses guys. Some really interesting opinions here.
  5. There's been a fair bit of (understandable) speculation about what changes the second generals hand book will bring. Three of the biggest I've seen are: 1. More restrictions on shooting in order to tilt the balance of the game away from gunlines 2. Some sort of rule to prevent hero's being sniped quite so easily ( likely linked to the above) 3. Those battletome released before the advent of faction specific allegiance abilities to be brought up to date with incentives to stay within faction similar to DoT and BoK. I was just wondering how likely everyone thinks changes of this magnitude will be? Have we had any clues? Or is it more likely that we will get new scenarios and points adjustments and little else? Cheers Johnny
  6. Strigoi ghoul king legality

    Apologies. I'm sure this has been answered before but I can't find any evidence for it Is it still legal to use the strigoi ghoul king variety from GA death? Thanks
  7. Chronicles of a Sky Pirate

    These reports make for excellent reading. You're really making the sky dwarfs look like a terrifying prospect to face. Can I ask what kinds of list you feel like you'd struggle against with the overlords? It seems to me, having still not got a single game in, that they rely on a really powerful alpha strike and fold fairly easy once pinned down. That said, from your accounts it doesn't look like much has been able to withstand your shooting enough to properly retaliate. I'd really appreciate your insights on this. Cheers
  8. The Redfistz

    Well this is embarrassingly good. Ps- do you mind if I ask what lighting set up you use?
  9. The 1k army project, are YOU in?

    That's an excellent and really unified looking army there @Skrekkugle. I hope my little death force ends up looking half as good
  10. Paint Paint Man-Thing - A Skaven Plog

    Looking great, especially for relatively quick jobs. The yellow on those stormvermin is excellent. I'm really looking forward to seeing more
  11. Charnel Pit Carrion illegal

    What have I done? WHAT HAVE I DONE! You maniacs! You blew it up! Ah damn you! Damn you all to hell!
  12. Crypt ghouls paint tutorials?

    The warhammer TV video on ghoul skin is pretty good. I've seen people get good results from it.
  13. Charnel Pit Carrion illegal

    Bet you're all glad I asked Thanks for the replies. I'm going to continue to assume the intention from GW was for the battalion to be invalidated by the new rules released with the flesh eater courts battletome. Cheers Johnny
  14. David's Barak Urbaz Painting Report

    Looking good so far. I haven't seen any urbaz sky dwarfs yet so I look forward to seeing how these turn out!