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  1. scrubyandwells

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Yeah I'd highly recommend at least x3 Swords. Just fair warning: Once you play with x3, you're going to want at least x3 more.
  2. scrubyandwells

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Don't have numbers. Personal sense is 6 combat Kurnoth were a better buy than Durthu in GHB17, and are an even better buy now. Taking Ghyrstrike would help, although that's an item slot, a precious resource, and a -1 to hit debuff (or worse) is relatively easy to come by in the game now. Six Kurnoth Swords (2x3, or maybe 1x6 in Dreadwood for Ambush), in particular, will be amazing vs the majority of units I expect we'll see on the table. Part of the consideration, as with anything, is list-dependent. E.g., with Alarielle, 2x3 Kurnoth give you two targets for Soul Amphorae, but Durthu gives you a bodyguard for Alarielle to help keep her alive e.g. vs alphastrikes or ranged mortal wounds. Overall, though, as long as ranged mortal wound output isn't way over the top in the AoS2 meta, I think Durthu will be quite playable, and man would it be fun to give him Ghyrstrike and put him in situations where he has a real chance to shine.
  3. scrubyandwells

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Yeah, a # of the elements you laid out will be part of the baseline for Dreadwood, when the opportunity exists to do an effective alphastrike. I think one of the challenges with your particular list is it needs more punch. A common pre-GHB18 choice for Dreadwood had been Ambushing 6 Scythes. That's still a pretty good option, although you'll also see lists bumping that # to 9 now. A Spirit of Durthu with Ghyrstrike will likely be another common route. In terms of a command trait, I've been using Warsinger for a long while instead of Gnarled Warrior because of the significance of +1 to charge, turning our 9+ charges via teleporting into 8+ charges, and of course with Cogs on, that'll be 6+ charges with a command point to RR the charge if needed. The Celestant Prime is another interesting prospect, because of the unique options he provides, e.g.: As another source of long-range D3 mortal wounds with an area of effect up to 6". As a reliable piece in an alphastrike. He'll have 3 attacks base in the new Stormcast Battletome (2" reach, 3's and 2's, -3 rend, 3 damage). Also, you'll now be able to use his Orrery ability to change both dice in a charge roll (I think that's right, based on my memory of WH Live over the weekend), so he can auto-charge at 12". As a reliable piece in a betastrike, i.e., you keep him in the Celestial Realm round 1, and then you crash him into something important in round 2 (e.g., as a second-wave attack or a counter-strike), giving him 5 attacks + his Sceptre's mortal wound output. Taking the Prime turns Dreadwood into a 2 drop, but I suspect 2-drop will still out-deploy maybe 8-9 out of 10 opponents in GHB18. Re: Emerald Lifeswarm...that's a tough one. It definitely has potential. Other choices, though, may give better mileage in more settings. Highly recommend experimenting with a range of endless spells, especially the Pendulum, Geminids, Palisade, Shackles, and Swords. And Cogs + Warsinger is probably going to be standard in a lot of tree lists.
  4. scrubyandwells

    Can Age of Sigmar 2 be a competitive game?

    "Can AoS2 be a competitive game?" Yep. At the end of AoS1, it was in a reasonably strong place in the global tournament scene. The number of different, competitively viable lists was pretty sizable in the ecosystem. A number of problems did exist, and the space of tier 2 competitive lists certainly could've been larger, but on the whole, things were positive. AoS2 added a number of new elements and changed quite a few existing ones. It's going to have kinks for a while, but I'm pretty confident the direction of the company and the quality of the AoS community will result, with some patience, in an even stronger overall ecosystem than AoS1, in terms of the space of competitively viable lists.
  5. scrubyandwells

    Descent of the Kharadrong Raiders: A New Flight

    This is phenomenal. Kudos my friend. Especially love the endrin-powered Luminark.
  6. scrubyandwells

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I've tested Drycha + Loremaster a little and it's quite potent. The re-rolls to hit and wound, especially when she's Enraged (12 attacks), makes her very scary against most things. Here's one Gnarlroot list for ref. Thanks for all the posts sharing your experiences. Look forward to hearing how no-Drycha goes.
  7. scrubyandwells

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Here's how I ruled it personally in the Wellsian Wars Player's Pack, attached, but others might house rule/play it differently.
  8. scrubyandwells

    Ep 32: Honest Wargaming w/ Rob Symes

    Rob Symes joins the show to talk about his next project (5:43), the value of candor, and his time at Games Workshop working on Warhammer Live and engaging the community (59:49). Show Notes: 1) Rob on Twitter: http://twitter.com/sixdiceskills 2) Renegade Open, Nov 18-19: http://renegadeopen.com 3) First Blood, Nov 18-19: http://firstbloodgt.blogspot.com 4) Combat Phase Podcast: http://combatphase.com 5) Scruby & Wells: http://scrubyandwells.com 6) S&W on Twitter: http://twitter.com/scrubyandwells 7) Gamemat.eu (10% off code: SW2017): http://gamemat.eu
  9. scrubyandwells

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I believe @Liam had: Treelord Ancient (Regrowth + Gnarled Warrior? + Oaken Armour?) Branchwych (Verdant Blessing) Branchwych (Verdant Blessing) 30 Dryads 30 Dryads 5 Tree-Revenants 3 Kurnoth Scythes 3 Kurnoth Scythes 3 Kurnoth Bows 5 Sisters of the Thorn The only ally in there = Sisters of the Thorn.
  10. scrubyandwells

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Hi, You can't use Tanglethorn Thicket in a turn in which you charged. In any other instance, you can use Tanglethorn Thicket in the combat phase, either your combat phase or your opponent's. However, you must announce you're going to use Tanglethorn Thicket at the start the charge phase -- again either your charge phase or your opponent's, depending on who has the turn. Hope that helps.
  11. scrubyandwells

    Destruction showing at Facehammer GT - Debrief

    Hey @Chris Tomlin sorry man didn't intend at all to sound dismissive of the result, it was brilliant. I'm tempted to just delete the posts and wish I never would've raised the topic of soft scores. Anyway, sorry.
  12. scrubyandwells

    Destruction showing at Facehammer GT - Debrief

    And yeah I didn't look at this in detail, but more just looked at Chris's fantastic result with Ironjawz and noticed the extra +10 on painting and +10 on sports gave him a jump from 155 -- the range for 13th to 18th place -- to 175, tying for 3rd but losing the tie-breaker to Nicky. So the comment about "soft scores were a contributing factor" was a result of seeing the difference between him finishing tied for 3rd with Ironjawz and finishing 4th vs tied for 12th where he would've finished 15th (I believe...). So my brain saw that and immediately thought "Well that seems like a notable difference." I'll freely admit that kind of reaction to a single example doesn't/shouldn't have much bearing on the topic of soft scores at tournaments. Anyway, would love to discuss all of this in depth with you some time.
  13. scrubyandwells

    Destruction showing at Facehammer GT - Debrief

    Happy to discuss this some time @svnvaldez. I've admitted an emotional bias many times before on being interested in better understanding what tools can increase the number of factions and lists that can compete on top tables at tournaments -- in increasing the range of viable competitive variety at any given time. Ironjawz, Nighthaunts, Soulblight, Wanderers, Flesh-Eater Courts, Beastclaw Raiders, and many, many others are, all else equal, behind the eight ball when it comes to the top tables. With that said, it's extremely early in GH17, so surprises could happen. Ultimately, personally, I'm fine with whatever at any given time. There's no argument I can give you that it "should be a certain way." Again, it's a personal bias. I'm emotionally more attached to the notion of a broader range of factions being competitively viable on the top tables, and interested in better understanding what tools can help increase viable variety in that regard. Maybe that's a dumb thing to be interested in. Maybe it's a reasonable thing but I'm focusing on the "wrong" elements. Maybe I'm missing obvious things that you see. Maybe you have much better ideas. Maybe you have completely different interests. I'd love to better understand the perspective on hard-scores-only as well. Reece and I chatted a few weeks ago and I know he doesn't like soft scores. It'd be great to learn more about the perspective.
  14. scrubyandwells

    Destruction showing at Facehammer GT - Debrief

    Soft scores were a contributing factor, which is fantastic IMO and maybe a reflection of why soft scores can be a net positive. They can be one way (among others) of giving a faction like Ironjawz, Nighthaunts, or Soulblight a better shot at a podium, whereas under hard scores only they'd have a tougher go of it on average vs SCE, Tzeentch, Murderhost, et al.
  15. scrubyandwells

    Events UK: FaceHammer Grand Tournament 2 (30sep-1Oct)

    I think Sam took Les's SCE (Stardrake, 4 Fulminators, etc.), but could be wrong...