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  1. Yeah, has to be regular Treelord.
  2. David Griffin and Cale Thompson stop by to chat about their Age of Sigmar prep for AdeptiCon and upcoming AoS Grand Tournament at Nashcon on June 3-4, 2017, in Nashville, TN. Hope you can make it! Show Notes: 1) Nashcon AoS GT: 2) Nashcon AoS GT Player Pack: 3) David on Twitter: 4) Cale on Twitter: 5) Twitter: Email: View the full article
  3. Scott Reed closes out our coverage of the Las Vegas Open Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament, along with sharing his thoughts on growing the AoS event scene in North America. Show Notes: 1) Scott on Twitter: 2) The Ninth Realm Podcast: 3) Las Vegas Open: 4) SoCal Age of Sigmar: 5) SoCal AoS on Facebook: 6) AoS ITC Calendar: 7) Broken Egg Games: 8) Coalescence Event Organizer Registration: Twitter: Email: View the full article
  4. Q: Are Mortal Wounds considered to be "damage" e.g. for the purposes of substituting a Destiny Dice for a "Damage roll" or for adding up the damage inflicted by a unit of Bloodletters attacking a Stonehorn in melee before halving? A: Yes. Hi @Ben Johnson, sorry to pull you in, but the above question ("Can you use Destiny Dice for mortal wounds?") is coming up all the time, and really needs an official answer, especially before AdeptiCon.
  5. Yeah he's such outstanding value at 200pts. And the model is still pretty sweet!
  6. Great post and theories! An updated line of Devoted of Sigmar as the Sacrosanct Chamber...that sounds amazing. Yes, please!
  7. Good lord. Think and do whatever you want dude. For everyone else reading this: I've received first-hand clarification on this issue from the company. And as the person who started this thread, I've also spent a lot of time getting clarification on multiple sylvaneth rules issues from the company and sharing the results here, as others could attest to. It's all in the thread. Play however you want, though, as long as the opponent and/or event organizer are cool with it.
  8. This issue has come up numerous times, including in this thread. The answer to why Teclis / Loremaster / Battlemage / etc. don't get a Deepwood Lore spell is on the 1st and 2nd page of the General's Handbook, and it even calls out Sylvaneth as the example, in particular the bold text: Page 156 – Allegiance Abilities, Allegiance Add the following to the end of the second paragraph: ‘The allegiance abilities you choose will apply for the duration of the battle. When picking your army’s allegiance abilities, all units in a warscroll battalion are considered to have the allegiance listed above the title on the warscroll. For example, the Guardians of Alarielle warscroll battalion includes both Sylvaneth and Stormcast Eternals units, and has ‘Sylvaneth’ listed as its allegiance above the battalion’s title. This means that all of the Stormcast Eternals units in the battalion are considered to have the Sylvaneth allegiance when it comes to choosing allegiance abilities. An army otherwise made up of Sylvaneth units which included this battalion could choose the Sylvaneth or Order allegiance abilities, but the Stormcast Eternals from this battalion wouldn’t benefit from the Sylvaneth allegiance abilities, as they don’t have the Sylvaneth keyword.’
  9. Sorry to bear bad news but warscrolls lacking the Sylvaneth keyword don't get access to Sylvaneth allegiance abilities like the Deepwood Lore spells. While you can of course take Teclis via Gnarlroot, which does give him access to Verdurous Harmony and still allows you to maintain Sylvaneth allegiance for your army overall, it doesn't give Teclis access to a Deepwood Lore spell because he doesn't have the Sylvaneth keyword on his warscroll.
  10. Austin Morgan joins to talk about his experience playing sylvaneth at the Las Vegas Open Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament. Show Notes: 1) Austin on Twitter: 2) Las Vegas Open: 3) Age of Sigmar EU: 4) AoS Tactics: and 5) Vince Venturella on YouTube: a. Formats in AoS: b. Schemes in AoS: c. Color Pie in AoS: 6) AoS ITC Calendar: 7) Coalescence Global Narrative Event: Twitter: Email: View the full article
  11. I'm a fan of that last list, and think it's one of the stronger all-round (and non-sideboard-reliant) lists available right now for sylvaneth. I'd consider Moonstone of the Hidden Ways and Gnarled Warrior to turn the TLA into another threat piece. That artefact still seems a little undervalued.
  12. Scruby is just one "b" Great list Kenny!
  13. In this shorter episode, I take a look at one of the standout battalions in the new Stormcast Eternals Battletome in Age of Sigmar, and run through an initial list that looks incredibly fun to play. I would love to hear what you think about the new prospects for Sigmar's shiniest. Twitter: Email: View the full article
  14. @Mirage8112 gave an outstanding answer, so just to add one thing: My personal preference is to place no more than 6 citadel woods on the table. That's just a personal choice, though. It's cool if someone wants to use more. I just prefer to cap it at 6 citadel woods, which usually fits the following bill: Pre-deployment: 3 woods Acorn of the Ages: 2 woods Silent Communion (if it ever goes off): 1 wood Re: Acorn, I've been taking a Gnarlroot Branchwych with the Acorn and Throne of Vines, where the latter maximizes her odds of casting Verdurous Harmony (you only get +1 to cast on Verdurous with Ranu's Lamentiri).
  15. The Wyldwood you-die-on-a-1 roll only triggers for a run move or a charge move. It doesn't trigger on a regular move, or piling in, or retreating, etc.