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  1. I'm the only one that loves the mutated minotaur plastic miniatures? Anyone? Maybe is because I read the White Dwarf where they show the new beastmen army and loved the explanation of why they did the not-hooves feets for them... more "Those are mutated beast, not a fuctional race with his own biology" Ok I'll go back to my cave...
  2. Is not a tabletop game but... is something, isn't it?
  3. I'm not gonna jump here to say that AoS is a work that merits a Pullitzer, but saying that """"incoherent universe""""=bad universe is a very big jump and asumption. Just go to read the Odisea of Homero to see how a Incoherent number of adventures and monsters put together can become one of the best works of literature of human history. A universe only needs to be coherent in hitself and the rules it has. You can't measure coherence comparing it to the real world, thats just absurd. The quality of a work is totally independent to the tools it uses to make himsellf. Quality is quality. Saying that a realist world has just better quality by the fact of being realist as if those traits define what is good and what is bad in literature... well. I'll just let you keep those ideas, meanwhyle I'm gonna read some Discworld
  4. Personally I like Chaos Undivided. To me, it represent the more "paganism" and "barbarian" adoration of Chaos. Those tribes of Northsmen, Kurgan and the like that live their lives as normal men, but just threat Chaos as the mens of the South threat Sigmar, Morr, Ulfric, etc... Chaos in the North is a force of Nature, it has namy faces and many names, and just like in Greece people existed that put a God above others (Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Hades, etc...) they still respect and prayed to the others whenever it was needed. Praying to Khorne (Also Known as Karnath, Akhar, Kjorn, Khorgar, etc...) before a bloody affair (A battle? A birth? Calling for strenght to the new member of the tribe) Praying to Nurgle when you get sick, etc... I always like more that version of Chaos, a more symphatetic one, that the Mono-God Fanatical one of "We are bad. All the time!" I suppose, in Sigmar, they are abandoning that approach, because generic-chaos is less "characteristic" that Mono-God Chaos. But my blacky knights, warriors and barbarians are here to stay!
  5. Money
  6. Oh my god. What with all of this sarcasm and negativity? If someone want to make a Lets Chat: X thread let him. Is really important? What is worst, the guy that try to have his second of attention, or people that worry about something that irrelevant? TGA is not a place to be cynical and sarcastic, guys
  7. Giuseppe, your miniatures are always so imaginative and bizarre. That... brown fairy with... ehmm... double... genitals is just... wow. In a good sense.
  8. My vote goes for Trolls. The look of the new Blood Bowl troll is fantastic. I want a complete mini faction of guys like that one!
  9. But what time will this be?! I can't be the 24h of the 17th in the computer!
  10. I think that you are correct in the change of aesthetic, but is too comprensible that in every sci-fi/fantasy setting, the change is minimal. Just look Lord of the Rings. In like 4.000 years and they where basically the same. Making a compelling and good aesthetic to your universe is difficult. Making one for every 20-30 years in-universe is a little impossible
  11. People that complaing about "past" lore probably has never been a Greenskin player. When 80% of your special characters are all dead in the present timeline of WHFB, it makes you inmune to having problems with playing with past factions/storys/characters The same goes with my Tau's and Aun'va.
  12. I have a friend that sculpted himself a complete Dark Eldar army of 1500 points. He spent 1 year, but it looked really unique! Great work here! I wish ihad the same sculpting talent
  13. That mucosity effect is incredible! Is it permanent? How have you done it?
  14. Yeah. Battletomes/Codex/Army books are very good from a fluff and lore standpoint not because they tell you storys, but because they are like mini-history and social books of that faction. Knowing how the different cities and factions of a race interact, the mythology that existed around the rivers of the Empire in the old world, etc... all of those things is the part of the fluff I most enjoy, because using that I can come with my own storys and inspirations. The "fluff" that comes in the campaing books, etc... to me personally, has not the same value. They are normally just stories about a fixed set of protagonist doing things. I don't want to know how Lord Aquillor McNuggets has killed a dozens Chaos Lords! I want to know how is the social hierarchy of the Stormcast Chambers! How Gorkamorka is viewed by different Greenskins factions and what consistence of squigg poop did they prefer to build their fortress!
  15. Basically this. If Yodhrin finds that the setting is not for him, for whatever reason he wants, thats totally ok. Maybe in 1 year he would rethink about it, or his priorities will change. I miself in the past find AoS a giant mountain of... you know. I don't posted it online, but I talked about it with my friends. And here I'm now. Playing it and being happy both with the sistem and even with the lore! At firs I was like "The lore is just bad, but the system is pretty good"; and now I have invested myself in it. Leave the agresivenes to other forums people! TGA need to remain positive, don't call people troll, or be at the defensive when they try to embrace AoS. Everyone make things at his own pace. If he is not convinced now with all the very good responses people has give him, that doesn't mean that they are worthless. Maybe he will re-read them in 6 months and then he will jump in. Or maybe other 3rd person reading the forum out of curiosity find them, or even between us they are usefull. I have learned many things I didn't know before this post! So thanks Yodhrin for opening this very constructive debate. And if you don't find yourself confortable with the setting today, maybe in 1 year you will!