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  1. What? Why is this post duplicated? I don't post it a second time!
  2. I don't understand the FAQ. And then apply the damage? But if the save its 7 or more don't that mean that the damage its saved and then the model heal wounds? Sorry, I'm not native english speaker so sometimes its difficult to me to understand rules writted in english when the gramar its so important to understand them.
  3. What did you say about Bretonnians? For the Lady! Sir, I challenge you to a duel! *Glove slap*
  4. Fast question! The Lord Castellan say that for every 7 in the save rolls that a unit does, one of his models can recover 1 wound. To me, that means that one model of the unit that his damaged, can recover wounds, and with the rules of wound acollocation thats mean a max of 1 recover wounds to Liberators etc... I'm wrong? Can the Castellan hability revive death models? And I'm sorry if other has asked this before, but I don't know where its the search option in this forum T.T
  5. delete this topic please! I'm moving it to rules question.
  6. As a 40k Tau Player, I suscribe what CoffeeGrunt says. So much hate Shhh shhh, Shadowsun, here we are safe... shh... go to sleep again with your little brother Farsight.
  7. The softback one, the newest, its 25€. In that page the Khorne one its 32,5€. If its the Hardback one and the Khorne Softback its 25€ then no problem for me. EDIT: Ok ok, I saw it now The hardback one its 32,5€ so the new khorne one in softback will be 25€ Sorry GW! I eat my words! Roundtree, my lack of faith has bring shame to me and my family! I'll give all my posesions to the nearest Devoted of Sigmar's temple and beging my new life as a Flagelant. Shame! Shame! Shame!
  8. Yeah, I'm actually thinking seriously doing the Champion+SpecialWeapon+Banner combo. My concern now its if I'll look like "that guy" doing that. Thats why I have to talk to my club before doing anything And yes, when I read the Marauders Warscrols I tought "wait, why everybody its using bloodreavers when marauders with shields are much better?!" Marauders just don't want to be forgotten! They should teach one thing or to to the poor Chosen
  9. Just with that my hype has disappear. Not for the 32,50€ price. Okay, its just a 12 € increase. Its the fact that they increase the price for no apparent reason! 20-25€ battletomes was lovely for AoS... I'll wait and see, maybe its the hardback version and the softback will cost 25€. I don't know.
  10. Believe me, Hinterlands its ultra simple, fast and fun! But if he don't like competitive game, don't like to paint much, and don't like narrative games... what he likes?
  11. What? The New Stormcast Eternals Battletome its just 25€. The Disciples of Tzeentch one is 20€. Why its the Khorne one 32,50€?! Why the price rising GW? Roundtree, you where the chosen one! You are the one that must end the greed of the old Kirby GW! You are not suppose to join them!
  12. Yeah, I have never more than 1 of every special type because, as I can pick what models die, the "command group" are always the last to die, but... I'll go with this info to my club. I see a heated debate in my near future! Thanks DoubleMisfire. And yes, in the instant you say that, a unit of 20 black orc drumers come to my mind
  13. Well. I have never bought GW tools. Didn't they just buy them to a third company and put his brand on top? And charge like 5 times the original price? Like, the Citadel Brushes... all the ones I have bought where... pretty bad. The ones I bought to Army Painter or Winston & Newton where actually cheaper and much much much better.
  14. Go play Hinterlands with him. Bring another friend and use the rules for a GM being you that. Believe me. Its ultra fun. Bonuts points if you change your voice talking as the enemys or narrating the story to bring the sweet inmersion to the table.
  15. Wait. You can have more than one banner in a unit?!