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  1. The Horus Heresy game has this thing of making a unit bigger cheaper than making smaller units, to combat MSU. Bigger units pay by their vulnerability to morale. So it isn't like theres no drawbacks. Actually I think it will be better if they remove the bonuses for making units bigger (So you can take 10 skeletons without feeling "cheated" or "stupid"), but with the new rule of making bigger units cheaper (So 30 skeletons are cheaper than 10-10-10 because htey are more vulnerable to morale and are much less flexible in how much places they can be in the board)
  2. I love hordes. I don't have plans to paint anymore hordes, I had enough with my greenskins and my marauders and bloodreavers hordes in AoS. But my most favourite unit in warhammer has always been your "Basic joe". Dragon Princes of Caledor? Chaos Lord on Manticore? Bah! Give me a horde of boar boyz to paint and customize! This is about armies. I hate hero/elite-hammer.
  3. We all love new releases. It generates internet and community movement, it evades the "stale" perception of the game, and even if you don't are gonna buy them, probably somepeople of your group is gonna love that new release and take with renovate energy the hobby. But even as big as it is, GW is a relative small company in the big capitalistic ocean of the world. They are doing what all what they do. Nobody remembered those 7-8 months periods of fantasy with 0 new kits? And then maybe 1-2 kits for some faction and another 7-8 months without releases. Those were really bad times.
  4. The Magmadroth cost now 65€ (because if you buy it separate they send you the SC box). Down 20€ from 85€ that it costed before. Is this the first time GW does a straigth down cost reduction without reboxing it, making the box more expensive overall but lower per model (stormcast style)? And people say that voting with your wallet is useless!
  5. In Europe, the Ironjawz SC! cost 65€ and the Goregrunta pack costs 67€, so basically for 2 euros less you receive 10 free Ardboyz and the Warchanter (Plus the 3 Goregruntas)
  6. Every game-developer should have clear the level of complexity they want to their games. Being a more "simple" game isn't anything to be ashamed of. AoS is what it is, wishing it to become 40k is as bad as people wishing 40k 7th to become AoS. Every game should be is own thing. I remember how in the past, Fantasy was the "hardcore" game where Rogue Trader was the more casual one. Now things have switched, theres nothing bad about it.
  7. Floating islands+Bridges= How AOS was meant to be played from the beginning
  8. Maybe this one?
  9. Mourngul at 280 points... I think... is time!
  10. I have receive two Krells from GW recently (Actually, I bought 1, but it delivered after the stimated time, so they send me other totally free) and they have 0 problems. 0 bubbles, etc... but Krell was a model originally released as Finecast. The models with more problems where the ones that originally where metal and then made finecast.
  11. QTF. Theres no wrong way to play the game. But is wrong to play with people that want to play the game a different way that you. Normally, competitive people want to play with other competitive people, and if you play with a fluffy list they aren't gonna have fun, because they are just gonna destroy your army. Is as bad for a narrative player to enter a competitive tournament and start whinning about how everyone is a WAAC etc... as is for a competitive player to enter a narrative campaing with the most powerfull list, totally unfluffy, and start destroying everyone. In the other hand, If someone is the kind of people that loves to destroy noobies to the game what didn't know how to play, thats a different matter. Thats the kind of guys that are toxic no matter how you try to justify them.
  12. I'm the only one that loves the mutated minotaur plastic miniatures? Anyone? Maybe is because I read the White Dwarf where they show the new beastmen army and loved the explanation of why they did the not-hooves feets for them... more "Those are mutated beast, not a fuctional race with his own biology" Ok I'll go back to my cave...
  13. Is not a tabletop game but... is something, isn't it?
  14. I'm not gonna jump here to say that AoS is a work that merits a Pullitzer, but saying that """"incoherent universe""""=bad universe is a very big jump and asumption. Just go to read the Odisea of Homero to see how a Incoherent number of adventures and monsters put together can become one of the best works of literature of human history. A universe only needs to be coherent in hitself and the rules it has. You can't measure coherence comparing it to the real world, thats just absurd. The quality of a work is totally independent to the tools it uses to make himsellf. Quality is quality. Saying that a realist world has just better quality by the fact of being realist as if those traits define what is good and what is bad in literature... well. I'll just let you keep those ideas, meanwhyle I'm gonna read some Discworld