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  1. Yeah. If this is a GW store I can absolutely understand them doing that. If its a LGS, it shouldnt bann third party miniatures, many times they sell them, even if not ones of that specific brand.
  3. Galas

    Aos in 40k

    Back in the day the World-That-Was, was a planet in the Eye of Terror. But people didn't liked that the planet where they setting was based could be destroyed just by one Exterminatus or something like that so they separated both universes, but they remain connected by the Warp.
  4. Galas

    GHB2018 Wishlist

    I just want a little change... give two different point costs for all heroes/UNITS with mount options in their basic warscrol. Freeguild Generals, Ork Warbosses (This one affects me most), even things like the Tzaangors on Discs with Spears. Allow me to field them on foot without feeling stupid for doing so. Its hard enough that the Ork Warboss is priced with the Waagh Banner in mind, so they are overpriced if you use them with just normal weapons, but is even worse if you try to field him on foot with normal weapons. In W40k they have this with the Power Level System, so basically AoS Points. For example a unit of assault marines can take all Jump Packs for 1 PL if they are 5 or for 2 PL if they are 10. I don't think is something very difficult to implement in Aos.
  5. I'll say this in the most honets and well-intended of ways. Why, instead of your first reaction being that theres a problem (It could perfectly be one, GW is GW!), don't you assume that if a new factions has just drop, people will have 0 experience facing it, to now know what to expect, how to counter it, how to play agaisnt, etc? Theres a reason videogame companies don't make balance changes before 1 month, 2 months have passed since they have done a change in the game, add a new hero, etc... because the dust needs to settle for people to learn how that character works.
  6. Galas

    Another tome ruined for Named Chars

    So Named Characters that are extremely powerfull and with a ton of special and unique habilities can't have bonuses that are intended to use to customize generic characters? Hmmm... who could that be? Do you want W40K where theres really 0 reason to take generic characters as your warlords because named ones are just flat out better 90% of the time? And... shouldn't be the title of the thread "Another Battletome ruined FOR named chars"?
  7. A suscription service seems the most clean option for everybody, and better if you can pay the amounth of months you want up-front.
  8. Galas

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Sorry, english is not my native lenguage.
  9. Galas

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    For me the most impresive thing of the new morathi model are the muscles in the back, in her daemonic form. They are soo good. And is not easy to do realistic muscles in this scale in that kind of "invented" body structure. I know that many people will say "WTF the muscles of his back? What are you some kind of creep?!" but believe me quality is in those little details.
  10. Galas

    The Rumour Thread

    From WarhammerTV: For people that still has that question about why are they part of Order.
  11. Galas

    The Rumour Thread

    I was just thinking about this possibility the past week So, if you build the Cauldron, you can have the Medusae by herself, and if you build the altar with the Medusae, you can use the Statue of Khaine as his own unit! Or you can build the Cauldron without the statue and, from one box, have one Cauldron, one Iron Avatar of Khaine, one Meduase and the Witch elf hero that comes with the kit!
  12. I can totally see some of the more radical stormhost trying to purge a civilian population and other stormcast trying to protect them. But I don't know how omniscient is Sigmar. Would he notice that situation instantly, so he could present himself to give orders and avoid conflict? But I doubt a "Heresy" will happen. I don't think any Stormcast will go agaisn't the will of Sigmar. Of course, whats that will, specially if Sigmar is not present, can have different interpretations as we can see already in the different Stormhosts. But at the same time if Stormcast fight themselves and end up killing each other I can see a very angry Sigmar waiting for them to be reforged to give them a reprimand
  13. Khorne is the most popular chaos god for a reason!
  14. I doubt she will transform mid game. Probably you'll pick one or the other. Not picking both at the same time in the same army.
  15. Galas

    Sportsmanship and AOS

    I think people is reading too much into 5#. For me at least, as I said previously, is about stating clearly before any problem arises what distances you intent to put your models away. If I'm saying that I put my models 23" away from yours, and yours move 5", then they are 18" away from mine. Not 17" or 19", even if they are if you measure it. This is not X-wing where the game surface is totally flat and precision is EXACT. Gametables are by their own nature, irregular, measurement can differ based in how you measure it, and models can be moved because you hit the table or something. As Thomans Lyons said, talk with your opponent during the game to make things clear. That way you avoid 100% of discussions about distances.