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  1. B-bilbo... Bilb... *heavy breathing* ... get me the LOTR fanboy asthma-thing please!
  2. That first list is so cheesy that I had use it to make a sandwich! Poor death... not a single list in the top 20
  3. Oh...! This explain this: Great work!
  4. Chaos Warhounds. They do the job well enough, but his Warscrolls has so little content that is like... "Yeah, they are dogs, what you expect" Maybe some sinergies... some a little crazy rules like "bloodlust", having +1 to wound against enemies that have receive a wound or more, etc... but well. They are my doggys and I love them for what they are
  5. I expected thunderers to be bigger. 32,5€ for 5 normal sized dwarfs with bigger guns... is a little... meeeeh.
  6. Ghur was the one I was thinking reading your post at first. Loot of cool customization options with "savage" things to your army. Another option is Chamon. You know, all that metal has to have cold places, like, giant "deserts" of pure metallic dunes reflecting the stars and planets in the sky.
  7. Seems a little too good to be true? But sorry I have 0 experience with this level of hobby. I'm a very lazy person with disposable income, so I prefer to bought my pieces already done
  8. I paint my Khorne Daemons white or black. My Khorne army has bone armour with black skin so they match. Styles like this are really beautiful: And more original that the all red all the time ones. Guys, one question. Have any of you tried Skulltaker? Is one of my favourite models of all the range along Krell and I'm thinking of buying it. The Warscroll seems very straitforward. Just go against heroes and delete them with a thon of mortal wounds or normal wounds. I'm thinking of putting him behind a good number of bloodletters or Bloodreavers to just go unnoticed and then delete the enemy heroes. I don't play in a very competitive metagame, so we have normally meele focussed armys or flexible with some meele and some shoot, so he can expect to reach meele alive!
  9. According to this: It don't say it so... no idea. It comes with a square base of 50x100mm so other things that have the same size are chariots. The Tuskgorr and the Chaos Chariot if I'm not wrong. The Chaos Chariot now comes with a 120x92 mm base. So maybe that can look cool with the doomwhell.
  10. *coff* Golden Throne *coff* Astronomican *coff*
  11. Now, I have a question that I can't find is answer and as is Sigmar related I will do it here. The friend dragon that helped Sigmar create the mortal realms and in return Sigmar give him a necklace of Sigmarite... in the lexicanum and AoS wiki said that Gorkamorka knocked it over and Sigmar was angry and fight against Gorkamorka for that. That dragon was killed at that moment, ot just KO'ed by GM?
  12. GW has never put a official list of X base for Y model. It always was "The base the model come with". So they don't need to specified the size of the base, or even made them officially round or squares to make B2B measure official.
  13. I see them as Deathrattle still in the front of the box.
  14. No more miniatures in the box Missed oportunity GW. Now I fear a rise in price, like the tzeentch demon reboxes. EDIT: Oh, if they cost 15,5 pounds then is the same price. But, well. A shame they don't put 20 in a box and sell them for 30€ like the Saurus Warriors.