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  1. Season of war: Firestorm

    Thats why I say that they souldn't link rules with a place. Instead of "Anvilgard rules" and "Hammerhall rules" you have "Great Defenders Rules" and "Savage Atakers rules", then that problem dissapears. They could say "For an Anvilgard army we recommend using X rules but you can select other if you want". I have the same opinion for example with Space Marine Chapters. If you have a Ultramarine army and use "White Scars" rules as you say, many people is gonna accuse you of jumping on the bandwagon, but if Ultramarines rules where called "Honourable Heroes" and "White Scars" where called "Fast Skirmishers", then voylá, no more prejudices.
  2. Season of war: Firestorm

    Then better GW begin to sell me prepainted miniatures for 50% of the cost they have now, because I'm not gonna buy a miniature that I have to paint in the colors others tell me to use. I have a Dark Angels force in 40k because I really like their aesthetic and paint-scheme, but even in that case I take a great amount of artistic freedom.
  3. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    To be honest I never liked batallions so personally to me that change was only a good thing. In the other parts... I'm a casual player, but I play horde armies, so I suppose... I meta now?
  4. We need more of this: And less of this: I'm not gonna say that the tables of my club are like the first one because they aren't, but they are more similar to that one than the second example. And basically thats why we don't encounter shooting so dominant!
  5. The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    Oh boy... this thread is better than the World of Warcraft reimagination of Ogers as a Roman Empire with ogre legionaries and gladiators! Maybe a ally unit of Ironguts to your Ork army modified as Murmillos? I declare myself fan of this thread and this army! Really, you have mixed my two favourite styles, Orks/Ogres and Roman Empire
  6. Building your own terrain is like a long term investment. Building additional armies? Those you are gonna use much less, but terrain? Terrain is always necesary.
  7. People still uses Fantasy amount of terrains, and in Fantasy by how it worked you couldn't have really that much of terrain, because it was very clumsy to move those big blocks of units. I think tables will gain more terrain as Fantasy ghost is left behind. Now, on the other hand, we have to recognize the logistical problem, because that affects W40K too. People likes to buy model, people don't like too much to buy or build terrain. Having a table full of terrain is very expensive unless you do it. This is the same for tournaments, having 30-50-60 tables full of terrain is a pretty BIG... BIG, investment, so isn't tipical to see tables full of very nice terrain in tournaments.
  8. The Rumour Thread

    I think Ghurk is like Khorgoraths, spawns or beastmen. They are mutated beyond recognition but they aren't warp-entities like demons.
  9. The Rumour Thread

    There are strong rumours that after this Death Guard release, we will see a Daemons of Nurgle release, with a Nurgle battletome for February 2018. I don't remember if hastings or Lady Atia said it, I don't have the quote/post at hand now.
  10. Mantic Miniatures

    Their Deadzone range is much superior to their KoW one. At the end of the day it comes to what you like more. Of course, if people has a limited budget, buying 40 mantic skeletons for 30€ or 20 GW ones for 42€ is a pretty big difference. But that isn't all that matters, as others have said, is what aesthetic you like most. Some people say that Mantic stuff is just inferior and I can agree... but at the same time, I don't understand how theres people that are part of the oldhammer crown and think those old models look better than the newer stuff, but they are happy, and even if the models are inferior from a technical standpoint, is the subjetive appeal of their aesthetics what matters to us, the hobbyst and consumers. Theres some Kits of Mantic that even being technically inferior (Both in sculpting and even more important, in sprue layout, customization variety, etc... after you try to build hard-plastic units of other companys you can see how really GW knows what they are doing and are expert in offering a user-friendly product) I like them more for their aesthetical style. For example, the Kings of War Salamanders, I just love how they look. In the other hand the Ogers, many people like them more than GW ones, but to me, the fat mongolyan style of GW is my favourite kind of ogre of any fantasy universe (Ok, they are the second, my first one is the Imperial-Roman GW ogres ) And I think we should remember the Warhammer: Total War promo video where they show a table with a undead army, where all the ghouls, zombies and skeletons where Mantic ones. After people realiced they erased the video from youtube
  11. Megaboss Gnasha

    Non green skin greenskins are best greenskins
  12. Horde Meta

    I have been playing a Horde of Bloodbound Bloodreavers and Chaos Warriors from the beginning! I have been playing a Greenskin Horde in Warhammer Fantasy since 5th edition! Ah you think hordes are your ally? You merely adopted the numbers. I was born in them, molded by them. I didn't see the competitive meta until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding!
  13. I love Ebay. You can find all kind of jewels there. I'm very active in the second hand market, both buying and selling. Many times I buy figures to strip them and repaint them, normally, metal versions of figures that now are only in finecast (Like the 3 Emperor's Champion that I bought 2 months ago), other times are old figures that I like, or just second hand models in good condition and at a good price. (I bought 2 boxes of Deathwing Knights at 20€ each, from 45€ in GW store. They where both sealed, unopened, so New in box)
  14. The reason I think bretonnia was drop its because that army was the little baby of the Perry Brothers. Those two love historical, and thats why they where the "patrons" of Bretonnia. Without them, that army didn't had anny support from the study. It has been said many times that for an army to be made, theres need to be "fans" of that army in the proper studio. If nobody likes an army (Probably what happens toSisters of Battle), nobody is gonna have exciting and need ideas about it. The Marketing team can say "Guys, we need a new Sisters of Battle line" but if the creative minds don't have inspiration to do a good job, it just isn't gonna happen.
  15. Thoughts on the Citadel Skull Kit

    Those Ork Skulls are gonna be directly used to add a Undead-Ork regiment to my Death army!