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  1. The Rumour Thread

    I don't have a problem with Stormcast but this is a little... too stock for me to be excited about. It isn't anything you can't do with kithbashing. More Blacktalons and Lord-Aquillors and less "Generic Stormcast Hero 5#"please.
  2. Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    We as Destruction are the NPC's of the setting. The same goes for Tyranids/Orks in W40K or Greenskins and Ogres in Old Fantasy. We are always the "inmediate treat", the reason for the heroes to come to the place where the story takes place, just to be later revealed that in fact the TRUE VILLAIN is Chaos/Necromancers/Skavens/Etc... Personally I have no problems with that, GW autors can't write a good Ogre/Orc/Ork enemy that feels threating without making them "Is a Orc... but it doesn't behave like a Orc, he's actually intelligent!" like they did in "The Beast"saga for 40k. Thats why I always loved Skaarnski. He feels like a Villain, a proper one. Grim'gor never achieved that. An Azhag achieved it, by having a crown that did make him a behave as a Non-Orc. Personally thats why my mixed destruction army (Goblins, Orruks and Ogres) is based in the Warcraft Orc Horde of the First and Second War. They are a Horde of Destruction ,yes. But they are trying to achieve something. They aren't just destroying everything. They are conquering, to build their own Empire. A twisted version of a "Order" Empire, based in brutal and constant murder. The final desire of my Ogre Khan is to lay siege to Azyr and steal from Sigmar his magic to create Stormcast. He wants his own Stormcast Orruks and Ogres, so that way his warriors can fight forever even after being defeated, becoming more and more powerfull, without limit, so they, one day, can win the final battle: To Kill Khorne.
  3. What drew you to collect your Army

    I can't express in a better form the reason why I picked greenskins than with this: "WE CAN WAAAGH IF WE WANNU WE CAN LEAVE YER GITS BEHIND CUZ YER GITS DUN WAAAGH AND IF THEY DUN WAAAGH DEN THEY'S NO GITS OF MINE"
  4. New warscroll for Shadespire!

    I think one should see this heroic units as a Hero with a "degrading" statline based in how many models he has lost. It lost habilities and damage. But personally, I think you are right, those 5 Bloodreavers will die to just a bolley of enemy fire
  5. Clear bases

    Yeah, this is a case of "I don't do it, but I see no problem with it"
  6. My Chaos Knights do their work very well, and my Chaos Marauders do it too. I think the problem of Cavalry in AoS is that you no longer have the square formations for charges from the rear or flanks, and artillery pieces aren't as common for your skirmish cavalry. Normally, is just a problem of not enough damage for their cost.
  7. Chaos keywords warscroll update

    Skin wolves with Chaos Keyword! This will make some people very very happy
  8. Army Paint Schemes for rules

    And people arguee that GW doesn't listen to their customers... good job GW.
  9. Hobby Goals You'd Like To Achieve

    *Look at his giant gray pile of shame*
  10. @eekamouseThe ruin that has fall in that last image, is the one from Heroscape, the original box, no? I use them too in my house
  11. Season of war: Firestorm

    So my city is called Seer's Port (Nice name), it is located in Hysh (Fitting to the name!). His size is similar to a Watchpost. They are a outpost of Seraphon with a small population of Duardin ( I rolled two 6's and one 3 in Inhabitants). It has little of note (Dam roll of 1 ), and what makes it special is that they civilians are plagued by dreams (Well, this actually fits pretty well with the name Seer's Port, I rolled a 62). I saw something like this years ago to make your own Old World Knighly Order or Space Marine Chapter, I always love this kind of things, this one is pretty good. Actually, I like very much the one I have rolled. Funny thing is, I was starting a Seraphon army and have a small force of Dwarfs... is this destiny?
  12. Thats something that everybody (Ok, near everybody) accept in 40k. If you have a custom Space Marine Chapter you can use whatever chapter rules you want because nobody can discuss whos the parent Chapter of yours. (And to be honest, in 40k you are OBLIGATED to have some kind of chapter tactics, so...) I don't see why people have problems with that in AoS. If you have a custom Stormhost, you pick the rules you see that are more fitting to your playstile. And even, if when they change the rules, you use your advantage of having a custom paintjob to pick another rules... whats the problem? I pick rules that I like to play, not based in pure power, but in a competitive enviroment, I don't see a problem with people being... competitive.
  13. So it comes down to "I can use my custom paintjob or I can have better rules"? And this ignores the problem of people that paint his army a certain way, even before GW gives that place specific rules, and then is "obligated" to use certain rules that maybe he thinks they don't fit is army. Should he repaint all of his army? And personally, I'm a casual and narrative player, but I don't understand whats the problem with people cherry picking rules? Is offensive to you that people want to have good rules? I ask this in a honest way, personally I think this is a pure narrative vs competitive mindset dichotomy here. For me, rules are templates, the name they have attached to them is irrelevant. Just as I use a Krull from Mierce to use my Blood Thirster and Saint Celestine Rules in 40k for my Saint Azálea, I don't see the obligation to literally go the only "orthodox GW" way. (Always in a respecfull maner to my opponent, I try to be WYSIWYG as much as possible, please don't do a slippery slope about using Goblin units to represent Bloodletters here) This was a game about freedom (It didn't even had points at the beginning, how times and community mentality changes!), not replication. Thats why I say that this kind of rules shouldn't be attached to a place or group. They should be generic.
  14. Fyreslayers in Destruction?

    Many races have remained in the Realms during the Age of Chaos. They did what they needed to survive. Thats why you have humans adoring Chaos, why you have humans adoring Nagash in Hysh, and I'm pretty sure that you could encounter ogers, greenskins, humans, elfs and dwarfs that are part of other "Alliances", but not because is a deliverate choice , but because they needed it to survive. I doubt that in the town of BrownFoot in the Realm of Beasts, known for being tarzan-like humans, they did gathered thousands of years ago to discuss about their loyalty to Sigmar. "You know guys, Sigmar is all good and that, but he is in his realm, and we are left here in the middle of a giant Chaos Invasion to our realm. I think that Gorkamorka offers us a better value for our money". The change was just natural, like our cultures change throug history. The Realms are too big to end in the Old World "Things are this way, and no other way!" this fast.