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  1. Oscar Painting Stuff

    Wah! Fantastic conversion !!! Stunning !!
  2. AoS Nurgle Painting Blog

    Really nice painting ! Neat and bright ! Your army will be beautiful.
  3. Lovely models Cheetor ! !! I like the mix between stormcast and humans.
  4. Black Coach

    Look here :). I did a tutorial :).
  5. AoS projects (Death army)

    No i used Vallejo colors and some dry pigments.
  6. Pale Orcs (Tale of X gamers)

    Great army ! Love the pale skin.
  7. Wah super good idea ! This army will be really cool!
  8. Great army with good conversion and painting !!
  9. Screaming Bell Dunecrawler

    The Holly Ordo Rateptus Meskavikus !! Cool stuff and crazy idea !!
  10. AoS projects (Death army)

    Hi there,last speed painting addition with some Bat Swarms. I needed to add a Dire Wolves to complete my unit so i paint them together using the same colors. I choose the LOTR model because i prefer it than the tiny one from the normal range. Next the Sepulcral Guard.
  11. Black Coach

    Look here you have a tutorial
  12. Nurgle Daemons force

    I really love the way you paint your miniatures.
  13. Ah yes my first miniature ever ! Found the blister recently and will add them to my Death army wilt old skeleton. Great paintjob and love the zombies too.