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  1. BangDoll

    Gotmork Redfist - An Orruk Saga

    Really nice painting ! Love the bright colors !
  2. BangDoll

    Shadespire Steelheart warband

    Simply amazing !
  3. BangDoll

    Oscar Painting Stuff [Update: Decimators]

    Stunning paintjob and beautiful use of colors.
  4. BangDoll

    The Darkwood Court

    Beautiful army ! Love the colors.
  5. BangDoll

    AoS projects (Death army)

    Hi there ! So after some work the Sepulchral Guard is ready to fight in Shadespire and the in my Death army too. Great miniatures that was really fun to paint. Cheers.
  6. Excellent ! Love those conversions !!
  7. BangDoll

    Oscar Painting Stuff [Update: Decimators]

    Wah! Fantastic conversion !!! Stunning !!
  8. BangDoll

    AoS Nurgle Painting Blog

    Really nice painting ! Neat and bright ! Your army will be beautiful.
  9. Lovely models Cheetor ! !! I like the mix between stormcast and humans.
  10. BangDoll

    Black Coach

    Look here :). I did a tutorial :).
  11. BangDoll

    AoS projects (Death army)

    No i used Vallejo colors and some dry pigments.
  12. BangDoll

    Pale Orcs (Tale of X gamers)

    Great army ! Love the pale skin.
  13. Wah super good idea ! This army will be really cool!