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  1. Nurgle Daemons force

    I really love the way you paint your miniatures.
  2. Ah yes my first miniature ever ! Found the blister recently and will add them to my Death army wilt old skeleton. Great paintjob and love the zombies too.
  3. Black Coach

    http://s3.zetaboards.com/The_Ammobunker/topic/7895774/2/ look here i did a tutorial
  4. AoS projects (Death army)

    Thanks everybody ! Yes that's a metal one and a real pain to do ^^
  5. What an amazing army ! Crazy stuff with great conversion and painting !
  6. The Sainted Court of King Gargantula - FEC

    Stunning warband ! Love the idea.
  7. Black Coach

    Last addition to my army.
  8. Black Coach

    Last addition to my army.
  9. Black Coach

    Last addition to my army.
  10. Black Coach

    Last addition to my army.
  11. Black Coach

    Last addition to my army.
  12. AoS projects (Death army)

    Hi there, long time not to post. The last addition of my army took me so much time to complete. So the Black Coach is done and i have 750pts ready to fight with my friends. We are six doing an army and trying to fight when we finish. You can have a look on the facebook page if you want : https://www.facebook.com/pathtoglory2017/ Next will come Vampire because i'm a bit tired of ghost. Cheers.
  13. AoS projects (Death army)

    Hi there, long time to post. So i manage to finish the Hexwraith, it was long to finish them and i didn't had a lot of time. Happy with them and can't wait to play them :). Next the Black Coach. Cheers.
  14. Stunning paintjob ! Love your Sylvaneth so much !!
  15. Nice to see you there Paul ! (I'm Martin) Love your scenery they look really nice. Do you still have an army or warband ? Would love to see it. The Stormcast is really cool.