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  1. Heat 1 results.

    from what I remember from the live stream (twitch) Byron (1st) played the mixed order list that won him the last grand tournament. 2 frostheart Phoenix, Lord on dragon, skinks, judicators, starpriest, battlemage (there might be some other stuff in there)
  2. Review - Maggotkin of Nurgle - Rotbringers Scrolls Pg3

    a big unit of marauders that can do some mortals with blade of putrefication (spell for mortals on 6+) since they can have a +1 to hit reroll 1
  3. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    I wonder if it is worth to cast blades of putrefaction (mortal wound on 6+ to hit) on chaos marauders? since they have an inbuilt +1 to hit mechanic (on a 4+/3+) and reroll 1 to hit they can dish out some damage. and for a 40 man 200pts battleline unit they add some more bodies/fertilizer to nurgles garden. with a harbinger of decay they have some staying power, too.
  4. new death battletome announced!

    opposed to some others here I tried outthe idea of "deathcasts". i somehow like the idea of living armors possesed by ghosts
  5. new death battletome announced!

    seems like death finally gets a late Christmas present
  6. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    edit: double post
  7. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    I build these as a nurgly scenery where papa nurgle keeps an eye (or a few eyes) on his gardens
  8. New Nurgle models

    I hope it's similar to sylvaneth wyldwood (1 to begin with), but there is nothing about this in the wd. however, in the game report the tree is on the field from the beginning AND it is very near to the enemy territory. so maybe set it up like a scenery?
  9. New Nurgle models

    so I got the new white dwarf today. some nice info in there. the tree is a scenery model used to summon daemons. furthermore, nurgle units within 7" can run and charge, near enemy models can get mortal wounds, and "infection points" are generated. nurgle units in your or your enemies territory generate infection points, too. The Infection points can be used to summon nurgle daemon units or other trees. stronger daemons need more infection points
  10. New Nurgle models

    gw gave a sneak peak for the new nurgle models
  11. Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    very nice. I used the smaller ones for my sister's ^^ but may get a bigger one
  12. customize your shadespire

    I bought a second set of the skeletons (awesome models 😍) to have two different warbands: the normal ones fighting with possessed weapons and the awakened ones where the spirits are freed makes it easier to see who is awakened on the field
  13. Bloodied and glorified.

    best seraphon list was: Lord Kroak (450) - General Saurus Astrolith Bearer (160) - Artefact: Incandescent Rectrices Skink Starpriest (80) - Artefact: Light of Dracothion Celestant-Prime (340) - Allies 10 x Skinks (60) - Boltspitters & Star Bucklers 10 x Skinks (60) - Boltspitters & Star Bucklers 10 x Skinks (60) - Boltspitters & Star Bucklers 6 x Ripperdactyl Riders (280) Shadowstrike Starhost (170) Balewind Vortex (100) Reinforcement Points (240) Total: 2000 / 2000 Allies: 340 / 400 summoning a unit of extra rippers so the damage output of the Shadowstrike ones is hidden to encourage poor deployment against them.. Veh sneaky
  14. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/11/03/news-codexes-heroes-blood-glorygw-homepage-post-3/ new chaos hero, skaven shadespire warband and video that reveals nothing
  15. customize your shadespire

    did some conversion for my sepulchral guard. they are skeletons possessed by evil spirits