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  1. model conversion - collections and ideas

    playingaround with some of the newer model bits
  2. Adepticon Judges FAQ

    I just wonder what happens when you play earthquake and you have models next to each other. when you choose to move the models in the direction so that a model cannot be moved because another model is on the target hex, and after this you move the other model that blocked the hex, does the first model stay where it is? (when simultaneously moved, both should be moved, but it's saying "in whatever order you choose", so would this be legit?)
  3. Let's Chat: Spiteclaw's Swarm

    for all 4 games there were always some cards left, even when using some activations for drawing new cards. but I didn't discarded my starting for these games either
  4. Let's Chat: Spiteclaw's Swarm

    Yesterday, I played against stormcast and won 3 out of 4 games. Since the warband is quite new (and I did not know howto play) I started with an an objective based deck with some combos in it. Here is my deck list: Ploys Confusion Nervous Scrabbling Spoils of Battle Duel of Wits Musk of Fear Scratching in the Shadows There Are Always More Sidestep Illusory Fighter Time Trap Ready for Action Upgrades Sneaky Stab-stab Ethereal Shield Shadeglass Hammer Great Strength Acrobatic Festering Blade Black Hunger Heroslayer Skitter-scurry Total Offense Awakened Weapon Immediate Arms's Length (*) Skritch is the Greatest, Yes-yes (*) Victorious Duel (**) Divide and Conquer (*) Any End Pphase Honed Survival Instincts (*) Ploymaster (*) Hold Objective 1 (*) Hold Objective 2 (*) Hold Objective 3 (*) Hold Objective 4 (*) Hold Objective 5 (*) 3rd End Phase Denial (***) If you noticed, I play 11 ploy and upgrade cards. I am quite happy with the number and I pay duel of wits to get compensate. More ploys are better for ploymaster, and Spoils of Battle allows you to Upgrade once for free. 7 of the plyos target a figgter, so it's not so hard to awaken the skaven. First game: I positioned Skritch way in the back. Opponent got confident and moved Obryn in my territory ending 2 fields away from an unoccupied starting hex. I played Illusory Fighter to teleport Skritch next to him (plus Skritch got awakened) and was able to kill Obryn in 2 activations (rolled a critical hit for both attacks). Scored 2 more Hold Objectives in the end. Equipped Skritch with Skitter-scurry and Great Strength. In the second round, my opponent got on guard, but I moved Skritch with sidestep one hex to get in reach to Steelheart. Equipped Skritch with Total Offence and Awakened Weapon a killed Steelheart with 4 attack dice 1 rerollable - 2 krits in the end with 4 dmg. Equipped Acrobatic to skritch and played musk of fear to put him on defence. Brightshield charged Skritch but defended with 3 dice. On 3rd round I won priority roll and killed Brightshield. Scored 13 glory in the end and finally had 7 upgrades on Skritch. 12-3 win Second Game: In the second game the Stormcast player was more defensive. He scored some objectives and upgraded his models, whereas I did not draw so well. Most remarkable move from Skaven was Skritch retreat from the front: He was at the front, but opponent played ploy to get +1 dmg for next attack (so 4 dmg to kll Skritch), so I played Illusory fighter to get to the backside, move him with sidestep and reanimate a rat to block movement. But nothing special,no good objectives and therefore almost no upgrade ended in a loss. 3 - 8 loss Third Game: This Time I positioned my board on the short edge to use skaven's mobility (first to games I used long edge but with smallest corridor). I positioned a clanrat in the front to lure him, Stormcast player advanced with stealheart to kill it (and to score for some objectives). again, I used Illusory Fighter to move Skritch to the front . he moved my Skritch with a ploy, so I had to charge, but managed to damage Steelheart. reanimated my clanrat to move onto a objective in rear enemy territory. In the second round I started and killed his Stealheart with Skritch, Obryn killed another clanrat and Brightshield damaged Skritch, but got killed in return. At this moment it was 4-6 for thr Stormcast player. In the final round I won the initiative, attacked Obryn with Skritch but failed the attack. He then played Illusory Fighter to retreat into his territory next to my clanrat He planned to kill my clanrat, but I had a skavenlike combo in my hand: I used Spoils of battle and equipped the clanrat with shadeglass hammer, then played Ready to Action to attack Obryn, managed to roll for a crit and killed him before he could even start his turn got to more objectives and won 7-6 in the end. 7-6 win Fourth Game: Stormcast player won board place for the first time, so I had to put first and he chose the long edge to get near to my units. Obryn charged a clanrat but failed to kill it. I was able to damage Obryn with Skritch after a charge. positioned on 2 objectives (one in enemy territory) but he pushed me from one to deny me one but I scored the other one. No more losses in for neither player. I started the second round and charged Obryn to be out of reach for the other Stormcasts and managed to kill him. He decided to go for the other side to harass some rats, but did not get to kill one. Krrt damaged Brightshield. Some objective score for me and him. In the last round I won priority again but let my enemy start to deny him ploys in the first round. He managed to kill a clanrat. Then I got one of my best combos running: I played Illusory fighter to return Skritch near both Brighshield and Steelheart. Then, I played Spoils of Battle to equip him with Awakened Weapon and played Ready for Action to attack (but failed to kill Brightshield). Then I used a regular attack to kill Brightshield, used the glory to equip Skritch with great Strength, played Time Trap to attack for a 3rd time in a row (!!) and...failed to kill Steelheart He then moved him on an objective (because he could not kill Skritch since he needed to charge but only deals 3 dmg). I positioned on 2 Objectives and pushed him from the one and won the game 12-7 Win In the end I can say that Skaven are very fun to play. Being very mobile and able to reuse equipped fighters by reviving them is quite good. However, Stormcast are very low on model count, so a rat in enemy territory is not a target for them. Warbands with some units in the rear field could be more difficult. Best Cards: I really liked Illusory fighter. At first I was unsure whether to include it, but its a great card to bring Skritch from the rear to the front without the need to move plus it awakens him! can still be used to secure some models from enemy territory after scoring there o to appear on the other side of the field (as I did in my 4th game). Another very good card was Ready for Action. Being able to get an extra attack (that combos very good with Spoils of battle) is great, especially with an upgraded Skritch and his range 2 attack. Normal attack, spoils of war or playing an upgrade, Ready for Action and Time Trap allows you 3 attacks in a row! Its a 3 cards combo, but if it triggers the result can be great. Cheers, T
  5. I simulated Curse of Years 10.000.000 times...

    okay, so it's basically an auto kill if you reach 1+. good to know ^^
  6. I simulated Curse of Years 10.000.000 times...

    what I wonder is when rolling a 1 for arkhan's spell does it count as a fail (due to rules of one, where a 1 is always a fail)? is it applied for spells as well? I hit a LoC and did 9 mortal wounds ending with 1 dice at 1+. however, I stopped when I rolled a 1 (since it was a friendly tournament). if a 1 counts as a fail, than the % to kill large units would drop
  7. model conversion - collections and ideas

    some update of my latest conversions
  8. Monthly conversion challenge poll

    you just motivate me to update my latest conversions unfortunately, I do love converting but I'm to lazy to paint it. too much ideas ^^
  9. Monthly conversion challenge poll

    I voted for yes because do a lot of conversions for my armies. to be honest, it does not take that much time, it's rather depending on what you actually do: - build a new model from scratch - adding some bits - change bits between models I started a post (which sadly collects dust at the moment) to show your work and collect ideas. it would be great to get it to a wider community. and in the end, it's up to everyone self if and how much to convert
  10. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    actually, coven throne, mortis engine and the new palanquin don't have the MONSTER keyword, therefore they do get the cover save. they get behemoth from gh, but cover save is from monster keyword iirc. however, you still need a scenery large enough (woods are great, but it can fly and land on top of buildings too). for example, a mortis engine from Lord of sacrament with battalion in a wood can get up to a 2+ save
  11. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    I did not intend to mourn (haha) it seems that in the single warscroll pdf it has his old ethereal rules whereas in the monstrous arcanum pdf (both from forgeworld) it has the new ethereal rules. however, quite expensive for less staying power now. you can't summon him either, so only worth for a nighthaunt army (where I still want to play him from time to time)
  12. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    it seems that mournghoul is listed under legion of nagash in the app. however, the warscroll got updated as well. he lost his save against mortals and got the new ethereal rule, meaning no positive buffs for safe (and sadly no 2+ reroll anymore). feels like a double nerf
  13. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    I started to scratchbuild some gravesides. finally got some use for all the bones and skulls
  14. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    I even found the perfect base for my fellow death style. just have to paint him ^^'
  15. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    the gaping maw effect for terrorgheist triggers on a 6+ to hit now (before it was 6+ to wound). furthermore, it does not deal 6 mortal wounds but instead "6 wounds without rolling wound and save rolls". actually, that's pretty amazing because you can circumferent mortal wound saves (but not saves for wounds lost, e.g. deathless minion)! best example is a bastilodon that now lost it's own 3+ save and the 4+ save against mortals loosing instantly 6 wounds