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  1. Jgroover

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    I think my first go at a Bloodtoofs list is going to be: Megaboss on Maw Krusha w/ironclad, gargant bone dice Megaboss w/ghur feather Weirdnob Shaman Warchanter w/boss skewer Brutes x5 Brutes x5 Gore Gruntas x3 Gore Gruntas x3 Ardboys x10 Ironfist Bloodtoofs Cogs Totals in at 1940 for an extra command point. Wanted to bring a third brute squad instead of Ardboys but command point seems worth dropping down. Could also fit them in by changing out weirdnob for fungoid cave shaman but then it is a two drop army instead of one. Would probably need to spend a turn getting into position, and then charge everything and Waaagh 5 times on turn two.
  2. Jgroover

    The Rumour Thread

    Look at the upper right corner of the image. The diamond grip pattern starts again. This pretty much rules out a bike handle, looks to be a flamethrower, chemical sprayer, or power weapon of some kind and the upper portion is where the opposite hand grips.
  3. Oh I had been told it was 80, 40 is not a very good drop. Nevermind, there went most of my list ideas.
  4. Jgroover

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    So I guess the idea is that you move it so it is flush with a shooting unit, then move your own unit up 1 inch behind it to get some cover? I think I understand now. I was reading it wrong and thought it was saying that the shooting unit needed to be closer to the gravetide than the defending unit was to the gravetide.
  5. Jgroover

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    Can someone explain this portion of the Suffocating Gravetide to me? I can't for the life of me wrap my head around what it means:
  6. I really feel like the original list posted by AgeofsigmarEU will be very strong. Especially because factoring in the points drops you could fit in either a grot shaman and chromantic cogs or switch it to an ironfist and bloodtoofs to stay single drop. With Gordrakk and those charge buffs there is very little chance you will miss any of the 8 inch charges. If you keep six units in range of each maw krusha, they'll all be sitting on 7 sword attacks and 8 d3 damage hooves attacks each. Factoring in destructive bulk and smashing and bashing and you could really cripple someone turn one.
  7. Jgroover

    Ironjawz AOS2 2018 Help Me Be Positive

    What are they if I may ask? Haven't heard anything.
  8. Jgroover

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    Doesn't look like Spiderfang has any changes, didn't get any battalions back.
  9. Jgroover

    Ironjawz AOS2 2018 Help Me Be Positive

    I'm struggling with the same thing. Was hoping for bigger drops. There are a few good things though: Chronomantic Cogs giving +2 move +2 charge is very nice. Multiple command abilities could be very strong with stacking Mighty Waaagh, Waaagh, and the Greenskins Waaagh. Golden Toof and Boss Skewer are much better, and there is a chance some of the malign spells and artefacts could be great fits. Less people are going to daisy chain long lines of cheap chaff roadblocks because of new battleshock rule so there is potential we could actually attack an important unit. While more point drops would have made the army as a whole more competitive, I don't think any of our units are that overpriced on their own. I think the problem is that we don't have the basic tools that most armies have, all we have is melee hammers. I don't think we will ever be a good army until we get more units that allow us some range or some flying.
  10. Could be situationally useful as a counter charge tactic too, when they pile in against one of your units and wrap around its likely you'll be able to find a weak point, and with nice gargant move, perhaps made better by chronomantic cogs, you could get to that weak point. If there is ever a typical battleline clash, there could be nice and strung out units to take advantage of.
  11. Yeah I guess if the opponent is aware of this possibility it would be easy for them to play around. I have very commonly run into huge lines of horrors or berserkers, skinks, skeletons etc. stretching across the board to prevent my Ironjawz from reaching important targets, and have a lot of trouble dealing with that to be honest. The threat of this happening could help cut down on that so if it gets to be used or not I think there is only positives to the change.
  12. Right, it wouldn't be useful over multiple turns but if you can catch a big group of 40 vulkites or something and bring them down to 20 that would be very sweet. Your regular combat damage wouldn't matter since they would remove all casualties from the side that was going to die anyway but still, a lot better than his club would have done regardless.
  13. With the new battleshock rule about models not in coherency being destroyed, the Aleguzzer Gargant's "Stuff 'Em In Me Bag" may have just become very powerful. It is one of the only abilities that can target a specific model, so you could force the model in the middle of a line to be destroyed, thus forcing the new rule to take effect and destroying a section of the models at the end of the turn. Could be devastating on a big unit. If you activate the Gargant after the opposing unit, they won't be able to scoot into coherency with their pile in either.
  14. Jgroover

    "Outside the box" factions

    What about an army of wildmen, free peoples that somehow have formed a cult worshipping Gorkamorka. It could be built around a wild hermit aesthetic and would be fun to see humans in the frantic wild poses of orruks. Maybe they are mind controlled by waaagh magic and have cool glowing green eyes.
  15. Jgroover

    "Outside the box" factions

    I would really like to see destruction beastmen, where they don't follow chaos but just roam and ambush and destroy. Would add a nice aesthetic variation for destruction too. Some sort of death elves could be cool too, where they refuse to let their souls be taken and sort of live on as a race of liche folk.