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  1. Ove

    Legion of Sacrament - The Winning Combination

    Yes but then the artifacts needs to change etc
  2. Ove

    Legion of Sacrament - The Winning Combination

    I Only see 2 battlelines, the skeletons
  3. Gona post the rest of the pictures when i have something better than this potato to take pictures with.
  4. Gona get some of my Sylvaneth painted while i wait for a new deathbook. TLA, atleast 5 treerevenants, hunters, branchwych and my Dryads just have to wait a month more
  5. Ove

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Does the Loremasters Hand of glory work on Drycha`s Flitterfuries/Squirmlings? Do the spell also work on both TLA ranged and mele abilities?