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  1. Age of Sigmar Fan Magazine [The Initiative]

    I like this @hellalugosi. Good work laying the ground work. I would like to submit my army lore for my Ironjawz and Dispossessed armies. Send me a message and we'll chat about how you want the section to work. I feel this could be a popular part of the magazine
  2. Da Bloodbreaka Clan

    Hey guys here is my latest lore story based off the past two tournaments I attended I hope you enjoy it The Imbecilic Triumph The buzzing had finally subsided. It was about time, Zodgrob thought. Any more blows to his skull with the butt-end of his basha and it might begin to hurt. His scar-ravaged forehead was now colored with dozens of black dots, all smeared with a mix of lavender and olive colored blood across his dark green flesh. The blood slightly burned his skin, but did little more than to annoy the orruk. Zodgrob was cunning enough not to inhale any of the flying Nurgle dots, particularly because he felt they tasted terrible. He preferred insects that the Moonclan Grots harvested. Fungus-covered centipedes, roasted crickets, and notably the spider meat dipped with a hint of squig fat. The thought of these delectibles made Zodgrob's mouth water, but a nearby commotion brought him back to reality. Megaboss Azkrug Fangfist was arguing with fellow Brute Boss Ugly Bogg regarding where to find the next fight. Both seemed eager to best the other in shouting louder than the other to prove their point. "I says we needs to keep fighting back that way. Korkrok says more enemies be gathering to fight the ded fings, so that's where da fighting will be the bestest!" bawled Ugly Bogg. He was looking worse for ware ever since a bloated, tentacled green beast licked his face. As if he couldn't get any uglier, Zodgrob joked to himself. "Well you ain't got a clue what's going on! Ruglid says no humie, daemon or orruk can survive dat way. Ova there belongs to Nagash," yelled Azkrug. "I says we needs to go back the otha way. Thunda gits be holding some fort on top of a big shiny rock not far from here. Theyze always gives us a good scrap." This loud debate was taking place atop the fresh corpses of Megaboss Orgukh, his Maw Krusha, as well as his rebellious boyz who tried to overthrow the bosses of the FangFist. It was a decent scrap, Zodgrob thought, but now elements of the FangFist were embroiled in animosity. While the main threat was neutralized, many of the lads were getting anxious. They had tasted success and victory early on in their campaign, but successive defeats to the Plague God's forces had halted their momentum. When orruks aren't moving, they'll fight the first thing they see: which is most of the time other orruks. It was rather fortunate, or unfortunate, that Zodgrob was able to help fight off Orgukh. He had accompanied the Megaboss and his boyz on a special task just a few weeks ago. When the FangFist returned to Shyish, they traversed into the Willowing Woods to find whatever shiny stuff they had left behind from their previous campaign. Instead, they discovered the tree people had taken their loot. They didn't inhabit these woods last time the Ironjawz were here. Or perhaps they did and merely watched Da Bloodbreaka Clan purge their woods of infestation. Regardless, they had taken the orruks loot, but seemed desperate to drive them out with haste. While Azkrug and Bogg brought up the main line, the Moonclan Shaman Keeb (or Geeb) found a secret path for Zodgrob and his boyz to sneak though to bash the big tree boss while he wasn't looking. Before Zodgrob could scream and ruin the surprise, the Spirit of Durthuu was crushed beneath a giant green foot. It still lived, but Zodgrob and his Brutes finished it off before it could recover. Enraged, the smaller tree things counterattacked in large numbers. When the battle was over, Zodgrob was the last one standing. Despite multiple branches impaled through his body, the brute seemed oblivious to his injuries. Before Da Bloodbreaka Clan could finish off the remnants of the sylvaneth, the last Tree Lord made a bargain. According to what it told Azkrug, the tree people were being hunted by the thunda gits of Sigmar, who burned swaths of forests down and slew them without mercy, because they claimed they were tainted by death magic. In exchange for their loot, the Sylvaneth offered the orruks another fight if they helped fight off the stormcasts hunting them. It was Megaboss Orgukh and his boyz who volunteered to fight, arguing the bulk of the FangFist could continue following the visions Geeb (or Keeb) was talking about. Azkrug concurred, but told Zodgrob to assist the Megaboss and his lads. They would meet up later near the big shiny rock north of the Willowing Woods. While the signs of treachery were apparent to most of the orruks who stayed behind, Zodgrob was unsurprisingly oblivious to Orgukh's true motives. So it was that the megaboss attempted to send Zodgrob to his death when the Stormcasts in white armour arrived. Rather than following the Sylvaneth's plan of stretching the stormcasts' lines before attacking, Orgukh riled up Zodgrob into charging straight into the heart of the enemy lines. He obliged and directed the orruks to abandon their position and charge forward. To Orgukh's surprise, Zodgrob punched a hole in the Stormcasts' shield-wall and the orruks piled in to commence the scrap. The megaboss piled in moments later, but was knocked out of action when he was impaled by a liberator's sword. The orruks were almost ruined by the arrival of a magmadroth ridden by a bedazzled wizard, but Zodgrob fought it off highhandedly. In one instance, Zodgrob wounded the beast, spilling its life-blood onto the nearby Lord-Celestant who perished in the lava. When the Sylvaneth finally committed and secured their victory, the Ironjawz had sent the majority of the thunda gits back into the heavens. The boyz celebrated and soon left the Woods to find the rest of the Bloodbreaka Clan. Unfortunately, Zodgrob forgot to take the rest of the orruk's loot as they left, leaving Orgrukh furious when he recovered and realized they had left empty-handed. A few days later, Orgukh's force reunited with the rest of the FangFist. While they were battling Stormcasts, Azkrug's WAAAGH! encountered a WAAAGH! led by another Fungoid-Shaman who reverberated Keeb's (or Geeb's) visions. However, when the opposing Megaboss refused to join the clan, Azkrug respected his decision and killed him swiftly for the rest of his boyz to see. After stomping out the few holdouts, the opposing boyz wizened up and joined Da Bloodbreakas. After a few victorious battles against living humies and dead humies, the FangFist encountered a large Nurgle army. The fighting was fierce and rambunctious, but after two decisive fights, the Ironjawz were forced to retreat. That was when Orgukh and Zodgrob rejoined the clan, and it was the time that Orgukh chose to strike at Azkrug. Orruk fought orruk in brutal combat, just the way they liked it. Zodgrob himself was having a wonderful time smashing boyz skulls in, but Ugly Bogg had to remind him not to crump too many boyz. Otherwise they wouldn't have a WAAAGH! left to stomp on everyone else. While Orgrukh's lads had the early advantage, Azkrug's boyz eventually swung the battle in their favor. It soon became clear this would be determined in a battle of bosses. Orgukh was a strong fighter, but he wasn't particularly cunnin'. It wasn't surprising to Zodgrob that the battle of the megabosses ended in favor of Azkrug. The rebellious megaboss, so eager to claim supre left himself vulnerable for Azkrug to deliver the killing blow. Now standing and shouting atop Orgrukh's remains, the bosses of Da Bloodbreaka Clan had to restart the WAAAGH! or else they would fall once again to animosity. "What don't you get ya ugly git? There's plenty ov good scraps that way iffen we don't go looking for da godz to fight!" stated Azkrug. "An' I finks we can be real cunnin' and sneak up on them while theyze busy smashing each other up!" retorted Bogg. "Well I'm da biggest, so I'm da boss, and weze do as I say." "Yeah? Well look where that got us. Most of da boyz here be lookin' for da big fight. What better way than going right to the heart of da realm?" Now they were getting annoying. Tension was rising among the boyz, yet all Zodgrob could hear was complaining. He loved the commotion of battle, the constant loud banging of choppas, the roar of emotion, the lust for battle. This was just getting irritating. "You wants that, doesn't you Bogg? Go fight da godz and then youze kicks me when I ain't lookin' and becoming da new boss. Youze always been jealous you ain't da big boss. Probably more jealous Orgrukh beat you to it. Huh?" Ugly Bogg scowled at the accusation and drew his choppa. "Come on den! I ain't afraid of you Azkrug. You don't even want to be da boss. Youze more than happy to follow Gorfang all the time than to seize da big boss title yourself. I likes you for yer cunnin', but I hates you fer your un-orkiness to fightin'." "Who you callin' un-orky you grot lovin' snot runna?" "Oi, will you two just zog off it already!?" shouted Zodgrob as he jumped onto the deceased Maw Krusha. Both megaboss and ugly brute boss spun around, weapons still drawn, as their doltish companion approached them. "I don't care who weze fights next. Same goes for da rest of da ladz 'ere. Who we following? Gork or Mork?" "Gork," replied Azkrug "Mork," replied Bogg "Yer both stoofid. It's Gorkamorka! That's who our shroomie's been chattin' wif. I rather hear what he has to say than listen to you two pansies bicker about whose way be right? It's about fightin' an' winning weze cares about!" After a few moments of silence, the brute boss turned to Geeb (or Keeb), who had snuck onto the rear of the Maw Krusha during the confrontation and began to carve out some flesh to eat. "Alright little shroomie. Tell us where Gorkamorak wants us to go next." Keeb (or Geeb) gave Zodgrob a nervous look, then ripped a chunk of Maw Krusha meat out of his mouth and swallowed it quickly. He sat straight up, leaning on his mushroom-stalk staff, his shooms bulging from his head oddly lighting up with power. The shaman replied, in a deep squeaky voice,"Oi, the godz sure have somefin to say about you lot. They not impressed by what they been seeing." Geeb (or Keeb) coughed, then reached inside his robes for something. He pulled out an alien mushroom, deep violet in color, with grey spots all around: the fabled deffcap mushroom. A food so rare and so daedly that only the brave and loonie grots would devour the poisonous mushroom. They hoard as much as they can and never trade them to anyone else. Keeb (or Geeb) had been hesitant to trust Zodgrob at first because he tried to steal some deffcaps from the moonclan grots. Zodgrob had also tried to eat the mushrooms growing out of the shaman's skull merely out of curiosity and hunger. Addressing the bosses and the gathered crowd around the dead Maw Krusha, the Fungoid-Shaman threw the deffcap into his mouth and chewed. Moments later, he began to spasm. He jerked left and right, but remained in control of his motions. Geeb (or Keeb) said, "There's still plenty of fighting left in the realm of death, but death is spreading all across the realms," the shaman said, as he began to glow an eerily sickly green. "Da Godz do battle here, but enemies march to war across Zarcosia. Them gits are being drawn to da big fight, and yer big boss got the right idea in gettin' them before they get 'ere. Go back to da Red Rock, fight wif Da Immortal, and remind those snobs that green is best!" After Keeb (or Geeb) had finished his spasms, Zodgrob finished the debate. "You 'eard little shroomie 'ere. We going back to fight everyone! Cmon lads! Da boss needs us! Lets get movin' before Da Godz need to remind us wif a good thumpin'!" Perplexed by the sudden leadership shown by Zodgrob, Azkrug regained the upper hand over Ugly Bogg and assumed control once more. "That's right lads. We got business back at Mount Kraktoof. Nobody better than us. Weze got stunties to crump, humies to smash, spikey boyz to stomp on, and anyone else we see, well beat. Why? Because weze Ironjawz. And weze always da best!" As the FangFist began the long trek back to Zarcosia, the thickheaded Zodgrob thought long and hard about his next dilemma. "I wonder if little shroomie tastes just as good as humie-stuffed squig. Oi, grot. Where you run off to?"
  3. Da Bloodbreaka Clan

    Greetings everyone Last weekend I participated in a local tournament in New Jersey that featured 14 AOS players. We played three games at 2k with secondary objectives, which saw the following armies participate: 3 Khorne, 2 Nurgle, an Everchosen, two stormcasts, two nighthaunts, a Gutbusters, and three Ironjawz. I finished the tournament atop the mid tables somewhere between 5-7. The winning armies were 1) Nurgle 2) NIghthaunt 3) Stormcast. The tournament was well organized by fellow Ironjawz player Brian Cortese and the folks at Top Deck Games. Here's a rundown of how my Ironjawz faired Round One - Ironjawz vs Maggotkin of Nurgle - Duality of Death - Major Loss Quite the grueling game for my lads as the rotting green overwhelmed the Greenskins and forced me to concede on Turn Four. My opponent took a Great Unclean One, Rotigus, The Glotkin, and a Gaunt Summoner on a Balewind Voretex. He also had 10 Blight Kings, 10 Plaguebearers, and 40 Plague Monks. My plan was to race my warchanters up to claim the objectives before he could get to them with his GUO's to sit on because they would have been practically unmovable. Unfortunately, his Gaunt Summoner, along with his Nurgle magic, made short work of my support heroes, as well as my blob of 20 Ardboyz. He also managed to get the double turn and charge his 10 Blight Kings into my 10 Brutes. The charge hurt and left all but one Brute remaining, who then fled from battleshock With my big unit gone and the left side teetering, the last chance I have is to wipe the Blight Kings during the double turn, claim the objective, then charge his glotkin before he has a chance to get me. Unfortunately, my Maw Krusha wiffed and failed to finish off the Blight Kings, even with the aid of my Gore Gruntas. By the bottom of Turn three, he was able to charge everything forward, including his 40 rats, who were bolstered by their abilities and nurgle powers which led them to do 80+ attacks or something that practically killed everything on the left side By turn four, my opponent was too far ahead and I would have had to kill at least two GUO's in two turns to try to turn it around with just a Maw Krusha and three Gore Gruntas. My opponent ended up winning the tournament and played some good games from his other two opponents I chatted with. I may have some reservations on the type of list used, but he played it well and earned his wins Also wanted to showcase this awesome third party GUO my opponent proxied as Rotigus. He said this comes from a third party company, though I forget if he named the exact one. Either way, a cool looking GUO to look at as it tore through my Orcs Round Two - Ironjawz vs Ironjawz - Knife to the Heart - Minor Victory My first tournament mirror match, and it was the one scenario that both of us would have a hard time gaining a major. My strategy from the onset was to rush everything forward, try to punch a hole somewhere, then rush back my reserve Brutes to try to cap the match. Unfortunately, that plan fell apart on turn one What I wanted to do was try to angle my Gore Gruntas on the flank to threaten his center and support characters. However, he rolled three 6's on his Rampaging Destroyers and was able to throw his 6 Gore Gruntas up the flank to charge and lock in our cavalry. Two turns later, and we had both lost our fast options to cap the game. At that point, we both knew it would come down to kill points. Meanwhile, he left a screen of Ardboyz while his 15 Brutes with two choppas waited behind them. I sent my Ardboyz in on turn three to open up space for my Brutes to get in, along with my Maw Krusha. Eventually, we were at a standstill where the grind of battle was deciding factor. It was awesome He wisely retreated his remaining Ardboyz after my charge so his Brutes could get in, but it allowed me to get into his left flank. I fortunately won priority for Turn Four and charged his Maw Krusha with my own and killed him in one turn. My opponent in turn threw a Foot of Gork at me that dealt 8 wounds Eventually, I was able to swing around, kill one of his characters, and kill another unit or two to snag the minor victory. That center core of his was too difficult to crack and it almost cost me the match. What also helped my opponent out was an Orruk Warboss with Banner that allowed him to reroll failed wound rolls of one. That was big for the Brutes with two choppas who refused to die no mater what I threw at them. Definitely a character I will consider taking in the future Round 3 - Ironjawz vs Ironjawz - Starstrike - Major Victory Another mirror-match and the one to decide who the best boss of the tournament was! My opponent took a very similar list to me, but had one unit of 10 Brutes with two choppas, a megaboss on foot, a moonclan shaman and an ironfist. He won first turn so he moved everyone up to secure the middle line. He even managed an 11 inch charge with his Brutes into my Ardboyz and killed my Wierdnob Shaman in the process. A poor play on my part in deployment Not a great start, but he moved his army up a bit too far, and in the bottom of Turn One, I counterattacked. First, my Maw Krusha moved up, roared, charged and killed the rival megaboss to show him who was the best boss on the battlefield Meanwhile, I buffed my Ardboyz and they hit the Brutes back hard, taking a decent number out. On the flanks, my 10-Brutes charged his Gore Gruntas on the left, while the right was well contested with my lads gaining the upper hand On Turn Two, the first comet fell on the middle house on the left flank. While he won the roll to start the turn, he could only charge his megaboss on foot into my Ardboyz to try to turn that skirmish around. All around him, his boyz began to waver. On my turn, my Gore Gruntas claimed the comet and I pretty much crippled his army. My Brutes gained more ground towards the cursed hill next to my Maw Krusha, while the battle for the right continued to fall in my favor. The middle still held, but I outnumbered my opponent, and with mystic shield on the Ardboyz, the Megaboss and Brutes coudl not do enough to make a dent By the start of turn 3, my opponent conceded. He did not have enough to compete for the remaining comets once they fell: one on my back left corner and the other in his center back, which at that point, I had more models in his backfield than he did. At the end of the tournament, I finished with a Major Win, Minor Win, and Major Loss, finishing atop the middle tables. Not a bad showing, though I wish me and my destruction comrades didn't have to beat up on each other so we could have finished collectively higher. Nevertheless, I will take the top boss title for the time being. This is likely my last time using this list for now. I think I will change it up for the next tournament I have in the spring. There are a few options I am considering, including the use of Brutish Cunning. Any advice or suggestions is appreciated. I should have a lore story up this week. In the coming weeks, I will try to get some Malign Portents games in and get good old Gorfang some action. Gorkamorka knows he's been itching to see the battlefield again Anyways, talk to you lads soon Cheers
  4. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    As of now, my Ironjawz are going for The Eye. Reason? With so many armies mustering, there's no better time to pick a fight than now. Half my clan is going to Shysh to discover what all the hubbub is about, while the rest are going to fight any armies marching to the realmgate to Shysh (so in a way, helping Nagash)
  5. The Rumour Thread

    So if GW handles the return of Slaanesh like they've done the previous Chaos Gods, we can expect Dec 2018/Jan 2019 releases for 40k and AOS. Where does that leave the Skaven and Beastmen then? Would both races receive similar treatment over the next few years, each set up to be the big bad on the rise? I could see one or both coming out the same year GW decides to dedicate time to Destruction. Perhaps after the consequences and desecration laid by Nagash and Slaanesh upon the forces of order, the Skaven/Beastmen will try to assert control, but Destruction will rise to meet this threat
  6. Malign Portents

    New story is up. Might be the best one thus far. A lot of juicy details to chew on https://malignportents.com/story/the-crimson-connoisseur/
  7. Da Bloodbreaka Clan

    Hey lads last weekend I attended a local tournament in Brooklyn, NY, organized by Martin Orlando. After three rounds at The Brooklyn Strategist, I placed 3rd and earned best painted army. The winner was a Maggotkin of Nurgle army followed by a Mixed Order list that had 90 or 120 Fyreslayers, a Luminark of Hysh, Aelf Lord on Frost Phoenix, along with one or two more units and heroes. It's been a busy few weeks for me at work so I haven't had the chance to write any narrative for my battle reports, and with another tournament coming up this weekend, I figured I would combine them at a later date and get you all the play-by-play of my matches Round One- Ironjawz vs Sylvaneth - Battle for the Pass Result: Major Victory This was the second time I have played Sylvaneth, but did a bit of homework for this tournament in case I played them again. He took Durthuu, Tree Lord Caster, an allied Stormcast Knight Heraldor, three units of Kurnoth Hunters (1 bow, one scythe, one sword), 30 Dryads, and two five-man units of Tree-Revenants. While I was delighted Battle for the Pass was the first battle plan, that deep deployment had me nervous he would try to send his Revenants into my backfield to steal my backfield objective. In response, I held back a unit of Gore Gruntas to act as a reactionary force in case he tried this tactic. Other deployment notes: I kept my Megaboss on Maw Krusha on the right with all my Brutes, along with the Grot Shaman, while my 20xArdboyz, second unit of Gore Gruntas, and Wierdnob Shaman were on the left next to an Arcane Tower. My original plan was to seize the middle objectives fast to draw him out of the woods so he had to fight me on my ground. Turn One- My opponent, Harry, finishes setting up first and chooses to take the first turn. He summons a wyldwood, but fails to plant another with his spell. Everyone mostly moves up, he takes some pot shots at my Brute Mob, and scores 5 points to start. Durthu is placed in an excellent spot, making it hard for me to fight him with my Maw Krusha or Brute Mob without suffering from fighting within the woods. However, I realize the graveyard presents an opportunity to attack Durthu's flank, so I send my five-man Brute unit rushing to take advantage. I move everyone else up cautiously in case he gets a double turn, but far enough where my numbers can steal back the objective. I score 5 at the end of Turn One. Turn Two- Ironjawz earn the double turn and seize the initiative. In my hero phase, my Wierdnob successfully casts Foot of Gork thanks to 20+ Ardboyz nearby as well as the +1 Arcane bonus to casting. First roll deals 2 mortal wounds, but I get another go, and roll 6 the second time. 8 mortal wounds total has Durthu wobbling. After advancing the boyz forward into charging position, I send Megaboss Azkrug up and his Maw Krusha does 2 more wounds to cripple him. At this point, I charge everyone in except my Maw Krusha, who doesn't have enough distance to fit behind the wyldwood to attack the other Tree Lord or Durthu. Instead, the five-man Brutes finish Durthu off, kill some Dryands, then kicks off Smashing and Bashing on the Brute Mob. Because of their reach, I can keep just about everyone outside the wyldwood to attack. I kill 2 of the 3 scythe Kurnoth Hunters, then he retaliates and takes a few wounds off of one. On the other side, the Ardboyz and Gore Gruntas wipe out the other Kurnoth Hunters to solidify the left flank. I score 5 points to take a commanding lead. On Harry's turn, his Heraldor takes advantage of the big graveyard and toots his horn, dishing out mortals to my grot shaman, maw krusha, and surrounding Brutes. This was a risk I had to take if I wanted to get to Durthu and bottle up the dryads. Otherwise, he just takes pot shots with his kurntoh hunters and tree-lord at my general, and we fight again, with my brute mob piling into his kurtnoth's with bows. More Brutes die against the Dryads but pass their bravery. He scores just one point Turn Three- At this point, I begin to pull away. The Kurnoths on the right are on the verge of falling while my megaboss looks intimidating. The orruks on the left simply reposition themselves on top of the objective and fail to charge the dryads. Another Brute dies in combat, leaving my Brute Boss left on 2 wounds. The Gore Gruntas in the back are doing their job at intimidating him from teleporting to the back. I score 5 more points At this point, the game is out of reach for Harry. His Heraldor shoots the graveyard and takes off another Brute, wounds the Brute Boss on the Dryads, and pretty much cripples my Megaboss. He also deployed his Revenants in his backfield so my Gore Gruntas cannot contest his objective. By Turn four, he decides to charge his heraldor in to see his he can kill my Maw Krusha, he falls short, but charges into the Brute Boss instead. He is unable to deliver the final blow, so the Brute Boss turns around and kills him in one go-at-him. After another few Dryads die and flee, only the Brute Boss remains standing after the central combat ends. I have it lore-wise that my Brute Boss, Zodgrob was just too stupid to die, despite being covered in a dozen splinters and a few branches stocking through him. By this point, he concedes and I take the Major Victory. Round Two- Ironjawz vs Maggotkin of Nurgle - Total Conquest Result: Major Defeat This was a rematch against a local player, Dan, who I beat to win PAX in November. This time, we played Total Conquest, another first for me, and defnitely played a part in the outcome of this match, which I will get to later. Dan's Nurgle army consisted of the Mortals Battalion which was a -1 to hit. He took the new Great Unclean One, Festus, Sorcerer on Manticore, two units of Blight Kings, chaos warshrine, 10 Chaos Knights, 10 Chaos Warriors, and 10 plaguebearers. He placed his tree on the right side near his objective. My goal originally was to quickly overpower one side and sweep on towards the other, while my Ardboyz held other side, like they did in our last game to his frustration. Turn One- he finished deploying first and gave me the turn, so I advanced everyone up and placed my defensive buffs on everyone, including inspiring presence on the Brute Mob and Mystic Shield on the Gore Gruntas. I was aware his tree gave him movement bonuses, but did not prepare well for his upcoming moves. Dan went, and learning from our last match, sends practically everything towards the right side. WIth my Ardboyz, Wierdnob, and five man Brutes so far back, there won't be enough support arriving in the upcoming fight Turn Two- Dan wins the double turn, and the Nurgle Disease Train came crashing into my lines. First, the GUO hit my Brutes, followed by the Blight Kings to deny the rest from piling into his big dude. From this point on, his GUO acts as a massive debuff across the right side, forcing me to reroll my successful 6's on hits and wound. Festus also casts the spell where my Brutes' armour save is -1 for the rest of the game. While I tear through the Blight Kings, I am unable to get enough damage on the GUO since he can heal himself. With the battalion and GUO debuffs, not to mention Nurgle's resiliency, the Brutes cannot get enough damage through. On my turn, I try to counter charge with my Maw Krusha and Gore Gruntas, but with the lack of space to maneuver, I am unable to get my Maw Krusha into combat, which forces me to go forward towards the chaos warriors and plaguebearers to try to steal his objective. On the other side, the Ardboyz could not make the far charge to tie up the Chaos Knights, which made me hesitate charging my Gore Gruntas into combat against his sorcerer. Turn Three- Nurgle won turn three. He plants a new tree near his left objective. More magic and debuffs start to take their toll. The Chaos Knights charge forward into my Gore Gruntas with support from his Sorcerer on Manticore. He had a pretty cool yet terrifying combo with those units, which reduced the leadership of my Gore Gruntas from a 7 to a 4, so one casualty could remove the unit if I failed my Bravery Roll. The Brute Mob is now withered to a 6+ save, hitting on 5's and rerolling 6's. They are there to just hold the line. While they somehow finish off the Blight Kings, the GUO wipes the remaining three off the board. The Maw Krusha finishes off the Chaos Warriors, but has to pile into the Plaguebearers next time. On my turn, he gets Rampaging Destroyers off but whiffs. The Ardboyz on the left get a 13 inch charge and attack his Blight Kings, Festus, and War Shrine. I outnumbered him and steal the objective this turn, giving me a slight lead in points. I can see a path to victory, but it depends on the next two turns. Turn Four- I win the roll, but the turn goes south from me. First, my shamans fail to cast their spells. Next, my Brutes fail their charge into the combat, but with little room to squeeze through, there isn't a lot of space anyway for them to get through. In the combat phase, my Ardboyz still hold their own and outnumber Nurgle's left side, but they're losing bodies as I can't kill off the War Shrine or the Blight Kings. The Maw Krusha is now bogged down and fails again to finish off the plaguebearers. The center where the Gore Gruntas buckles. I finally lose one on the right unit and the Bravery 4 roll kills me as I roll a 6, forcing the other two to flee. I have one left standing from the other unit. Dan's turn now, and he retreats the knights onto my bottom right objective wisely. His GUO charges my Maw Krusha, which is already wounded from magic and combat. The GUO will eventually kill him and save that objective. Meanwhile, the Ardboyz suffer heavily in his hero phase, then lose much more in the combat phase as the Manticore enters the fray. With the high body count and now -4 Leadership debuff due to the Sinister terrain nearby, the rest of the boyz flee. Turn Five- Dan wins the roll off and takes the game. He edges me and I don't have enough left to steal back the objectives. Not to mention a scan of the table and he still have most of his heavy hitters alive. It was a sound game, one I felt I was in the whole time, but it did seem to me I was on the back foot most of the game. Those debuffs were a killer, not to mention his resiliency kept his army around longer than when we played last time. Nurgle is a fun challenge to play against. Dan and I have had some good games over the past few months. Looking forward to the next one we have. The scenario was also a factor. Dan told me after he wanted to avoid my Ardboyz when I placed then on the left, which was my plan for them, but it made him refocus on my heavy hitters. With my Ardboyz so far away, they were unable to influence the game until I took my gamble on turn three. Next time I play TC, I think it would be best to throw everything on one side then to work my way across. Round Three - Ironjawz/Sylvaneth vs Stormcast Eternals - Scorched Earth Result- Major Victory (Ironjawz) Unfortunately, one of the original players left the tournament early on, so we had an odd number remaining. Dan played the Mixed Order player for 1st place, but in the third place game, it was me and Harry again. In order to avoid a rematch, Martin Orlando came up with a fun way to determine the result. Me and Harry would team up with 1k each to take on Martin's 2k Stormcast list. We played the scenario as normal, except we couldn't buff each other's units. The winner between us was determined by Kill Points, so if Martin won, either me or Harry would receive a minor victory determined by kill points, and if our team won, then that minor would become a major. I took a Megaboss on foot, Warchanter, Grot Shaman, 2x5 Brutes, 10 Ardboyz and 3 Gore Gruntas. Harry took a Tree Lord Ancient, two units of Kurnoth Hunters with Swords, a Branchwraith, and 2x5 Tree Revenants. Martin used his beautifully painted Stormcasts that featured a Lord Celestant on foot, Lord Castellant, Lord Relictor, Knight Heraldor, 2x5 Liberators, 5 Judicators, 10xRetributors, 4 Fulminators, a converted Runson on magmadroth and an organ gun. I believe it was Vanguard Wing he used for his battalion Turn One- He gave us the first turn, which we used to bunker down considering our casters and my heavy units were out in the open. We decided early on we would let the Stormcast come to us. It's difficult when you have to fight stormcast on their own terms, but we figured staying together was the best way to get the major. He also deployed wyldwoods by his corner objectives for a later time. Martin went and moved up his force. He dropped a unit of liberators inside the ruins in the center left and moved up his Fulminators and general (Lord celestant) behind them with his +1 armour save aura. His Heraldor shot the building my orcs were hiding behind and dealt some mortal wounds to all three units. At this point, with his heraldor threatening to undo us, my inner megaboss thought of a cunning plan. Turn Two- We win priority and go first. We each cast spells onto the stormcasts in the ruins. My Grot Shaman uses Curse of the Bad Moons and get mortal wounds on all three targets. His Branchwraith nips some wounds off the fulminators close to the woods, killing one of them. Then I get Rampaging Destroyers off with my Shaman and Megaboss and use it on the Brutes and Gore Gruntas. My Megaboss, Brutes and Ardboyz eventually charge the Liberators and Fulminators, while my Gore Gruntas hit the Judicators and get two of them to attack the Heraldor. I use WAAAGH and everyone gets an extra attack. The Heraldor dies, triggering smashing and bashing for my Ardboyz to attack the fulminators. We the trade attacks which sees a brute die, some Ardboyz, two fulminators and two liberators. Unfortunately, I stupidly charged my wounded megaboss into his liberator prime with great sword in cover. I seem to make this exact mistake often, and it cost me again. On martin’s turn, he lightning chariots his retributors towards our back line between our center and right objectives and moves his magmadroth up. He opens up with his organ gun, but it jams and doesn’t fire. He then charges his Magmadroth into my side brutes while his Castellant hits the Gore Gruntas. Martin then proceeds to kill my megaboss with the Celestant’s hammer cloak and the liberator prime, but I kill the rest of his liberators but can’t finish off the fulminator. The magmadroth kills two brutes but they deal 6-8 wounds surprisingly. They’re squishier than I imagined Turn Three- Since the game is taking long, we have to finish this turn. Martin is going to score one of our objectives, so we must match or exceed that to win. We win priority and Harry finally strikes. First, he kills the magmadroth with his magic, which ironically kills his general with his lava bleed out. My brute boss laughs off the mortal wound and survives another game somehow. Harry then deploys his revenants on the table edge on the right and gets his Kurnoths to travel through the trees to the left. Somehow, he makes both long charges, kills the liberators and outnumbers the relictor on the right. He burns both and scores five. We will take the win no matter what, but I finish off the fulminators and get the kill points, thus claiming the major. It was a thrilling game that came to some fortunate dice rolls, but me and Harry pulled through. It was great fun playing Martin and the way we played rye scenario made it competitive for all three of us. I’ll have a fun story to tell for my army lore whenever I get around to it. Disclaimer: Towards the end of our match, we realized the Grot Shaman was not eligible for the Ironjawz Rampaging Destroyers. I never realized that because I knew the destruction rule is exactly the same, but forgot the Ironjawz one affects only Ironjawz heroes. While it didn’t determine the game, it had an effect as I was able to boost the brutes into combat faster. I felt terrible when I realized it but both Harry and Martin let it slide at the end. In the end, I finished third, and won best painted army. Thanks again to Martin for organizing the event. This list I have used has placed twice now, and I will use it one more time at this weekends tourney in New Jersey at Top Deck Games I will try to get some lore stories later this month Cheers
  8. Non-Order Free Cities

    Good topic and something I firmly believe needs to be explored in the AOS lore. That's the beauty of this new setting is that it's your sandbox to play with. I like your idea for a city as well. My Ironjawz, for example, took over an abandoned Dwarf hold and called Mount Kraktoof. The Ironjawz dominate the main hold with Moonclan Grots in the lower depths, and a shantytown city outside and all around the mountain with other Orcs, Grots, and Ogres. The city usually gets sacked now and then, a lot of times by its own inhabitants, but it acts as a staging ground for my clan to launch WAAAGH!'s across the surrounding lands of humans, dwarfs, and chaos settlements. Firestorm was a good start to world building and city building. I would suggest also tinkering with that, but with your own Tzeentchian schemes included
  9. Malign Portents

    I've always been curious about the Ironweld Arsenal and the tidbits we've learned about them so far. Unsure how you would make a battletome with all siege machines, but who knows what GW has up their sleeves In regards to The Offer, I think this is the best and the most chilling of the short stories thus far. Reading Curse of Years was hair-raising, especially leading up to the second meeting with the specter
  10. Malign Portents

    I think they'll have the ending of MP already mapped out into one of several conclusions. They've learned their lesson from the Storm of Chaos campaign from Warhammer Fantasy. Seasons of War two years ago pretty much led to Firestorm, and I'm sure they had something else planned in case one of the other Allegiances won. I think no matter who wins, two events are likely to occur: Chaos loses control of Shyish and something will happen that results in Slaanesh escapes, ushering Teclis and Tyrion into the game to combat him/her (this is assuming the next Elf release this year is Malerion or another shadowkin elf faction)
  11. Warhammer Quest - Malign Portents?

    I saw that, as well as a new Warhammer Fantasy RPG. I'm excited for the AOS one though because it will give us a good understanding of how the setting works for the day-to-day people of the realms
  12. Malign Portents

    Very interesting. It appears we are finally seeing the consequences of multiple reforgings and how they affect a Stormcast's mindset
  13. Malign Portents

    New story is up: The Hangman's Curse https://malignportents.com/story/the-hangmans-curse/
  14. Mordheim- mortal realms or the old world?

    Some of my favorite memories in wargaming come from playing my Greenskins Warband in Mordheim. Each summer, me and my friends from home do a summer campaign for a couple of nights. It always a blast. Sadly, as many have already alluded to, bringing back Mordheim as it was 20 years ago wouldn't work imo in today's GW. Firstly, its in the Old World, and at this point, GW has moved on from that setting as far as the tabletop is concerned. The Mordheim video games (PC and phone version) are where it will still receive official support. Secondly, terrain. Mordheim requires a massive amount of it to reenact the decayed city landscape the warbands fight through. AOS doesn't have enough official terrain as is. They also are moving away (somewhat) from the architecture from WHFB which was 13th to 15th century medieval & renaissance buildings. They're still in AOS, but not as pronounced (at least that's how I've interpreted it) and I do not believe GW is producing any cityscape buildings like that. Outside the cardboard pieces from the original game, just about every Mordheim board you've seen is self-made by the fans. If it ever comes back, that will still be the case, even if GW produces some kind of terrain kit. Yet, there is optimism to believe the game could return. Thirdly, the Mordheim community is actually still alive. The facebook group continues to thrive globally and people who don't even play warhammer anymore still post about new warbands they painted or show off their scratch-built boards of sections of the city. It's a blast to see the creativity of the Mordheim community and the fan-made website that continues to support the game. I cannot speak for Coreheim because it seemed too dumbed-down for me and my friends, but I know that too is still played somewhat. I don't know how they would feel about changing the game considering the fan versions have made it pretty darn good over the years. I agree with @flamingwalnut that Skirmish felt like GW testing the waters to see if a Mordheim style game could work with AOS. The foundation is there to support such a game because Skirmish has been liked by the community. However, GW's aim with Skirmish was to get players to play it, invest into it, and eventually, amass enough to start building an army for full-on AOS. Fair play to them because that's a respectable business model. Three forms of AOS (Skirmish-Path to Glory-Full AOS Armies) allows them to cast the net across spectrum to get any player they want depending on how they want to hobby. Still, it could be easy for GW to relaunch skirmish or create a new branch of the game and add the Mordheim system with experience, leveling, and create unique warbands. Hell, they could even give us the ability to create our own warbands since AOS is so diverse. They did that with the hero cards for Warhammer Quest. So I think it is possible a Mordheim-like game could be created one day. Whether it would be a specialist game or GW just renovates Skirmish to do that remains to be seen. It will be some time, I feel, until this happens. Until then, I'll keep using Boss KlawJaw and his boyz in Old World Mordheim to continue searching for some shiny stuff to loot and pick some fight with the stunties, 'umies, ratmen and spikey boyz I come across