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Deathmaster Snikch

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  1. Deathmaster Snikch

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    I experimented with the grey seer as the General for a while. I find a deathrunner is more reliable and survivable. Just to stand back and double inspiring presence each turn I wish Verminus were more visible. Would love to see a return of the clawpack. Pretty keen for some new Skaven, feel like GW need to give us an update
  2. Deathmaster Snikch

    Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror

    Amazing. How did you transition the grey to the purple so seamlessly? Glazing?
  3. Deathmaster Snikch

    Verminlord Warbringer

    Really like the glaive. Well done
  4. Deathmaster Snikch

    Starting Skaven army

    Can’t say I agree with the assumption that skaven need to have stormfiends to be competitive. I always use Skaven at tourneys and I don’t ally in anything else outside the other clans and I rarely ever use stormfiends. The gautfyre scorch is bad for the game in my opinion. No one ever really has fun playing against it. Just seen so many non events and bad experiences from it On topic I’d start with the spire of dawn box. Has enough different units to get your going. Play test stuff and just have fun with it Ultimately if you’re just looking to have fun just get what you think looks cool and what you think would be fun to paint or make a cool looking army
  5. Deathmaster Snikch

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    Skaven need some rules input but don’t appear to be a main concern of GW at the moment so I think this is probably what we’re gonna be for the current edition at least If not new mini’s I think some formations could be cool
  6. As the name implies I'd like to see all the Skaven legacy characters have their warscrolls ported like the Arch Warlock did (Ikit Claw) Snikch - Master Assassin Queek - Clan Mors Warlord Throt - Master Moulder Etc
  7. Deathmaster Snikch

    New Skaven stab-stab their way into Shadespire!

    The claw as the flail are also hand weapons in the clanrats kit, which has me very worried this might be a Verminus unit. I'm very hopeful we're getting some new Clan Eshin models as they're my favourite clan and in dire need of an update of some new plastic models. Either way I'll be getting them, I expect we won't see them until the first expansion in November mind you
  8. Deathmaster Snikch

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Happy Skaven are finally getting some love. They look a lot like Clanrats in the photo, I'd be disappointed if they did a Verminus release since this is the modern Mordheim and Clan Eshin are in desperate need of some updated models and out of all of the clans the only ones that aren't are verminus, but this is just my opinion. Happy just to be getting something
  9. Deathmaster Snikch

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    I agree, losing the v- clawpack means they're harder to buff, but even without it they still hit very hard. I'm finding the warpgnaw to be a great companion for them, drop down and spread out, increase their move to 14 if they flee from a combat and charge elsewhere. I never used to use them before but I've been having fun with them recently with a grey seer general since he doesn't need line of sight to prevent them from fleeing, and neither does his spell
  10. Deathmaster Snikch

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    Building on your list which I think is cool I might test this out this weekend as I'm going to a games night Friday Allegiance: ChaosLeadersGrey Seer (120)Verminlord Warpseer (260)Verminlord Warbringer (300)Arch Warlock (140)Battleline40 x Clanrats (200) - Rusty Spear40 x Clanrats (200) - Rusty Spear20 x Clanrats (120) - Rusty Spear3 x Stormfiends (300) - Skryre BattlelineWar MachinesWarp Lightning Cannon (180)Warp Lightning Cannon (180)Total: 2000/2000
  11. Deathmaster Snikch

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    Drop the weapons teams for an arch warlock and a warbringer for either 30 nightrunners to screen and zone or for 3 storm-friends
  12. Deathmaster Snikch

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    Yep, sure did, I green stuffed orbs and painted them as pokeballs. My grey seer is also holding s pokeball, my warpseer is holding a master ball and the rats on my receivers base are all painted like rattata's from pokemon
  13. Deathmaster Snikch

    Skaven Strength in numbers

    I agree 100% we really need a book now, skryre outside, which I'm sad to say I will never run a mono army of no matter how hard gw wants me to buy stormfiends is just not my style? We really need a new book
  14. Deathmaster Snikch

    Skaven Strength in numbers

    I kind of feel clanrats should be battleline in every clan since all the clans have them Masterclan should be all Skaven clans imo, that way you can have an actual Skaven army instead of mixed chaos
  15. Deathmaster Snikch

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    I converted mine out of plague monks and skitari parts, same for my Jezzails The reason Skryre didn't make sense to me is the only plastic kit they have are stormfiends, a lot of the weapon teams you can't buy anymore or are plastic exclusive in the island of blood, meanwhile verminus have plastic kits for Verminlords clanrats and Stormvermin which still hold up. Just GW trying to ship stormfiends Verminus Clawpack like all compendium battalions no longer exists And I agree clanrats should have the keyword of every clan