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  1. The Rumour Thread

    Thanks for sharing that! Definitely encouraging.
  2. Christmas Set ..

    Those new Army bundles have no discount. They seem to be start collecting contents plus full price additions.
  3. The Rumour Thread

    It has been a pretty weird year after the KO teaser trailer. That was so awesome, and it’s been downhill since, both for AoS and 40k, in terms of reasonable spoilers or teasers. Kinda sucks the life out of hype.
  4. The Rumour Thread

    The only new things were a new branding look and five models? What in the world.
  5. Let's Chat: Order Serpentis

    I've been kicking around some of these same ideas for a list, and so far (just like you said) the lack of heroes makes me not take the final steps of playing them. I like the chariots, but what do you see the Dark Riders doing in a game? I think three units of them might be excessive.
  6. The Rumour Thread

    Yes, just a part of the conversation.
  7. The Rumour Thread

    Another interesting part of that rumor conversation is that GW had given up on AoS bc of the bad start and thats why we have had a gap in models. Would actually make sense, and explain why instead of armies we’ve been getting ways to use existing models.
  8. The Rumour Thread

    Can I just point out again that the Blood Knights are nowhere to be found on the webstore now? They aren't temporarily out of stock (for rebasing), but just gone. Has anyone heard anything interesting about this?
  9. The Rumour Thread

    Yeah that is right. I think @Sleboda you are right that you assume some level of expense by having an expensive hobby. It may seem ridiculous to not blink an eye at Dracothian Guard but be upset about this, but these are batteline core units vs an option. And before this goes too far off the rumor train, my point is that adding another way to collect or play Blood Knights isn't the thing I've been waiting for to buy them. Although, as I look through the website this morning that unit isn't there at all. Maybe, just maybe, dreams can come true!
  10. The Rumour Thread

    New ways to play are fun, for sure. I hope that GW realizes though that they do not take the place of actual army updates with well sculpted models and faction focused rules. It seems to me that the initial success of AoS must have had a lot to do with the new units. I know I went all in on Stormcast. Anyway, I really hope that GW gets back to the release plan they had a year ago or so. Because no matter how much you dress it up, a faction that requires 100 usd minimum for a minimum sized battle line unit isn't a faction that I will play, and I don't think I'm alone there.
  11. Eight Lamentations: Spear of Shadows Review

    I am pretty sure the dude you are talking about worked for Neferata in the novel Neferata. -edit I meant to add this: I read all of those instances you talked about linking AoS to WFB as an intentional shift from clean slate to not so clean slate. I thought of it as an answer to all the people who hated the loss of a setting they loved, while making it clear it isn't going to be more than a cameo. Still pretty cool that there is a Druchii Night of Khaine though.
  12. Wow. Before I start this let me say that I know I may come off as a fanboy, but that's only because as I read more of the new lore, I am becoming a fanboy sooooo there is that haha. I don't want to go too in depth on particular characters because there are so many, and I think you should read for yourself and figure out which ones you like the best. What I really want to do is talk about the tone and setting of the novel. I have very much enjoyed the AoS novels so far, but this one is now tied for my favorite (with City of Secrets). Even though I have enjoyed the novels, I have really been missing a genuine sense of scale. Like, what ARE the Mortal Realms? The Old World I could describe for you. Dirty, brutal, chaotic, occasionally funny. Finally, I have more than the briefest sense of what this setting will become. I loved the very end of Gates of Azyr. Where you see the new Stormcast from the perspective of the lowest people, and get to be part of the meeting between demi-human and almost sub-human. City of Secrets was awesome for a micro view of one city and what the future looked like. This book. This book shows you what the Mortal Realms are. Larger than life, primal, savage, but somehow more intimate. Flaws and strengths are larger, nobody can hide who they are because to survive you have to embrace it. Wood armoured demigryph knight? Yup. A forest of spiders that makes LOTR look tame? Yes. Duardin who build fortresses in woods, underground, in lava caves, and in the air? Of course. A city built on a worm (doesn't get less awesome even though its been in other novels)? Not just one city, but at least three now. Grugni. Read the book just for this guy. There is so much going on in the novel that it almost gets to be too much. The fact that it doesn't and keeps its strength to the end is a great sign for Josh Reynold's development as an author. It is exciting to see the foundations for the new lore coming together, because I can't wait for the day when we can visit all the little locations shown here (and hopefully more to follow in future). Great novel, read it now, make sure all your friends buy it so we get more like it.
  13. The Rumour Thread

    That's a bit odd though right? One of the oldest rumors I can think of (aside from Cthulhu Aelves) is Atia saying Pestigors are coming. Weird they would be only for AoS when Tzeentch got them in both.
  14. The Rumour Thread

    There is a table of contents for the Death Guard codex on B&C, and interestingly for us here there looks to be no mention of Pestigors.
  15. The Rumour Thread

    Yeah given that the first rumor sources said we would see the new Aelves at Adepticon, one has to wonder if something went wrong or if the Cthulhu Aelves rumor was true at all.