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  1. Make sure you check out for the combo books. The prices for the eBooks are pretty outrageous individually, but they do sell quasi-omnibus versions for a much much better price. I would definitely buy the combined Legends of the Age of Sigmar novel, and the Realmgate Wars eBook Collection.
  2. It seems to me like we are gonna get a small release for Stormcast, possibly just a Lord-Relictor pack. Maybe then people can put away the pitchforks. I want Cthulhu elves just as bad as the next person! But I also want a new Lord Relictor.
  3. I have really liked most of the novels for AoS since the beginning. I don't know that I think the narrative quality is increasing or if it's just getting easier to like for people as we get some time between this and the Old World. I think this novel shows that from the beginning these arcs were planned and have been executed very well.
  4. Not sure where else to put this other than General- if it needs to be moved do it! Started reading this novel Friday night when it became available and didn't stop, with the exception of going to pick up Dark Imperium (come on, I'm not a barbarian). Josh Reynolds hits it out of the park again. Although a standalone novel, it will of course have been helpful to read the previous novels, most especially Wardens of the Everqueen and Ghal Maraz. The Sylvaneth Legends of the Age of Sigmar novel is good for context, but not as essential as the others. If after reading this book you still complain about one dimensional Stormcast, its just because you aren't trying. Josh Reynolds brings the many characters of a Stormcast stormhost to life like never before. I personally loved the flashes of personality seen in other books in the Realmgate War series, Matt Westbrook's Bladestorm in particular, but this book brings that conflict to the forefront. All of the Stormcast are very concerned with the process of Reforging and what that means for them. They don't at all seem like robotic seek and destroy lightning men/women, at least not yet. Even within the same stormhost, it is clear that Stormcast are far more dynamic than we thought. We finally get to see an interaction between Sigmar himself and the Stormcast! It was an awesome scene that still has me trying to figure out all it meant for the future. The Order of the Flies is maybe the most interesting Chaos force I've seen. The contrast of allegedly knightly values with what they are actually doing is great. As an aside, I am sure some of the enemies in the book are a preview of new models for Nurgle. Pestigors abound, as well as new maggot creatures. There is no question that this book continues more in line with the Realmgate Wars than City of Secrets. It is a lot of fighting, less worldbuilding. However, if you are a Stormcast or Nurgle fan you really have to get this book. Both sides get expanded motivations and looks that make both far more interesting than before (even Nurgle who obviously has been around for a while).
  5. Not that I really know what I can add outside of the author telling you about the books haha buut: Pestilens is fantastic. Fury of Gork is very good also, between the two I liked Pestilens more just because of how crazy it was. A worm city?! I'll take two more novels discussing the apparent insanity that is the Realm of Beasts plz.
  6. It's a warhammer world exclusive.
  7. This is the right way to start a week.
  8. Is that an elf or a vampire on the cover?
  9. Was there not an Age of Sigmar seminar all weekend? If not, I suppose that should have been a sign for no future release info.
  10. I thought the rules would be available as part of the AoS app? Is that not accurate? So far I don't see it there.
  11. This is great news! Cubicle 7 is an extremely reliable company and I can't wait to see what they do with The Mortal Realms.
  12. I mean seriously. All we have so far is mats to talk about?
  13. Honestly looks like a tire to me. I hope soon (maybe this weekend!) we are full versions of all these models. I felt for a second like complaining about the rumors to reveals ratio, but then I realized that was the definition of #NewGWProblems.
  14. I missed that Tarsus had been fully stolen by Nagash for whatever reason. Really hope that we get more non limited edition Josh Reynolds AoS novels. The ones so far (including the excellent Skaven/Seraphon/Stormcast mashup) have been a great start to the new lore.
  15. I hope it stays that way also. Sorry for all the off topic! Back to vampires riding lions while wearing cheetah pelts!