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  1. Looks like a good change to me, auto-misses aren't fun. I'm okay with not stacking up on artefacts being written, though the only one I liked to stack was the Talisman of Burning Blood Trophy of War for when I took two Bloodstokers; mostly out of laziness and ease of remembrance. As for not modifying the first turn roll, to my knowledge that's a Tzeentch thing and well this isn't 40k so we don't have CP to spend thus, I don't care.
  2. It's been quite some time, but I seem to recall an edition of WHFB or 40k that included this. Maybe it was just templates but I agree, there should be some risk or I'd like if they took a page from the new 40k - 1" within enemies means you can't get shot at (unless you have pistols) and you can't snipe heroes with less than x wounds. This might not be possible in AoS though, as much as I hate to lose a 'secrator if the shoes were on my feet I'd want to take it out too.
  3. That's great, I prepaid for it a month or two back from my LGS. I was hoping it would be out before Christmas, looking forward to more previews!
  4. Darkling Coven, STD and Slaanesh... oh my, guess I'll be playing more than Bloodbound.
  5. Lube up. How you propose living though one turn of 240 shots, let alone two? Not sure what to tell you there, partner. Hump terrain? Meaning make up a backup plan; caulkblock the unit that's going to charge you in case you can't make the charge next turn. ie. I move up my Skullreapers, hoping they can cut up the Retributors next turn, but just in case I don't get to go first I bubble them with Bloodreavers. I think you're assuming we mean an ace up the sleeve, no you need to cushion the blow. I don't think anyone is suggesting it's perfect, but we've yet to have a game where someone was salty due to going or not going first. It's a dice game, gotta embrace the random or simply house rule no roll off, nothing wrong with that. I go-you go is less interesting to me, I rather enjoy TTG that have dice rolling activations (This Is Not A Test for example).
  6. We like it, because it requires contingency plans. This adds more depth, skill and forethought despite being based on a die roll. It's tense during the roll, and certainly a pleasant surprise when you win but still rewarding when you lose it because you've set yourself up as if you expected it.
  7. Very cool idea man, they look great!
  8. My view is that the Bloodsecrator adds one to your weapon's attack profile; MotD doubles the attacks of your weapons profile making your Bloodsecrator 100% more effective.
  9. Nice, found those and a few more today. Can't wait to be be holding the book in my hands.. As much as I love seeing the stuff early, should we be posting unreleased pics? I like the Gore Pilgrim battalion a lot. 'secrator, 2-3 priests, 1-2 BW and 1-2 Bloodreavers. Re-roll prayers and blessings and beef the range by 6" for each priest near the Bloodsecrator when be opens the portal! That's going to be loads of fun, plus I have the models. Too bad we can't give the Warshrine the totems, but it will still work out well. Thinking I'll be slapping a Gorecleaver on the Skullgrinder, and Mark of the Destroyer on an Exalted Deathbringer, bahaha.. oh man. Either the spelltank with 14A, (not a fan of the gouger myself) or my personal favourite the hero slaying Deathviking with 12A and forever wounds. Add 2 more attacks if the portal is open, and another if your Aspiring shouts. *this is assuming they are operating near your general, which mine general are for maximum benefit* This is often my issue as of late. I painted up some cool looking dual wielding Warriors of Khorne, but unless I'm really trying to shave points for some reason, I tell myself I can spend another 20 points on the 10 man squad of BW and ensure they always get to attack. Makes me sad, but the coolness factor is always weighted.
  10. The inner hedonist in my wants Slaanesh to come back in a really big way. The Dark Elf player in me wants it to include Cult of Slaanesh. I doubt that last part will happen, as they've all been plopped under Order.. (currently) but I think it would be good to have some aelven units break off. Mechanically, I think the abilities the daemons have are great. They're disruptive, and fluffy. A mind control sorta mechanic might be interesting, that's very powerful so it would have to be either be tied to a spell or a Bravery test for one model within x" of a specific model with the ability. If not a MC effect, then make it unable to fight that round. Steeds should have their tongue lash, maybe conditional on a 6 to hit the riders auto-hit. A lot of what has existed in the last couple of editions of fantasy and 40k could make some sort of rough translation like immune to battleshock (not all, some), a pile in when charged effect (AsF), and I think Slaanesh not Khorne should have the Slaughterpriest's Blood Bind ability. Similar to that of the old Lash (forget the actual name, but made your unit move or charge). As for bringing them altogether with an allegiance trait, I'm not sure. I think some of their flavour should be making it harder for your opponents to do things they want to do (charge, shoot, attack etc) while still remaining frail for balance. I'd like to think that something similar to Dark Eldar's Power from Pain tokens might work, but might be a bit too similar to Blood Tithes. This is all over the place just some random thoughts based on previous editions. I know we'll see Slaanesh eventually, the question is when?
  11. Damn, site seems to be down I'll have to check it in the morning. Look forward to it though.
  12. Liking what we're seeing so far, the BT rules are mostly good pretty situational but that's okay. Meteor seems a little underwhelming for the amount of BT required, but I like the rest. Without seeing the actual scroll, looks like the Slaughterpriest lost the d6 sniping and Lash abilities, but we gained quite a bit of utility so I'm happy to have two of them to try out. Huge fan of the old Chaos art, some of this is reminiscent of that and it comes with tokens and the warscrolls I was hoping it did! (Hopefully not as fineprint as the Stormcasts were, but I don't care). Really pumped for this book, sucks I'm leaving the country the day before it's released but the good news is that I've preordered and it will be waiting for me a two weeks later.
  13. What? That's awesome, I loved that from back when I used to go to MTG tournaments. Always thought that would be an interesting addition to WH tournies. Definitely adds flexibility to your list, allowing your list to still flow against whatever is in the meta. As for dual lists, what your R3 opponent sees you playing in R1 might be very different from what he fights so in that sense keeping him on his toes though I'm not sure it should be a different army/faction. However, I think sideboarding is about as far as I'd like to see - set aside like 300 points of models you can swap out.
  14. I use Vallejo, GW and Army Painter. I got some good deals on the Vallejo and AP paints, and like them both a lot. Above all, I'm fond of the dropper bottles.. much better than the Citadel ones. I really like certain pots from GW though, mostly shades. And I find their technical stuff to be really useful. I don't care for the AP inks/shades/washes w/e you wanna call them. They also have a smell that I dislike.
  15. Woah, long time dude. Heya from the Dnet days! Not that I'm close to your level of painting, but it's been a long time since I've experienced burnout. In fact it was getting my CoS army ready in 3 days for a tournament.. so, so many years ago. I had to put my stuff away, but since I have so many hobbies it wasn't much for me to do some other stuff while I developed the desire to paint. Personally, my issue is not painting too much it's accumulating too many models and looking at the sea of gray covering my tiny office. My girlfriend gets very annoyed about the Tyranid infestation that has taken over over 70% of this shared office space. I had to put some of nearly all away, pretty sure that was advice from either a Venturella or Tabletop Minions video which was most helpful so I didn't feel as overwhelmed. I look at my paintjobs after so many years and see others and it makes me feel like total pooh, so I stop painting for quite awhile. I still can't get motivated to paint sometimes, but having small squads in sight makes me want to at least model them. Really though dude, definitely sounds like you have too much on the plate and given your workload is higher you should chill and step back like you suggested. Nice to see you around these parts, though!