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  1. Stormcast a fun army to play?

    Strength and flexibility - coupled with the knowledge that they are the AoS golden child and won't get taken out to the woodshed anytime soon - makes them quite enjoyable for me. They can be built for just about any style of play (with the execption of magic-heavy) and have a few battalions that still excel post GHB17 nerf.
  2. This is wrong - the FAQ specifically changed the wording of Stone Skeleton to differ from the (still being used) warscroll: ‘Stone Skeleton: Halve the Damage characteristic (rounding up) of weapons that target this model. In addition, halve the number of mortal wounds this model suffers from a spell or ability (rounding up).' Official Destruction FAQ and Errata, version 1.2
  3. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    You choose her loadout before the game - no switching mid-match. Tournament, it would likely depend on the specific list-requirements of the tourney.
  4. Starting with Sylvaneth

    Bow Hunters are a bit overcosted - at least offensively. Defense is still good for a 30" range unit, but you don't really need them for defense. I suppose they can hold a rear objective, but the two scenarios where that would be favorable (Battle for the Pass and Scorched Earth), their 3-model unit is at a disadvantage to do so. If you throw them forward, you can utilize good defenses, but then might as well have taken a sword/scythe option instead.
  5. Where to start?

    Play what appeals to you. Also:
  6. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Hmm, the 1 damage rend -2 is nice, but the quantity of attacks is definitely lacking... plus to be in combat with a Frostlord on Stonehorn means your Palladors are about to get corn-holed. They're better suited than many of our other units, but I'm not sure they're terribly efficient at hunting them down and killing them.
  7. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    I've also been having tough matchups against Stonehorns - the best way to kill them on paper is with a mass amount of 1 damage, rending attacks. Those are hard to come by (large blocks of Glade Guard seem built for this exact purpose), but in Stormcast your best bets are likely either Judicators or Raptors with xbows. I've used 10 Judicators with bows and they take a couple turns to get the job done, but I have yet to try Raptors (I'm not very impressed with the xbow versions). Anything that deals more than 1 damage is inefficient due to Stone Skeleton, same with mortal wounds. Token of Everwinter allows it to reroll saves for a turn, which makes it even tougher if they pop it at an opportune time. My most recent Duality of Death game I had my Stardrake tie one up for 4 combat rounds, eventually killing it while surviving with 1hp (shooting assists from other units). There's no easy way to deal with them that I've found in SCE.
  8. Swift hawks list!

    Using old warscrolls isn't the same as using old point values for said warscrolls/battalions.
  9. Incarnates in Order

    Ahh, of course it's the depths of the Monstrous Arcanum! Thanks for the info.
  10. Incarnates in Order

    I am not aware of any rules for summoning 'Incarnates', but would be interested to know what you are talking about?
  11. Swift hawks list!

    Shadow Warriors aren't worth the cost, take another unit of Reavers if you want more shooting. What's the points/allies breakdown?
  12. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    At 1700 points, I'm pretty sure the tournament scene isn't going to mind dealing with them..
  13. Lord-Celestant Cloak

    GammaMage is correct - the 4+ requirement is not a hit roll, so would not benefit from hit bonuses.
  14. Frostheart Phoenix scroll?

    Then your app is messed up - typing either "frost" or "phoenix" will bring it up just fine (on ios). Try checking for updates, making sure you are typing it correctly, then delete/reload it?
  15. GHB 2018, and Main rule changes

    My response wasn't intended to address a disparity between magic and shooting - it was simply an answer to the question of Tzeentch magic and the "rule of 1".