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  1. stato

    High Warden no longer in App

    It means nothing like that at all, its an app they are still trying to correct. They have just printed a book (the generals handbook, the book you should be using as the reference not an app) with the points in for these models in their allegiance.
  2. stato

    "Wobbly Model Syndrome" in AOS

    Most people measure models as a cylinder, diameter of the base to top of the head, rather than the top of the 5mm tall base. In your example id say you need to agree between each other. Equally if his base is overhanging the scenery he does not fit on it so shouldnt be there anyway if he wants to be a rules lawyer.
  3. stato

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Hey all, Played in a 30 player tournament on Saturday run by the club I go to, really fun day with some great mixes of armies on the tables. I took a random mish-mash list as ive been getting bored of my normal KO list, my first time running Ziflin and also thunderers. Allied in a Runelord for magic counter, and also some longbeards, as in my eyes allying in a hero without some of his kin is just edging into the realm of 'a bit gamey'. Game 1: Pre-arranged Grudge match against Sylvaneth : Focal Points Ive won a few best opponent awards so its a running joke in the club that im 'The nicest man in warhammer' and my opponent won the award at the last club tournament which i couldnt make, so we arranged a grudge to see who really was the nicest . I bribed him with some 40k Nurgle, he bought me a bunch of Carnations 😁, he wins. Anyway the game, he had a treelord and Durthu, some battalions, 30 dryads, some judicators, etc. He took first turn and moved up to score, in turn i shot at his treelord causing a lot of damage. I then got 2nd turn and proceeded to kill the treelord and Durthu and take a large VP lead. His Dryads bounced off my longbeards and he scored a few more points, but didnt get a double turn back and couldnt really do much with all of my shooting still in play. Major Win. Game 2: Nighthaunt : Orb thingy Almost impossible to cause any damage on nighthaunt without going for massive overkill on Heros, at which point the troops just tear you apart. The objective also moved away from where i dropped my frigate and i couldnt grapnel to it as there were so many bodies (or not..) on the table in the way. A non-game in terms of going for the win, but still fun to to-and-fro with the nighthaunt, spirit hosts dont do as much damage as i thought, but they just kept regenerating, once up close the mass amount of pistol shots did serious damage(more dice is better than good rend against nighthaunt) but then left me open to charge and death the following turn. Major Loss Game 3: Legion of Sacrament : Shifting Objectives My opponent loves big showcase stuff, so brought Neferata, Arkhan, Mortis engine, bunch of Necromancers, 30 skeleton, 6 endless spells! and some small filler units. He had first turn and had his necromancer went for Spellportal.... double 1!! After that he didnt know what to do so double command point with Neferata to make my stuff -2 to hit and ran her into my lines. I was still seriously concerned, so gave everything i had into her and took her off thanks to the +1 to hit monsters on my Arkanauts and Ziflin re-roll 1 to hit and wound flying things. This left a lot but thankfully a double turn meant my riggers went into and killed his Necromancers and the rest of my shooting took the other heros off. Not quite a table-ing in 2 turns as he still had skeletons and some hounds. Major Win (pure fluke!) Overall just a great day, i was concerned it might not be fun facing magic constantly but it didnt really impact games more than any other phase (last game might have though if he had more luck). Summary 1; AoS 2 is imbalanced not just in points and some rules but also in missions, which means every game has huge potential swings in who could win. Individually you could consider it annoying, but over the course of many games with different opponents I think its fine (as long as your not just playing the same person all the time) Summary 2; KO absolutely need a command point in the bank unless you can be certain of going first. Each game i had to use it as i went 2nd every time and took a chunk of damage to a key unit. Being able to throw inspiring presence down using that bought command point was crucial to not losing scores of extra models. I come out 10th overall, highest placing yet but I think purely due to some fantastic luck getting the double turn in 2 games and my opponent failing spell portal.
  4. Just want to post on here how great this event was, 30 players on the day, lots of excited shouting and laughing all day, everyone seemed to be smiling and having a really good time. If anyone wants to participate in a great fun tournament and you can get to Newcastle upon Tyne, keep an eye out for the next event by @TalesOfSigmar later in the year! (post up some pictures James!)
  5. stato

    AoS App - Any word from GW?

    Here is the WHQ scroll link https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/aos-whquest-rules-en.pdf
  6. stato

    Modifiers applying after re-rolls

    Yes that all looks correct. Your last example 'have to re-roll hits', not sure how many cases there are where you must re-roll, mostly they are optional. But your example is correct if you must re-roll, if it was optional then you would not re-roll the dice that would pass once modifier are applied.
  7. stato

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    It got address in the faq/errata. It works as it states, use command ability as if hero were a general, which in the new rules means you can use the generic command abilities with a 12" range rather than just a 6" range. Obviously you still need to pay a CP to use them.
  8. stato

    AoS 2 - Free Cities (Firestorm) Discussion

    Forgeworld 40k stuff isnt far off looking just like that. Shame the weapon profile wont quite match the scale of the model though!
  9. stato

    Is "Inspiring Presence" too powerful?

    Isnt that just the Prismatic wall endless spell? If you dont have a wizard to dispel it then thats not even a CP to make whatever is behind it immune to shooting.
  10. stato

    Is "Inspiring Presence" too powerful?

    To me I dont see it as a problem. I dont think its equivalent to 'models dont die in hero/shooting/combat phase' comparison because battleshock is a result of those phases. I know people can build 'battleshock bombs' but that is a tactic that still requires you to kill stuff first and its based on the premise of inspiring presence being there. Essentially this is a complaint that you cant build consistently reliable 'battleshock bombs' because inspiring presence exists, but as many have said it can easily be neutered by killing nearby heros. Its not as though inspiring exists as a golden standard of battleshock immunity, plenty of other ways to neutralise battleshock exist using command abilities or allegiance abilities, inspiring is just a good way for all armies to have a fair chance... as long as they build and play their army in a way to make use of it.
  11. stato

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    Oh yeah totally keep the picks, i cant see how anyone could question them as double handed weapons, and they look cool with picks and candles on their helmets. For shields you dont need to give them to everyone, but maybe 50% to at least visually represents you are carrying. You could probably find something suitable to represent Miner style shields, maybe the shields from <spit> grots and sling them on their backs.
  12. stato

    Issues Ordering Shattered City Board

    Suggest 1 board with 2 sides, as they have only shown 2 sides (not 4).
  13. stato

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    Compendium points are still currently usable in matched play at the moment, if you play a tournament its best to check but I dont think it will be a problem. With compendium you are required to use Order allegiance obviously, but thats not a significant issue. Miners can easily double as warriors or longeards with 2 handed great-weapons in a dispossed list, either as a unit of their own or mixed in with existing warriors. I have 20 I plan to do that with. Mining cart can then be used as a nice objective marker.
  14. stato

    AoS 2 - Free Cities (Firestorm) Discussion

    With the availability of many new artefacts (Aqshy one if you want to be true to Tempest-eye 😁) there is a lot of scope for good lists with a KO bias. Ive been waiting for the Stormcast battletome to work out what new options there are from a fully mixed Tempest force, but im pretty interested to come up with a few fun builds mixing factions.
  15. stato

    AoS 2 - Free Cities (Firestorm) Discussion

    List might have to wait as dont have the freeguild I thought i had. My Tempest force stalled, i got a lot assembled but had stuff going on in the house so no space to get the airbrush out to paint anything. Time flies when youre not paying attention. I did make a start on finishing 30 Tempest Longbeards last night to ally to my KO for a tournament next Saturday, ill post a pic when they are done. Keen to get back on it and field a proper Tempest force!