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  1. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Yep the frigate is not an active contributer but its quick, tough-ish so opponents generally like to attack it, which is great as it takes the heat at lot of the time. Ive seen a list with big blocks of company and loads of balloons but no boats, worked amazing in some scenarios, then it hit duality of death and the 5 wound heros got taken off before they could score. A boat is a behmoth so can score and also keeps your hero alive if he needs to hide from shooting until you have taken it out. Again, its at risk of being dismissed because it doesnt look effective but its actually critical to a list if you want an all round army. The fact you can load everything onto it for deployment and get the choice on first turn more often than not is also huge for a force than can sit back if it wants to or pick off key heros on a synergy heavy force.
  2. Bretonnians and Dwarfs mate (and a lot compendium, not Dispossessed), I get the hurt. I can obviously start a new dwarf faction (I have), but its still a new faction.
  3. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    The Tzeentch player I was against has won 3 local tournaments and a fairly one in Scotland. Sure a shooty list is a Tzeentch weakness but he has beaten better lists than mine and yet still I had him on the ropes right until i fluffed my roll to kill the only hero he had in a position to get the win. We both agreed that with better units in place of my prosecutors Id have probably won, i think the gunhauler would have done that. At the Scottish tournament the list i lost against was Kharadrons (who had less drops so i was losing from the start), the other 2 were not really a significant threat to the list (other than my reckless charging when i shouldn't, part of the fun though right) and both games id have been stronger with a gunhauler than the prosecutors i have. I honestly dont think Kharardons are weak, the nerf was hard for people already experienced with them but for me its opened up the book so much, allowing more varied and still strong lists. Playing Fyreslayers tonight so maybe ill change my mind later, ill let you all know
  4. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    'The gunhauler is a mobile cannon' with a 36" threat range! (now the cannon has been FAQ to 24" range [edit: sorry thats just the drill cannon, but its still 36" if you have the run and shoot Amendment), yeah it might be unreliable, but 50% of the time it wont be, and that is mighty scary to a lot of opponents I have 200pts of Prosecutor allies in my force, i use them as a distraction. In my last game against a very good Tzeentch player they did nothing other than distract 10 pink horrors. If id had a gunhauler instead my frigate would have not died opponent turn 1 (he only just got it!) and id have had the range to threaten (and probably kill) his Gaunt summoner. If id done that then after id not have lost 16 of 30 company to its spell and he would also not have had that last hero to score on Duality of death as id already taken off his Lord of Change with skyhooks (who were out of range of the summoner). Obviously im already running at a disadvantage using Prosecutors instead of Skywardens (same points) but my point is you can play with these units and not be as disadvantaged as you might think.
  5. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Id disagree with it just being a straight up no. Im very much of the mind that with AoS just looking at a unit solitary is pointless (not a Pun), you need to look at the whole force and its tactics and the strengths and weaknesses in that. Look at recent tournament results, almost all UK ones have been podium'd by lists full of units people say aren't worth it. At my first tournament with my Kharadron 2 of the games i could have swapped in a gunhauler in place of other units and it would have still been a very effective force, probably more so infact. Moving 1/3 of wounds off a frigate or Ironclad could really let it survive that extra turn, and if it can do that in most games it will survive the rest of the battle as it can easilly move off leaving your embarked troops behind to deal with combat. If the gunhauler survived as well (unlikely) then your opponent could be really in trouble if both boats head off to grab objectives. Id like it to be 20pt cheaper though as it'd fit my current list easier Navigators are harder to place for sure. Dis-spell is good but to do that you need to be outside a boat and within 18" range of the caster. If your within 18" you will be getting hit directly by Arcane bolts or worse, so if you fail the dis-spell you are in trouble. Most of what you want to stop is magic buffs to units so to do that requires you to be aggressive with your movement turn 1 to leave you within 18" turn 2, that of course leaves you at risk of a nasty charge to all your boats. The navigators do give a more reliable movement buff but you can get better from Ziflin skyport, they can also hamper enemy movement. Perhaps they could be tactical that way? against a flyer heavy opponent you could try to ground them and then jump in the ships and retreat back, out of charge range the following turn. It could be an interesting trick to keep doing and out manouver what should have been a faster force. Certainly not a straight up pick I accept, but with a bit of alternative tactics you could have great fun with a list like that. It does risk failing quickly if you have a bit of bad luck or make a wrong decision, but the most fun lists often do
  6. Im always a little confused when people keep saying 'when we get a battletome for (existing sub faction)' because I feel GW is more likely to keep pushing down the new route than go round in circles re-making existing stuff? Yes some pre-existing factions got a tome but that was near the start, where they had to build the narrative quickly, now that time has passed id be surprised if they put a lot of effort into old factions rather than just replace or re-invent them with a similar but new much more AoS-ified faction. You cant get completely away from the old-world, its still a fantasy setting and the races still need to be 'typecast' to a certain extent to act, think, live, in a way we would expect/want them to.
  7. Ive not read many AoS novels (half one infact) so dont know if its something they have kind of written out of the lore? Certainly it seems like they are going for a more troops and heroic monsters than cavalry style theme.
  8. Chaos keywords warscroll update

    Is there anything you can give a Tzeentch keyword that could not be picked from the DoT allies tables?
  9. Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    Excellent summary. Its off that Greywater does not allow Dispossessed when they are shown painted up in the scheme in the book! (another FAQ required) Regardless you are right that you can have fun with the different cities. Very good catch about Hammerhal allowing any Order units, I think ive found where my Bretonnians and Dwarfs, and more importantly Bolt and Grudge Throwers, have been hiding..
  10. Hurricanum + Empire General + gunners

    Its a reference to how more reliable the save is against rend. 1+ is still better than 2+ even though both fail on a 1, as the starting 1+ becomes 2+ with rend -1, the starting 2+ would be reduced 3+. This theory applies to the to-hit bonus too. Natural 1 still fails but hitting on a 1+ means you are less influenced by -1 to hit from spells or abilities.
  11. The Rumour Thread

    I just bought my Kharadrons from a shop that did 25% off, saved the wait (and wasted money on stuff i didnt need).
  12. Chaos keywords warscroll update

    If you choose something and then give it Tzeentch keyword then its no longer an ally. If you give it a different or no keyword then its an ally. How does “Daemons of Nurgle” as an ally work? Simple, you choose from Deamons of Nurgle table in GHB. You cant choose something not on that list that you have given the Nurgle keyword, because you cant choose it in the first place, as its not on the list.
  13. Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    Im currently finishing off my Kharadron but when they are done im building up a force from Tempests Eye with a heavy Ironweld influence (and probably some Kharadrons funnily enough). Ive just picked up the last of the ironweld units, henceforth to be know as the Tempest Air Wing. I'll share pics when i get them painted up, till then, chocks away
  14. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Grapnel chat - ...immediately move this unit any distance directly towards the target.. How are people playing this? Move the grapnel model directly towards target and arrange rest of unit anywhere around it? Move the whole unit directly to target, maintaining current formation? Move all models individually directly towards target (converging if required)? other? (and by target are you picking an exact point or just any part of the target, may vary depending on what you do above) Thanks all, Rich.
  15. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    If you want ships id avoid a battalion, as there isnt really one which benefits them significantly. 1 of each ship looks possible though, ditch the default Khemist maybe and go for Admiral and maybe a navigator (port dependant), should leave you enough credits to get 30 company and 12 wardens/riggers (keep the riggers are units of 3 for that auto-heal on the ships!). With the speed of the boats you could spread out and keep the enemy at range, picking off units at your choice, or you could charge onto a flank and rip it to pieces and then move along the line. For a boat list each hero and Port gives different benefits so i dont see there being one stand-out pick