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  1. I think consensus is you are doing it incorrectly. A wound must be allocated to a model, from that point any further wounds must then go on that model until it is slain, then further woulds go onto the next model etc. Basically when you get that first wound you allocate it immediately, rather than allocate it once you have enough to kill a model.
  2. But once a model has a wound allocated to it future wounds to that unit must be allocated to that model first, until it is slain, right? I.e. Can't have a unit of 2 wound models all running round on one wound.
  3. Lovely collection. The common base theme really ties them together.
  4. I know its an offical rule, but every tournament out there rules base2base, and pretty much most clubs too. Thats why this forum has a sticky on base sizes, to list the right sizes to use. Stacking and model2model is actually a massive boon for units on bigger bases, and they will often have less models but stronger attacks so getting that extra 1 into range has way more impact than 2 or 3 more ghouls. Anyway, this is the wrong place for this discussion and there are plenty of old threads on it from when GHB came out.
  5. Do people still play measure to the model not base? I thought that had died out as a thing
  6. Which game? there have been hundreds.
  7. If the opponent wants to argue, then their line of argument actually has them holding the objective even when their hero is dead, as they were 'controlling it' unit another hero does. Basically its bollocks. If it was a friend, correct them and move on, if it was in a store find the manager and get him to rule on the rule, if it was a gaming club then the president (or equivalent) rules or do a show of hands. Regardless, if its FAQ and you dont know, they need to show you or it plays the original way.
  8. Yeah. Id not let you buff the grouped zombies with the Necromancer though, there is a line between sigmar and skirmish, unless you want to let me buff my Thunderers 'unit' with my Khemist
  9. Thats true for every other unit, but zombies is the only one with the ability to join units in a game, so id totally let my opponent join those zombies up. Mainly as it would be so cool, and has as much negative (multi-wound carryover and unit coherency) as it does benefit (shambling horde bonus)
  10. Thats my point though, you want to get rid of the Bloodsecrator? Charge him. Why would your opponent ok the use of the house rule when its entirely against him, what benefit are you giving him from playing the rule? Yes a penalty is right, but it should be proportional, the challenger should be at risk as much as the challenge. You dont want a challenge to be an auto choose every time its possible. I disagree that the challenger should always be the one to move, ive watched enough films to know it always the Hero (apt) that call out the villan and they lose their cool and come running in to attack .
  11. How about this for a really basic rule. Keep it to models near each other but not within pile-in range and use normal sequences and movements, just remove influence of other models around them. In combat phase when Player A is selecting a unit they may choose a hero to issue a challenge to a Player B hero that is within 6". If Player B accepts they may immediately make a 6" pile in move and attack (even if they have already made their attack this phase), pile in move must be directly towards Player A's hero and ignores other Player A models for purposes of pile-in. All attacks by Player B hero must be directed towards Player A hero. If player B refuses they may not pile in and attack with that Hero this phase. Player A may still pile-in and attack with their hero as normal if there are enemy models within 3". So what this gets you is a chance to attack an enemy hero you are not next to or cannot get at because you are in combat with something else. But if you do make a challenge you better be sure you can take some hits, because they are going to come in and hit you hard for whatever insult you've thrown at them. So you get a bonus (attacking a hero you are not in combat with), and they get a bonus (attacking you first), and it looks cool. Possible disadvantage would be people miss-using it by having weaker heros challenging big enemy characters to stop them attacking whatever they want, i think this was a problem in 40k. So a final addition to the rule could be... If a hero slays another hero in a challenge (either as challenger or defender) they may make an additional normal pile-in move and attack.
  12. Problem is without the rule you would be in exactly the situation anyway, as you wouldnt be in combat with that Necromancer, so why would that player chose to use your optional rule? Youve just invented a rule to help you with no possible benefit to him. Giving the other person something out of having it as an option while also giving you something AND adding to the immersion of the game should be the aim, not creating a rule to help deal with difficult characters. Letting the Necromancer call in a screen, while giving you extra punch to remove it sounds very thematic, you could even say that if you clear the screen unit away you get to make an extra pile-in move to get to the Necromancer?
  13. It does read heavilly weighted to the challenger. You need to give some kind of bonus to the Hero who refuses. Maybe have it so the Hero can refuse if they have a friendly unit with 3", that unit can move to intercept the challenge and the hero can retreat, but not lose their hero ability. So that player is getting to keep their Hero but likely sacraficing a unit (if you keep the +1 attack, bravery modifiers etc.)
  14. Thanks for writing this. I'm away with work next week and was thinking what to do with my spare time. This will be the first time ive travelled since taking the hobby back up so appreciate the tips youve shared, should help me actually achieve something rather than just sit about watching tv. Rich.
  15. The Mhornar note is just a charge though not an actual attack (if i remember correctly), so wouldn't function like you suggest sadly. I asked this earlier in this thread as a charge in hero phase seemed almost pointless if it does not include as attack, but there are some possible uses for it. This was the post..