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  1. It's an interesting comparison. But you have to also consider the transport capacity of the vessels and ability to deliver firepower where you need it. Also add in the other defensive abilities of the Thunderers and I think their new level of damage output is potentially acceptable for certain builds.
  2. Well its good that its been addressed by them in some form. Looking forward to getting the book and working out how I want to build and play my KO now. Seems like you want at least some of the weapons all of the time, and all of them maybe only situation-ally or for a certain tactical approach. Ive got 15 so ill likely build a mix to suit different army builds.
  3. Excellent, while i dont expect they will be allowed for big event I still love my old metal Dwarf heros and all my Bretonnians.
  4. Hi, payment sent for Rich Elsdon. (Im one of the 3 hobgoblinclub mentions above) Ta.
  5. I think your looking at this way too focussed. We know there is a scenario now where unit size is the parameter for holding the objective. 60 moonclan will be tough to shift! Your general went up because he is now general of a faction with abilities. Squigs as battleline! (deserves its own sentence). Im sure there will be more once everything gets revealed, dont bring the sour now when you dont know everything.
  6. I think the new battle plans (and if tournaments use only those or include the existing 6) will be the big thing that determines if we see varied army composition. Certainly everyone is reeling from battalion increases but they are so key to allowing certain factions to be certain they got their desired turn sequence I think they will still be dominant for some factions. So battle plans should be the focus over points obsession for those who want to be competitive. Im just looking forward to being able to confidently expand my dispossessed army, I was worried they were following the path of my Bretonnains.
  7. I dont think there have ever been points for him, purely an open play or narrative use model. I know some stores still have him on the racks but he is no longer available (if you ignore the fact the same model is available as a generic slayer) so I doubt he will make it into the app as well sadly.
  8. Cannons are not dispossessed alligence as they are ironweld but I assume are available as allies. War machines don't get buffs anyway (as even compendium the machine does not have dispossessed keyword) so it's not really a problem I don't think. Really looking forward to dispossessed abilities and relics though.
  9. There is a difference though between making something less effective by points or rules changes and making a persons model illegal. Yes some people went overboard, but others didn't. It's not fair on people who chose to build, what is still the newest army, to just invalidate their previously legal modelling choices. By all means make them not an auto pick by rules or points, but it's sad that they chose to do it this way. Ive not built mine yet but I'd not have bought a few boxes if I knew I had to run mixed weapons as I don't like the look. At least stock rifles are an option and they to me look good so happy with that choice. I'm not a power gamer, I've only been in the hobby 7months and just run what I like the look of, my first army was bretonnia as I love the knights, knowing full well they might get cut out entirely as they are so old. The KO ships are my favourite so I'll still be running the two frigates I've bought.
  10. The point is they have never done it this way before. Plenty of other units have this approach to building (stormfiends pointed out above) that have not been removed. I don't think anyone did not expect a nerf, but they way it has been done impacts modelling and purchases people have made. A change to the weapon profiles, fair, a change to what you can model, difficult to understand.
  11. So what else is there to feel like? It was stated in the OP, less complaining. Most of the problem posts in my eyes are complaining about the game and how things work when its clear nothing can be done about it, yet still the threds drag on with continued moaing, or other threads get derailed by snide, cynical or sarcastic comment. How many times has 'but kunning ruk' or 'maybe i should just git-gud' been posted in unrelated topics. Posters should stay on topic, if they have a complaint frame it so it can actually be responded too and debated, avoid sarcasm and being cynical. Ben wanted this place to be about all the good things of AoS, if there is stuff you hate then yeah maybe take that elsewhere.
  12. There should be an Ironweld allegiance, or at least battalions. I want an Ironweld air wing, 5 gyrocopters or bombers, the batallion would cost 0pts (so the total was 400pt meaning it could be taken as an allied detachment), the warscroll would contain no rules and instead just contain the score to Ride of the Valkyries :0) I'll take the Tempest's Eye for now though.
  13. I strongly agree on the need to recover that precious tankard! Those rocks really are magnificent though.
  14. So its going to be an actual thing, a book, as opposed to just some boxed sets?
  15. Well the Tempest on is at least £150 worth of kits, so hopefully some saving. Anyone want to do a proper price breakdown?