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  1. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Khemists are for the Aether-gold, Navigators are navigators of the skies and storms. Maybe the navigators also track the beasts but it is said the beasts congragate where the Aether-gold is, so makes sense they are most hated by the Khemists in my head. There is a novel out now about the Kharadrons so i expect there will be something in there about it too.
  2. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Khemists fluff is they sniff out the Aether-gold which is what a lot of the great sky beasts feed on, so you could give them sets of flaying knives or aparatus to extract the Aether-gold from the beasts bodies. Endrinmaster is the one who supplies the weapons so i guess doesnt fit into the hunting party as a hunter, but you dont need them all so id not worry about that.
  3. Let's Chat: Mixed Order?

    20 Arkanauts with 6 skyhooks and a Khemist is 12 shots at 24" range, with even a small amount of luck (or some extra shooting buffs like Damned terrain... or a Hurricanium ) thats any monster or hero you point at (+1 to hit on those remember) removed in 1 round of shooting. Count the other 14 arkanauts as ablative wounds, obviously being mindful of battleshock lest they all run away. They can scare opponents into keeping out of range and so are good if you want to cover an objective from afar. For the spare 200pt; you are short of quick objective grabbers so id go for Prosecutors or Skywardens (which you could give Drillcannons for damage or probably Grapnels for movement shenanigans) depending on what synergies work with your heros. I think you have that covered!!! If you wanted long range swap the Hurricanes for Longstrikes as you have the 12" kharadron pistols and 16" Handgunners for close range killing. You dont really have any combat though (10 liberators wont last on their own) so maybe keep the hurricanes to ensure you can thin out stuff that is in your face or spend the 200pt on 10 more liberators?
  4. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    The problem I have with that is the balloon units have a movement higher than the average charge! So unless you are worried about rolling a double 1 it doesnt help hardly at all. The only reason I can think is if you needed to be in combat to shoot that extra 3" past the unit your charging. I think it should have been charge from the skyvessel, i.e. measure charge from the skyvessel base. So getting around the difficulty of disembarking (3" away from enemy models) when your boat is surrounded. It would be very thematic with all the embarked units leaping off the boat into the scrum of enemy attacking it, and totally suited to Barak-Zon with their keen affinity with their boats.
  5. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Sorry! I have a lot of Brets i painted up at the beginning of the year and i only got to use the Fey enchantress once before she was killed off . Im planning to re-build them as a Hammerhal army (as that is any Order units) along with my lost Dwarfs. Its not a great allegiance buff but I like that it gives them a place in AoS. My paint jobs are not elaborate on the knights and they are mostly blue so they should be easy to put togther as a unified force with a few extra paint touches.
  6. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Freeguild cant take Brettonians as allies so it would have to just be a straight Order list, so how do you see it working? Who would be general?
  7. Thoughts on Las Vegas Open 2018 Player Pack?

    Its entirely probable they just decided they wanted something unique and given how popular ITC is (regardless of if you think its good or bad, ive not played it) they might have just decided to copy that approach across. We dont know what there motivation is and presenting it as them pushing 'hate' is not really fair. This isnt the place to go into detail of why ITC may or may-not work, lets focus on this pack specifically. There are a few people now who have expressedconcern it may favour the already strong factions (I play Kharadron, i think it will make it even easier to win in majority of games), obviously this will not have been their intent so if we can try and present constructive criticism then hopefully they will hear this and combine it with feedback from the event if they do go with it
  8. The Rumour Thread

    I dont want to divert the Rumour thread but can someone who subscribes to this tell me if there is an easy way to get the books straight onto my kindle account without the need of a computer to download them? Can you do it on an iphone? Whenever ive bought stuff from BL in the past Ive struggled to actually get the files.
  9. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Yes they never really seems to do much actual damage. But it still proves a lot of worth IMO. It has the ability to turn 4 or 5 drops into a single drop, which in battalions costs ~100pt. It seems to attract a lot of attention above its actual threat level, which means your more destructive units are not being targeted As a Behemoth it provides an objective holder tougher than our heros for some missions Its got decent movement It has a big base which provides a great screen to block charges Sure all of those points can be done by an ironclad (and done better) but the Frigate is 160pt cheaper so lets you be a bit more flexible if you want to try something different with your troops. Id not have a Kharadron list without a boat. In the end Kharadron are strong anyway so i dont see choosing a frigate as a mistake that will make you loose all your games. If you are gunning for 1st place in tournaments then yeah there are set builds to consider, but those lists also require the skill to run them perfectly so I just run a frigate in my own list and play happy in the fact that im still on a level field with the strong factions.
  10. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    The rule states a unit with more than a wound characteristic of 10 or more, but a wound characteristic is per model not unit. Think of it as needing to a attach to something solid, a scrawny skaven is not going to give much to grab onto
  11. Turn order Reference sheet ?

    Youve probably seen players refer to a 'cheat sheet' in the forums which is what you want to make, ive not seen a template but what people want varies quite a lot anyway. For me its Turn phases with details of what i should be doing in each and typically the order to do it. Also include reminders for each phase such as 'keep unit x within 6" of general to keep battleshock buff' or some such thing. Others also include more basic details on unit profiles such as movement or to-hit values. I do also have a deployment section to remind me key synergies and stop myself getting carried away trying to counter opponents deployments. Really it depends on how familiar you are with your units, what you need to be reminded of, and how much information you want to cram onto a sheet. Too much as its not helpful any more.
  12. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Defensive play? probably Handgunners. I prefer the range of crossbows, getting all 30 in range of a decent target is a struggle even then, but a defensive Freeguild line would be using the gunners to kill whats just infront of them or in combat with your Guard unit.
  13. First time trying kharadons

    Excellent stuff, you can always add a few extra units in the future to mix the list around. Good to see someone sticking with frigates though, I prefer the look of them to Ironclads, reminds me I need to build up the second I still have in its box for our hex campaign next year.
  14. Issue with Death Battleforce

    A few people get odd missing parts or damaged sprues, GW is usually very good at sorting it out. You did the right thing to go to the place you bought it from first though, just give them a ring back, following up with customers is always the first thing that shops forget to do when they are busy.
  15. First time trying kharadons

    Grapnels only work on a 4+, so if you have 2 in the unit you get 2 attempts at that 4+. Depends how you want to play them really but if you do have grapnels you want 2. On the frigates, most folks tend to jump everything out of them turn 1, its not often you will want to leave units in a boat as you are missing out on potential killing or grabbing objectives. That 10" extra movement of the boat sounds good but flying them undefended towards your opponent lets them surround the boat and kill it (and hence potentially kill everything in it too). Youd only want to do that if you had confidence they couldnt get at the boats, which means either shooting everything off the board in range (so youll probably need everyone out the boat to do it), or using your riggers as a screen which is a waste of their strengths. Its a shame as its so cinematic flying laden ships at the enemey, but sadly its not a way you can play very often. If youve not got a 2nd frigate yet id hold off until you are certain you want it. I do like my little frigate, just i think 2 (and a gunhauler) might be a bit much. Check out the Lets chat Kharadron thread, lots of ideas and discussion there to read (maybe start at pg40 rather than read all 50 pages though )