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  1. The Foundation - Month 1

    Thanks DM, the general was going to be based on an Excelsior Warpriest, but i seem to have lost the model somewhere so it might not happen. It was an idea i came up with entirely on my own, or at least i thought i had until i stumbled on something in my browser history (no not that) and remembered id seen this late last year. Great blog and another Tempest and Dwarf player!
  2. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    There was one female Dwarf hero in WFB that i remember. From a campaign pack.
  3. Fantastic ideas, and great execution, well done!
  4. I decided to email them since I was suggesting people should, got the expected 'no plans to release this' response. Hopefully if more of us email them or post of FB pages they might actually do it
  5. 'War in the North' rages on and the Forces of Titanspear muster to defend their territory from friend and foe alike. So ive avoided posting until I had something to show but now we are halfway through Month one of our little groups escalation collect-and-paint I have managed to paint up the bulk of my first batch. Needing to build a core for further expansion I went with 20 freeguild guard in 2 units, a general to command them, and an Archmage as the start of the Aelven part of the force. Month 1 - March 2018 LeadersFreeguild General (100)- Stately War BannerArchmage (120)Battleline10 x Freeguild Guard (80)10 x Freeguild Guard (80)Total: 380 / 400 So far my painting has produced 7 Freeguild to a good level, 7 to a basic level, 6 base coat. My general has gone walkabout so he need found and ive just put together my Archmage. Here are the almost complete Freeguild Guard (with Tempest Lord Stormcast support), final highlights, shields and basing to go. Ive used Bretonnian models as they suit the theme of Tempest Eye and the Tempest Lords Stormcast (and i have them already). My Archmage is now assembled ready for primer. Obviously its a conversion, based on the Mistweaver model with a different head (Sister of the Watch) and arms (Doomfire warlocks, Sisters of Silence and Island-of-Blood Archmage staff). Pretty happy with it, cant wait to paint!
  6. Yeah I figured that out on the preview, as its the same approach they did for the 40k board, which they have yet to release the larger sprue separately. Its a bigger size so doesnt fit in their current boxing sizes nicely. I guess it could come out as part of a bundle at some point but dont see it being released separate in the shops. I wonder if we could persuade them to do a direct-only sale of that sprue?
  7. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    Ive been getting through my Freeguild, now got 14 at a reasonable stage so let myself start my hero for the month, an Eldritch Archmage (on foot... kinda). Had this idea for ages and super happy to actually pull it off. Painting this weekend, whoop! EDIT: Re-sized images
  8. Kroot as Free Peoples

    Youve certainly got a whole theme sorted, and they would easilly match the AoS universe, so dont see why it shouldnt be done and im sure it would look good. Personally though Ive never been a huge fan of 'counts as'. I much prefer the look of a force with lots of 'conversions', so in this case i would have a base of Kroot models (with some freeguild bits on some of them) with ragged freeguild models mixed in. Monsters or the big models would be mostly original models but converted to look ragged or ramshackle with mix of human and kroot riders/crew. All painted up the same it would very obviously be freeguild army but from some sort of outskirts city where the population mix with twisted mutants (or are turning into mutants!).
  9. The Rumour Thread

    There are a lot of factors at trade shows like this. What they said in the past is of low importance if business models and financials say today is a bad day to release.
  10. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    the title was in the quote of the post you quoted Yeah, I got it as soon as it came out. It was very interesting and added a lot of flavor to the "normal" KO way of trading etc. They places they traveled were also cool. The Spear of Shadows is another great book which has some nice KO bits in it. Its good if you like KO but i find it a bit heavy going to be honest, im only half way through and having to force myself to read a chapter a night. I enjoy all the details but the story hasnt gripped me yet.
  11. The Rumour Thread

    Looks like more 40 terrain to me. Though I have an irrational level on annoyance looking at that pic, due to the fact that chain would not likely move in the way they have designed it.
  12. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    Some great inspiration on this topic, keeping me motivated but been very short on time last few days. Nothing new started but minor progress on my freeguild. Struggling with highlights on the cloth as edge highlighting just seems to stark and blending (or my very basic attempt) just results in most of the area being the highlight colour . Anyway, 7 nearly finished except for some highlights on details and basing. Now for the next 7, which thankfully I airbrushed base colour at the same time as these. EDIT: Of course ive completely forgotten about the Freeguild shields! Thankfully I painted the main white panel of these with the airbrush at the begining of the month so only need to paint the silver trims, tidy up the black backs and paint the flesh on the hands.
  13. Scatter Terrain?

    Cover is just +1 save, no LoS means not getting shot at all. I do like odd bits of LoS blocking but having a lot, especially if its scatter terrain and you have enough you can skip heros across the entire board without getting shot, does reduce the tactical element required for some armies slightly.
  14. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    Thanks very much! I did the shoulder pads too (not brightshield as her shoulder pad is smaller). The line is something I'm happy it tried but has a few wobbles my eye keeps seeing. But it was a first attempt at freehand so will keep trying and hopefully get to a point in happier with.
  15. Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Finally got my Steelhearts completed, pretty happy but still plenty of scope for improvement. The armour highlights especially were not broad enough as i was worried they looked a bit garish, but you cant even see them in the picture. Hope you like them.