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  1. With the Tunnelers? Only if you go first. Which requires very, very few deployments for a Fyreslayer army considering their pretty bad Battalions.
  2. Don't give them juicy targets but kill the model all the way on the back board edge? One of these things is not like the other. I've never had someone kill my Big Boss and lose less than a full unit in exchange. Plus sometimes he has a nice wall to hide behind.
  3. How do you roll 120 dice at once? I bought a huge pack online so I have 200 dice with colored pips now, only $20! With playtesting and theory hammer I will probably continue with my existing mixed Destruction list, with a few changes, although this was a valuable exercise and maybe someone can get some ideas from my posts. I just don't think Double Kunnin' Rukk is viable at the top end of the competitive game at the moment. Too many awkward edges that can be taken advantage of by the other top dogs.
  5. I have a local who uses a War Mammoth, converted, in his Chaos Dwarves. I don't feel it's particularly good in that type of army but it's very cool and pretty fun even when it dies. Where will it fall?! Seems like it'd be best as an anchor in a shooty list or with Sayl because everything is good with Sayl. Overall his punching power can be a bit light for the price tag but it's very durable with Mystic Shield and takes up a lot of real estate. If there was a way to heal the Mammoth it'd be incredibly good. I hope to see a Marauder theme army with 1-2 someday.
  6. Spells are also significantly worse than guns in this game because you cannot Move and then Cast. You can Move and then Shoot. It's very easy to stay outside of spell ranges unless you have an almost all melee army or get double-turned.
  7. I have a buddy with Sylvaneth and he has a standard Wargrove list. Probably a bit unoptimized but I'll see if he'll let me borrow it this week.
  8. I'll have to think of something to proxy since the army I actually own just laughs that list off and it wouldn't be very informative or interesting.
  9. I blame @Thomas Lyons for making me think this would be a big announcement, I knew my hype should have been tempered! /s I am interested to see where 40K goes as I could make it my second game. And maybe pick up a nice, used army for cheap with these continued announcements and the "freak outs".
  10. Why are your experiences more valid than the ideas of people in this thread? I have played against the list personally, it exists in my meta. No one rage quit, it loses a good percentage of the time. It's an optimized army that's probably just below Tier 1 because of the Scenario problems and poor matchups against some Tier 1 builds. If you want to rant and rave that's fine but your arguments are unconvincing. You seem to want everyone to agree with you that it should be banned and is a huge menace, that's just not the case. There are much bigger problems with the game if you want to go around banning stuff, and if that's the case then the game will probably only prove to be frustrating long term unless your entire meta is okay with several gentleman's agreements. I am totally willing to do a Battle Report against the army with any Faction using an optimized list, heck I'll do a best 2/3. Would that assuage you? Probably not.
  11. Warmachine is decidedly skirmish in what it's supposed to be, it just wasn't for many years because of InfantryMachine. The idea is 1-2 Units, big guys, 1-3 Solos. It just didn't pan out like that for balance reasons, from what I understand the game is more that way now in the new edition. I've yet to see a proposed LoS system that I'd enjoy using for AoS. If it's too open for purposes of shooting, Cover is the easier tweak in my opinion. Not sure if I should be responding with these thoughts in a Rumor thread though.
  12. More popular and access to more kits. Not a lot of people are playing the old armies so squares are falling out of favor. I think the problem will solve itself over the next year.
  13. I don't think GW will mandate it, but I'm not mad if they do. It's just not their vibe compared to companies like PP. Warmachine LoS might get very messy in this game. Warmachine is skirmish, AoS has a bigger scale. Pulling out the laser sight is never very enjoyable and we already have no facings. It would also favor horde armies because they could hide Heroes forever whereas other armies couldn't. Not to mention the messes with hills and stuff....
  14. Did they ever mandate base size? I recall my 40K days where people would put things on bigger bases all the time and it was legal, particularly Demon Princes. Unless someone is specifically going for an advantage I don't think they HAVE to mandate base size at this time.