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  1. I agree with that and that's probably not a bad thing. Every game doesn't need to be one size fits all.
  2. I like being able to shoot into Combat like AoS has, I dislike being able to shoot into your own Combat. Shooting and Charging seems fine in AoS because of the ranges. Maybe it's the Roleplayer in me. :] That would reward taking Fast Movement Units or Flying Units, add value to Screens which are typically Battleline, and give Melee Armies a bit of a buff. I think Cover should be expanded a bit, which isn't a Shooting Rule per say from 40K but the AoS system leaves a bit to be desired. Some stores or setups also make it very hard to get Cover in AoS which is beyond the control of the Player.
  3. I would say AoS is a shooting game, at least on the competitive end. It's just that not every army has shooting. Those that do, tend to shoot and the rules are very favored towards it compared to melee. Melee is more balanced but shooting is much more powerful. I wouldn't mind seeing both games bleed into each other a bit with 40K getting some more melee balance/punch but also putting some of its restrictions on shooting into AoS.
  4. This looks extremely X-Wing to me. I personally don't enjoy that game because of the movement and how long the game takes to end but Shadespire seems to fix some of that with the Hex Grid and Objectives. I like how the demo guy mentioned it's best of three by design, that's actually awesome and unexpected. As a competitive player I have hopes for sideboards, that always helps balance. Wish I could have seen a longer form game but the nuts and bolts are all there. Interested to see more of the game because at first glance it seems like I brick up, you brick up, and we run into each other. I'm sure that's not how it plays optimally though.
  5. Transports are already a big change, that's a 40K thing and hasn't ever really existed in Fantasy. I think the upcoming AoS Books are going to be "tests" for 40K, to see how certain rules work in an AoS'd game. I'd bet money that the rules for Duradin Transports are what the play-test 40K rules are. If they go well, mysteriously they'll be the same in 40K. If not...well we won't see the test product for 40K. I think AoS changes make more of a difference for 40K than the other way around, but they will test many, many things on AoS first that they have in mind for 40K. We just don't see how the sausage is made so it's hard to tell what came first, but anything that's a drastic departure was probably in mind for 40K, imho.
  6. This is a topic I'm pretty familiar with and is very relevant to my AoS play so far. Bit of background, I am undefeated in games where I run my "competitive" list, both in random games and in tournaments. I get a lot of flack for my list, even on these very forums! The only time I get discouraged is when someone has a VERY bad reaction. This happened in my most recent tournament where my opponent clearly didn't want to play anymore and proceeded to badmouth my list to anyone who would listen. It was awkward but it is what it is. I've been playing minis for a long time and usually do well because I have a lot of experience and frankly I play to win unless my opponent doesn't want that experience. Asking what type of list someone wants to face is important, I don't agree with forcing a negative experience on someone outside of a tournament (personal philosophy). That will go quite far with not getting a bad reputation or ruining someone's hobby. I also always try to judge the situation. If someone is super salty, I just quietly pack up my things and keep to myself for a bit. If they extend the hand I'll take it but I don't extend it myself as that has gone poorly for me. If they're not so salty I'll get into a bit of a discussion, what could we have done differently? What are my weaknesses, what was I afraid they'd do? I never focus on "Oh your list is weak", I try to put it on myself and talk about the game as a whole. Generally when you point out both players could have done things differently the mood smooths over. Lastly I think it's important to take an L sometimes. I have much softer lists than my tournament one for casual play and losing with them is a-okay by me. It helps you not get salty when you lose for real, no one wins forever and someone is always better. It also lets your regulars have some fun, no one wants to be face-punched every time they unpack their models. That's my $0.02, hope it was of some use.
  7. I'm feeling at least one more announcement. Adepticon is a big deal and they said this is the year of Warhammer. Maybe Saturday. :]
  8. Isn't it likely they have a few more things for Fri/Sat? Isn't that the meat of the Convention? I honestly wasn't expecting anything pre-Friday.
  9. Again, I hope not. Things like that can get very stupid, very quickly. I'm fine with them having some sort of extra save or something due to being high in the sky though. I can already see all the complaining with the RAW on attacking flying models with melee.
  10. Doubtful that they all die if the Transport dies, unless it's been confirmed and I missed it. That would be way too punishing and I don't believe 40K works that way. Haven't played that since 6th though.
  11. Are people really having issue with a fantasy interpretation of the male figure? This is a game where demons fight dragons. I think we can let it slide. :]
  12. Pretty disappointed to see Shadespire be a competitive boardgame, or at least look that way. I will absolutely reserve judgement until the rules are more out and about but for the time being I'm not interested in the game. Very excited to see 40K get the AoS treatment. As others have said that could convince me back into 40K, they'd need to clean up a lot more things though and I'm sure specifics will be hushed for some time. As others have mentioned there are issues with the Mounter/non-Mounted versions being the same price and Vehicles are quite wonky. GW seems to have learned a lot from AoS though, I wonder how their launch for books will go. Probably smoother than the compendiums. Looking forward to more AoS information and maybe some reports on how Shadespire actually plays. :]
  14. That's why the Battalion is usually part of a bigger list, like I run three Thundertusks for example. By itself it's very R/P/S as you said, there's a good bit of anti-shooting tech in the game. I expect Thundertusks to get nerfed too.
  15. Stacking negatives To Hit seems like it would work as well. Double Relictors seem really good for SCE to me, not just into this. Ranges could be a bit dicey but there's ways around that. Any kind of debuff seems to really hit the model hard. Being able to downgrade the Deathless Minion Save and prevent buff stacking on it is also important, which means Alpha Strikes or guns. Spreading them out is also viable in some Scenarios, Mornghuls are usually in pretty elite armies and they can have issues with Objectives. Kill everything you want, I'll take the Major Victory.