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  1. General's Handbook 2017 Announced

    Absolutely a positive in melee's favor, however in my experience unless both armies are combat oriented and a bit grindier the combats tend to end faster and this doesn't come into play as much. As I said I can only speak from my game experience and knowledge of mechanics but I consider shooting to be stronger by a wide margin. This would seem to be backed up by most high end results. My hope is that we get a shake up, that's all. But I'm in a pretty small minority of the AoS community who only really care about competitive play and I know I'm not the primary audience of the game.
  2. General's Handbook 2017 Announced

    LoS Terrain makes no real difference, things in AoS aren't fast like other games. They'll get their shots and you can't hide your whole army. Also two of the worst offender shooting lists are extremely mobile. Almost no units that shoot at the top end are squishy, in fact they're brokenly durable for their points. The balanced shooting units are more along the lines of what you're thinking.
  3. General's Handbook 2017 Announced

    @TroutIt makes guns have no drawbacks. You can engage me, I shoot the unit that got there. There's nothing that can stop guns in the entire game, very few systems have that. This means guns contribute from Turn 1 and never stop whereas melee don't contribute until Turn 2-3, have shorter ranges, etc. Shooting Combat doesn't even stop you from fighting, you can do both. The offensive output of shooting units is MUCH higher than combat units when you look at the whole game. When you combine that with how crazy Morale is in AoS compared to other games, armies get shot off the table. I play a super competitive list from time to time and I have tabled people on Turn 2 with ease. AoS also has no penalties to shooting, just cover. So when you keep stacking all this shooting is the thing to do at the competitive level.
  4. General's Handbook 2017 Announced

    I know you play up North Mammoth but it's dead as can be in the Valley. I'm at the stores 3-4 times a week and there are zero games. Glad things are doing well as GW and maybe IO though. Agree with your other points.
  5. General's Handbook 2017 Announced

    I hate seeing simple fixes like this because they're so elegant, and so never, ever going to exist. Makes my heart hurt.
  6. General's Handbook 2017 Announced

    I do have high hopes for Allegiance Abilities and Items. They were VERY poorly balanced initially, which is to be expected with the data they had. More than one viable option for competitive play, let's go!
  7. General's Handbook 2017 Announced

    No core rules changes is disappointing. Not because the rules suck but because one change would help. Random Initiative is fine if shooting is a lot weaker. Random Initiative gone is fine if Charges get a lot better. Shooting being weakened would be nice regardless. I'm totally reserving judgement but unless there's a heavy gun tax, things won't change a ton. Cheaper melee armies, Ironjawz and Fyreslayers in particular (I know one is confirmed) would help that.
  8. General's Handbook 2017 Announced

    The points are likely to be drastic. I expect Arrowboys to be 120, minimum, per 10 and Snowballs to be at least 400pts. These are good things mind you but if every premium unit isn't hit HARD then I'll lose faith in GW's balancing ability. Which would bode poorly for 40K as well. They have plenty of results to go on. I am worried that SCE will be untouched and the game will revolve just around Aetherstrike since all of the things that can beat it will be touched. So hoping that they nerf shooting period as well.
  9. General's Handbook 2017 Announced

    Really eager to see this. Lately I've fallen completely out of AoS, as has my local group. The game is essentially solved from a competitive aspect right now which is extremely boring. I think the new rule of one will be buffs, pretty obvious with Kharadron. I'm hoping Matched Play either also loses Initiative, or guns are gutted completely. Otherwise guns will continue to rule the game unless they're priced out of use, which would be a worse option imho. GW is flying high right now, I really hope they pick up AoS since it is hurting in my area, state-wide. Obviously it will always be second fiddle to 40K but it can have a place if it's treated well.
  10. Continuing my week of playing a ton of games, I go my first 8th Edition game against Dark Eldar. This may actually be my first game against Dark Eldar ever and they're looking extremely cool in the new edition. This was also a "revenge" game against a local player who smashed me pretty good with Necrons so I was hoping I could settle the score. You can check out the Battle Report below and I'm continuing to do my thoughts after the game in video format while working on production value as much as I can. Slow and steady. :] Episode 29: The Red Games Go Faster (Orks vs. Dark Eldar 2000 Points)
  11. https://tidesofdestruction.blogspot.com/2017/06/episode-27-classic-orks-vs-dark-angels.html
  12. Updated Forgeworld Points

    At the same time it seems unlikely they accidentally released GHB 2.0 Points or something. Without a major nerf the Mornghul would be insanely OP at that cost, Dwarves also don't need a nerf and are a great, mid-tier army as is. Idk what to make of that to be honest.
  13. https://tidesofdestruction.blogspot.com/2017/06/episode-25-roaches-check-inbut-they.html
  14. The big step into 8th edition 40k

    Being in the same meta as you @WoollyMammoth I have mixed feelings. I am going to play 40k because I don't think we have enough of a base to support a focus on AoS. It seems that AoS is going to continue the Fantasy trend, at least locally but likely abroad, of being second fiddle. I think 40k looks like a great game, my issue is more the player differences. I'm competitive by nature but I'm always one to share what I know, help people improve (if they want to), and generally not take the game too seriously. 40k Players, in my experience over the last 10+ years, are a lot more serious and secretive. Everyone wants to keep the "broken" stuff to themselves and the competitive community feels less friendly. Again, these are just my impressions. I wish I could focus on AoS as my primary game but it just doesn't seem to have the players.
  15. Does competitiveness ruin AoS?

    I don't think competitiveness ruins AoS but shooting sure does. Lately I've been playing an all or almost all melee Destruction list and taking it into other melee or near all melee and the game plays so much better. I hope shooting is drastically nerfed, not just the outlier units but in the core rules. Get rid of shooting into your own combat and get rid of shooting from a unit in combat if the individual model is in melee range of an enemy. Or make it 3" of an enemy, even easier. I get that this would add complexity to the game but as it stands I fear for the next GHB. They're going to nerf Kunnin' Rukk/Thundertusks, probably Skyfires even though they're new, and probably Kurnoth Hunters. I don't think they're going to nerf Stormcast at all and the Aetherstrike gunline is going to be the top of the heap. Even with reduced prices on stuff Ironjawz, Fyreslayers, and more I think melee armies will have a hard time competing. Aetherstrike even devotes a good amount of points/Artefacts to anti-shooting, if they don't have to do that then they'll get even better against melee. Shooting is just too good in this game, it benefits HEAVILY from the double turn and it has zero downsides in any situation. The core rules of the game were made to be melee heavy, that's not how we play at a competitive level at the moment. For those keeping track of 40K 8th Edition I think AoS needs to learn a lot from that game, just as 40K took a lot from us.