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  1. Don't fancy paying £90 for 3 units of flesh hounds? I just put some on EvilBay if anyone is interested Woof
  2. Beastmen in 8th ed weren't aligned to a God, they worshiped the chaos moon morrisleb, a massive chunk of warpstone that would appear in the sky and incite bloodshed. Obviously, there is no morrisleb in the mortal realms so they could be Destruction Alliance in theory. Would be nice if they could
  3. 68 Mark Carrigher fyreslayers 176 Luke Smith blades of Khorne
  4. Received, be good to see you Jimbo Still plenty of tickets left. Im expecting between 16 and 20 players. Be good to see your award winning Sylvaneth again mate
  5. Sent to you, on the 6th of December. Any problems let me know
  6. Hi mate, I did it via PayPal in the en, will find the transaction email and screenshot you it asap
  7. What's the vibe for Friday eve?
  8. Good stuff, The pack is written, will post it up this week, just negotiating with the store about the schedule. Im hoping to get an earlier opening time to get game one in before lunch. Will keep you posted
  9. Event Title: Essex FURY Event Author: Sehryth7 Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 09/16/2017 09:00 AM to 09/16/2017 06:30 PM The Chelmsford Bunker and 4tk Gaming are proud to announce our first Matched Play Age of Sigmar event. The format will be 3 games at 2000 Points, battle plans will be from the new Generals Handbook (providing it is out by then) Come join us for a laid back yet exciting afternoon of gaming. Ideal for new players or seasoned tournament goers alike. Venue will be 4tk Gaming in Colchester Tickets a steal at £12.50 each Payment Via PayPal to Pack below Pack v1.0 Please register your interest below Stay tuned for details. Contact @Sehryth7 or @Rid for info. Essex FURY 1. Tom Wall 2. Dan Hadert 3. James 9Jimbo 4. Oliver Grimwood 5. Daniel Harwood 6. Rid 7. Mark Carrigher 8. Rich Taylor 9. Paul Berridge
  10. until
    Coming Soon, A 1 Day/3 Game Matched Play Event in Essex. Venue will be 4tk Gaming in Colchester Tickets a steal at £12.50 each Details, Pack and Confirmation released w/c 27/03/2017
  11. A tournament I went to recently used kill points gained - kill points given away to rank tied scores. I think that was the deal anyway..
  12. Evening all, Ive seen a few nice objective markers pop up on twitter now and then. If you have made some post below, I'm looking for some inspiration. Thank you in advance.
  13. Thanks to my opponents and to Jamie. Very good event, lovely shop. I wish there was an athena games near me! I now really want an ogre kingdoms army after playing @Mohojoe
  14. I might be interested in borrowing 30 blood warriors for this mate.
  15. Me too actually, Luke Smith