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  1. Sorry for the late reply, Yes definitely mate, can't wait to see the new battleplans. Could just paint 400 points of KO allies? 🙃
  2. I can't seem to open the script pdf on my phone anymore, What's the Battleline requirement for this year anyone?
  3. Updated, thanks mate
  4. I'm between tournament armies at the moment so I've had to cancel my ticket unfortunately. 1 more up for grabs!
  5. you're right! That guy smashed me doing double attacks with those archai. Im gonna track him down and demand a rematch!
  6. Enjoy
  7. I've always been tempted to do a morghast army as I'm a big fan of the models. If you were going to write a morghast themed list, what would you put in it? I've played against one with a necromancer to let them attack twice in the combat phase which seemed very strong. I get the feeling the low wound count list would be fairly easy to get tabled with..
  8. Places are filling up nicely, Word on the street is,the new Handbook won't be out till late in the year (September) so we may be using the usual battleplans from GHB1 Does anyone have any preference on which?
  9. Don't fancy paying £90 for 3 units of flesh hounds? I just put some on EvilBay if anyone is interested Woof
  10. Beastmen in 8th ed weren't aligned to a God, they worshiped the chaos moon morrisleb, a massive chunk of warpstone that would appear in the sky and incite bloodshed. Obviously, there is no morrisleb in the mortal realms so they could be Destruction Alliance in theory. Would be nice if they could
  11. 68 Mark Carrigher fyreslayers 176 Luke Smith blades of Khorne
  12. Received, be good to see you Jimbo Still plenty of tickets left. Im expecting between 16 and 20 players. Be good to see your award winning Sylvaneth again mate
  13. Sent to you, on the 6th of December. Any problems let me know
  14. Hi mate, I did it via PayPal in the en, will find the transaction email and screenshot you it asap
  15. What's the vibe for Friday eve?