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  1. A tournament I went to recently used kill points gained - kill points given away to rank tied scores. I think that was the deal anyway..
  2. Evening all, Ive seen a few nice objective markers pop up on twitter now and then. If you have made some post below, I'm looking for some inspiration. Thank you in advance.
  3. Thanks to my opponents and to Jamie. Very good event, lovely shop. I wish there was an athena games near me! I now really want an ogre kingdoms army after playing @Mohojoe
  4. I might be interested in borrowing 30 blood warriors for this mate.
  5. Me too actually, Luke Smith
  6. We play tested this last week and it does seem to be a significant boost to the slayers. Mark always beats me anyway so perhaps it wasn't the best example.
  7. Cheeky bump
  8. Me and @carrigher82 can't wait.
  9. Yes I followed this guide but mainly just need to slap it on really thick. How to Make Cracked Earth Desert Bases for Miniat…:
  10. Hi all, Was doing a new project anyway so may as well join in. 1000 points of brayherds Not made much progress yet
  11. Just make sure to declare the banner is planted after all your spells are cast, then no rerolls
  12. The problem with the warhead is the low wound count army that you'll be fielding. cunning deceiver will help a lot against shooty armies. You may have some better results going all out with minos. One unit with Shields as your tank One with greatweapons for the rend One unit with two axes for damage. The brayherd seems to have a lot more options... I think one of beastmens major trump cards is the ungor Raider ambush Batallion, 30 ungor raiders and 10 warhounds coming on behind your opponents lines turn 1 is devastating, people can't ignore them. Beastmen are compendium so do be ashamed to field some Filth Sayl the faithless for your ghorgon Vortex for your bray shaman Good luck
  13. All paid up See you there
  14. Am I the only one that cant open this pack?