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  1. Hahahaha. Gosh I enjoy this community so much.
  2. Let me first start by saying, for the most part, my gaming experiences are always positive and enjoyable. I meet amazing people who are polite, helpful, GENEROUS, kind, and overall just brilliant people. I’ve made lifelong friends through hobby like many of you have too! But recently a few people have mentioned some not-so-great experiences and I too experienced a few. But to those nice people out there who a truly a joy to game with, you know who you are, and thank you. You make the hobby worth staying in. Being that I work in Management, I have seen a fair lot of motivational speakers in my time. One thing I learnt is that there is a reason these speakers use sports as metaphors for life. But the same, you could argue, can be said about hobby. More accurately though, would be the competitive gaming side of Warhammer. Looking at this there are numerous parallels between what it takes to be successful in real life and on the table. The qualities of skill, hard work and determination all contribute to a players chances of success in either arena. There is a specific parallel though, that I have noticed doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves lately, and that’s the connection between a players character of the table and his/her sportsmanship on it. Being a “good sport” covers a vast amount of a players character, most importantly, respect. A good sport respects his/her team (if he is in one) and his/her opponents equally. They play with integrity and any win that isn’t achieved fairly brings no satisfaction. They are honest in their dealings with opponents because they know how they wish to be treated, and understand in order for this to happen they need to treat their opponent the same way. They are unselfish in their honest want to see their teammates/friends/opponents participate and enjoy the game and, finally, they are humble in their victories and have the proper perspective on their losses. In short, these qualities are the ones that go into making a good person and contribute greatly to being a great player. It appears (going by reports and stories relayed back to me of late), in some circles and places, that unfortunately, as peoples characters off the table decline, so too, does their behaviour on it (I always wondered if this was due to the newer, more emotionally disconnected youth of today being online and less personal etc. Wondered, not stating as fact). People are more likely to get cranky when they lose, or gloat a lot when they win. Some just take the game too far. Players should understand that good sportsmanship can dramatically enhance the experience of both playing and overall participation in events. Players feel encouraged by others and take satisfaction in the fact the game was played fairly. As both a player and a fan of watching others compete, I have definitely noted that some players could possibly use a bit of brushing up on their sportsmanship etiquette. So to anyone that might be reading this and knows deep down they sometimes aren’t at their best, please remember… - Be a team player when you are in a team - Stay positive - Keep trash talk to a minimum - Lose gracefully - Win with class - Respect your opponent - Watch your language (know your surroundings) - Respect the rulings of TO’s - Treat others how you want to be treated Happy gaming everyone, and thanks for all being such good sports!
  3. Tonight we are in Part 2 of Creating a Competitive Army. 40k is the hot topic tonight and Brynely and Ryan get right into it with some of Australia's best and most competitive members of the 40k scene - The Lads from Aussie Battlers - Jack Kennard, Iain Andrew (AKA "Lain"), Ben Rorison and Matthew Blair.
  4. Tonight Brynley and Ryan go over current events and upcoming stuff before getting into part 2 of The Secret Life of a T.O with 2 very special guests - Emma and Michael Basc from Objective Secured in Perth! Like what you see? LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to support our channel and your hobby community! https://www.facebook.com/objectivesec... https://www.facebook.com/AushammerCast/
  5. List-Off Episode 1 ft. Paul (Mathhammer) Conti

    Did you catch Tom's list and the judgement day video yet?
  6. Southern Rumble Writeup

    great entry mate and a killer list! Also love the terrain in those pics. Would love to catch up more about it all and talk about hobby in general in the scene down under. Hit us up on facebook and lets have a chat! https://www.facebook.com/AushammerCast/
  7. Hey guys. Myself and my god friend Brynley have been doing AusHammer for a little while now. We have been lucky enough to make some great friends in the community including the WW Team, Paul Conti, MC1, Doom & Darkness and many others along the way. We are having a blast putting as much content out to the community as possible with the aim of promoting the hobby as much as possible here in Australia and connecting it to the greater community around the world. It would be great to know we had the support of the TGA community, a community I have been a part of myself for quite some time now. So next time your hobbying, please stop by our channel and take a peek. Like and Subscribe to make sure you keep up to date with what is a huge and very busy scene here in Australia and help us connect the "down under" with the greater world community even more! here is a link to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMaOkRYmI81_L5uJFzjNCFg/videos
  8. AUSHAMMER have released 2 new Tutorials for the beginner/intermediate hobbyist. How to make a cheap and long lasting WET PALETTE and how to paint the awesome Stormcast Eternals JUDICATOR. Like what you see? The LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to always know when we release new content and support your hobby community!
  9. Tonight Ryan and Brynley go over current and future events, show off some of you, the communities, most recent hobby achievements and go over how life as a new Tournament Organizer can be and some of the troubles and positive experiences you can expect as a T.O entering the scene. Like what you see? The LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to always know when we release new content and support your hobby community! https://www.facebook.com/AushammerCast/ https://twitter.com/AusHammerCast
  10. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    hahah Well I dont have a batrep or anything but basically I was handed first turn by opponent. I drops unit of 30 libs on an objective and push the other smaller unit up a little to keep close to my judicators. Sent Dracothian Guard to far flank to dry swipe in next turn and hit his judicators. Long story short, I got double turned by opponent who surrounded 30 libs with 3 drakes while he sniped my general with staunch defender off using judicators. I then failed a charge with my dracothian guard so by the time they got in I was winning in points but had lost majority of my libs. It was a bit of a meatgrinder with his drakes and judicators hitting my remaining libs, guard and in the end the dice just werent rolling in my favour and I lost the battle of grind. Losing so many dracothian guard to the nom-noms of the drakes is both funny and sad at the same time hahaha.
  11. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Mathematically I thought I would be ok as I easily doubled my opponent in total wounds for an army. I was honestly shocked and impressed with the damage they did. I would run 3 of those bad boys any day of the week. If not for a win, then for the fun! lol
  12. Hordes or hoax

    Oh definitely. You can have a solid death army with 1 unit of 40 skeletons. You hold a bit of the horde aesthetic but still have plenty of room in a 2k list for elites.
  13. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    It was murder. Thanks god they are so expensive because the tournament scene would be nuts with those all over the place.
  14. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    I recently played a game against the Drakesworn Templar... 3 Stardrakes... Combined, the list ate 7 of 12 Dracothian Guard and demolished 35 liberators (many of which were also eaten). It was a great match. If I had the cash right now.... Daaaaaaamn.