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  1. With the new book we know there is heaps of new avenues open to us and there have been huge changes to how we build lists and play games. But what tier do we now sit Death in? I have been tossing up list after list after list but hitting the sweet spot and looking at a list that gives you that feeling of "yup, the one'll be in top 10s" just has not happened yet and not from lack of want nor trying. So what does competitive death look like now? Can we expect it to bring down the top 3 faction/armies a peg or 2 and even the playing field a bit more or is death destined to rise slightly and fade into pile of upper-middle to middle tier bracket with so many other armies?
  2. Is the Deathmarch battalion worth it any more?

    You have graveyards so if you decided to take mass units fo skellies for example you bringing back mega numbers still. You can potentially make a solid 1 or 2 drop list from it. Wight Kings, compared to most death, have a decent save (I like the axe wielders special little ability to just take out a unit not that its likely to happen) what with old matey sword and board and old matey special armour. There are other reasons but these are just a couple. I think it's still viable.
  3. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    His soul steal ability has the potential to give back wounds to Nagash which helps (somewhat) to alleviate some of the points vs wounds issue when couple with his 4+ save against mortal wounds. I think it's hard. On one hand, he can wipe a stardrake, Elariel or even another Nagash of the table with one spell (50/50 chance opponent will pick wrong hand), can throw mortals and heal himself and still have space to cast several other spells as well as removing your requirement to take battleshock tests and enabling your entire army to reroll all hit and save rolls of 1. On the other hand, he is 800 points... His command trait is better than many Battalions you find amongst different armies, able to cast 8 spells (some of which are filthy awesome) plus if he is in close combat he has a fair bit of rend -2 and -3 with D6 damage. But then... he is 800 points... Maybe, used right he is worth it, especially now with a battalion and all that good stuff. Still though, so hard to find the sweet spot for a vampire-less competitive list
  4. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Oh yes it might be fun to play, all be it a short game hahaha. I have committed to playing more competitively this year and I wanted to do it with deathrattle (I don't like vampires really but love the death aesthetic) so that why Im struggling to make a list. But you are right, it is an easy to form and probably fun list. Side note: I just bought some Wilwoods and tombstones. Making me some graveyards!
  5. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    I understand where you are coming from. I have Nagash, Arkhan, 40 Skeletons, 10 Black Knights, 10 graveguard, a wight King and 4 Morghast Arkai and I am not sure if there is anything there that will make a good strong list or if it's all just pointless bit and pieces.
  6. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    I am really hoping there is a way to make Deathrattle work competitively in this. I have to try make a list out of Nagash Arkhan Wight Kings Necromancers Skeletons Grave Guards Black Knights Morghasts
  7. Ok so I am safe for my open play matches then which is great. But apologies as this does not help anyone at all with matched play! hahaha
  8. So in this FAQ: https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/age_of_sigmar_the_rules_en-1.pdf It says yes you can, unless it's Pitched play. Pitched play = matched play? Most of my games with mates etc is open so I am seriously hoping this is fine for most of the games I play as they aren't matched games lol and I am usually at a numbers disadvantage so this allows me to stay on even footing!
  9. As far as I was aware, 1 model cannot cast the same spell twice in the same phase, but 2 different models can both cast the same spell if they know it which is the case here? For example, Nagash can only cast mystic shield once in the hero phase. But in that hero phase, Arkhan could also cast mystic shield as they both know the spell. The FAQ had 2 answered questions in it taht lead me to this; Q: If I have several wizards, can I cast Mystic Shield multiple times on the same unit? A: Yes. Q: Are the effects of multiple duplicate spells and abilities stackable against the target? A: Yes, unless specifically stated otherwise. If I am correct then more initial idea of multiple casts of Hand of Dust etc still stands. Otherwise nope.
  10. I am loving Death. I started a death force a month or 2 before the announcement of the new tome etc. I am currently working on building an effective force with Nagash as the general and Arkhan backing him up with a Necromancer as well. I am just assuming for arguments sake that you might take some Arkai or Graveguard with you but it could be anything really and with some changes to the battleline units etc and a battalion that can accomodate your Nagash-led army and still fit Arkhan in can make this 3 Wizzard force quite hard to kill off What I enjoy about it is that Arkhan knows the spells of any Death Wizard within 18" of him and Nagash knows the spells of any Death Wizard on the battlefield. This mean that, potentially, in each hero phase, You are casting Hand of Dust twice.... that's the ability to potentially kill 2 stardrakes... or 2 heroes/behemoths etc. Problem is range... 3" isn't the greatest but it isn't all that difficult either and failing the reach of a hero, any elite units would take a hit too I guess. And then, to follow that up, because each one of these blokes can cast multiple spells, you go and cast Curse of Years twice... every hero phase... Then Nagash throws out his Soul Stealer (dishing out mortals and healing himself), arcane bolt, chucks mystic shield on a unit of arkai (or Graveguard if needed) who he then also buffs with (if you have a necromancer in your army) Vanhel's Danse Macabre while the Necromancer does it on another. Those units charge in and finish off anything that either Curse of Years or the arcane bolt/Soul stealer combo softened up which is made easier by the fact they can reroll all hit and save rolls thanks to Nagash's command ability and the fact they dont need to take battleshock means you have a little more staying power for those battleline units we all know and love. If, in a hero phase, Nagash was getting low on wounds, switch out one of the first 2 spells for Soul Stealer as when both Nagash and Arkhan cast it, it's healing wounds back onto Nagash.
  11. Looks for bits

    Ok everyone. So I have everything I need EXCEPT for bodies. Why is it so hard to find dead/dieing bodies and corpses?!?! I am making the base look like a broken freeguild cannon emplacement with one of the crew impaled on a pike, the other laying dead next to it and the last having his life forces drained from him by Nagash. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Looks for bits

    thats the bits website apparently and the second link goes to an electrical company? hahahha. Maybe I just can't computer well today.
  13. Looks for bits

    Hey everyone. So I have bought 8 morghasts, Nagash and some getting started boxes. I wanted to do a pretty heavily thematic basing for the army. As such I was wondering if anyone knows of any bits sites? I am in need of corpses, models that i can impale on pikes, tombstones, anything that looks like the aftermath of a field of battle basically. Cheers all.
  14. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    They copped a compendiumization and aren't in GHB but are in the last compendium they did.
  15. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    Shhh, it was worth a try! hahaha