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  1. This week Paul and Ryan discussed the solid Freeguild list Paul has put forward for the comp. We also complained about some of the SCE minis and just had a good old fashioned chin wag for a while.
  2. Wight Kings - Do you even stack brah?

    "Infernal Standard: Infernal Standards are saturated with death magic, which can sustain the undead. A Wight King with an Infernal Standard has the Totem keyword. Roll a dice each time a Death model from your army is slain within 9" of an Infernal Standard. On a 6, the magic of the Infernal Standard sustains that warrior and the wound that slew him is ignored. In your hero phase, a Wight King can plant his standard; if he does so, you cannot move him until your next hero phase, but until then the Infernal Standard’s influence is extended to 18". If this stacked I would buy 5 of these guys.,
  3. Slaves - The Good, the bad, the ugly?

    Chaos warshrine and heeeeaps of Marauders. Always makes me laugh, so much fun. A fully painted Slaves army is a sight to behold for sure. I still am so thankful these guys can ally with my Rottbringers / Mortal Nurgle.
  4. Let the List-Off Begin!

  5. Legioncast - new guys

  6. Slaves - The Good, the bad, the ugly?

    Great to see so much love for the slaves to darkness! I love the chariots, I love marauders in massive clumps with a warshrine behind it. If you have a slaves army and no warshrine... GO GET ONE! lol. Anyone find their slaves to darkness army are weaker vs specific factions/armies?
  7. Wight Kings - Do you even stack brah?

    so just read the recent FAQ's and answered my own question. I wont lie. Thats disappointing lol. Would love 3 x 6+ saves hahaha
  8. Hello, fellow follows of Nagash! I am having a heck of a lot of fun building thise bloody Deathrattle army. Except for the 120 skeletons I have to complete.... they are torture and painting them will be... ugh, lets not even go there yet. So... Wight Kings can grant what is basically a ward save up to 18" thanks to their totem. Lets say you had 2 of these and aunit fell into range of both. Do they stack? Can they roll a save and then another save for the 2 totems its in range of? If yes why? If no, why?
  9. Hi Guys, Building a Slaves to Darkness force and maaaaan oh man am I loving these guys. It's my third swaray into Chaos (first being Nurgle and second being the Skaven I aligned to them) but Slaves are something else. I have a shortcoming when it comes to well built lists and that is that I love aesthetics more than winning hahaha. But I want to know more about these guys and this forum is full of people like yourselves who know far more than I! So teach me! From your experience, what is the greatest thing about these guys (For me its the Warshrine and its awesomeness!), what do they have that makes them worth taking to the table as a primary force? What challenges will need to be overcome in using them? Best units? Worst units? strengths/weaknesses? Anything you wanna share is welcome and appreciated. Cheers and have a great day!
  10. New guys starting up from Australia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-UF4paGZXI&feature=youtu.be
  11. FINALLY using my Stormcast!

    Oh also I think I might buy a Luminarc if it turns out I need one or could make user of it in any meaningful way.... I just really wanna paint it lol.
  12. FINALLY using my Stormcast!

    Hi everyone So I finally cracked open my Stormcast and put together a list I think might be handy as well as using something from another army for allies: ===================================== Major - Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals Leaders Lord-Relictor (80) Lord-Relictor (80) Lord-Castellant (100) - General Units 5 x Judicators (160) -Skybolt Bows - 1 x Shockbolt Bows 5 x Judicators (160) -Skybolt Bows - 1 x Shockbolt Bows 10 x Liberators (200) -Warhammers 5 x Liberators (100) -Warhammers 5 x Paladin Protectors (200) - 1 x Starsoul Maces 5 x Paladin Retributors (220) - 1 x Starsoul Maces 2 x Concussors (280) 1 x Gryph-Hound (40) Behemoths Celestial Hurricanum (380) Total: 2000/ 2000 Points Leaders: 3/6 Battlelines: 4 (3+) Behemoths: 1/4 Artillery: 0/4 ===================================== I'm still undecided on alliance abilities, unique items etc. I'll be the first to say I am not the greatest with this army, in fact I have played very little with or against them so am interested on your thoughts. I have other units at my disposal if I needed to tweak the list. Stormcast Units at my disposal: 25 x Liberators (hammer and shield) 10 x Retributors (2 with starsoul maces) 5 x Protectors (Can also put one of starsoul maces with unit if needed) 10 x Judicators 6 x Prosecutors (dual hammers) 4 x Concussors (magnetized so can also be Fulminators or Decimators) Knight Heraldor Lord Castellant Lord Celestant on Dracoth 1 x Knight Venator (Magnetised to either Venator or Azyros) Allies at my disposal: 90 x Freeguild Handgunners 70 x Freeguild Guard (40 with halberds, 20 with spears and 10 with swords/shields) 20 x Freeguild Cav (Standard knights, can these even be used any more?) 5 x pistoleers 1 x Celestial Hurricanum 4 x Empire Cannon 2 x Hellcannon 1 x Motar 1 x Rocket Battery 1 x Mastergunner (Master engineer?) 1 x Steam Tank 1 x Karl Franz on Deathclaw 1 x Empire General on Gryphon 1 x Empire General on Horse 1 x Empire General on foot 10 x Flaglants 300+ x compendium units I can no longer use (lol).
  13. @Thomas Lyons I wish I could say you were right, however, I did indeed. $210 to be exact Since GHB2017 they have hit table twice, won once and a couple of em will be in a game of skirmish today. Maybe I've just gotten used to this happening (which may not always be a good thing) so am no longer surprised when it happens.
  14. Im really glad this sparked so much discussion, its great to see. I am really interested to see/hear any thoughts from the rest of the community here seeming as it is so large.