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  1. Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    I'm not really sure why this is an argument? If you ally a TLA, your army is still Wanderers and not Sylveneth. Says clearly in the pitched battle profiles that trees are only free for and army with Sylvaneth allegiance. And even though it's an ability and not summoning, you still have to pay reinforcement points. It's the same thing for Flesh water abilities that set up new units automatically, gotta pay for them. Side note, played my first game with Wanderers last night and had a blast! Waywatchers are awesome!
  2. Upcoming New Soulblight!

    Realized that after I posted. Ouch. Compendium units took a big hit. I'm baffled by the nerds death got (ROTN, points increases, Mourngul nerf, alliance options, etc)
  3. Upcoming New Soulblight!

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can not take a VL on Abyssal Terror in a soul light army any more correct? Since he is missing the Soulblight keyword, he would have to be an ally now I think. Still could take him, but he would eat into our skeleton allies for objectives =\
  4. Going First or Second as FEC

    Agreed, it doesn't bother me either way. Going first is nice because I can get my buffs off ie mystic shield and Unholy Vitality, and going second is nice because I can be aggressive with my horrors and hope for a double turn and they can charge
  5. D3 damage attacks

    Haha so it came out and they immediately changed it?? Thanks!
  6. D3 damage attacks

    Hey guys, I remember reading in the December FAQ update that if you have multiple attacks from the same weapon that do D3 or D6 damage, that you would end up rolling D3xNumber of Attacks. I just re-read the FAQ, and no longer see that rule. It looks like the only thing in there refers to some ironjawz that you would roll 5D3 for their damage. Did GW change that ruling and take it out, or am I missing something? Thanks!
  7. Help with 2.5k mostly FEC Army List

    Here is my list that I run: I swap the Mourngul for another GKoTG when I need more mortal wounds (Sylventh), and keep the Mourngul against high Rend/mortal wound armies ( Stormcast) ········Alliegance [*Death*] Crypt Ghast Courtier (80pts) Necromancer (120pts) Varghulf Courtier (160pts) Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist - General - Ruler of the Night, Cloak of Shadows (400pts) Abhorrant Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon - Cloak of Shadows(400pts) Mourngul (400pts) 20xCrypt Ghouls (200pts) 20xCrypt Ghouls (200pts) 10xCrypt Ghouls (100pts) 10xZombies (60pts) 6xCrypt Horrors (280pts) Battalion: Ghoul Patrol (100pts)
  8. Help with 2.5k mostly FEC Army List

    What Elgard said. Presently there really is no reason to take FEC allegiance any way, as the only benefit is to have Horrors as battleline if you take a Haunter as your general (don't do this lol). Just go straight Death and use their abilities and artifacts. I personally like to take Ruler of the Night on my GKoTG general, as the 5+ death save is awesome, especially when stacked with his Unholy Vitality spell which would give him a 4+/5+/5+ and makes him incredibly tough to kill. I like to use the Cloak of Shadows on him. The ability to teleport across the board or get out of combat is awesome. Last night I used it to teleport across the board to attack Durthu after Durthru rolled a 1 on mystical. I killed Durthru in 1 round:) another really good trait to use in Red Fury, as it is almost guaranteed to go off and makes your general an absolute monster, but, overall rulernof the night is probably better as our army is built around our durability. Improving that can be the difference on holding objectives and winning games.
  9. Help with 2.5k mostly FEC Army List

    You need four battleline units in 2.5k. With that extra 60 points, I would get 10 zombies for your 4th battleline. Zombies also make your necromancer a bit more survivable as they can take his wounds on a 4+. I would also drop 10 ghouls from a unit and run ghoul patrol. The threat of outflanking big units of ghouls that auto regen models scares the hell out of your opponent, and are great for grabbing objectives. Other than that ya, it's a bit cookie cutter, but it looks pretty good. Keep you GK on foot and your Varghulf in the middle behind your horrors, have your necromancer nearby to buff your horrors, fly your GK's up to give support to your outflanking ghouls.
  10. 2.5k FEC Tourney List

    Lol... thanks for the reply but it doesn't help much. Adepticon is 2 months away, and dabbling into more death models isn't exactly an option for me. So FEC's it is! The games are 2,500, no side board. My General is my GKoTG, not the Varghulf. Unfortunately not being able to get rulernof the night automatically is going to hurt a lot I know. So, taking that into consideration, I still need advice on this list! I would be able to add a few non-FEC models such as a vampire lord or nexromancer no problem, but I'd like to go pure FEC if possible (and some what competitive!) I'm not looking to go here to win out, but be able to compete and have fun since I have a day to kill before the 40k team tourney.
  11. 2.5k FEC Tourney List

    Hey guys, starting to prep for Adepticon and want some advise on my 2.5k Warhost list. Couple things to note, both command traits and relics are rolled for randomly every game, and units can't be a part of 2 battalions. GKoTG GKoZD GK on foot Varghulf Terrorgheist 6xHorrors 3xFlayers 10x Ghouls Ghoul Patrol: Courtier 20xGhouls 10xGhouls 10xGhouls Horrors, GK, Varghulf anchor the middle. 10 man non-patrol unit for back objectives. Dragons fly where needed. I usually give the two GK's the shroud to teleport but it won't work this tourney =\ Flayers are for objectives and harassers. Patrol outflanked on objectives/distracting unit. Thoughts? Pretty balanced and solid list, but I don't know if it'll stand up to the ultra competive lists I expect to see at Adepticon. Thanks!
  12. Terrorgheist with Red Fury

    Thanks for the replies guys! Right now my list is ghoul patrol, big block of horrors with king on foot with varghulf for support, then a GKoTG and GKoZD, both with cloaks. I plan on cloaking the dragons quickly to alpha strike the biggest threat, so I think Ruler of the Night will be situational and not provide that much of a bubble. How is exactly does Red Fury resolve? Do I pile on and attack again, or does it basically just double my attacks? The reason I ask is say I do 10 wounds, could my opponent just clear out three inches and make my attacks from Red Fury obselete?
  13. Terrorgheist with Red Fury

    Hey guys, I'm brand new to Death and just finished building a FEC army. I've been browsing different set ups for my ghoul kings, and am surprised that I don't see a lot of GKoTG with the Red Fury trait. Doing 6 or more wounds with a GKoTG seems like it will happen frequently, which makes Red Fury trigger reliably. Am I missing something? A free trait that lets a beast of a character attack twice seems like an auto include, yet a lot of people take other things. Am I missing something? Or is it more common then I've seen on just posted lists?