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  1. Lol... thanks for the reply but it doesn't help much. Adepticon is 2 months away, and dabbling into more death models isn't exactly an option for me. So FEC's it is! The games are 2,500, no side board. My General is my GKoTG, not the Varghulf. Unfortunately not being able to get rulernof the night automatically is going to hurt a lot I know. So, taking that into consideration, I still need advice on this list! I would be able to add a few non-FEC models such as a vampire lord or nexromancer no problem, but I'd like to go pure FEC if possible (and some what competitive!) I'm not looking to go here to win out, but be able to compete and have fun since I have a day to kill before the 40k team tourney.
  2. Hey guys, starting to prep for Adepticon and want some advise on my 2.5k Warhost list. Couple things to note, both command traits and relics are rolled for randomly every game, and units can't be a part of 2 battalions. GKoTG GKoZD GK on foot Varghulf Terrorgheist 6xHorrors 3xFlayers 10x Ghouls Ghoul Patrol: Courtier 20xGhouls 10xGhouls 10xGhouls Horrors, GK, Varghulf anchor the middle. 10 man non-patrol unit for back objectives. Dragons fly where needed. I usually give the two GK's the shroud to teleport but it won't work this tourney =\ Flayers are for objectives and harassers. Patrol outflanked on objectives/distracting unit. Thoughts? Pretty balanced and solid list, but I don't know if it'll stand up to the ultra competive lists I expect to see at Adepticon. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the replies guys! Right now my list is ghoul patrol, big block of horrors with king on foot with varghulf for support, then a GKoTG and GKoZD, both with cloaks. I plan on cloaking the dragons quickly to alpha strike the biggest threat, so I think Ruler of the Night will be situational and not provide that much of a bubble. How is exactly does Red Fury resolve? Do I pile on and attack again, or does it basically just double my attacks? The reason I ask is say I do 10 wounds, could my opponent just clear out three inches and make my attacks from Red Fury obselete?
  4. Hey guys, I'm brand new to Death and just finished building a FEC army. I've been browsing different set ups for my ghoul kings, and am surprised that I don't see a lot of GKoTG with the Red Fury trait. Doing 6 or more wounds with a GKoTG seems like it will happen frequently, which makes Red Fury trigger reliably. Am I missing something? A free trait that lets a beast of a character attack twice seems like an auto include, yet a lot of people take other things. Am I missing something? Or is it more common then I've seen on just posted lists?