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  1. As someone who plays Khorne with practically no ranged attacks at all... I have to agree with you still. I think the issue is the mix of factions that cover weaknesses the army would otherwise have. A simple way to change this would be two columns in the points, one for a faction cost and one for an allegiance. So taking Sayl in a Tamurkhan Horde army would cost 160, but taking him in a Chaos army would cost 240 (for example).
  2. Ah no you can't do that. You pick CHAOS and take everything under CHAOS (in the general handbook) or you pick KHORNE and take everything under KHORNE (Blades of Khorne book). No mixing and matching. You have CHAOS and KHORNE allegiance in both cases.
  3. Not that weird: Putrid Blightkings : MORTAL NURGLE Fleshhounds/Bloodcrushers: KHORNE DAEMON Burning Chariots Of Tzeentch: TZEENTCH DAEMON To name a few. Not entirely sure what you're after with rules bit? Page 156 of General Handbook talks about picking an Allegiance before starting the game in the section regarding traits etc.?
  4. If all your units have the CHAOS keyword then you are CHAOS allegiance. If all your units have KHORNE and CHAOS keywords then you are CHAOS and KHORNE allegiance, but must pick which you use for the battle traits, artifacts and abilities etc. If all your units have BLOODBOUND, KHORNE and CHAOS keywords then you are KHORNE BLOODBOUND, KHORNE and CHAOS allegiance, but again must pick one of the three for abilities etc. (in this case there are only two to choose from KHORNE and CHAOS). You have the an allegiance to any keyword that is common among all the warscrolls on your army list.
  5. Don't see any reason he couldn't, he's a Mortal Khorne Hero, not named. Gorecleaver is an artefact that he could take.
  6. Made a couple of small edits to replace the icon for blood tithe points and changed the card types.
  7. So where do you draw the line? 33mm? 35mm? 50mm? There has to be a point where you say, "That's ridiculous you can't play with a base that big/small." Yes for friendly games it is fine to say use common sense, I'm all for that, but if you try and have a competition with no rules regarding base sizes somebody will abuse it. And if you have a breaking point then you already sort of do have base size restrictions. You suggest that the reason you can choose base sizes is because GW doesn't specify base sizes and gives you a choice. But then you follow that up by saying how everyone you know plays base to base rather than model to model (because it is stupid). Doesn't claiming GW's stance on bases and measuring distances is stupid invalidate your argument to use the fact that they supply two different sizes as a justification for choosing? Also the 25mm has always been in the box because it was for 40K and the models are still usable in 40K. The square ones were for fantasy and in the AoS re-release boxes these have been replaced with the 32mm ones, suggesting those are the ones for AoS (yeah they've not got around to the daemonettes yet so maybe 25mm is the 'correct' size for them and will be all they supply in a re-release). There's always the possibility of them releasing a 'correct base size' list at some point and switching to the base to base measurement rules.
  8. Depending on what the current bases are like I'd be thinking about just sticking most of them straight onto the 32's with some green stuff to make them be standing on a mound, vary the height, take some of them off and straight onto 32's for the variety, could save some time if you think it'd look good with what you have? If you're playing full Slaanesh you're more likely to get away with having the wrong bases for longer than something like a Sylvaneth or Clan Skyre army though, just for the novelty factor!
  9. Yeah, it's really only an issue for tournaments and such. I guess I just read people giving suggestions to purposefully base bloodletters on 25's and plaguebearers on 32's because one wants to get more hits and one wants to block etc. and then my instant response is to take it to the extreme to show why you need to shut it down before the escalating 'arms race' starts. If it's a case of needing to re-base I can see why you wouldn't want to. But if people are buying bloodletters and then going out of their way to get 25mm bases to put them on... well, don't be surprised if you see someone with a unit of 6ft hellblade wielding bloodletters asking to measure from weapons to models!
  10. Yes as @ledha said. There is no restriction on using battalions, same as every other release. But you must pick either Chaos or Khorne allegiance (see page 156 of the General's Handbook) and you only get all the Khorne stuff (artefacts, traits, prayers, banners, bloodtithe) from being Khorne allegiance.
  11. If you play by pure vanilla GW rules then it doesn't matter as you can stack models on top of each other. If you aren't then you have to have set sizes for bases otherwise all sorts of bullshit happens. It is better to get on board with that sooner rather than later. There's a list on this site somewhere for suggested sizes I think? Otherwise what's to stop me putting a lead weight in Skarbrand's foot and having him standing on his tip-toe on a 25mm base? Or having bases that are just 6ft wide sticks on something with flying that damages every unit it flies over that sweeps forward across the battlefield touching everything?
  12. My suggestion is just to play SCGT house rules. It adds some things, like measuring rules that make sense and is updated to account for Blades of Khorne (Prayers are under the same restriction as spells for instance). In that case the abilities don't stack (as there is a house rule preventing it) and there's no need to argue over the specific wording and choice of words and decision to change the wording by GW. If you don't want to do that then the current answer we have to the question, "Does Rage of Khorne stack?" Is a very firm and unanimous 'Maybe??'
  13. bloodsecrator

    Don't need to stack it (/worry about it if you play no stacking house rules) as the ability itself says you get 1 for each unit wiped out. Stacking it would be getting 2 tithe points for each unit wiped out. I read that as heresy at first!