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  1. Gilby

    Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Noob question... how does that give him a 3rd spell?
  2. Gilby

    Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    So the Changehost rules have you swap two models, then remove the rest of the models in the unit and set them up within 9'' right? What if you're swapping something like a Lord of Change and a unit of blue horrors? When you go to swap the LoC and the first model of the blue horrors, the LoC isn't going to fit in the space where the blue horror was because of all the other horrors in the way, do you just set him up as close to as possible? Or set him up after removing the other blue horrors to get him to be where he should be?
  3. Gilby

    Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    There's no such thing as belonging to a particular faction the way you belong to an allegiance. So not sure why people are repeating this idea that you can't pick allies unless you take entirely from one faction list, it never says that anywhere in the rules. It says, "The first step in picking an army is choosing it's allegiance. All of the units in the army must either have the allegiance, or be allied to that allegiance." (p74) and "Each faction lists the allegiances of the allied unit you can take". (p76) So; Pick an Allegiance, and you can take allies from the list at the bottom of the corresponding faction list.
  4. I looked! Just meant no idea what you can and can't do so what I might think is easy could be impossible! Ah, never thought of that! Good point.
  5. No idea about making websites but my plan in excel was to make all the parameters lookup from a table on another page. So I'd enter the data for the unit regarding it's abilities and stats into the table with the units name at the top and then have a drop down box at the top of the tool limited to the row of unit names. Once I had it all working I'd be able to just choose a unit I've put the values in for already and then only three boxes would be worth looking at; wounds to save, mortal wounds to save and total damage done. It would need a second drop down for the unit doing the saves too. Then I'd look at adding in things like damned terrain, etc. Could just hide most of the clutter then. Probably easier to show than explain it if I ever finish it! Haha! Even I'm not that mad GHB1 Kunnin Ruck came close! But yeah, it'd be boring if it did, has to be some luck involved.
  6. As this is random all other variables that have any sort of non-random effect will simply maintain this original randomness, unless you're using non-fair dice. Trust me on this, the result of a fair dice is random and over the long run will average out at 3.5. Humans have evolved to notice patterns and are notoriously bad at judging probabilities as we have an innate desire for things like this to seem random. Which usually means us looking for patterns, i.e. if I just rolled 10 sixes in a row the probability of another 6 feels like it should be less than 1/6, but it is just as likely as it was for the first roll. 60 dice isn't that many. The explanation for this is the law of large numbers. The 'particular number with far less results' will be random, so roll those 60 dice 1000 times and every number will have had the opportunity to be the 'particular number' and the difference you're seeing will average out. Result of a typical roll of 60 dice: Result Count 1 13 2 7 3 15 4 8 5 13 6 4 Results of typical roll of 60,000 dice: Result Count 1 10129 2 10035 3 9945 4 9879 5 9994 6 10018 The result of a dice roll is a discrete uniform distribution. On the original topic. I started to make a tool for calculating wounds etc. but never got around to finishing it after messing up when modifiers were applied with regards to re-rolls. Will get back to it when I have more free time, but tried to include as many abilities and modifiers etc. as I could think of. Any obvious ones I missed?
  7. Gilby

    Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Tzaangor Coven or Fatesworn Warband? Herald of Tzeentch 3 x 10 Pink Horrors 24 x 10 Blue Horrors 1 x 30 Blue Horrors Multitudinous Host 1 Drop, 305 wounds, 302 (4+/4+/-/1) shots.
  8. Gilby

    Good tactics for Change host and questions

    I have a question about Changehost too, seems like a good place to ask. The rules say, "To do so, take one model from each unit, and have them swap places on the battlefield. Then, remove all of the other models from the two units, and set them back up within 9" of the model from their unit that first swapped places." When swapping the models and they have the same size base it seems fairly simple to do. But what if you're trying to swap a Lord of Change and a Bluehorror in the middle of a line of horrors with no room for him? Do you just put the Lord of Change as close as possible?
  9. Either you haven't rolled enough dice or the dice have a bias. There is literally no reason for a fair D6 not to average out at 3.5.
  10. Gilby

    Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Where does it say that out of curiosity?
  11. Gilby

    Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    20 points would upgrade 30 brims to 30 blues. For that you'd get a save, more range and damage from the shooting, the ability to add models back to the unit if a pink dies nearby and the ability to split into brims as your objective holding unit dies. 100 points of reserves and you could have the 30 blues turn into 30 brims.
  12. Gilby

    Allegiance vs Faction vs Allies?

    EDIT - posted wrong place... can you delete posts?
  13. Allegiance rules? As in those on pages 118 onwards?
  14. It feels like this is just derailing the topic and trying to be like "look everything in the rules is chaos ignore the rules." But okay... What is the 'full benefit'? Do you mean all the allegiance abilities? At the top of every allegiance ability page it specifically states that the allegiance abilities "are available to an [allegiance name] army". And page 74 tells you how you pick your army allegiance: "The first step in picking an army is choosing it's allegiance. All of the units in the army must either have the allegiance, or be allied to that allegiance." Is there any other benefit I'm missing? I don't really see what your point is otherwise? More importantly could you show me the rule about 'belonging to a faction' and 'breaking faction'. You've been telling people in other topics that they can't take allies if all their units aren't from one faction list but I can't see where that rule is?
  15. 1. No pick an allegiance, you're army is that allegiance for all checks, ifs, etc. You can't have more than one allegiance. 2. People will disagree with me... but until I see someone quote the rule talking about belonging to a faction or 'breaking' faction, yes you can. The rules: "The first step in picking an army is choosing it's allegiance. All of the units in the army must either have the allegiance, or be allied to that allegiance." "Each faction lists the allegiences of the allied unit you can take". "Pitched Battle profiles are split into a number of factions." And, "A model or warscroll battalions faction will usually appear as a keyword." You would be Slaanesh allegiance, you get to pick allies from the Slaanesh faction list. 3. You can't do this (your example about StD allies and Slaanesh allegiance that is). "The first step in picking an army is choosing it's allegiance. All of the units in the army must either have the allegiance, or be allied to that allegiance." You pick allies based on the army's allegiance. 4. Again: "Each faction lists the allegiences of the allied unit you can take". Rules say if it has that keyword you can take it as an ally. Again, I know people disagree with me on this, but I'm reading directly from the GHB2017 and it says you can. That is not the suggestion. The idea of army allegiances is not being discussed in that section it is talking about how you choose allies.