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  1. Something like this maybe?
  2. Why would you purposefully hamstring your own army by not taking a unit that makes it better? Part of WH is the game and the aim of the game is to get more points whilst following the rules. If the rules let you do something that will bring you closer to winning then it is common sense to do it. That is matched play at its most fundamental level. Choices about theme or not being 'that guy' or making a more fluffy army is just moving more towards other types of play. Which is fine. But you can't criticise people for choosing the best value for points units in matched play as that is what it is for. If something shouldn't be done the rules should be there to stop anyone doing it or someone will.
  3. I've been buying them with 32mm bases for more than a year. Since around the time the chaos grand alliance book came out, where have you been getting them on 25's?
  4. Whilst I do think that planting a banner means you can't move is a perfectly fine rule... I do wonder how a unit can move, aim and shoot if the bannerguy can't move and then plant the banner or just pick it up, move and then re-plant it?
  5. My completely uniformed wildly speculative guess is 7th October, or thereabouts. It's when the Warhammer World Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Final is. Would sort of make sense (to me) that it wouldn't be released too soon before that as you'd not want to change too much up between the heats and the final or have people playing using rules that are a month or two out of date. But take that guess with a pinch of salt.
  6. You know what could be interesting... Death units treat mortal wounds as normal wounds. They aren't mortal, so it could work from a narrative perspective. It'd give mortal wounds a hard counter forcing more diversification. It'd give death a bit of a buff which they could definitely do with. Just an idea.
  7. 5 Artillery, which is 1 too many for a 2k list if that's what you're going for. Going to have to keep the Bloodthrone way back to stop it getting shot off and the list is a little low on models for a Khorne army.
  8. You might want to check the tournament rules. A lot will say that you have to use the most up to date warscrolls available which means the FEC terrorgheist overwrites the old GA:D one and aren't available to summon. Wouldn't want you to turn up on the day without another option if by chance you choose to go with that!
  9. I just hope the answer isn't simply to point them so high that they are not worth taking ever, especially in their own armies that weren't using them in the way they're now pointed for. Unless each faction and allegiance got a different number of points to build an army with in a matched game? So if you're taking sayl and x/y/z you'll get less points, but if you went purely with x and it's faction you'd have more points.
  10. Love it. The "problem" (if we're calling it that) with mortal wounds is the lack of interaction. This is a 2 player game with lots of dice rolling. Someone wants to charge you, you should be able to try and put something in the way, or get lucky on dice rolls and they don't make it, or they'll fly over what you tried to block with, etc. Lots of back and forward actions and reactions with a bit of luck thrown in. Mortal wounds (especially ranged) remove this. It just becomes a case of point and click, especially with some units needing a single roll of the dice to tell you how many mortal wounds you've taken. You just stand there whilst they tell you how many models to put away. Doesn't matter that the unit he's pointing at is a bunch of naked dudes with paper armor or the most elite warriors with 6" thick steel armour they take the same amount of wounds, so even your choice of army is irrelevant (to some extent). But mortal wounds have their place and that's why a lot of armies will have a way of dishing them out. Things just get out of hand when the elements of different armies that have different ways of dealing mortal wounds are mixed together to make a well rounded army that also specialises in mortal wounds. A lot of armies have linchpins, models or units the army is built around. With ranged mortal wounds it is very easy to pull them apart with you opponent able to do nothing to stop it. Maybe there should be a way to hide single, non-behemoth models from shooting a bit more? I mean, one way you could do it now is to specially design scenery to let you deploy and more models around completely out of sight of ranged attacks (just take enough pieces to get one on either side of the table if you're against a shooting heavy army) but that feels a bit too gamey and not really the right direction for the game to go. 30 bloodletters using Sayl to give them an 18" flying move, whip them with bloodstoker to give them +3" to charge and then send them in turn one doing 2 hits each (because of bloodsecrator).
  11. As someone who plays Khorne with practically no ranged attacks at all... I have to agree with you still. I think the issue is the mix of factions that cover weaknesses the army would otherwise have. A simple way to change this would be two columns in the points, one for a faction cost and one for an allegiance. So taking Sayl in a Tamurkhan Horde army would cost 160, but taking him in a Chaos army would cost 240 (for example).
  12. Ah no you can't do that. You pick CHAOS and take everything under CHAOS (in the general handbook) or you pick KHORNE and take everything under KHORNE (Blades of Khorne book). No mixing and matching. You have CHAOS and KHORNE allegiance in both cases.
  13. Not that weird: Putrid Blightkings : MORTAL NURGLE Fleshhounds/Bloodcrushers: KHORNE DAEMON Burning Chariots Of Tzeentch: TZEENTCH DAEMON To name a few. Not entirely sure what you're after with rules bit? Page 156 of General Handbook talks about picking an Allegiance before starting the game in the section regarding traits etc.?
  14. If all your units have the CHAOS keyword then you are CHAOS allegiance. If all your units have KHORNE and CHAOS keywords then you are CHAOS and KHORNE allegiance, but must pick which you use for the battle traits, artifacts and abilities etc. If all your units have BLOODBOUND, KHORNE and CHAOS keywords then you are KHORNE BLOODBOUND, KHORNE and CHAOS allegiance, but again must pick one of the three for abilities etc. (in this case there are only two to choose from KHORNE and CHAOS). You have the an allegiance to any keyword that is common among all the warscrolls on your army list.
  15. Something like this?