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  1. I've made this Ogroid a little Khornish and before I go further with it, I'm just looking at what I could run him as. He is big enough to fit a juggernaught profile. I think I like him as a Mighty Lord, but I'd love to know what you'd use him for. Once I know, I'm busting out the green stuff and getting this bad boy going.
  2. I'm working on this Khorne Lord conversions and have a ton of green stuff work to do, but I figured I'd share the progress here. He is made from bits from the Bloodthirster, bloodsecrator, Mighty Lord of Khorne, Lord Cellestant on Dracoth, Skullreapers and Slaughterpriest models!
  3. TJ@DFG

    Kairos Arrives

    Absolutely brilliantly ant work and I love the purple rock on the base
  4. After many painful hours of painting, I have 20 bloodreavers to show. I kind of hate how detailed they are for how easy they are to kill, but I also love them once they are painted. The squad went in with my usual yellow theme, similar to my Bloodstoker. Most of the base painting was actually done with multiple layers of inks and washes over a preshaded zenithal priming. This does lead to a lot of the same skin tone, so I do plan to experiment a little on future batches. I do like how the blue trousers came out though. With these fellows out of the way, I can now focus on bigger, badder models for a little bit, which has me very excited!
  5. TJ@DFG

    Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    Bloodsecrator summoning with portal: 1000 times this! I was just thinking that the bloodsecrator should have that ability and so should slaughterpriests.
  6. TJ@DFG

    Test Models - quick question

    I prefer a troop model. If you plan to go deep on arcanites, then the tzaangor should give you all the surfaces you need to try the test scheme on while leaving you an easy hole to fill if you hate the scheme.
  7. TJ@DFG


    I am working on my conversion now. Black dragon parts and LoC heads can be won fairly cheap on EBay. The parts work out size wise too!
  8. I am making a Galrauch conversion from a Black dragon, some LOC heads and Cockatrice wings. I got lucky and ordered all theee for $20, but on average the parts minus the cockatrice will run you about $11, which will leave you with a healthy wing budget. Check out what I have so far.
  9. TJ@DFG


  10. TJ@DFG


  11. This is my first time attempting the black Daemon if flesh!