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  1. NoTurtlesAllowed

    Casting a spell without a legal target.

    This was mentioned int the Stormcast Podcast by one of the Rules Designers as a legit tactic
  2. NoTurtlesAllowed

    Guardians of the Dawn Spire

    Is the Guardians of the Dawn Spire Battalion now illegal? In the last General's Handbook(2017) there was a clause that allowed older warscrolls with points to be played, and it still appeared in the app. Now I can't find that clause and the app is missing all the Spire of Dawn stuff. I know the points are listed in Handbook(2018) for the units, but can't find anything to allow me to use the Battalion. Was hoping for guidance for it being allowed or not.
  3. NoTurtlesAllowed

    What are your 2018 Objectives?

    I guess I'll give this a go Finish building, converting, and painting 4k of Stormcast Finish my 2k Sifthawks Finish roughly 10k of Nurgle Build custom terrain Make a new table Get into Shadespire Start an army for my daughter
  4. NoTurtlesAllowed

    Swift hawks list!

    It's not an old point value. Just not an updated one. It's not like using 100 points for Vanguard Wing as opposed to 200.
  5. NoTurtlesAllowed

    Swift hawks list!

    It may not have points, but the GH2017 specifies that older war-scrolls are still viable. Having said that, you would need to ask to TO if you're playing in an event.
  6. NoTurtlesAllowed

    Modeling Begins

    Started work on the models. The main challenge is to turn the extra command models in normal troops. Started work the Reavers.
  7. The idea with this army is to keep it cheap. So I will be using as many of the Spire of Dawn models as possible. I will sprinkle in a handful of conversions to spice things up and to eliminate extra command models when possible. So here is the list of models I will need: Highwarden Archmage + mount and leg bits 3 sets of spireguard + extra bits from skycutters to convert command 3 sets of swordmasters 4 sets of reavers + sister of averlorn bows 2 Skycutters + oval bases The initial cost of the Spire of Dawn set was $60. I traded the Skaven for another set. I was able to pick up the other Reavers for $7 a set +shipping, and the extra Swordmasters and Spireguard ran me roughly $40 total. I got super lucky on the mount for the archmage, so the leg bits set me back $11. In the end the only real expense was the Skycutters at $105 for the 2. So in the end, current cost was roughly $250. In all honesty, it's not the cheapest army I could have made, but under $300 for an army is still a steal. My stormcast cost a lot more than $300.
  8. NoTurtlesAllowed

    Army Composition

    I started brainstorming this project almost a year ago. I had picked up the Spire of Dawn box set with the intentions of teaching my daughter to play. Now, post GH2017, things have changed. For starters, points have been adjusted. So here is the list that I am currently crafting: Highwarden Archmage on horse Skywarden w/banner Skywarden w/banner 30 Spireguard w/command 15 Reavers 5 Reavers 20 Swordmasters w/ full command Guardians of the Dawnspire battalion I am still kicking around the traits and artifacts, but have some ideas.
  9. NoTurtlesAllowed

    Let's chat : Slaanesh

    Anybody try some battle shock shenanigans with them? I'm thinking of trying a few combos
  10. The Keeper of Secrets and Exalted Greater Daemon of Slaanesh have the spell Cacophonic Choir. Both spells are identical except for the damage output. The KoS version does D3 mortal wounds, and the Exalted Daemon version does 3 mortal wounds. Can you use both in a turn, or does it violate the Rule of 1?
  11. NoTurtlesAllowed

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    He is very similar to the Paladin Prime from the non starter Paladins. He would be an easy conversion using one of those with some spare weapons
  12. NoTurtlesAllowed

    Swifthawk Agents -Post GH2017

    With the new Firestorm rules, especially with GW's rules change today restricting the abilities to generic Grand Alliance Allegiances, who else is excited for these with Swifthawks? I'm loving the Tempest's Eye. That extra movement plus the bonus save feels like we actually have our own Allegiance Ability
  13. NoTurtlesAllowed

    Season of war: Firestorm

    The GT I went to in Atlanta was won by one. I know a lot of people were using them in organized play
  14. NoTurtlesAllowed

    Season of war: Firestorm

    What do the traits and artefacts look like? Are they auto includes?