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  1. Bloodstoker

    Sorry to bring this question up again but how has it been played in the last 12 months at events when combined with the Bloodthirster of wrath?
  2. Let's chat : Khorne!

    He's a 140 points Daemon ,mortal, hero, move 10" same as a bloodthirster. Mortal wound save He heals re roll 1's to hit . And he gives bloodletters re rolls ones within 8" And if you go blood tithe you can give him Crimson crown 'if' you want .
  3. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Skullcannon note: on Grind their bones ability the extra shooting is only triggered if it done in the combat phase
  4. Let's chat : Khorne!

    I've always taken max murderhost: Sometime with bloodthirster but I find he dies too easily. choose the 8 unit groups that suit you. Oh if you do not like losing units and half your army or more most games ,it's not for you.
  5. I will be taking full murderhost, its been doing great all year for me. Its got me 11th place at @FaceHammer . I changed it from my Blackout list and may change it again for the GT Finals. Maybe 4x 30 Bloodletters, 3 Skullcannon and 1 unit of flesh hounds, We will see, I change something each time.
  6. Vanguard wing

    I play this over the weekend, it was a good game , lost 8-24 Star strike. This vanguard wing is untapped : So think about your army and units abilities that are triggers by charges and pile in's. So you are in combat with a unit of big Libs . in their movement turn they teleport away out of combat, placing the first model 5" away from the Prosecutors that could almost be anywhere on the table. And now the Libs conga lining all the other Libs models in to your army . Now in their combat phase they attack, no charges or pile in , as they have set up where they need to be . it hard and will make you think , the ring / line of screen of models 1" apart will not protect you ,as they will set up though it , too get to your characters etc . You will now need two screening lines touching. it it got me thinking, I love this game
  7. Free guild Pipers

    Part 2 Can the piper still signal if the attacking unit gets into base to base contact by other mean than charging. ie destruction move , murderhost, teleporting etc so no charges or pile in are done what's so ever in the turn, do they still get to shoot??
  8. Events UK: FaceHammer Grand Tournament 2 (30sep-1Oct)

    So thank you to all the Facehammer crew for running this event, I had a great time chatting and playing over the weekend. The prizes looked great and very original I think for the AoS events, next year I think I will put a quick summary of my games on the chaos thread.
  9. New rules for Forge World Exalted Greater Daemons

    Take two lists to the Grand Final in 2 weeks. One with the exalted greater Daemon with artefacts. and the second list without the Exalted Greater Daemon as they are overcosted let them make the decision on the day.
  10. Free guild Pipers

    Thank you for the reply
  11. Free guild Pipers

    Quick double check: In the case of multiple charges on one unit of handgunners . I have played against it this way :That the Piper has to signal the Unit to shoot immediately after the an unit charges not after all charges made against that unit.
  12. BLACKOUT Results and now Lists!

    Thank you too all quick summary. What a great weekend, a big thanks to Chris, Firestorm and all the boyz for making it happen Prizes and food were spot on. I did not get to do any of the evening stuff as I needed to go home each night ( Wife and family points ). I enjoyed all five games Alex C (5 turn) , Sam P (5 turns), Nico(5 turns), Pano (2 games ish , 1 turn and 5 turns) and Mike W (4 turns) and would play any one again.All the new battle Plans were good addition to the other 6 but I think one small change 'maybe' required.On Scorched Earth have the Objective 8" in not 12"ORNo burning and scoring on turn one.It was great chatting to all the other players, atmosphere was brilliant.
  13. Events UK: BLACKOUT - 02-03/09/17 - Firestorm Games - PDF pack

    How about Prays and spells , do these also have to be fixed like the Traits and Artefacts for the weekend? All are normally decided before the game or on deployment.
  14. Events UK: BLACKOUT - 02-03/09/17 - Firestorm Games - PDF pack

    And Bloodrage. Not that you would attack with all Heros first and let your horde unit die. oh I get a plus 3 attacks now BUT you just lost 20 models for example out of your 30 model unit.
  15. Events UK: BLACKOUT - 02-03/09/17 - Firestorm Games - PDF pack

    Thanks for the reply Chris , it was mainly about the Aether- Khemist stacking abilities and the bloodsecrator etc