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  1. I had an amazing time at the event over the weekend, players, chat, prizes, and the showman Jon on the stage A big thank you all the organizers and everyone who helped. Very quick over view of my games. I had Cunning Deceiver but I am thinking that BoK will be better (no sayl) As with all games luck can be a big thing. Game 1 Escalation and I was against Pirate Pete Sylvanryth & a star seer. This was a good battle for me as I had 120 bloodletters on the 9" line. Pete took first turn and gave me SIX re rolls (starseer) some of his charges and spells then failed. On turn 2 Pete also gave me Five re roll this time. Pete and I had some great chats, and hamadreth took out one unit Bloodletters with one shot. Games 2 Three places of power vs Will Barton Stormcast We played 5 turns of very bloody battle, I had 13 models left at the end and he had 10 I think! I learnt something new here, if you fail a Mystical test it stops spells, move and attacks. Rain of stars is an ’ability’ so my hero's still got hurt Games 3 Adam Hazelwood Gifts from the Heaven. We played 5 turns; I charged forward the centre of his deployment zone and stopped his dragon from flying away by having a unit of 30 bloodletters holding back. This meteor came down in the centre of his deployment zone with alot of my bloodletters. Game 4 Chris Green Kharadron, Border war. So he had the choice of who goes first, who get's the possibility of the double turn. VERY very good for bloodletters. Re can redeploy and move once in the hero phase. If he goes first (I have cunning deceiver) he kills one or 2!! Units of bloodletters and he then gets charged by my army and also maybe double turned for me. fingers crossed. Chris chooses to goes second. Oh And I think he redeploys in the very opposite corner to Sayl and the unit of bloodletters next to sayl. I have no idea of where he will strike, so every model not on an objective is useless. MOVEMENT tray are great (age of Hobby). 6 trays 30 models. Turn 1 I picked up the 6 trays and put them in a circle around each objective ( Sayl was needed for opposite one ) job done 20-25 min. Chris Turns 1 and 2, as he win and takes the double turn . BUT cunning Deceiver turn 1. I get shot, charged and royally smacked twice. For my turns 2 and 3 all I tried to do was hope that he failed charges, hit rolls and wounds roll AND I tried to blocked his flyers from landing and his foot models moving into 6" of the objectives. T1 was 9-2, T2 7-2 T3 3-2 . I scored the most off him that weekend I think, 600 points & at one stage his iron clad was down to 4 wounds . I had 17 models left from 153. Chris said this himself , if he was quicker he may have won. Games 5 Blood and Glory Adrian McWalter Great games, Adrian took this like a Boss He set up and gave me the first turn. I had 2 Mystical terrain pieces on my side and damned in the centre. Every one of my units had to take a Mystical test . ONLY 2 failed , none were bloodletters units and then one unit of 30 were also damned. Sayl cast on one unit of 30 and hit his back line on one flank. Followed up by 30 to the centre with 5 flesh hounds and 30 bloodletters on the other flank. Only one unit fail it charge in my army . Only 5 Judicators were not in combat in his army. The whole of the first turn he would be at -1 to hit and I was re roll most of my 1's to hit and all of my wounds. Adrian Said I’ve just lost At the start of turn 3 he had 9 models left. I had about 70 bloodletters and the Bloodsecrator. That game everything aligned for khorne. GREAT WEEKEND , big thank you to everyone.
  2. Daniel Ford and William Morriss Team name - Khorne Flakes
  3. I like the new Death peeks i will say I do like this 400 point ally support to the army. but it will have an multiplier effect on very strong armies that were limited by something. IE Stormcast with spell casters. Each doing a different type of shield spell etc i think I will be writing lists for a year , until GHB 2018 lol
  4. money sent for Daniel Ford and William Morriss
  5. On holiday at moment, I will sort something out next weekend. As Rob has dropped out, ( birthday in family)
  6. Should skullcrushers have the keyword daemon?
  7. Blade of Khorne: all reference to 6's is 6 or more
  8. Changling using Archaon weapon to get the double 6 rule.
  9. Bloodstoker +3" run or charge or both run and charge
  10. If its also for a cheeky summoning you want they are ok .Cast on a 6 and 16" range. BUT also the Herald of Slaanesh is also only 60 points , cast on a 5 and 12" range. 6 attack 3&4 with -1 rend.
  11. Rob came in at 31 with his Tomb Kings list and he was at the Masters. The Meta has changed, multiple of low wounds characters that are super important to army lists ,WILL get shoot off in a turn now . Death is effected the most by this, and it has been proven by some big events , like scgt and heat 3. But GW know this and GHB2 will help. (I believe)
  12. So 88 army lists one with one alliance listed Chaos 30 (came in 6th) Order 27 (came in 2rd,3rd and 4th) Destruction 15 ( Came in 1st and 5th) Death 15 ( came in 18th )
  13. Death as whole need a look at.
  14. A little bit of fun: so what the % number Alliances at Heat 3 this weekend? I'm going for Order 35% and they will take 1st Chaos 40% and they take 2rd Destruction 15% and will they will take 3rd Death 10% and they will 6th with Tomb kings (Rob Perrin), next Death army 17th happy days
  15. Burning Chariots are so over costed for 6 wounds. 160 points Flamers unit 6 wounds. 200 points All overcosted