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  1. Destiny dice

    I am just double checking this: when using destiny dice for spells and charge rolls, do both dice need to be replaced? So, even with the lord of change ability, when he changes the lowest dice to the highest dice value for casting, I wonder if 2 destiny dice should be used ?
  2. I'm putting all the faq's and rules on new laptop , so I went for download all. ...So Lets check out the Exalted greater daemon of nurgle ... what its changed !!!! It must be an old pdf in the Download all on the link. lol
  3. So if you click on the link for the exalted greater daemon 'only 'at forgeworld you get the old or current stats But if you download all , you get the new changes to the stats Please double check , thanks
  4. Its very strange , I've have both links open now from the same page , both are different?
  5. Forge_World_Warhammer_AOS.zip/Forge_World_Warhammer_AOS/AOS-Exalted-Daemons.pdf
  6. https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/resources/PDF/fw_warscrolls/AOS-Exalted-Daemons.pdf
  7. First I will put some pictures up later but if you have them please put them up. Points are ish the same! Still waiting on the question if they can have traits, items etc They lost the keywords Great unclean one , Bloodthirster etc The Exalted Great daemon of Nurgle has lost , wounds, stats move etc oh bile is now only 1d6 not 2d6 and 1 damage not d3 etc The Exalted Greater daemon of Khorne has lost move , damage output, To hit gone up etc Points are now 640 !!!!! not 650 etc
  8. Heat 1 results.

    Grand Alliance armies for GW Heat 1 Order 41 (47%) Chaos 25. (29%) Destruction 14 (16%) Death 8. (9%)
  9. Destruction presence in masters

    I do not think this will happen , this list has been out for while. Jack won at Facehammer with a very similar list , is just got better. ALOT better, The Lord C add a +1 to save to libs plus the Staunch D so 2+ re roll 1's . All good. Now the improved bit Lantern of the Tempest: unit within 6": missile attack of 6 or more must re roll hit (on the libs) On the Libs : Hurricanum +1 hit and Damned +1 and maybe +1 to hit vs +5 wounds models Bless weapons prayer; ( he has 3 in case you fail the +4 roll) It does an extra attack with 6 or more roll with a hit. Vanguand Wing ability : on 6 or more on a hit roll make 2 wound rolls. So 48 Warhammer and 12 great hammer attacking : Hitting on 4,s and any 6,s or more with any of the above buffs is lots of wounds, Oh and this can also be do too , let say Judicators Aos is also moving and changing . It will a pillow fight in a mirror match . 30 libs vs 30 libs (with their saves)