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  1. Dan.Ford

    Points Changes

    That was a great spot by the team.
  2. Dan.Ford

    Points Changes

    Total random point increase I think was the Lord of chaos 100 to 140!! ( Now the same points as the Mighty lord of khorne ) Did anyone world wide have this model and podium with it in a main event?
  3. Dan.Ford

    Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    Tier 2 for Daemons of Khorne is a solid call , if they do not change/ drop all the other battalions that were set so high and not consistently taken.
  4. Dan.Ford

    Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    One 30 will majority of the time get shot down too below 20 . So no more +1 to hit. And with the lose of Damned terrain to help out the weaken unit or units of 10 bloodletters , it's not looking too good . Bloodletters have taken a hit, A lot of armies now have debuffs , so we could be hitting on 5's . Army book not fully released yet , so I will have a good look to see if Khorne Daemons armies can still be competitive at events vs all comers .
  5. Dan.Ford

    Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    The list I ran at Heat 1 and came 10th has just gone up 320 points. But we all new that Points were going Up . Thus stopping permanently the full murderhost with 90 + bloodletters.
  6. Dan.Ford

    Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    I think bloodletters was 320 for 30
  7. Dan.Ford

    Evocators - Coming soon

    So on live stream, did they say 200 points?
  8. Dan.Ford

    Evocators - Coming soon

    I think maybe higher , but whatever they end up at they are going to hard to shift. One role could be bodyguards to Lord Celestant or Hero with Stainch defender in terrain , that's a 2+ save, with all the other abilities to protect themselves and the Hero.
  9. Dan.Ford

    Evocators - Coming soon

    Ok, I'll change that bit thanks, good spot
  10. So let guess the points per model. They are wizards but not Heros . Solid spell : Effect does not have to be wholly within even better. Save and attacking stats are great Lighning arc is amazing, Roll 2 dice per Evocator model its an ability:)No casting required. No need to be concerned with hit modifiers. And happens in the Combat phase, so teleport in. Boom
  11. Dan.Ford

    Thoughts on 'who will get nerfed?'

    Nerfed armies. hard to say but if I had to make a choice now with the information at hand: Destruction bar 2-3 factions : Why ,mystical shield is very important, they need spells to go off (30" dispel hurts them), No more Damned terrain, General low save and 4's 4,s ,on warscrolls On a positive : My opinion on which armies will rise, has to do warscrolls: In short Order. Look for these positives in the warscroll: Any Warscrolls that do not rely on spells or the old terrain rules or too many command abilities and are not monsters (cover saves is now a big plus). Which mean Warscrolls with Saves or 3-4, 3's hits and 3's wounds , rend -1. are great. +1 to Save, Auto dispel Free pile in and/or shooting Teleporting/board control
  12. Dan.Ford

    Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    As above , I agreed with a lot of what you said.Personally I believe that Blades of Khorne armies will drop a bit more. 'Just guessing'New 30" dispel range:From the BoK book we already had table top dispels and if you were running flesh hound we were more than likely running Murderhost. If so the flesh hounds are in the middle of the table dispelling turn one.We can summon Khorne Daemons unit on the 8th Blood tithe table (Archaon, 30 Bloodletters, Bloodthirster etc ) but a lot of things happen in a game , it not certain that we get to 8th and it will be late in the game , also we still need to make that 9" charge that turn.Other players can choose not to attack the last few Bloodletters leaving the units alive denying the blood tithe points.Khorne do not have Wizards apart from Archaon. So we have to ally in a Wizard that we would not normally have in our lists to get spells and unending spell which cost points. So we may spend 80 to 200 points. That is a lot to cut from our lists of Gorepilgrims, murderhost etc etc.Going GA Chaos will mean we can summon Khorne units , if GW do not change the warscrolls to all the Khorne units and some forgeworld stuff which allow summoning units from spell casting. Which is a super positive. But so can other chaos alliances in the game, AND they will be generate points to summon. I think you could have a Nurgle lists generating point to summon more nurgle units and casting spell to summon chaos units that still have the ability to be summoned via a spell etc I am guessing that they may be increasing the points to some of our units (Bloodletters )and Battalions ( points have always need tight with Khorne lists ) BUT others may come down which will open endless days/weeks of list writing I am looking forward to the new era of gaming. I think juggernaut mortal and daemons will be a big part of it
  13. Dan.Ford

    Council of Blood + Archaons Command ability

    We do care , not long now 4 weeks ish , we hope
  14. Dan.Ford

    Council of Blood + Archaons Command ability

    I think you can. A follow on question would be: As we are paying points etc for the Battlaion of Council of blood , Do you have to pay Command point for the Bloodthirsters command abilities when they are not your General! : 3 ( 1 each ) or 1 ( only 1 like archaon) or 0 ( because you paid for the battalion ) I think there are 2 Battalions that you pay for ( high cost ) in the Blades of blood that say you you can use the command abilities 'even if they you not your General'.
  15. Dan.Ford

    London GT hype

    Positives: The actual games and pack - no silly rules that become a chore. The quest cards were fantastic and really made a difference - I'm in awe of the top players that can not only win 5 games but achieve really difficult quests on top of that. The extra 15 mins on games made a difference too, slightly less rushing.  Tables and terrain. Wasn't cramped, had a chair, plenty of storage space under table, Loved the pre-set terrain plans for the tables, this should be done everywhere. Good mix of LOS-blocking and other terrain.  The BCP app. Never used this and it's great to see the rankings change throughout the weekend. And seeing lists. All very good points