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  1. Burning Chariots are so over costed for 6 wounds. 160 points Flamers unit 6 wounds. 200 points All overcosted
  2. Question 1: So with the murderhost ability can you move into 3" of enemies in the hero phase? question 2: Can the move out of combat in the hero phase by using the murderhost ability and not by classed as retreating ?
  3. Hmm true but I would not ask for a ruling at an event for 8" pile in if model was within 8" but I would if he was 9" plus away. The only defence I would use is that the model has not charged and appeals that it needs to be clearer!!
  4. I also think that in the hero phase he can pile in 8" 'IF' he is within 8" of an enemy model. Its not an auto 8" pile in move towards an enemy model that 15" away for example.
  5. yes you can pile in twice but that second time will be in the combat phase . So the pile im is only 3" not 8"
  6. Hi all AoS players, This is a general shout out that Game workshop needs to pay more attention to the Match play for Death alliance. As a AoS player I want to see all 4 Grand Alliance represented equally (or-there-abouts). All players at any club or any Event will see that the Death numbers are down in a big way. The posts on the Death sub forum is the lowest and is 40-50% lower than Order & Chaos. I feel the Death alliance warscrolls need a closer look at, for points value. Also the issues on casting and other issues etc. Yes other Alliances also have this BUT they hit Death particularly hard in Match play. Job done, as said above just a shout out, I thought it needed to be said.
  7. Thanks Killax:.Bloody Exemplar if that is the case which is greAT I would put the ability of the Bloodhunt on the same unit of Bloodletters
  8. With the Blood Tithe table -Bloody Exemplar . It say that If this model is your General they can use another command ability as normal . Not the same one again
  9. Correct, as long as the battalion requirements are met at the beginning then the rewards last until the end of the game. There is another thing about Murderhost ability as written, which does stop you re-correcting a deployment error I was hoping you roll the Khorne hero and then move it 2D6 immediately ( move around terrain too get closer to other units, etc ) but it was pointed out to me at scgt that you ' roll for the hero and all units within 8" of them ' , and move the unit(s) ... It just good to know that the hero deployment and movement is critical. It does not effect you that much but you do lose a bit of flexiablity, model placement mistakes happen
  10. The snakes test points and others are too much. Simple put. it very difficult at the moment for choosing a Death alliance army at Tournaments. You pay for the event , travel, hotel etc for a ish balanced game. Its almost, almost beating me, but I am still trying to find army list to beat the top four: Stormcast Sylvaneth Beastclaw mix And now maybe the new Tzeentch oh and must account for Clan Skryre . Rare but it a very valid army. look at Ricky list from Tomorrow burns event, it was solid.
  11. If I go with death. i like the first list better. BuT the second list has merit. ( below) three chariots back per turn, 5 up ward shooting on 4's , 3 if damned. hitting on 3's in combat.
  12. Reduce Nagash, Archaon, Skarrac, Chaos Trolls,
  13. I say yes, it's a damage roll. If GW wanted it to be just Melee, Shooting, OR Spell etc etc they could of just stated it.
  14. So two questions: Bolt of Tzeentch spell from the Lore of Fate , let's say cast by Magister. Can a herald of Tzeentch cast the Bolt of Tzeentch spell from the Lore of Change in the same turn Question is : Are they the same spell and the rule of one is in effect? Next The Guant summoner of Tzeentch Silver tower spell (pick a unit within 18") AND The Guant summoner Tzeentch Discipline of Tzeentch spell( pick a visible enemy unit) both have the same spell name but the spell descriptions are different in a few places, that change the possibles of the spell uses. How does the Rule of one effect this, same name but different spell ?