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  1. The Drake seems like the worst one for order to me. sounds like a civil war among the free cities, order does not need that right now.
  2. Really? I see the skull as the other way around...this time. Good chance for Sigmar to learn some answers to things he's been looking for.
  3. I think the skull is the most interesting for order this DILEMMA.
  4. Come on, Don't post images of dead animals.
  5. I am talking about this week's dilemma, look at the set up for malign portents . The skull is represents Order siting around and doing nothing and does benefits death(nagash) the most. But we will see next week. If I am right or wrong.
  6. The drake is obviously the Order and Destruction one. The reason Sigmar unleashed the Lord-Ordinators and built the Warscryer Citadels is to scry and foretell the future(because Vandus Hammerhand told him the malign portents are real) . It does not make sense to me for Order to fight for the skull this dilemma. The shamanic rites part is Destruction. Just look at what the Drake and the skull represent for this dilemma. The Drake:FOLLOW THE FALLING STAR "The stars themselves are the key. You use powerful spells or shamanic rites to manipulate these celestial bodies to your will" The Skull:DESTROY THE NAYSAYERS "How dare these stargazing fools spread dire rumours? You are not afraid of the darkness. Exile these bothersome prophets, or send their secrets to the grave" The Lord-Ordinators are stargazers and prophets and the Grot is a prophet and shaman. The skull benefits death the most as it leaves order and Destruction woefully unprepared.
  7. I like it, It's very warhammer. Just look at Yvraine.
  8. The Rumour Thread

    Whats wrong with Gotrek? Why do some people dislike him?
  9. The Rumour Thread

    Thanquol was always alive and in the mortal realms from the beginning.
  10. The Rumour Thread

    Explanation. 1)In the End times Gotrek fused with Grimnir. 2)Grimnir Then survived the death of the old world and became the god of fire. 3)Grimnir at the request of sigmar, fought Vulcatrix, Mother of Salamanders killing her and dying in the process. He exploded into countless fragments. 4)One of those fragments was Gotrek. After being fused with Grimnir for so long, he has achieved some kind of apotheosis. Most likely be part divine.
  11. Malign Portents

    I just read the Malign portents book and the Battletome. GW was not playing when they said it was going to be dark.
  12. Lexicanum Needs Your Help

    I decided that i'm going to join.