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  1. Hey Everyone! Today I return to my ongoing series "Life Lessons and Wargaming". The point of this article series is to look at the little lessons we learn throughout life and how we can apply these to our Wargaming hobby. After my last article in the series, a commenter gave me the idea for today's post "You are Doing Better than you Know. I had received this advice a while ago as I was beginning my journey in fitness with weightlifting daily. When we set long-term goals it is easy to feel like we are not making any progress, but in reality, you are and it is something you need to always keep in your mind. Read more »View the full article
  2. Hey Everyone! Another week has come and gone as we move toward the release of the new edition of Age of Sigmar. While I cannot wait for the new edition it seems like time is moving very quickly for me as Coalescence, NOVA Open, and Realms at War : Aethermy is coming on quick. There is still a lot to do for these events and while it is months out I am already feeling the crunch to ensure I get everything I want to be done in time. The biggest tasks remaining are for Realms at War as I am diving into some recent lore to develop my Aethermist and Aetherlab. I still have a solid plan for the models, but a few recent sudden inspirations might see me change my plans a bit. While a bit might change it will still be heavily Daughters of Khaine themed. Read more »View the full article
  3. Hey Everyone! Last weekend I attended The Rend 4 Summer Age of Sigmar Team Tournament run by Neil. I had a great time and my dice rolls were much better than the previous Rend 4 event. Rend 4 is located in Ravenna Ohio which is about a three-hour drive for me, but I am happy to say more than a few members of my local club, Ligonier Legion Wargaming, and of the nearby Steel City Sigmar group made the trip out to give Pennsylvania good representation for the day of gaming. Today I want to cover my games and overall thoughts about the event and my hopes that Neil will turn this into a full two day Grand Tournament next year! Read more »View the full article
  4. Hey Everyone! Another week goes by and we are another week to the release of the new edition of Age of Sigmar. It has been a busy week as there has finally been some nice weather to prime, a weekend tournament over in Ohio, airbrush troubles, and getting the official date for the release date for the new edition. This past Saturday Rend 4 held their summer one-day event in the form of an Age of Sigmar Team event. I will be covering this much more this Friday so be sure to check back then. It is also Coalescence month so be sure to check out if you have one happening in your local area or consider running one yourself. I am very much looking forward to the event I am running and since it was pushed back a week it looks like it will be a great send off to the original four-page rule set of the game we all love. Read more »View the full article
  5. Hey Everyone! Today I add another article in my ongoing series "Life Lessons and Wargaming". The point of this article series is to look at the little lessons we learn throughout life and how we can apply these to our Wargaming hobby. A friend of mine pointed out I had been neglecting the concept of mental Well-being in the series. If I am honest I have been avoiding the subject for a while as there are a lot of people who suffer from anxiety, depression in our world and I cannot hope to understand what these people go through. I have loved ones close to me who struggle with these and I have learned, and am still learning, how to sympathize with it. However, I have never struggled with it from their perspective so I worried I would come off wrong in an article about Mental Well-being. All that said mental disorders are not the focus of the article. The focus is on working toward developing your own Well-being and Happiness. Read more »View the full article
  6. Hey Everyone! I hope everyone is continuing to be excited about the upcoming release of the new edition of Age of Sigmar. The Faction Focus's and Rule previews are coming daily and I cannot wait to finally get my Daughters on the table with the upcoming changes. The Mortal Realms are changing and it has never been a better time to be an Age of Sigmar player. While I slowly continue to put paint on my remaining Daughters of Khaine units I have been busy with some event preparation as well as something I never thought I would ever do when I began this hobby years ago. One big thing to note is the date change for my local group's Coalescence event. While the event is happening globally on June 23rd, 2018 my event will be the weekend after due to some venue scheduling conflicts, but it just gives me an extra week to prepare the fun! Read more »View the full article
  7. Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to try something that I don't do very often and that is doing a bit of a Tin Foil Hat discussion. It won't be about any rules discussion but focused on the lore and possible future of the overall narrative. Recently in a Community Article talking about changes to magic and casting in the Age of Sigmar showing off the realm of Hysh. Hysh, the realm of light and home to the Twin Gods Tyrion and Teclis. It is one of the first glimpses we have seen about this realm and it reminded me of some prior art from The End Times. There is a very good chance none of this is how it will all work out, but it should be fun to look at. Join me as I attempt to tie together random strands for a bit of fun and a look at the possible direction of the lore. Read more »View the full article
  8. Hey Everyone! The hints and teasers of the upcoming AoS 2.0 are coming hot and heavy. While we are starting to see much more of how each phase will play in the coming edition we still do not have the whole picture. Don't stress about what could be and don't worry about piecing together every scrap of information into some theory. Enjoy the previews and get excited about the new edition as there is some great art being released on top of the hints and previews. June will reveal all and right now we should all be positive and looking ahead as opposed to stressing and worrying. Read more »View the full article
  9. Happy Friday everyone. As you may be aware I am very excited about the upcoming new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar coming out next month. Today I wanted to take a look at what we know so far and some bits you might have missed. While we don't know a lot just yet there is a lot to be excited about just knowing that the rules will be beyond the 4 pages we have come to know and love. Over the coming weeks, we will be seeing a lot of info released on the Warhammer Community Site so check there daily as we all ramp up for the release. Before I begin I want to give a shout out to a post put out this week from Mengel Miniatures where Tyler looked a bit at the new edition and the past few years of the game, you really should check it out if you haven't already. Read more »View the full article
  10. Hey Everyone! The newest edition of Warhammer Age fo Sigmar was announced this past weekend at Warhammer Fest and I cannot be more excited! Not to mention a plethora of other great announcements, such as Stormcast, Nighthaunt, and more! Thankfully, it won't be long before we get our hand son the changes and see how the shape of the game will change going forward. If you didn't see the announcement already NOVA Open this year will be using the latest rules and you can expect the event packs to come out shortly after the new edition drops. There are still spots available for the GT and Doubles, but I imagine they will be going quickly. Read more »View the full article
  11. Hey Everyone! Today I wish to add another article to my series "Life Lessons and Wargaming". The point of this article series is to look at the little lessons we learn throughout life and how we can apply these to our Wargaming hobby. In today's article, I want to talk about building your support group (outside of your partner if you have one). The best way to accomplish your goals is to have friends and peers supporting you along the way. As you work toward your goal you will bear a lot of the burden, but there are always people willing to help you carry the load with supportive words, sage advice, or giving you their honesty so you can course correct along the way. So how do you go about forming your support group? Read more »View the full article
  12. Hey Everyone! You might have noticed a change to the site banner image today (you may still see a few tweaks here and there on the banner). Sometime before Adepticon I commissioned the very talented Eric (aka Stonemonk) of the Mortal Realms podcast to create the piece you see. Those of you who follow me on Twitter, or simply spend a few moments talking to me will know the piece combines the Morathi and my favorite pop star, Taylor Swift in a fun mashup. Whether you are rolling your eyes right now at me or not you should consider reaching out to Eric about what he might be able to do for you (as long as he is open for commissions). You can view some of his other work on his Skirmish Supplement, "Renown or Ruin" or on Warhammer Weekly as he also recently completed their new logo and Chaos representations of both Tom and Vince. * Read more » View the full article
  13. Hey Everyone! After last Friday's post Life "Life Lessons and Wargaming: Motivation vs. Dedication" I was asked to go into more detail about how to set up, manage, and maintain a dedicated routine for your Hobby. It goes without saying that setting up a routine is the same as if you were doing it for Hobby, Writing, Working Out, or anything else you wish to improve on over time. However, I must admit I am not a fan of calling regularly dedicated time a routine. A routine is a comfortable thing you do regularly and while we are all creatures of habit I feel the best way to improve and really grow is to go outside of your comfort zone. In my opinion, you need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Read more »View the full article
  14. Hey Everyone! It is narrative event pack Christmas this week as the Realms at War 18 and the Summer Coalescence 18 packs have been released. I eagerly dug into each pack for very different reasons. My local club will once again be hosting Coalescence this year and I am planning on it being bigger than last years and last years was pretty big so it will be fun to try and top it. As for Realms at War I am excited to begin crafting my Hero and their Aethrlab as soon as possible since I am attending the event come October. It has also been a boost as seeing these great packs has helped motivate me to finish the competitive GT and Doubles packs for NOVA Open. The NOVA packs continue to be my focus, but they should be wrapped up soon allowing me to focus my hobby elsewhere for a bit. Read more »View the full article
  15. Hey Everyone! Today I decided to go back to an article series I left off in December last year entitled "Life Lessons and Wargaming". The point of this article series is to look at the little lessons we learn throughout life and how we can apply these to our Wargaming hobby. I felt I wrapped up all the thoughts I had back in December, but as I continue to work toward my goals and see them evolve I felt it was a good time to return to the series to take a look at the concepts of Motivation and Dedication. At first look, they can be seen as very similar, but they are very different. Read more »View the full article