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  1. Kyriakin

    Lets Chat: Darkling Covens

    Strengths: Executioners, and maybe the foot Sorceress. Taking SE as allies. Weaknesses: Everything else.
  2. Kyriakin

    Your Faction Ideas?

    Skryre that have their own unified visual theme. At the moment, they are a bit of a mish-mash. I love the WW1 trench warfare idea that someone suggested elsewhere. Death Korps of Krieg style gas masks, long trench coats, and all that. Plus, get Eavy Metal team to move away from the color green to make a clear visual distinction from Pestilens. ------- Clan Skurvy. Obviously. ------- Something desert themed. It's a biome that has been screaming out for a faction, since TK were dropped.
  3. Kyriakin

    The Rumour Thread

    Hoping Isabella. Save Khalida for the triumphant return of the TK further down the road.
  4. Kyriakin

    Hardest kit you've built?

    On a slightly related note, what's the worst kit in terms of putting it together and then realising it should have been painted (or at least base-coated) pre-assembly?
  5. Kyriakin

    Thoughts on 'who will get nerfed?'

    Plague Monks. Their potential damage output seems way beyond their "status", and CP could use some internal rebalancing more in favour of Censer Bearers.
  6. Kyriakin

    Hardest kit you've built?

    My 4th Edition metal treeman arms would fall off when i looked at them.
  7. Kyriakin

    Tomb Kings?!!

    I wouldn't have skeletons at all: Deathrattle = Skellies nuTK = Mummies and Constructs
  8. Kyriakin

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    For some reason, the over-riding memory of RoboCop is some new protype RoboCops shooting themselves in the head, ripping their own heads off (etc.) and just generally being useless. Funny, yet I don't remember the franchise as a comedy. We're talking 20 years ago, mind. Hazy memories...
  9. Kyriakin

    The Rumour Thread

    And yet this is the angriest (dare I say "whiniest") post since this topic dropped. It's the old chestnut about "whining about whining", but I literally can't see any posts as intentionally divisive and furious as this one - unless, of course, some were deleted.
  10. Kyriakin

    The Rumour Thread

    I think what bothers me is not the concept of "kid-friendly" books, but kids being the protagonists. That's just weird to me. I feel a toned-down version with the usual protagonists could have worked OK. Just look at HeroQuest. I mean at what age are kids too young to actually paint these things? That's the true limiting factor for me with regards to age, and if GW were being honest with themselves, they would probably think that pre-painted might end up being more "inclusive" in that regard. Aren't they already in bed with Heroclix over something-or-other?
  11. Kyriakin

    The Rumour Thread

    We liked Warhammer from age 11 or 12, because it was mature. In a world of "Goosebumps" books and the like, WHFB was tying in with, say, Medieval Russian history. We dug that. Not sure how typical we were, but can't help but feel this would have felt patronizing as hell and delegitimized the adult thing i was trying to get into. They are in that awkward WWE place of trying to adapt a fundementally violent concept to very young kids, while still trying to keep the hardcore fanbase (and older kids). Personally speaking, I'll admit that i can't stand it. It just seems vacuous and trite to me. But it remains to be seen how "visible" this stuff is, and whether it can just be out of sight and mind for those who are not interested.
  12. Kyriakin

    Skaven Clan/Color Choices

    Seriously, if I was GW or FW I would make a range of Clan Skurvy as an antagonist to the Deepkin. Nautical-themed pirate rats would just print money IMHO.
  13. Kyriakin

    Black Squares

    I keep seeing large black squares appearing and disappearing as I scroll down the forum. Google chrome Version 66.0.3359.170
  14. Kyriakin

    Warhammer Legends

    This all sounds very nice, but Is there any precedent for much of this? For example, some battalions lost their points in GHB17 (e.g. the Spire of Dawn one). Since then, have people been "just using the old points", or did those battallions typically just die on the vine? I have always gotten the impression that, once something loses its points, it tends to just cease to be within the mainstream of casual pickup games.
  15. Kyriakin

    The end of compendium (finally?)

    This. Absolutely this. This isn't about not being able to play Brets/TK at a tournament (I mean, seriously, who would?), but being no longer included within the common language (i.e. points) for quickly organizing pick-up games in FLGS and clubs. History has born out that "former points", "fan-made points" and "unpointed" rarely gain any traction and/or acceptance within a pick-up environment. Who knows, though. The points removal hasn't actually happened yet for these two factions. Maybe GW will not include them in Legends, or have them in Legends/Compendium simultaneously. Fingers crossed.