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  1. SpiritofHokuto

    Bretonnia Battletome Project

    In terms of a Peasant Levy probably not. We're already a bit on the high side for number of units and also they don't really fit in with the new fluff that we're developing. They could still be used as particularly hard done by Men-at-Arms or ascetic Battle Pilgrims.
  2. SpiritofHokuto

    Bretonnia Battletome Project

    The names are changing due to fluff, if you look back in the thread for @henin posts it should give a decent idea of where we're going with that. All new units have equivalents that have existed in the Bretonnian army at some point. We're just consolidating them into one document. And yes the number of units is higher than some AOS armies. But it's not my place to question GW's sometimes weirdly limited design space. As for models no Bretonnian units actually have any officially sold models any more. So it's either paying way over the odds for second hand GW stuff or going third party. Of which there's a smorgasbord of analogous models for all the units. Demi-gryph are something that's still not concrete yet and we are looking at the possibility of a Hippogryph unit similar to how Pusgoyles were implemented.
  3. SpiritofHokuto

    Bretonnia Battletome Project

    In no way is this project intended to be for high level competitive play. If small local tournaments allow it that's great but essentially we're aiming for a consolidated house rule document with attendant fluff and artwork. As for name changes and additional units. We need to change with the times and adapt the Brettonian army to be more a comprehensive range.
  4. SpiritofHokuto

    Bretonnia Battletome Project

    Yes initially the old version was linked but that's been rectified. These are the changes that were made. The Lady Wills It! - Change to working on an unmodified 6 Armour of Brilliance - Change to CV5 Nature's Wrath - change range to 6" Revivfy - change to CV7 Blessed Lake - Add Mystic Shimmer back in, Hymn to the Courtiers change to CV6 Morrigna - Blessing of the Lady - Change to CV6 Marshal on Demigryph - change Marshal's Shield to be like others, remove charge benefit to halberd make it 3+ to wound Noble Champion with Peasantry buffs, remove mounted version Host Knights - Massed Cavalry from 10 to 8 Bowmen - replace Massed accuracy with Steady Aim Mounted Yeoman - remove Wooden Shields Exemplar Order - remove limit on Unrefutable Challenge
  5. SpiritofHokuto

    Bretonnia Battletome Project

    So are there any more ideas/criticisms before we start on the next round of revisions for this?
  6. SpiritofHokuto

    deathrattle horde, which allegiance?

    It's not quite as clear cut as that. A 25mm base is just shy of 1" so a unit with Ancient Blades can fight in two "ranks". Admittedly this does mean that a unit with Ancient Spears can fight in 3 "ranks". Assuming a unit of 40 within 18" of a hero with a "rank" of 10 being able to get in, for Blades that's 60 attacks of which 40 hit on average (using very fast and loose rounding). For Spears that's 90 attacks of which 45 hit on average. Add in the increased difficulty of getting 30 models into range vs 20 and all it takes is for 2-3 Spears to not make it and they're even. Now assume being in range of Lord of Nagashizzar. For Blades that's 80 attacks of which 56 hit. For Spears that's 120 attacks of which 60 hit. Again only takes 2-3 Spears to not make it in and they're even. Now assume maximum buffing (Lord of Nagashizzar and Vampire Lord's command ability) for Blades that's 80 attacks of which 71 will hit. For Spears that's 120 attacks of which 90 will hit. Clearly Spears are the superior option here and you'd need 6-7 Spears to not make it in for them to be even. The double pile in from VDM is something else to take into account as that would help alleviate getting Spears into range.
  7. SpiritofHokuto

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    Yeah I'm not that enthused by those models. The turtle mount looks good as do some of the heroes. But the basic troops and those gimpy looking moray eel cavalry are just not my thing.
  8. SpiritofHokuto

    Bretonnia Battletome Project

    Agreed it is a powerful ability but there are other favour token uses that are vying for the small pool which you'll have. Fluff wise see it as them having unparalleled sweeping coordination, also having to make and complete a charge move that turn could conceivably be a detriment. I could type up the ability with much the same wording as retreat but call it something different, however we feel that using existing terminology is the better call.
  9. SpiritofHokuto

    Bretonnia Battletome Project

    That 5+ save changed with the GHB2017, it can only be a 6+ and has to be within 6" of a hero (12" with a command trait). The regeneration is also keyed off of heroes as well.
  10. SpiritofHokuto

    Bretonnia Battletome Project

    While I agree that perhaps the Green Knight was bumped up a little too much and needs reining (sic) in a bit. Comparing it to the horribly mismanaged rules of the Mourngul is a pretty poor baseline for comparison.
  11. SpiritofHokuto

    Bretonnia Battletome Project

    Thank you for your feedback, this is exactly the kind of thing we need to take this project forwards. This will definitely give us some food for thought.
  12. SpiritofHokuto

    Tzeetnch Arcanites Changecult

    Just a quick note about spells. Each Wizard can only choose one extra spell to know, Warscroll Builder just gives all the options available as the Gaunt Summoner and Tzaangor Shaman can choose one spell from either spell lore. I'd also highly suggest giving the Shaman Fold Reality as being able to top up Enlightened/Skyfires/Horrors is a really powerful ability.
  13. SpiritofHokuto

    Tzeetnch Arcanites Changecult

    Yeah it's a really good deal that I'm pretty tempted to pick up myself. Something straightforward but effective like this would probably do well. Allegiance: TzeentchGaunt Summoner and Chaos Familiars (120)- General, Artefact: Paradoxical Shield, Lore of Fate: Treacherous BondTzaangor Shaman (160)- Lore of Change: Fold RealityOgroid Thaumaturge (160)- Artefact: Windsthief Charm, Lore of Fate: Shield of Fate10 x Kairic Acolytes (100)- 7x Cursed Blade & Arcanite Shield, 3x Cursed Glaives10 x Kairic Acolytes (100)- 7x Cursed Blade & Arcanite Shield, 3x Cursed Glaives30 x Tzaangors (450)- 6x Pair of Savage Blade, 12x Savage Greatblade, 12x Savage Blade & Arcanite Shield6 x Tzaangor Enlightened on Disc (320)6 x Tzaangor Skyfires (400)Tzaangor Coven (90)Reinforcement Points (100)
  14. SpiritofHokuto

    Tzeentch Mortal-is (1K)

    If you're going StD heavy then Sayl the Faithless is pretty much an auto-include due to his hilariously powerful teleport spell.
  15. SpiritofHokuto

    Slaves to darkness main strategy?

    You can just summon the Furies in and circumvent breaking your allegiance. That being said it looks like Nurgle is the way to go for a "Bravery Bomb" list as with taking stuff like Skin Wolves, Bile Troggoths and Chaos Knights together with the Mortal Nurgle stuff it's reasonable to get multiple units to -4/-5 Bravery.