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  1. If your goal is to catch GW's attention, just add the tags #paintingwarhammer or #paintingwarhammer40k - they're the ones the GW account searches for. You'll know you've got a nibble when they comment on your picture asking you to reply #YESGW to accept their T&Cs. If you want to get more attention on Instagram, just throw on a lot more tags - looking at similar images from some of the popular hobby accounts will give you an idea of what to use. I don't know about templates, but you can copy/paste into Instagram, so maybe keep all your tags on a notepad app. I've had about a dozen images of my models on Instagram featured on the GW site (and my painting is nowhere near top-level, so they do select a broad range). Good luck!
  2. It's been a while since I revisited this army, but the release of the Tzeentch battletome has inspired me into adding more units. I liked the mention in the fluff that Tzaangor will brand chaos monsters like Cockatrice and Jabberslythe with their own marks (shame you can't do that in the game) So to get me started: a Tzeentch Magister with his head swapped for a Tzaangor (the severed head that comes with the Darkoath Chieftain) The hunched posture and the claw-feet work well with the new head (even if he does look a bit like a weedy Tzaangor or a dismounted Shaman). But it adds a bit more magic to the warband! All change!
  3. A good idea - my regular opponent had the same notion back in 8th Ed, and built a huge Warriors of Chaos army, starting out with 'Hammer of the Gods' huscarls and vikings for marauders. The high point (in every sense) was the flying Viking ship for a warshrine...
  4. I'm 80% through painting the three from the Start Collecting! box. I wouldn't say they're especially challenging - they're just a fair amount of details (skulls and straps etc) to complete once you've done the fur and armour, so my attention has lagged towards the end. Mind you, since they're size of monstrous cavalry, I would say the amount of detailing is about right - it makes them more than simply scaled-up boarboyz.
  5. I've rebased for aesthetic reasons - I do think rounds look better in a skirmish game. But for completed armies that were already on squares for 8th Ed, I've left alone, so I can still use them them for both. As for choosing one base or another for advantage, it doesn't seem worth the bother. It strikes me as contrary to the spirit of the game (and indeed the letter of the game, which says you don't take account of the base when measuring).
  6. The Start Collecting Ironjawz box comes with the Warchanter, not the Megaboss - so I think this matches up quite well. You'll get all three characters, and the only duplicates are Gore Gruntas (but that's no bad thing). Agree the Gargant seems a bit random, but I've seen a conversion where he had an actual iron jaw, so that would work :-D
  7. I've had these done for a while, but here are my Kairic Acolytes (half of them conversions) And the Kairic Adepts (the ones with bigger hats)... I haven't yet attempted the Tzaangors - still stalled on thinking on how I can do them justice.
  8. Thanks - yes, it's a lovely battle mat, and the matching scenery really sets it off (belonging to me opponent, sadly, not me). It's from the Kraken Mat kickstarter - I picked up a couple of smaller ones myself for X-Wing and Mordheim, and they're excellent quality.
  9. An open play game, played over Skype, basically using every mounted model we had available to create a Mad Max-inspired scenario. Two mounted warbands clash, with Chaos trying to drive their vital cargo through the streets of a goblin-infested city! We ended up using some fairly dodgy proxy models (since all my greenskins were on the other side of the Skype connection, but the new snow map, and accompanying scenery, were a treat to play over.
  10. Let's celebrate with a nice cold glass of New Coke!
  11. The second and final AoS game of the weekend (we moved on to X-Wing after that) continued the story from the Pre-Emptive Strike scenario The newly-arrived Bloodthirster relived Morghur of command (considering he'd made such a mess of stopping the invasion) and gathered all the chaos beasts together to stop the Stormcasts from breaking out of their foothold. There were a lot more Stormcast to content with than the first scenario, and a Celestant-Prime waiting in the heavens (actually that tower) to lend reinforcement. Fortunately, now there was one greater daemon on the table, Morghur had his eyes on summoning another... The scenario was Breakthrough, and the full report is here:
  12. I only use the app for idle browsing, and wouldn't rely on it during a game. I've tried printing out the Warscrolls as A5 reference cards (see below). It's a bit more paper shuffling, but it does the trick at the scale I play at.
  13. Alarielle has one impressive beetle. I guess she's got a ticket to ride.
  14. Thanks - we had a third player standing by to take command of any accidentally-summed daemons, and he was eagerly waiting on the sidelines (and preparing to summon even more daemons!)
  15. A few weeks ago, I sent my Beasts army to fight against a freshly-undercoated Stormcast force. We started off with the Pre-Emptive Strike scenario - a Lord-Relictor leading a vanguard of Prosecutors to secure a Realmgate and bring the rest of the legion through. Before they can get far, the Beasts get their scent and battle is joined! To add a bit more spice we decided that, if the Lord-Relictor's summoning roll ever failed on a '1', it would accidentally bring through a Greater Daemon (picked at random, swapping sides at random - and able to summon more daemons!). Full report here: