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  1. This thread is getting a little bit moany, and not particularly rumoury. The rule that's causing the issue is the one below but, as it's on Khul's warscroll, it surely wouldn't apply if you didn't take him in your army. The beauty of AoS is that you don't need books and rules from all over the place. If someone has the Bloodbound book but hasn't downloaded the Khul scroll they wouldn't know about this bolt-on rule. GW setting a precedent of scrolls which force you to play other scrolls in different ways would get very messy indeed. Granted, it's not 100% clear, however. If you'd like to continue the discussion further, could someone please open a thread in the chaos section of the forum. Thanks.
  2. Then is surely a mistake in rules writing. It's a needless complication that'll force everyone to change the way they play. Instead of rolling dice and dividing them up into successes and failures, it'll have to be successes, and failures I can reroll and failures I can't. It'll get silly.
  3. I'm not a fan of the Plaguetouched Warband. Dealing out mortal wounds seems effective but having to take multiples of 7 is a real handicap. With Blightkings you need to take units of 14 which is a crazy high points sink. You'll only be able to take one or two units of them. When it comes to marauders and other units that come in 10s, you'd want to take them in 28s to avoid paying for too many minis you couldn't field. Across an army you'd have a load of units with models left at home. For me, you'll lose more than you gain.
  4. This came up over the weekend: The Changehost says 'two different pairs of units'. Can your second pair contain one of the units from the original pair? Thanks.
  5. Are there any additional offensive buffs we can put on the Tzaangor (I know they're smashy as hell already). I usually put Shield of Fate, Mystic Shield and Inspiring Presence on them. Anyone do anything to give them a little but more punch? Cheers.
  6. Nice idea. I'm looking forward to finally trying out the underground / temple one.
  7. I'm list building and looking at ways to make the blightkings a bit more effective on the tabletop. Lovely models; not killy enough. Can anyone suggest places to get +1 to hit from in Chaos other than from the allegiance abilities? Thanks in advance!
  8. This is excellent news! On the other hand...it seems to me pretty pointless giving things like the jabberslythe new keywords unless they're planning to release a book for those factions. I doubt 'brayherds' will ever get a battletome because they're about as old-Warhammer as it gets. The whole faction is ancient (albeit great) models, it's heavily based in ancient mythology (which GW are eradicating), and we've already seen the AoS evolution of gor into the tzaangor, I'd be stunned if we get another beastmen based release. Besides, I just sold my beastmen army. They better not make them great!
  9. Sign me up for this! Can't wait!
  10. Of course! So it doesn't matter which order they're attacked in, even if it's by multiple units! Sweet. Thanks!
  11. I bunch a unit of pink horrors next to a unit of blues and a unit of brimstones. When my opponent charges all three with one of their units, my horrors are bunched so tight that only a couple of enemy models can get into base contact with each colour. Because all attacks from a warscroll are made simultaneously, is it safe to assume all of the horrors die simultaneously (if he choses to attack each unit at all) allowing them to split into the adjacent units instantly? My opponent can't say 'I'll kill the pinks first, then the blues, then the brimstone' can he, even if he rolls in that order? Thanks in advance!
  12. Had a mint day at Battle Bunker. My 'filthy' Tzeentch took home 1st place. Bagged myself the sexy Karl Franz Memorial Trophy! Finally, something to put in my cabinet! Cheers to Justin for putting it on. So chuffed! I'll be back for the next one!
  13. What's your plan? Me too! All I saw at first was the metal top hat. Now I realise that's the only thing I don't like.
  14. I think the 8th Edition plastics will almost certainly be part of the new army. The infantry, gyros and characters will probably appear in a Start Collecting box and we'll get a load of new filth to fill the army out.
  15. Wait...what did I miss? Where did that image come from?