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  1. What's your plan? Me too! All I saw at first was the metal top hat. Now I realise that's the only thing I don't like.
  2. I think the 8th Edition plastics will almost certainly be part of the new army. The infantry, gyros and characters will probably appear in a Start Collecting box and we'll get a load of new filth to fill the army out.
  3. Wait...what did I miss? Where did that image come from?
  4. Yeah. You'd pay for a full unit each time. I dismissed this option out of hand, as I thought it'd be foolish to pay for minis that you didn't get. However, Mark Wildman used blue horrors from his reinforcement pool when he came third at Sheffield Slaughter. He reckoned the advantage of putting a handful down nearby when pinks died, outweighed not getting a full ten models. He was using them to tie up enemy units in combat. I'm definitely going to be trying it.
  5. Things round this way have been steadily growing and, just recently, the popularity of the game seems to have exploded. I've gone from one regular opponent in 8th, to a small group of players (my D&D group were all convinced to get on board), and now we have a local club: Newcastle Warlords. The club has grown so popular it's recently gone from every three weeks to every two weeks. I'm running a slow grow campaign (250 points every four weeks) and the first night attracted 19 players! In addition to the success of our club in Newcastle, there's a new gaming venue opened over in Sunderland called Battle Bunker. This place has some superb tables of GW scenery and is gonna be running regular tournaments of up to 36 players! It really feels like the local scene we dreamed of when AoS dropped is now coming into being. We're kind of isolated here in the North East - most other big cities are 2/3 hours away - so it's genuinely exciting that we've got so much of our own going on. Long may AoS continue to grow!
  6. It's been pointed out elsewhere that I've been reading this wrong. The answer to my question 'Can I add them to another unit if they're all killed in one go?' is, yes. The reason being that the second paragraph isn't about normal means of death at all. Look at the first paragraph. It attempts to make it clear that pink horrors killed in the hero, shooting or combat phase always result in blue horrors being to be set up as a new unit OR added to another unit, which has taken casualties. The words 'If a rule' in the second paragraph imply any sort of special rule that removes a unit rather than normal damage. Thus, even if a unit of pink horrors loses all of its remaining models 'at once' to wounds/mortal wounds in the hero, shooting or combat phases, you retain the option to add the resulting blue horrors to nearby units. Does that make sense? When that was pointed out to me, it made the existence and purpose of the confusing second paragraph much clearer.
  7. Polite mod request: Can I ask everyone to settle down a bit please? We're only talking about the size/shape of the bits of plastic we stand or toy soliders on, after all. It's small enough to make anyone seemingly genuinely irate about it appear a little silly.
  8. Genuinely, I think it's time to move to rounds. The game is getting on for two years old. It's clearly designed for round bases. The idea that 'bases don't matter' is a fallacy. It's smoke and mirrors. They say 'they don't matter' and yet have been busily repackaging everything with rounds. Don't believe alternative facts. The not mattering was purely to allow the transition between systems and quell the rage. The reason we still have square bases on the shelves must be purely the financial cost of recalling so many boxes. Having said all that...it can't be denied that there are still squares on the shelves. As long as that is the case, anyone who wants to argue that they 'bought the models on those bases' and they're 'jolly well going to use them' is well within their rights. A warning though: if you think you're saving time putting your models on the square bases they come with, be prepared to rebase everything somewhere along the road. I doubt GHB2 will ask for rounds, as there's too many squares still in stores. GHB3 for that matter...GW are listening to the community on everything else. The community, in the main, clearly want this. If we get duardin, aelfs and Slaanesh by summer, that'd leave enough time to squeeze in skaven this year. What would that leave before GHB3? Death stuff? Grots? I can't think there'd be many red boxed kits left after that.
  9. In matched play, when pink horrors are killed and there's blue horrors nearby, which have already taken casualties, you can add models to the unit to replace the dead blues without spending reinforcement points. My question is, can you do this when the unit of pink horrors is removed 'at once' by a 'rule'? The wording seems to be different when the unit is destroyed in this way. I'm wondering if the second paragraph is supposed to clarify what happens if the last model in the pink horror unit is killed, but just goes a long winded way about it. Surely, whether or not pink horrors lose 1 or 10 models, the resulting blues would still seek out a nearby friendly unit.
  10. I've painted one of those before. Are they on the old chaos warriors?
  11. I'm sure tournaments will. I just think some of them dive in with rules changes with potential to cause more imbalance than they fix. Not all armies have the ability to stack. The armies that do obviously suffer more if you ban it. The current FAQ does allow all scrolls. Old FAQs will become outdated with the new GHB though. At some point I imagine we'll see a ruling that 'only scrolls pointed in the GHB are legal in matched play'. I thought we'd see it this time to kill off compendium but it looks like we'll have to wait.
  12. In previous incarnations of Warhammer, there was a need to tweak the game for the tournament scene. In a world where General's Handbooks exist and GW are constantly uodating the game based on community feedback, I'm not sure there's such a need to create rulings. Matched play is designed specifically for competitive games. If something is wrong, fair enough, but if the GHB2 doesn't change something and a tournament organiser does, it smacks of 'I know best'. I'm not saying tournaments shouldn't try to be distinctive, but stand out by creating narratives or custom battleplans, don't try to fix what ain't broken. ...or I won't be able to double whip my rat ogors and hellpit with my packmasters.
  13. On that basis the bloodthirster head wouldn't look like that though.
  14. I'm not sure I like such an arbitrary fix. It seems clumsy to me. It also assumes ranked combat. With a mass of round bases it's often very difficult to determine who's in what 'rank'. There's almost certainly an advantage if one player is still on 25mm squares but his opponent has already switched his minis to 32mm rounds. It seems that the very fact square bases being used cause us to look for fixes might suggest they need to go from the game. I'm not a fan of them being used. I get that there's new people still coming over from 8th and I've no issue with that. In time, if they stick with AoS, I'm sure they'll get to rebasing. I really don't get someone deliberately basing on squares though. The 'bases don't matter' thing was almost certainly just to allow everyone to make a clean switch. If they don't matter, why is there an ongoing process of repackaging, primarily to change the supplied bases? I'm running a slow grow campaign at the local club and a couple of players have asked and using square bases. Of course I've said yes, as it's their prerogative. I really think they're shooting themselves in the foot though, and they'll find loads more work further down the line.
  15. Sorted. 😀