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  1. Events UK: The Howling - Stirling - 23rd September - DRAW IS UP!

    Would love to but we'll be off home. We're doing the drive to and from Newcastle for the day.
  2. Events UK: The Howling - Stirling - 23rd September - DRAW IS UP!

    Some pretty saucy lists in there!
  3. Allegiances and Factions and Allies

    And mine. I think the answer is that the simplest solution is the right one. Why would they make it needlessly complicated? The irony here though, is that Nurgle, low Tzeentch, have so many units available, they're probably among the forces least in need of allies. Tzeentch certainly have the versatility to ignore allies. Nurgle have an even wider choice of units. Granted, they're not the best at maneuverability or shooting but they've got options and they're gonna be pretty spectacular when it comes to objective holding.
  4. Stopping Murderhost in Scorched Earth

    He burns your objectives beside you get a turn though. He charges, kills the first wave of horrors. Unless you see manage to squeeze enough bodies in, he burns all three. But the time the Tzaangor pile in it'd be all over.
  5. Stopping Murderhost in Scorched Earth

    Sounds like solid logic to me. It'll be a real shame if GW have to alter the whole battleplan so soon after release. I'm a little surprised it slipped through the net, especially considering who they have playtesting. Yes.
  6. Horde Meta

    Great post @Gotrek! We had quite a few of those but definitely some more to think about.
  7. Stopping Murderhost in Scorched Earth

    I see what you're saying. My instinct is always to find a way to outplay an issue rather than change rules or tweak things. Can you see it being as it is in six months time? If you can, yep. A Murderhost means your opponent is dropping all his battleline, and possibly other units, in one go. There's a good chance his army is going to be on the table pretty quickly Yes! The archers! Good call.
  8. In the last week or so, one of the big talking points has been the Scorched Earth battleplan. There's real concern that certain lists, particularly Khorne armies featuring a Murderhost, can put the game beyond reach on turn one. Because the objectives are at the very edge of each army's deployment, preventing any units being set up in front of them, a particularly eager Murderhost can bound across the table, burn all three of their opponent's objectives, and find themselves up to 12-0 up, before the blood hits the dirt. This has caused such concern that I know of at least one tournament which has already made alterations to the battleplan (by moving the objectives back 3", if I remember correctly). Does Scorched Earth need to be 'Escalationed' and get an FAQ overhaul. I hope not. So TGA, how can a Murderhost be stopped in Scorched Earth? Here's my ideas. Feel free to add yours. Chaos Pink Horrors: Deploying a thin line of Horrors across the edge of the deployment zone would allow you absorb the Bloodletters' charge and then split twice as many Blue horrors into the space vacated by the dead Pinks. Outnumbering the massive regiments of Bloodletters post-splitting would still rely on massed ranks of something like Tzaangors sitting behind the thin pink line, ready to deal out retribution. Ungor Raiders: A unit of forty Ungor Raiders on 25mm bases can be deployed in a thin line the full width of a six foot table, all the way along the edge of your deployment zone. The key: Ungor Raider move before the game begins! They won't simply shield your objectives, the Ungor Raiders could be up to 13" (+1 to run and pile in) preventing any Bloodletters from even entering your half of the table in turn 1! Skaven Night Runners: Like Ungor Raiders, Night Runners get to make a bonus move before the game begins. Take 40 and fan them across the entire board again. Order Seraphon Shadowstrike Starhost: This battalion could the bane of the Murderhost's tournaments. Much like Ungor Raiders and Night Runners, the key here is the move after deployment but before the first turn. The great thing here though is that the whole battalion moves! It's only 2D6, so not as far as UR or NR, but it's potentially two banks of 40 Skinks strung out across the table. If the Murderhost chews through the first one, they'll likely have another Skink safety net to fall into! Better still, the battalion's unit of Terradon Riders or Ripperdactyls can set up 3" from the enemy in the movement phase, effectively giving you a third Murderhost blocker! Those are my thoughts. Any others? Steve.
  9. Events UK: The Howling - Stirling - 23rd September - DRAW IS UP!

    I've got one last practice game on Thursday. The list will arrive soon afterwards!
  10. Horde Meta

    Not if he's treacherously bonded to a nearby unit of pink horrors. 😁
  11. Allegiances and Factions and Allies

    I thought we'd agreed that the first thing you do when building a list was to select an allegiance, not a faction. Factions seem to have no in-game function as they don't appear on warscrolls or in the rules. The only thing that matters is the keywords warscrolls share. You're right that the Grand Alliances do function in a similar way the smaller allegiances. In fact, it's exactly the same way, as far as I can see - if units share a keyword, functionally 'Order' does nothing different to 'Seraphon'. Both simply unlock a set of possible allegiance abilities. GW definitely need to clarify things here (10 pages of discussion are testament to how ambiguous it has become). I'm becoming more convinced removing the term 'faction' would be productive step.
  12. Allegiances and Factions and Allies

    Every time I get caught up with this thread, I go to work and I'm lost. @TheOtherJosh what, functionally, is a faction though? You're stating 'Faction: Grand Alliance Chaos' which in my mind isn't a thing. Factions were surely intended as subdivisions of the Grand Alliance. It seems there's needlessly two terms functioning in tandem (faction and allegiance). If I'm taking the Chaos allegiance abilities it's because all of my warscrolls share a keyword, therefore allowing me to select Chaos allegiance. I don't see that 'faction' serves any function but the name on a battletome. Perhaps GW need to drop the term altogether.
  13. Horde Meta

    It's definitely going to become an issue if we start seeing lots of him. In our local meta he's starting popping up all over.
  14. Allegiances and Factions and Allies

    Seems fair enough. What about the allies situation though? @Thomas Lyons you're content that, if the allegiance chosen is Khorne on an all marked StD army, you take the allies from the BoK list? Khorne allegiance = BoK. It's a real sticking point in this discussion.
  15. Horde Meta

    Ha! I was thinking more about being able to push up and prevent your objectives getting snagged turn one. That works too!