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  1. On that basis the bloodthirster head wouldn't look like that though.
  2. I'm not sure I like such an arbitrary fix. It seems clumsy to me. It also assumes ranked combat. With a mass of round bases it's often very difficult to determine who's in what 'rank'. There's almost certainly an advantage if one player is still on 25mm squares but his opponent has already switched his minis to 32mm rounds. It seems that the very fact square bases being used cause us to look for fixes might suggest they need to go from the game. I'm not a fan of them being used. I get that there's new people still coming over from 8th and I've no issue with that. In time, if they stick with AoS, I'm sure they'll get to rebasing. I really don't get someone deliberately basing on squares though. The 'bases don't matter' thing was almost certainly just to allow everyone to make a clean switch. If they don't matter, why is there an ongoing process of repackaging, primarily to change the supplied bases? I'm running a slow grow campaign at the local club and a couple of players have asked and using square bases. Of course I've said yes, as it's their prerogative. I really think they're shooting themselves in the foot though, and they'll find loads more work further down the line.
  3. Sorted. 😀
  4. How are you all building your Tzaangors? I'm going to run a unit of 30. If I take all of the options (12 greatblades and 6 mutants) I end up with only 12 holding shields. This'll mean I lose my 'ward' save after I lose 12 or take more than 24 wounds straight off. I really want the unit to be survivable. I'm wondering if I should ditch some of the mutants, losing only a few attacks, in favour of more shields. What do you think?
  5. Can you really run out of spells with 12 new ones to pick from in the Tzeentch book? How many can you list cast per turn?
  6. Only until Start Collecting Fyreslayers comes out. I really think Duardin should be elite armies rather than horde. They should have made fyreslayers kick ass.
  7. Agreed. Why can't Tzeentch pick the occasional 6 on their mortal wounding when a Frostlord gets a flat 6 anyway. Just because it hurts doesn't mean it's OP.
  8. The problem with GW doing a GUO is that the Forge World one is great. Granted, it's too small, but it looks exactly like the art.
  9. He's such a good caster, I think he has a place. Also, without him you've not really got any high wound heroes. I want a large Arcanites equivalent to put in there too!
  10. What do you think of this list? Lots of spells means lots of mortal wounding. If I buff the Tzaangors to protect them, do I have enough to handle combat? I don't plan on hitting melee too much. It'll be stand off and pew! pew! with a timely charge from the Tzaangors.
  11. True, but he's got his own 3 spells, plus his additional 1, plus another 2 if you give him Arch-sorcerer, and then he can cast any summoning you want to. It's potentially lots!
  12. Oooo! Yeah! Good spot. With destiny dice guaranting the double on the casting roll he could cast six times in a single turn!
  13. I think they, and all the fiddly little things that summon bits and bobs in the Tzeentch book, might be a sign of the summoning rules changing. Currently, if one pink horror is killed, to place your blue horrors you need to have a unit of blues already or you are forced to pay for a full warscroll, whilst only placing two. A way forward might be to say that, if you play for ten horrors, you can summon bits of units until they total ten.
  14. With the Arch-sorcerer command trait, is the intention that you take 2 additional spells from your spell lore as well as the one you usually take, or is it two instead of the one you'd normally get? It just says take 'generate two additional spells' so doesn't seem clear.
  15. Totally. There's nothing that's already pointed that causes rage. Some people moan and some of it isn't ideal but we all cope. The newness will just become normality soon enough.