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  1. If that's the list of scrolls, how are they going to stretch it out for a few weeks of releases? Other than the LoC, will the later weeks just be repacks?
  2. £15 for a hardback Battletome is nuts! Loved the early cheap ones like Pestilens. I was convinced we'd see them creep up and up in price as they added more content and fleshed the game out. Looks like it's going the other way! At this price, I'll buy them for armies I'm only half interested in. Great move by GW!
  3. I've been hoping that Steamhead get the ironbreakers and Irondrakes, and longbeards and hammerers go in another faction. This is halfway there.
  4. I think the White Dwarf leaks were official. Notice that they've coincidentally stopped as they switched to the Warhammer Community site.
  5. Sounds like Slaves will be interchangeable with the Tzaangors, as they'll both have the Tzeentch keyword, but the old Brayherd stuff is on its way out, I think.
  6. But you can cast the same spell multiple times already in narrative and open. If this doesn't apply to matched play why is it there? Matched play is the only place that restricts such things.
  7. Me too. I love the sound of this book. I'm not a fan of this new move, however.
  8. I wonder if they've shuffled their release schedule since then. Maybe duardin were on the way but Tzeentch got bumped?
  9. That'd be nice. The Tzeentch lord on disc has that rule but the Herald of Tzeentch on disc doesn't, so who knows.
  10. It seemed to be looking like the first release of 2017 but the Tzeentch reveal today suggests they're at the front of the queue.
  11. Very difficult to do pure mathhammer with AoS though, due to other factors, like the fluid movement. I've tried to theorise but may have to play with each option for a while - assuming all/any of them make the Steamhead book.
  12. I've not seen any hate either. I think the TGA prides itself on stating away from such things. I'm wondering about this too. The subject matter (or at least the approach to it) is tired and old. Warseer etc shut down because they were full of endless 'my system is better than your system'. This forum is for discussing AoS. While it would be perfectly OK to open a thread discussing the mechanics of this great game in comparison to those of other systems (and such a thing might prove very interesting) this thread feels solely like a KoW player out to bemoan AoS. I know this is a difficult distinction to make, but the thread already seems to be going round in circles. There isn't the hate on TGA that's been mentioned and I can't see any way for the thread to go other than down the 'They bashed AoS and they were wrong' route. Genuinely the first thread I've ever thought about closing on TGA. But I won't, because I don't like to. It's really not happening. I feel you're pushing a point with no substance. If you mean to ask why AoS is great, however, you're asking the right people.
  13. No, sadly not. It was an amalgamation of things a few others had posted.
  14. Ha! So I did. It'd be interesting to see what the LoC could do in the confines of a room in the tower though!