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  1. LordDrakonus

    LordDrakonus' Stormcast(pics)

    Heh she's a good sport. All though she did get a little salty when I used the banner.
  2. LordDrakonus

    Tournament Beastclaw Raiders

    We just gota keep this great going so it rivals the ironjaws
  3. LordDrakonus

    LordDrakonus' Stormcast(pics)

    aye I tried a purple wash and it didn't give the glow just darkened.......Had my 1st game with 1k list today. I played vs the wife bloodbound which was 10 wrathmongers 20 bloodwarriors,20 bloodreavers a bloodscretor and a bloodstoker. We rolled up places of power and i was a little scared as I only have the one hero.....I had 4 drops so I went first shot a few wrathmongers out of the 10 man unit held back with the rets and the vex she lost 3 more wrathmongers from battle shock! Her turn she surged everything foward got a place of power with the bloodstoker, planted the banner and than we rolled for turn........I really needed to win this roll and by sigmar i did. I than telebombed the rets behind her lines and shot off the rest of the wrathmongers. Rets smashed into the bloodscretor and the bloodreaver 3 starsoul maces made short work of the bloodstokers and the rest of the rets smashed all but 3 of the bloodreavers, the rest fled the field and it was her turn. She was abel to get one bloodwarriors into my right flank judicators and turned the other unit back into the rets. She was able to kill 2 rets and only a single judicators. The rets smashed the bloodwarriors too man in return and the judicators took out 1 bloodwarrior. I again one turn priorty and jumped the bloodstoker with my retsd and grab the place of power with the vex. From her only hope was to take out the lib win turn and than take out the vex. Unfortunately for her this didn't happen and I was able to take a major victory in my 1st battle as stormcast!
  4. LordDrakonus

    LordDrakonus' Stormcast(pics)

    Knight-Vexillor Done!
  5. LordDrakonus

    Tournament Beastclaw Raiders

    I'm working on my stormcast atm but I had an idea......cause yetis are possible the worst minis in the gw line and cats are for chumps.......Now cause I'm not using beastclaw allegiance I figured I could add some bodies........also upgrade a beastrider stonehorn to a 2nd frostlord. LeadersFrostlord on Stonehorn (460)- General- Trait: Ravager- Artefact: Battle BrewHuskard on Thundertusk (340)Huskard on Thundertusk (340)Frostlord on Stonehorn (460)UnitsSavage Orruks x 20 (200)Savage Orruks x 10 (100)Savage Orruks x 10 (100)BehemothsWar MachinesBatallionsTotal: 2000/2000
  6. LordDrakonus

    LordDrakonus' Stormcast(pics)

    Got the 1st unit done! Really enjoying painting these, nice change of pace from my destruction stuff.
  7. LordDrakonus

    LordDrakonus' Stormcast(pics)

    Base coats and first layers done on Judicators! Now for a few washes and some final highlights and my first unit is done!
  8. LordDrakonus

    LordDrakonus' Stormcast(pics)

    It's a worry i have as well but I'm thinking skyborne plus a ret bomb may be powerful enough too pull through.
  9. LordDrakonus

    'Competitive' Ironjawz

    We have no ranged units in a pure IronJawz list it's also what I use to try and get around bunkers and get to things like buff chariots and artillery pieces
  10. LordDrakonus

    'Competitive' Ironjawz

    I've routinely had great success with my gorefist, I use it as a massive flanking force to cause battleshock vs my wife's bloodbound before the banner goes down hold entire scary flanks up while the other boyz get into postion. Now would I be better served with more brutes and ardboyz? Maybe? but than I'd have to take gordrakk to make sure every gets where there going.
  11. LordDrakonus

    LordDrakonus' Stormcast(pics)

    So I've started my Stormcast and I'm going to share the journey here. 1st I've built the following list and I'm going to start painting them in Hallowed Knights chamber. Than I plan too grow too the second list after I finish painting the 1k list. LeadersKnight Vexillor (200)- General- Trait: Legendary Fighter- Artefact: Relic BladeUnitsJudicators x 5 (160)Judicators x 5 (160)Paladin Retributors x 10 (440)BehemothsWar MachinesBatallionsTotal: 960/1000 LeadersKnight Vexillor (200)- Artefact: Phoenix StoneLord Celestant (100)- General- Trait: Reckless- Artefact: Relic BladeUnitsJudicators x 5 (160)Judicators x 5 (160)Liberators x 5 (100)Liberators x 5 (100)Paladin Decimators x 5 (200)Paladin Protectors x 5 (200)Paladin Retributors x 10 (440)Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins x 6 (160)BehemothsWar MachinesBatallionsThe Skyborne Slayers (140)Total: 1960/2000
  12. LordDrakonus

    Top Destruction Theme Songs

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-tvJcTPxHc Seek and Destroy!
  13. LordDrakonus

    LordDrakonus' Ironjawz(pics)

    Next for destruction is my Beastclaw raiders, I've got a start on x2 stonehorn x2 thundertusk and 4 mournfangs. But I've also started a stormcast force and I think that will be taking my painting time for awhile.