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Lord marcus

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  1. Lord marcus

    Sunset Templars. A plog

    Black primer test 2 complete.
  2. Lord marcus

    My stormcast blog

    I've been updating my blog in the painting and modeling forum several times. I haven't gotten any comments or suggestions on the newer updates. Can everyone see the following linked thread? I want to make sure I'm not crazy
  3. Lord marcus

    Sunset Templars. A plog

    Test mini 2: white primer boogaloo next to test mini 1:the bedrock. Celestra gray, ulthusn gray, white undercoat and sepia wash made some difference. Base incoming, as is test mini 3: black primer strikes back as well as test mini 4: 1 shade of grey primer. Once these test figs are done, I will pick a winning undercoat and continue working. I do have a commission upcoming though, so updates may eventually be sparse for a few weeks.
  4. Lord marcus

    Sunset Templars. A plog

    Went over the shield and shoulder pads, adding orange for a tertiary color. 3 thinned coats. Gave the white a third thin coat. I'm going to re work this on subsequent test Miniatures 2, 3, and 4. Highlighted the hammer to bring some silver back. The red will also be reworked slightly for test minis 2-4 Oh, And i also finished his base.
  5. Lord marcus

    Sunset Templars. A plog

    Current progress
  6. Lord marcus

    Sunset Templars. A plog

    I appreciate that!
  7. Lord marcus

    Sunset Templars. A plog

    Sounds good. I'll try that
  8. Lord marcus

    Sunset Templars. A plog

    Current progress on the test miniature. I've still got a bit to do on him tonight and I'm going to finish him off tomorrow. This is currently too thin coats of Vallejo game color heavy red and a wash of Flesh shade from Vallejo game color. Of course the wash is currently drying but I think I'm going to go for a sepia wash on further figures because the flesh wash didn't really strike me is deep enough in color to create Shadows. Sigmarite for your thoughts?
  9. Lord marcus

    Sunset Templars. A plog

    Update: In addition to the incantor and the previous starter set I will be getting in the next day or two, I have some models! I was back at the family house and raided my project bins in storage. I found some stormcast! Unfortunately, some of them are missing bits. The Lord celestant on dracoth is complete, his body is unbuilt on sprue. 3 stormcast mostly complete, including a prime. The prime doesn't have a shield, the other two have thier breastplates but are missing shields and heads. Then there are two who don't have breastplates, shields, or heads. And then we have 3 complete liberators on sprue. Now the question is what to do with the partials, because as it stands I have 3 liberators and an extra Lord on dracoth I can convert. 3 is not a minimum squad. If I got all 8 fixed I could buy two singles on eBay to bring the squad to 10 men, but those partials are vexing. Anyone have any excess bitz? Lol
  10. Lord marcus

    Sunset Templars. A plog

    Plan of attack: Sunday: pick up donated starter set from friend. build said starter set.\ monday = undercoat (if weather permits) and test miniature. Teusday: receive feedback here on the blog on the test miniature, modify scheme as appropriate, continue painting with updates
  11. McDougall Designs bases and texture material Hello one and all! I am Lord Marcus. I own and operate McDougall Designs, a small business based in Tampa Florida. We provide a range of hobby accessories, focusing on basing materials, complete (but unpainted) textured bases, Movement trays, and terrain. We have recently launched 25mm square dungeon tiles for use in crafting your own adventures in any of your favorite role playing games that uses a 5-foot space rule for movement. We also take and complete custom orders. You may have seen us advertise on Facebook, Reddit, or Etsy. If you require testimonials I can provide them. If you are looking to purchase or trade for bases, please pm me for a quote. in your personal message, please list the sizes you need, as well as the number of each. If you are located in Tampa or the Tampa area we can of course organize a pickup instead of shipping Current processing time is 1.5 week(s) from order date. Pictures of all textures http://imgur.com/gallery/DHBz6dc Current sale: buy two 25/32mm five slot trays and ten bases for $8.50 / $10 respectively (savings of $2 each bundle bought) Fourth of July Sale (extended till the 15th) : Buy 50 25mm/32mm bases, get 10 free! Dungeon tile packs: Dungeon tiles for your creative DM. Alternatively I can build you a layout custom to your specifications. Pieces come bagged and unpainted. 25mm square. Available in any texture from my texture list below. Bag of 10 = $2 Bag of 50 = $8 Bag of 100 = $15 Bag of 200 = $25 Movement trays: Available for 25mm, 32mm, and 40mm bases currently. All trays come textured as you want them (see list under baggies) and come unprimed. Layouts may be added if these prove popular. Prices: 3 slot tray: 25mm = $1.75 32mm = $2.25 40mm = $2.75 4 slot tray: 25mm = $2.25 32mm = $2.75 40mm = $3.25 5 slot tray: 25mm = $2.75 32mm = $3.50 40mm = $3.75 6 slot tray: 25mm = $3.25 32mm = $4 40mm = $4.50 Texture material bags: These a bags of randomly cut texture pieces and do not follow a uniform size and shape. Three sizes available: Snack baggie: $4 Sandwich baggie: $8 Quart baggie: $10 Textures available: Norse/fantasy Runic Mayan ruined temple Crusader temple Chaotic runes Cracked earth Cobblestone Double Diamond deck plating Egyptian ruins Greek tile Elven temple Fieldstone brick Temple of the old ones Persian palace Plain texture (great for making slabs of concrete) Random assortment of the above Full bases also available. Any size or shape. Contact me for a custom quote. Most inexpensive size currently is 25/32mm rounds at 50 cents each. Custom dungeon terrain available upon request. Road sections available. 48 inches of textured roadway for $16 New textures and custom work available upon request and consideration. Disclaimer: Yes, the tools I use are commercially available, and thus you could potentially make items like mine yourself. I personally see my business as a service for those who do not want to invest the time, money, and logistics into making this happen. I am also less expensive, generally speaking. Furthermore, I have direct confirmation from the manufacturer that I can sell my finished works that use their tools in construction. In addition to purchasing bases, I am currently looking for any and all Stormcast Eternals I can get my hands on in trade for some of my wares.
  12. Lord marcus

    USA: Tzeentch, Stormcast, Necrons

    Pm inbound
  13. Lord marcus

    Sunset Templars. A plog

    Phase 2: Acquire Miniatures. Bought a knight incantor off eBay, and a friend is donating the unbuilt stormcast side of the 1rst edition starter.
  14. Lord marcus

    Sunset Templars. A plog

    You are most welcome