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  1. New Death player needing help!

    Hi all! Im close to pick my army for AoS. Ì have always loved the deathrattle since i started looking into sigmar.. - Are Deathrattle armies doing fine? Is it atleast viable, - Should they use allies to be effective?or are they good on Thier own? - the do's and dont's that a new player should be aware of? (Regarding list building, units, formations and tactics! - any tip on a good list for 1k that i can advance to a 2k later? Best regards, Kimbo
  2. New Death player needing help!

    Great advice from everyone! Thank you so much. The one thing that bugs me though is the fact that they are so so split and then the talk about a new book...im not so keen on investing alot of money on an army that is unclear atm...need to think about this..or am i over reachting? Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone! Ive played some AoS before with Stormcast and Seraphon. But now i got my eyes on then boy'z! when starting from 0...how would you begin your journey with the jaw's? For 1000p? And how would you later build that list to 2000p? Any formations you like? If you have time please explain HOW to play aswell with the army. I think i got the hang of it but all help will be much needed i think! I have not yet played with the new GH17. How have they changed? Are they better or worse then before? All information will be greatly helpful! And by the end of next week i might got some new models to start my next project! Cheers!
  4. New Death player needing help!

    Looks cool! But i Was more looking for something with a deathrattle theme (skeletons) as the Core as well talked about earlier!
  5. New Death player needing help!

    Okey! I feel like its Kinda overwhelming with all the units...I dont know...If you (or anyone els) would start of flesh with death today on a 1k list that can be build forward a 2k list. How would it look? I would love any help regarding this..you people with experience..how well do death fair in tournaments and such? Im trying to get into that scene in my country! The general do's and dont's with death regarding units? What works and what is Kinda...meh? Cheers!
  6. New ironjawz player needing help!

    Interesting! Thank you
  7. New ironjawz player needing help!

    Thanks man! Im looking forward to the podcast! Where can i listen to it when its all said and done?
  8. New ironjawz player needing help!

    Thanks! Really good information!! Regarding allies...I like the thought of having some range firepower....arrowboyz? Are they good?
  9. My own Sylvaneth Wyldwood!?

    Hi all! Since the GW Wyldwood is so expensive... (need like 6 of them) im looking for ways to get something close to it...For a smaler fee. - If you made your own, how? And how much did it cost you? - Do tornaments often aprove home made Wyldwood? If its the same sice as the original. Please help a frustrated and poor Sylvaneth player /Kimbo
  10. Fyreslayers + allies, what works?

    Hi! Later this week i will get the hold on alot of Fyreslayer units, pretty much all you need......but i like to mix my armies if possible. Any experienced players that tried mixing fyreslayers with other order factions, what worked and what did ot work? - i was thinking about 2x dwarf cannons with a cogsmith (for reroll to hit) to gain some range, and maybe a hurricanum would be good? for those mortal wounds and +1 hit to everything around them...thoughts? - as i said, any other order unit im missing that can be of great use for the fyreslayers? please share your ides!! Best regards, Kimbo
  11. Fyreslayers + allies, what works?

    Made my first "mixed list" Allegiance: OrderAuric Runesmiter (80)Auric Runesmiter (80)Auric Runeson on Magmadroth (240)Battlesmith (80)Grimwrath Berzerker (80)Gunmaster (80)25 x Vulkite Berzerkers (400)- War-Picks & Slingshields15 x Auric Hearthguard (240)15 x Auric Hearthguard (240)5 x Auric Hearthguard (80)Cannon (180)Cannon (180)Forge Brethren (80)Total: 2000/2000 2x tunnel units of 15 auric. 1 big blob to tank stuff with buff from hero. And 2x Cannons with a gunmaster for the rerolls in the back! Feedback? Love, Kimbo
  12. Fyreslayers + allies, what works?

    Cool! Maybe give skywardens a chance.. How many would you say is a good siced unit?
  13. Fyreslayers + allies, what works?

    Since i got some peoples attention and being to lazy for another post...hehe Have you played fyreslayers at 1000p? If so.please share the list....I want something to start of with and paint done in the end of this month. Would be lovely If the list is semi competitive atleast...friends only play all in... Thanks in advance!
  14. Fyreslayers + allies, what works?

    Nice! What weapon loadout on these and how many seems legit for a mixed list? Really love the skywardens...do you get all the weapons you need from 1 pack or do i have to buy more?
  15. Fyreslayers + allies, what works?

    Thank you all for the replies! Im gonna try and make a fyreslayer list with 2x cannon with reroll Smith and a hurri...Will post it here in a few days and hope you guys can help me make it better! Cheers!
  16. Fyreslayers + allies, what works?

    Can you be more specific? Im trying to up the power of the list. You think Cannons and hurri like i said will work. Or did you have other things in mind? Cheers!
  17. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Hi all! Im thinking about maning a fyreslayers warband, then 1k and lastley 2k lists... - How are they dying as a solo faction now? I dont need to play cheese but att the same time i want to win..sometimes atleast! - are they better as solo or mixed? If mixed...with what? - What is the dos and dont in the army model wise? Maybe you more experienced player can help me! Thanks in advance! Kimbo
  18. Hi! I just got my hands on some theench stuff..and im utterly confused... Im going to a tournament in a few weeks. How would you play tzeench at a competitive level? And why? As im not sure on how i want to play them in the end...do you got a good starting list for 2k that still works in an competitive environment but got abit of everything? Consider me as a new player but i learn easy. How do you personaly think they work best? (Heavy magic, range and so on..) Any tip on what is good and what generally is bad units? Would mean alot! Cheers!
  19. DoT...new player with some questions.

    Would the tzeench work well with slaves to darkness? Lets say i use Skyfires and then fill it with Slaves..as u said i want to use the models i like and I really love Slaves to darkness but they seem so weak, are they? I got both khorne and tzeench and slaves units. So im thinking of mixing...any tip? Khorne/Slaves or Tzeench/Slaves?
  20. DoT...new player with some questions.

    Thanks for the reply :)! Any experienced player with this army that can give me a balanced list for 2k to start of with? Alittle dirty is what i and my meta like!
  21. Hi! Im working on a list with the formations named above... Leaders Bloodthirster Of Insensate Rage (280) Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne (80) Skullmaster, Herald of Khorne (100) Bloodsecrator (120) Battleline 3 x Bloodcrushers (160) 3 x Bloodcrushers (160) 30 x Bloodletters (300) 5 x Flesh Hounds (100) 5 x Flesh Hounds (100) Units 1 x Skull Cannons (180) 1 x Skull Cannons (180) 1 x Skull Cannons (180) Battalions Skullseeker Host (40) Murderhost (20) Total: 2000/2000 I would love some way to get 30x more Bloodletters in..but the best i get with removing 1 cannon and 1 hounds unit gets me to 2020p....and i really want the secrator What do you guys think of this? Anyone tried similar? Something that im missing? Fyi: great list with 3x start collecting boxes...The leftover lords from the thrones can be converted nicley to the on-foot lords in this list! (Poor student trying to save money) Thanks in advance! //Kimbo
  22. Skullseeker + Murderhost 2k. Need help!

    OH...thanks for the notice! Missed that completley! How would you play a mixed list with daemon and The good stuff from bloodbound like the secrator? like you said hes to good to not use.
  23. Skullseeker + Murderhost 2k. Need help!

    What you think about this one? Allegiance: ChaosLeadersBloodthirster Of Insensate Rage (280)Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne (80)Skullmaster, Herald of Khorne (100)Battleline3 x Bloodcrushers (160)- Khorne Daemon Battleline (Skullmaster Herald of Khorne General)3 x Bloodcrushers (160)- Khorne Daemon Battleline (Skullmaster Herald of Khorne General)30 x Bloodletters (300)30 x Bloodletters (300)5 x Flesh Hounds (100)- Khorne Daemon Battleline (Karanak General)5 x Flesh Hounds (100)- Khorne Daemon Battleline (Karanak General)Units1 x Skull Cannons (180)1 x Skull Cannons (180)BattalionsMurderhost (20)Skullseeker Host (40)Total: 2000/2000 Getting rid of one cannon and The secrator for 30 more bloodletters and some dogs? I have to test both to see but..yeah...any thoughts?
  24. Skullseeker + Murderhost 2k. Need help!

    But he gives so much to the units...The 1+ is amazing....do i have to use him, no....but i think it makes the list better in terms of power.
  25. Hi! Just picked up the new blades of khorne battletome. I want to have a 1000p list to expand from to 2000p. I want it to be mainly...If not only daemons. Have someone got an idé of a good start for 1000p with only deamons? I got the start collecting box only atm! So... - how would you play 1000p pure deamon? And how would you expand to 2000p? - What formation do you like the most, and why? - i like it to work in a competitive environment! Blood & skulls for everyone!