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  1. Hi! Im soon done with my Blades of Khorne army and I have had my mind on a Mixed order list a long time...I love the thought of having stuff from several alligences working together..aelves, dwarfs, humans and trees working together..aaah! So cool! - What units did you use to good effect in a Mixed order list? ((If you have a list you have used, please share!)) - would you say Mixed order can be atleast somewhat competitive? How could a competitive list look? So If you have any XP on using mixed Order, please join the discussion here! All i can learn from a Veteran is great! Cheers!
  2. Grave Guard: Sword and Board or Great Blade

    Cool! Sounds good and fun. What Batalion did you use in that list? Can you share the list even? 🙄
  3. Grave Guard: Sword and Board or Great Blade

    Yeah i agree! This is kind of off topic, sorry...but since this is a thread about GG...how did you(whoever) find them performing on the table? Good? Bad? Decent?
  4. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Okey! Well...I am a bit unsure about them atm..might just hold off until i can think of a.great place for them!
  5. Grave Guard: Sword and Board or Great Blade

    Looks so cool! Think i will copy that! And...Just buy the seperate great weapons for Chaos warriors and BOOM! You got a 2h grave guard unit 😊
  6. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Guys! What do you think about the Spirit hosts as a unit and where it fits with the new battletome? Cheers
  7. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    OH! Cool then it works.
  8. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Allegiance: Death Nagash Supreme Lord Of The Undead (800) Necromancer (110) Necromancer (110) 40 x Skeleton Warriors (280) 10 x Skeleton Warriors (80) 2 x Morghast Archai (220) 5 x Black Knights (120) 5 x Black Knights (120) The First Cohort (160) Total: 2000 / 2000 So this list is illegal? 😣
  9. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    BK= Black Knight's BL= Battleline Sorry for the confusion.
  10. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Quick question...does BK's count as BL? Cheers!
  11. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Something like? Allegiance: DeathNagash Supreme Lord Of The Undead (800)Necromancer (110)Necromancer (110)40 x Skeleton Warriors (280)10 x Skeleton Warriors (80)2 x Morghast Archai (220)5 x Black Knights (120)5 x Black Knights (120)The First Cohort (160)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 108 would anyone say that this looks good? On pappr that is? How would you (anyone please share the experience) change it slightly? thanks in advance
  12. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Anyone? 😣😥
  13. AoS spelare kring Eskilstuna?

    Hej! Som titeln säger..Letar efter lite skönt folk som spelar AoS runt Eskilstuna? (Har inge problem med att åka en bit...men kanske inte till Malmö...Du förstår kanske) 😉 Jag och bror min spelar för närvarande hos honom med bord och allt...Så det finns rum där, men främst ute efter lokaler/andra föreningar i närheten som välkommnar nya spelare! Lämna gärna en kommentar om du känner dig träffad! 😉😎 Mvh Kim
  14. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Hi! This is what i have so far...how would you pump it up to 2k? All feedback and additions with an explenation would be great! Allegiance: DeathNagash Supreme Lord Of The Undead (800)Necromancer (110)40 x Skeleton Warriors (280)- Ancient Blades10 x Skeleton Warriors (80)- Ancient Blades10 x Skeleton Warriors (80)- Ancient Blades2 x Morghast Archai (220)- Spirit SwordsThe First Cohort (160)Total: 1730 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 93
  15. Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    So....For a few days ive tried to come up with a fun... but still good list that uses as much artillery as I possible can...I am not sure about this list AT ALL..and i need 400p more but i have no clue...2k is what i am aiming at! so i would love some feedback on how to improve it...I have not bought any units yet...my overall theme is that i love the mix of units from alot of factions....so....what do you think guys? Does it have potential...are there better units that i have missed for the job? kurnoth hunter as the dmg unit or Berzerkers as the meatshield?? Have i missed a vital part of a artillery army? I understand that it might not win any big event..but i like to optimize a mixed order wih focus on artillery 😎 All feedback is greatly appriciated! Allegiance: OrderLeadersGunmaster (80)Gunmaster (80)Ordinator (100)- GeneralBattlemage (100)Battleline40 x Freeguild Guard (280)10 x Freeguild Guard (80)10 x Freeguild Guard (80)Units3 x Skywardens (100)3 x Skywardens (100)War MachinesOrgan Gun (120)Organ Gun (120)Cannon (180)Cannon (180)Total: 1600 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 108
  16. Mixed Order Lists! Join in on the discussion

    To Clarify some points you made - ditch the Gunmaster for the ordinator? Or use both with 2x cannon and a battery? - add a mage despite the fact that i already have a skink priest? I thought he would be a cheaper MS? Allegiance: OrderFreeguild General On Griffon GunmasterOrdinator (general)Skink Starpriest Waywatcher (or use Jade mage?)40 x Freeguild Guard10 x Skinks 10 x Skinks 6 x Kurnoth Hunters Cannon Cannon Helstorm Rocket Battery Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 134 Something like this? And to anyone to answer, is There a better alternative for Kurnoth Hunters as the deathstar? Something that kills stuff basicly! Thanks alot for all The inputs..means alot!
  17. Mixed Order Lists! Join in on the discussion

    Ive been fooling around with something in the style of: Allegiance: OrderFreeguild General On Griffon Skink Starpriest Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage Gunmaster40 x Freeguild Guard 10 x Skinks 10 x Skinks 6 x Kurnoth Hunters - ScythesCannon (180)Cannon (180)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 131 Any points? Improvments? Cheers!
  18. Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    Anyone? 😋😎 im curious how people play an order alligence!
  19. Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    Just out of curiousity..have anyone used an almost all ironweld arsenal list to great success? What allies did you use if any? The thematic feeling of an artillery army is tempting, haha!
  20. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    Wow...thanks for the long post! You're awesome! I understand what you are saving...I like the list alot! Just curious.. If you would make an 1k list, optimized, how would you play? Cheers!
  21. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    Nice list..what do you guys think of a similar list where; - I remove the crossbows for 2x gryphs for speed (1k on the dot) Or Remove crossbows for 20x greatswords? Cheers!
  22. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    Thanks! Looked att all those before 😊 was looking for an actuall list that has atleast been tried or something that seems solid for a beginner!
  23. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    Hey all! I got a brother who is trying to get into the hobby and join in...He really loves the free people...since i know nothing about them maybe you guys can help? If you were to start from 0...how would you build your 1k list to learn the army but still an effective list? Cheers everyone!
  24. Hi! Some month's ago i started a Blades of Khorne army but other things got in the way so it was put on hold...now im back and we got a whole new GH17 and im interested to know some things about my two favorite batallions. First: Gore Pilgrims: - is it still viable? On a scale of 1-10 on a competitive scale? - do you play it differently now than before? - i would love a good 2k list to start with, something you find solid and fun for this batalion, can you show me your take on a good list using this Batallion? Murderhost: - same questions as above! ------ Can you use 2 batallions still? Or is it to costly? Are There other batallions that you experienced players like to use? That works well on the table. I am not a tournament player, yet. But any tip on playstyle or anything valueble related to this faction is well appriciated! Blood for the blood God!
  25. Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    Anyone here that have used chaos Knights in a Khorne army? - how did you feel they performed? - Do they add something positive to the Blades of Khorne? Cheers!