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  1. Apps - bad for rules

    I must admit, I heavily rely on the Azyr app for points and Warscroll rules. Is there a handy list of all the errors anywhere?
  2. Low Points Games...Who's Playing Them?

    My club is running its third 750pt tournament later this month - it's a popular format! And another local club has held a 1,000pt tournament just before Christmas for the last two years. Sadly I'm just as rubbish at those levels as I am at 2,000pts, but I'm convinced I'll find a format that fits my tactics!
  3. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    All great points @Grimnaud! And I think I agree with all of them! I'm really going to try and use that extra 6" a bit more tactically this weekend (rather than just using it in my first turn to get the charges off as I have done in the past). I'm going to try and use it to maybe retreat my wounded monster out, and then replace that one with another. As I said, piecemeal. But I'm no way a competitive player, and I'll be happy just to get 5 games in with some good opponents.
  4. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    I agree with the assessment that’s it’s fragile. Which does feel surprising with four big monsters! When I’ve used them in the past (and I had the Cloak of Mists and Shadows) I’d tend to rush everything forward - which then died quickly. So, I’m planning to send stuff piece meal. The two Zombie Dragons first, then the two Terrorgheists. Ghouls, Necromancer and Varghulf are hopefully going to hang back and just hold onto stuff.
  5. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    Hey @MrCharisma! I’m taking a very similar list to a two dayer this weekend: AGK on Terror Varghulf Necromancer 3 x 10 Ghouls Terror 2 Zombie Dragons Royal Menagerie. It’s going to be fun!
  6. Ambushing and Herdstones

    I've been plonking it front and centre, hiding my Great Bray Shaman General behind it, and summoning monsters with abandon!😍
  7. FEC artefacts and traits

    Interesting. I always assumed that the +1 to cast was only if you were already a wizard? But I can see how it could be interpreted both ways.
  8. Brayherds question

    Good point @Bueno. Maybe it's the use of 'set up' we need to look at. From the four page rules, the verb 'to set up' is when you put a unit down. But the noun 'set-up' is used (with the extra -) to denote a state of the game. So, you set up units and when you are finished you have set up your units and set-up is complete. You pick your General crucially after set-up is complete, not when you finished setting up your units. This could be the distinction that affects when your Herdstone is placed. So, not after you finishing setting up, but after set-up (which seems, as per the rules, to be able to happen before we've potentially set up all our actual units. Our is this a set-up?😍
  9. Brayherds question

    I suppose this comes down to what 'set up is complete' is. That's the time when you place the Herdstone. If your General has been set up in Ambush, and therefore off the table, I can't see how you'd be able to place the Herdstone, since 'set up' has been completed and it's impossible to place the Herdstone within 6" of him. Therefore, I'd say, whilst your General can Ambush, if he did, we couldn't then utilise the Herdstone mechanic.
  10. This is 'How I Brayherd' Bro!

    That 'Battletome ' is something awesome @HobbyHammer! I'm interested in how you created it - would love to do something like that myself.
  11. Warlord Edition

    Speak for yourself @RuneBrush. Some of don't even survive until turn 3!😍
  12. Error or Command abilities nerfed?

    Nice and quick. Good job GW.
  13. This is 'How I Brayherd' Bro!

    Ha! Just bought a Chimera for exactly the same reason! I'm going to try that and a Cockatrice in my Bray Shaman's summoning pool for a bit and see how that goes.
  14. Warlord Edition

    I tend to agree with @RuneBrush. I'm a little disappointed by the Triumph & Treachery cards, as I can't really see a use for them? But the other cards for multiplayer games will be useful for reference. The Battleplan cards are excellent in my opinion - really useful to have to hand during a game. The tokens are perfectly usable too as is the pad of roster sheets if paper and pen is still your thing. The trackers I really like, although as has been stated, they could be a little more sturdy. A little jolt and you may find your victory points have gone up (or down!). Overall. I don't think it's worth the extra £25, although interestingly my LFGS says that they can get web exclusives with discount.
  15. Ideas for using Open War Cards

    Ah, that's true. Hmmm, maybe the points differential is the best way. 250 perhaps? Seeing as in the Azy App we now have the option of building 750/1250/1750/2250 lists?