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  1. I brought a whole town.😍
  2. So, just a brief post (I'll go into more detail in my blog) about my list and how it got on at the weekend at SCGT2017. I finished one place above Ben Johnson! Although he did come last.😍. 6 awesome games, 6 very different lists (Ogres, Skaven, Stormcast, Chaos (mostly Khorne), Spidefang, and Tzeentch), 6 great opponents, and 6 losses. For those that aren't aware, the SCGT Battleplans are quite Herocentric, so I was on the back foot right from the off, but the boys didn't completely capitulate in every game, and I was only 50pts shy of a win in Game 3! Shooting was very strong (especially the crossbows), and the Outriders and Pistoliers performed well, but sadly, the infantry just couldn't stand toe to toe with very much at all. This list needs a better player at the helm!
  3. Cricket has been formally discarded and all records expunged. That was the announcement at the Extraordinary Meeting held last night, made by the Very Reverend Barnaby after the cricket pitch was once again destroyed by marauding gangs of ghouls, orruks, all manner of undead, and blue horrors. The extra cost of replacing the pitch, coupled with the expense of new floodlights (which, as reported at the previous meeting, is now a prerequisite for entry to the lucrative Twenty20 winter league) has finally put too much pressure on the finances of the Hatton Town Cricket Club. So much so, that the organisation is to be immediately ceased. All equipment must be returned by end of business next Friday. To replace this pastime, it has been decided that Hatton Town Cricket Club (HTCC) will become the Hatton Town Cannons!!! Club (HTCC) (saves on reprinting the kit). It’s a much more economical game, reuses the now defunct artillery accessories (since Harry Harrysun ran off with all the cannons) , and does not require a four man team working around the clock to keep the playing area playable. Trials for the new team will be every third Thursday until the vernal equinox. Smelly Pete is still banned from all physically demanding activities. So that’s it – a new dawn for Hatton! Cricket is no more. Long live Cannons!!! So, what the hell is Cannons? Join our resident sporting expert, Norris Noteworthy, as he explains all the deets about this exciting new sport! The aim of the game of Cannons!!! is to be the first team to score an ‘arsenil’. To score an ‘arsenil’ requires each player to throw their cannon ball into one of the vacant spaces in the ‘monkey’. Once all the spaces are filled by a team’s balls, then this team will score an ‘arsenil’. The winning team must, as one, call out “******” immediately followed by the losing team calling out, also in unison, “Nil!” Play continues until one team has scored 83 ‘arsenils’. Each team has 6 players – 4 Throwers, and 2 Ladellers. The monkey handler must be no older than 19 years of old. In the case of a tie, a game of cricket will be played to decide the winner. If this game fails to produce a winner, then a goat will be sacrificed and a draw declared.
  4. You have think you've got it bad - try getting your General to kill another General when he's your only hero (and not a very good one at that!)!😍. My Freeguild Regiment is wholly unprepared for their weekend - but that's why I love them! Inept, naive, over eager, and terribly unlucky. It's the perfect cocktail for fun!😍
  5. Personally, I play it that it doesn't. A counter-charge isn't a charge going by the letter, but I can see the argument. Unless something clear cut, I'd always play the way with the least contention.
  6. Cannot wait! First SCGT! #excited
  7. @Origin I too haven't really got much mileage out of the counter charge mechanic, but I see it more as just a nice little bonus rather than a game winning tactic. Obviously the pile-in can sometimes allow you to get a few more models into range, but I'd also be interested to see if any more canny Generals have found anything clever to do with this special rule.
  8. @Origin Here's my list Freeguild General (100) - Command Trait : Master of Defense - Stately War Banner - Artefact : Phoenix Stone 3 x Demigryph Knights (200) -Cavalry Halberd 10 x Freeguild Archers (100) 20 x Freeguild Crossbowmen (200) 20 x Freeguild Greatswords (320) 20 x Freeguild Guard (160) 20 x Freeguild Guard (160) 20 x Freeguild Guard (160) 20 x Freeguild Handgunners (200) 5 x Freeguild Outriders (140) 5 x Freeguild Pistoliers (140) Battalions Freeguild Regiment (100) Total: 1980/2000 Sticking the General on the Griffon is almost certainly the best choice, but as I said, my list was written to get as much of my stuff painted as possible! I''ve only ran the list 4 times so far, with just the one win under my belt against an Ironjaws list with no shooting, and I wonder whether that's the best match-up I can hope for - something that needs to run at my big blocks. I do like the one drop ability to ensure I can always play for the double turn, and there's certainly a lot of targets for my opponents to worry about.
  9. I'm taking the Freeguild Regiment to SCGT next weekend! Initially, I wrote the list as an excuse to get all my old Empire redone, but it's a fun list to play. I run nearly all the units in 20s, bar the cavalry and a unit of archers, and the crossbows and Handgunners can be particularly frightening for opponents. I've tended to use all my cavalry together on a flank to slow down my opponents, giving my missile troops more time to shoot, and each infantry unit has shone on different occasions. Sadly, with just one hero, and particularly with the SCGT Battleplans, it's a hard list to win with. Any canny General can just take my leader down and gain the upper hand, so he needs to be kept safely at the back, but with a 15" range on his CA, this isn't a completely auto-lose strategy. And it all looks ace on the battlefield!😍
  10. Meet the People! Intro music Applause Presenter enters stage right Good evening. I’m Gerry McGiver, your host, in this, the first of an exciting new series where we meet up with some of the more prominent people living in the lovely town of Hatton, we get to chat to one of the brave lads who's tireless efforts keep us all safe in our beds at night. He’s just 17 years of age, already a hero of the ranks, and a terribly nice chap to boot!, Ladies and Gentlemen, Billy Shaw! Billy Shaw enters stage left Applause Good evening Billy, and thanks for joining us this evening! You're welcome. It's great to be here. Now, Billy, before we go any further, tell us exactly what you do. Of course Gerry. I'm a halberdier currently under the command of Second Sergeant Bowers of the Hatton Town Guard. Applause Thank you. And I'm the youngest soldier in the, er, soldiery. Applause But, and I think I'm right in saying this Billy, you didn't always plan to be a soldier, did you? No, that's right Gerry. Erm, initially I was to be apprenticed to the butchery of cows for the eating of. With a bit of monkey handling in my spare time. So, er, what happened. In your own words. Well, Gerry. As a youngsterling, I was one of the best practitioners in the art of “hiding”. During many games of ‘hide and go look’, I was able to secrete myself into places hitherto unknown by my seekers. I was quite well known for it. Go on. Well, during one particular game, during the summer of ’56 – That was a hot one! Yes. Well during that summer – 10 years ago. Yes, um, ten years ago, I was deep into the end game of a particularly tense game of ‘hide and go look’. My team were 4-1 down and I had to do something to pull things back. Go on. I spied a door. A door that was a jar. A door that I opened. A door to the – Yes? A door to the – Yes? Murmurs from the audience To the Go on To the Armoury! Audience ooohs And then what happened? Well Gerry. What happened next will live with me until my dying day. I saw it in the corner. A full body of armour. I put a leg in. I put another leg in. I put an arm in. I put another arm in. I was in. In the armour? Yes, in, as you say, the armour. Although much larger than myself, I was only seven, the suit felt tight around me, but my head was still exposed. Er, what about your torso? My torso? Oh, my body you mean? Oh, that got covered by the torso of the suit. Thought so. Anyway, my head was still exposed. And there were footsteps. In the dark. Audience gasps The door, which I'd closed after entering, began to open. I had to think quickly. The helmet! Of course! I grabbed it and covered my head. I was fully concealed, head to toe, including my torso. Rapturous applause Thank you. Then what happened Billy. Take your time, son. Well, we won. I scored a full ten points. We topped the league. But it would be the last game I would ever play. You see, I was trapped. Encased. Entrapped. Carapaced. I couldn't get out of the suit. This suit. The suit I am in now, and will be until the day I die. Sobs from the audience. And a stifled giggle. Wow. Just wow. Thank you Billy. Thank you for sharing that incredible story with us. And there you have it Ladies and Gentlemen! A story of the human spirit in all its dark and brooding beauty. A young boy, halted in his dream of becoming a butcherer of cows, doomed to meet his doom in a doom laden erm, er, death? Applause So, until next time – Er, can you help me up? Until next – Excuse me? I need help out of the chair. Next ti- oh, sorry. There you go. Rapturous applause Thank you. So until next time, when we’ll be meeting the another superstar of the ranks, it's goodnight from me. Goodnight! Applause. Cheering. Screams Outro music Credits
  11. The Great T War The question of the correct spelling of the Town of Hatton has always generated great debate amongst the great Haton scholars and common folk alike. Whether the addition of an extra t is correct or incorrect was a common argument regularly heard in “The Round Table” with things coming to a head during the Great T War of 1435. This was a bloody war, with brother fighting against brother, father fighting against son, and second cousin twice removed fighting against third aunt thrice rejected. Many fell battling for the right to address their correspondence with, or without the t. Peace finally fell when ‘The Great Peacemaker’ Thomas a Bucket suggested a referendum to decide once and for all the correct spelling. For 6 months both sides petitioned tirelessly on the question “Should Hatton be spelt Hatton?” with the early opinion polls suggesting a strong showing for the “Yess” campaign, ably spearheaded by Ttom Spratt and his “T is not just for drinking” sloganeering. On the opposite side of the argument we're the Pedanists who spent much of the campaign arguing the case on economic grounds. With less letters in the name, signage would be cheaper, and time would be saved when writing the name. In the end, with a record 37% turnout, the result shocked many. 100% voted to keep the second t. A landslide. Case closed. It wasn't until after the result though, that it was discovered that, with only 4 people being literate, the result was demmed null and void. Ttired of tthe ttirade of ttownspeople ttortturing tthemselves over ttrivial matttters, the Mayor of the ttime, tthe aforementtioned Thomas a Bucket sttabbed himself in a suicidal sacrifice, sttunning the populattion, all agreeing never to menttion itt again. What a bunch of ttwatts.
  12. I use the old Green Knight model - he's already got some poles attached to his back, so a quick search of my bits box and an old banner was added to one of them.
  13. “All the world's a game, And all the men and women merely playthings” Bill Spearshake, Hatton Town’s Head Scribbler. The Players The inhabitants of Hatton Mayor Derik – being the Mayor of Hatton, a loose man, with a lingering foot. Heseltine – being the manservant of the Mayor. A fool. Archgeneral Carlton Smiles-Pomley III – being our hero. Flatulent, headgear obsessed, faller off of horse, loved by his men. Ovaltine – being Carlton’s horse. In reality, the seven headed Tzeentch wizard Dyscalculia, Lord of All Things, Despoiler of Time, the big O. On indefinite gardening leave. Mrs. Strawberry – being a lardy cake producer and a possible witch. Mrs. Dawson – being a lady of Hatton. Jealous of Mrs. Strawberry’s fame and a possible witch. The Very Reverend Barnaby – being not a real reverend. Starkey Blueblood and his trusty companion Snake Miskins – being grave robbers, and brave lobbers. And great lovers. And late brothers. Hatton Town CC – being the Hatton Town ‘Cannons!!’ team players. Hatton Town Home Guard – being the Freeguild Regiment under the command of Archgeneral Carlton Smiles-Pomley. Billy Shaw – being 17. Encased in armour after “the best game of Hide and Go Look in the world, ever”. ‘Dead-eye Doug’ – being the Hatton Guard Handgunner Sharpshooter. Blinder than a bat. Head Gamekeeper Jed ‘The Head’ – being a man with binoculars. Greg and Stan – being men in the Hatton Guard.
  14. Royalty descended unexpectedly last night in one of the suburbs of our dear town when a dignitary from the Royal Household of Ghouls arrived unannounced, claiming a Place of Power resided underneath one of our signposts.(!) Clearly mad, Archgeneral Carlton Smiles-Pomley III called on the Lower District Guard to aid him in ridding the locale of this abhorrence, which happily, they did. Whether or not their success was solely there’s, or was helped by some wizardry (and therefore violating Bye Law 33 – No Wizards) is unclear, although eye witnesses reported seeing “a ‘mystical’ enchantment holding up a large group of ghouls from charging”, at the onset of the battle. Whatever the case, ‘Dead-eye Doug’, the blind sharpshooter, actually hit something, taking down an albeit already wounded courtier, to much applause from his men. This was indeed a night where firepower held sway, as much of the enemy fell to both crossbow and shot. Even the town militia wounded something after throwing various kitchen implements into the air in the general direction of the barely clothed cannibals. So, Hatton is safe once more and the duck pond can once again be dredged for dead fowl.
  15. Hey @Teletomas and well met! Hatton is rightly proud of its visitor attractions and is always welcome to travellers from across the Realms! We too have a thriving Pensioners Club (in fact, Mrs. Strawberry's husband is the current Chair!). Having said that, and this may be just my lack of understanding of cross Realm dialects (and if so, I humbly apologise) you mention 'dead' Hattonites? Erm, we, as per the custom in these parts, bury all our deceased. I'm not certain the relatives of those who have passed on would be happy for you take them away as souvenirs. Yours Berry Muckman - Travel and Tourism High Command (Hatton Division)