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The Nameless One

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  1. The Nameless One

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    Here's a quick vid of my recent game using a Freeguild/Order Draconis list. Enjoy!
  2. The Nameless One


  3. The Nameless One

    Greetings from Australia,New to AoS

    Welcome @ManyBothans. The fluff from the Old World is all still all there! There’s just a brand new story being told after it now. Good luck with your Death army!
  4. The Nameless One

    New to this forum and AoS

  5. The Nameless One

    Returning Player

  6. The Nameless One

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    I ran a Spiderfang list in my last Battle Report! Sadly you’ll find no great tactical insights, but it’ll keep you entertained for nearly ten minutes (hopefully!)😍
  7. The Nameless One

    Allegiance abilities not in GHB2018

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought the Core Book, the GHB and the Malign Sorcery expansion and I think they are all great products - GW continue to make a great game. My only gripe is that it looks a little messy - I play a bit of all three types of game, and I’ve got rules for them all spread across two books (three if you count MS, but that’s clearly an expansion) when they could all of easily been included in just one book that gets an annual update. Some stuff is simply repeated from the Core Book to the GHB. It just makes the process of playing a little muddled. Fluff and hobby in one book (updated every four or five years), basic rules free online, expanded rules in one book (updated every year). I’d still buy everything, it would just make it all a bit more cleaner and straightforward.
  8. The Nameless One

    Allegiance abilities not in GHB2018

    I’m slightly disappointed that GW decided to split rules across two books. Everything looks awesome, but it could have been much clearer and cleaner if they’d kept the Core Book for lore and hobby, and the GHB for rules.
  9. The Nameless One

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    I’m definitely going to give the Collegiate Arcane War Council battalion a run out, with 3 units of 10 Freeguild Guard to meet my 2,000pts battleline tax, and as many Endless Spells as I can fit in (I reckon I could get 7 or 8 at least)!😍
  10. The Nameless One

    SCE: Blanche vs reality

    (I’ve never really warmed to John Blanche’s style. Just too messy for my tastes)
  11. The Nameless One

    Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    My General proudly unfurls his flag before every battle, whilst still carrying his sword and shield. Wording on the scroll clearly uses ‘instead’ to signify where a choice exists of one thing over another. With regard to the banner no such wording exists. I say take it.😍
  12. The Nameless One

    Apps - bad for rules

    I must admit, I heavily rely on the Azyr app for points and Warscroll rules. Is there a handy list of all the errors anywhere?
  13. The Nameless One

    Low Points Games...Who's Playing Them?

    My club is running its third 750pt tournament later this month - it's a popular format! And another local club has held a 1,000pt tournament just before Christmas for the last two years. Sadly I'm just as rubbish at those levels as I am at 2,000pts, but I'm convinced I'll find a format that fits my tactics!
  14. The Nameless One

    Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    All great points @Grimnaud! And I think I agree with all of them! I'm really going to try and use that extra 6" a bit more tactically this weekend (rather than just using it in my first turn to get the charges off as I have done in the past). I'm going to try and use it to maybe retreat my wounded monster out, and then replace that one with another. As I said, piecemeal. But I'm no way a competitive player, and I'll be happy just to get 5 games in with some good opponents.
  15. The Nameless One

    Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    I agree with the assessment that’s it’s fragile. Which does feel surprising with four big monsters! When I’ve used them in the past (and I had the Cloak of Mists and Shadows) I’d tend to rush everything forward - which then died quickly. So, I’m planning to send stuff piece meal. The two Zombie Dragons first, then the two Terrorgheists. Ghouls, Necromancer and Varghulf are hopefully going to hang back and just hold onto stuff.